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[Dubstep] - Pegboard Nerds - Self Destruct [Monstercat Release]

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Text Comments (16990)
Jonna Kouvalainen (3 days ago)
2012-2015 were the best times at Monstercat
Mario Lopez (3 days ago)
Some good shit. 6 years late and still loving it. Thanks for this!
Rep6in6 (4 days ago)
Dang I was lead here from HandsomejackBoy's old intro.
Xx NightshadowxX (5 days ago)
Beginning sounds like dangerous from David guetta
1yom Roblox (6 days ago)
roblox assassin? maybe :) it is xD
jhhu (6 days ago)
a rare occasion where 2 good songs release back to back this and then snake eyes
BladeLancer (9 days ago)
I was 10 when this came out, and I loved dubstep but it seems that good dubstep has faded, shame.
Night Hawk (11 days ago)
Pegboard nerds took Dubstep to a whole new level
_Cat_Gamer_ (11 days ago)
Do you hear airhorns?
Glitch Link (12 days ago)
Hassan Sharieff (15 days ago)
Matias crack (19 days ago)
Matias crack (19 days ago)
Matias crack (19 days ago)
Bash (20 days ago)
Good old days of actual good music on MC not that new normie Garbage
Trion (20 days ago)
this is real dubstep
Lone WolF (22 days ago)
Self Destruct music
Jess Granger (23 days ago)
fun fact: this song was used in silent assassin (in roblox) when the assassin kills the target 2018? Anyone???
battle cruiser (24 days ago)
개드립 피하기 ㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ
Vincent V. Pangan (24 days ago)
I love sound nmmamed computer core 2 update
Vincent V. Pangan (24 days ago)
Is like sound nmmamed computer core 2 updete
AyeItzBlazeDash GD (25 days ago)
hazard (27 days ago)
Gigo Dash (27 days ago)
2:42 my favourite part. I know it's 2018 but its still cool
Bilal Uguz (28 days ago)
Im sorry
Bilal Uguz (30 days ago)
Good like
Bilal Uguz (30 days ago)
Bilal Uguz (30 days ago)
The Wizah (1 month ago)
2:45 alfredito intensifies
Oliver Queen (1 month ago)
johnsta0492 (1 month ago)
Was there a youtuber that used to have this as a outri
el rayox xD -.- (1 month ago)
Recuerdos 2014 💙💙
Kanał jakiś (1 month ago)
After the Disconnected VIP I have to say: Please, don't make a VIP of this one.
Charged Supercap (1 month ago)
William Duguay (1 month ago)
Look like Meltdown music on roblox :)
Melissa Louis (1 month ago)
I give this song a A ⭐️ because the beat is so cool and yes I do know the dubstep
WindyPlayzz (1 month ago)
All man I remember playing overwatch to this tracer and genji now there's fortnite /;
GD Glutton (1 month ago)
put this song on newgrounds
The jewel of unlimited (1 month ago)
CARLITO!!! *flamingo XD*
Mathematters (1 month ago)
I listened to this; He has become an H.
lam cao (1 month ago)
MLG Anaheim 2013?
true dubstep
Kevin Guan (1 month ago)
Used to be my favorite song now I listen to hip hop lmao
The jewel of unlimited (1 month ago)
Ha Sy Thanh hasythanh (1 month ago)
Love that intro :)
Migi Muñoz (2 months ago)
Self-destruct? Quick! Somebody call Connor!
Dukerinho (2 months ago)
this song is so good
PC Master Race (2 months ago)
2012 was kinda the last year of consistent kickass dubstep songs.
Wahyudi Bola (2 months ago)
Christian Bell (2 months ago)
member dubstep?
Emanuel Reis (2 months ago)
BASSLINE RECORDS (2 months ago)
로그like (2 months ago)
avoid n survive
Present Lee (2 months ago)
Nerf this?
Emilia Scarlet (3 months ago)
Play on 0.75x speed, sounds like Alice's stage theme lol
ItzJosh - CR and Roblox (3 months ago)
Who came from Roblox game Deception? Nobody? Ok.. I guess Im alone. 1 like = 1 view of this comment
ITAplayerVI (3 months ago)
Official drop 0:51
MaartenMeneer (3 months ago)
GhosT Template (3 months ago)
Me bagno
Dcortguy Gaming (3 months ago)
Who else just came back from a quiet video and got a surprise using Bluetooth headphones on an iPad Mini 4 that happens to be gold? Just me? Oh....
Phone Gamer28 (3 months ago)
Came By End Round Song Of Roblox Old Assasin
GSR Mugen (3 months ago)
2011: Electro House 2012: Dubstep 2013: Big Room House 2014: Big Room again 2015: Future Bass 2016: Progressive House 2017: Melodic Dubstep 2018: Chillstep or Orchestra
GSR Mugen (3 months ago)
Drop sounds like a bunch of "MLG" Airhorns
jesse reuss (3 months ago)
Who's here from creepy dash
Assassin Jad2003 (3 months ago)
i listened to this song in roblox Deception xD
Jecht Alfonso (3 months ago)
I need more of this.
Dylan Poe (3 months ago)
Self destruct! All right!
TheOfficialPool 90 (3 months ago)
It has been a long time since i listened this song. But no matter how long, because legends never die ❤
Mark 02 (4 months ago)
2:44 ❤
Moises Concepcion (4 months ago)
I do not like it anymore
KB Y (4 months ago)
SavageVFX Electro (4 months ago)
OMG This song is perfect for my roblox game :) this song will occur when my facility reactor core pressure gets criticaly high (150).
GD IkaroS (4 months ago)
I like old style dubstep like this. Not new style.
DOlls and MOre (4 months ago)
Luigis mansion is my favorite lol
Geric John Olivar (4 months ago)
Ah those good days of dubstep.
BlackoutPlayz (4 months ago)
I was gonna make a dubstep joke... But i couldn't think of one.
Prodigium BR (4 months ago)
▄▄▄▄▄▄▄▄▄▄▄▄▄▄▄▄▄▄▄▄▄▄▄▄▄▄▄▄▄▄▄▄ ▀█▄▀▄▀██████▀█▄▀▄▀████▀ ▀█▄█▄███▀ ▀██▄█▄█
Rowan Bird (4 months ago)
i like this music
Neos N (4 months ago)
Avoid N Survive had this song :D
BATAK TV Barış (4 months ago)
ROBLOX - Silent Assassin
3:33 sounds creepy
Fares (5 months ago)
anyone here from roblox assassin? just me? ok...
Matthew Tang (5 months ago)
I was lost but now I'm found by this
XGrapplixX (5 months ago)
-_Ålbęrtø FMS_- (5 months ago)
11mi visualizacoes ;-; 2018
MaartenMeneer (5 months ago)
This makes me think of the golden dubstep mixes
Levi Javan (5 months ago)
Do the bars only detect bass and treble?
LucaSantangelo (5 months ago)
LasCronicas de el Señor Alfredito
Vanix (5 months ago)
Creepy dash.....
SkyTheCreator STC (5 months ago)
The base dropped harder than the Undertale fanbase
UmCaraBugadaum naumtem (5 months ago)
Dude looks like my speaker is broken😂
Tim Kuttner (5 months ago)
Best music ever!!
Negro Wapo :D (5 months ago)
Alfredito <3
Tim Larson (5 months ago)
Lithuanian Anonymous (5 months ago)
The music is so epic that my computer wants to *self destruct*.
The Master (5 months ago)
This one here is awesome!!!
Hecking Heck (5 months ago)
This one takes me back.
HaraYourSENPAI (5 months ago)
Holy hell ! 5 years ago !
DJ Jazzy (6 months ago)
I love how PBN has their own amazing sound

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