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3-Ingredient Slow Cooker Recipes

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Text Comments (295)
Phill Gardinier (7 days ago)
I'm calling bullshit on almost all of these. How are you going to show me what's clearly a shredded roast and then pan to perfectly sliced pot roast with a side of roast veggies that were probably made on the same roasting pan as the roast. Also cake mixture doesn't just fluff up and become perfect with no effort. They are selling you a lie here. Cookings easy and delicious if you put effort into it.
Story of My Life (10 days ago)
emma barrow (23 days ago)
Jack died from a slow cooker
Thank you so Much for crockpot💜 recipes 👍😊👍
Carol Benton (1 month ago)
Some of this food looks yucky!
Samuel Mapayi (1 month ago)
dont you need to sear the meat first? that should enhance the flavor more.
mjudec (1 month ago)
"3 ingredient* recipes" *ingredient is pre made food consisting of multiple ingredients
Ross- A -Roni (1 month ago)
Finally come across a Tasty video where they use chicken thighs. It's always breast. The thighs have all the _flavor._
Deborah Durden (1 month ago)
What brand, size of crock pot are you using?
Ahmed Aljanabi (2 months ago)
Don't cook cheese or frozen meat in your slow cooker!
Terri (2 months ago)
i thought chicken had to be BROWNED prior to placing in crock?? wow.. learn something new everyday!
Jordan Lawrence (2 months ago)
I'm definitely going to try these delicious recipes!!!
HideousAngel (2 months ago)
Made the Chili dip today. It was awesome!
HideousAngel (2 months ago)
I just bought the ingredients for the teriyaki meatballs and the shredded buffalo chicken. I haven't made them yet, but I will throughout the week. :D
HideousAngel (2 months ago)
Oh yeah and I bought the stuff for the chili dip too.
Ann Halley (2 months ago)
What. The fuck
TheSleepingInsomniac (2 months ago)
The baking soda-vinegar is useless. The 2 things literally cancel each other out! Just keep the vinegar and water. That way the acidity will help to dissolve and remove food.
ilikeceral3 (3 months ago)
Where’s the chocolate slow cooker cake?!
Sarah Tanksalvala (3 months ago)
Slow cookers are there to make from-scratch food easier, not packaged food slower. And good job annoying two parts of the country with your "buffalo" and "biscuits and gravy." No no no.
John Ernest (3 months ago)
You cook it in breakfast,you can eat it at dinner.😂😂😂
MIMIX015 (3 months ago)
love crockpots! it makes the food sooo flavorful and tender yummy!
Kathryn George (3 months ago)
Just made the biscuits w/ cream of mushroom one and I will never make it again! The soup doesn't allow for the biscuits to cook. So it's gooey, gross, and tasteless! Huge disappointment!!
Chey Jean (4 months ago)
After this weeks episode of this is us i may have to think twice before using a slow cooker
Wpp king (4 months ago)
Mam pytanie a gdzie jest nasza Śląska WODZIONKA?
Sade Life1015 (4 months ago)
Salmon and tuna steaks are great when cooked with veg. Or any meats which take long time ( like joints) are good for slow cookers, but typically anything( mashed) would be nice when cooked in this way. My favourite 2 things to cook in this method are: lentils soup or rice pudding.
gabagool hd (4 months ago)
Jesus is LORD!
Where can I buy slow cooker?
Kensie Sledge (4 months ago)
cream of mushroom DOES NOT make biscuits and gravy!!!! stop ruining southern food!
Fatima (4 months ago)
if that "oh yes" was said by a girl I think people would find it uncomfortable
Bryan Dame (5 months ago)
Thanks god for cream of mushroom soup.
Rryche 7 (5 months ago)
Unhealthy recipes lol
Kym Duarte (5 months ago)
why no recipes...what are we suppose to do, hand write/pause each one!! come on do better Tasty!! Do better!!
Diego Chicot (5 months ago)
Slow cookers are expensive.
Awesome A (5 months ago)
Gimme dose teriyaki meatballs ASAP
GiGixx621625 (5 months ago)
who the fuck leaves a stick of butter ON TOP OF CAKE MIX? DOES ANYONE AT BUZZFEED KNOW HOW TO COOK?!?!
Lily Smith (5 months ago)
ugh all that canned stuff
Rens (5 months ago)
That’s... that’s not how cake works.
MEgan Dyba (5 months ago)
Elvisneedsboats Bennett (5 months ago)
As a southerner, I am truly triggered by that bullshit biscuits and gravy recipe!
Michael FAIRFAX (5 months ago)
Elvisneedsboats Bennett I didn't marry a Yankee and teach her the right way to make it and have her see this shit.
Moose Moose (5 months ago)
now i can get drunk put my biscuits and gravy on low while i sleep. wake up and not have to go to hardees.
Samantha S (3 months ago)
Moose Moose right 🙌
Replicanoob (6 months ago)
yes let me fucking simmer water for an hour instead of just scrubbing it down
Mya M (6 months ago)
I just wanna know who in the fuck is letting these Yankees make biscuits and gravy
Michael FAIRFAX (5 months ago)
Mya M I know can't they just fuck up cream of weat instead.
Katie Smith (6 months ago)
Is it just me, or did that first recipe look kinda gross? O.o
Ashley Xu (6 months ago)
I dont understand slow cookers? Like i needed that food done yesterday hurry up
I want to make the cherry cobbler!
Chims Chams (6 months ago)
That 'biscuit and gravy' recipe is NOT biscuits and gravy!!!
bakhtawar 1 (6 months ago)
Are u supose to mix the ingriedients as u cook it?
Monica Ghosh (6 months ago)
Literally best video for lazy people like me. Just toss everything in and let it magically cook itself.
Jayapriya Sundaram (6 months ago)
perfect 👍
Mali Rabbit (6 months ago)
Thanks for the cleaning segment
Awesome A (6 months ago)
Gimme dat cherry cobbler ASAP
Ban (6 months ago)
A little more butter please
brema brem (6 months ago)
Idiotic recipies...dog also wont eat...
T-Rex (6 months ago)
Wtf is *biscuits and gravy*?
Michael Brand (6 months ago)
You can't call something "buffalo" if there is ranch in it
iagonizante (6 months ago)
they all look like semidigested gut contents wtf
MustardSeedish (6 months ago)
I've been making the chuck roast recipe for years. It's amazing.
certified space bisexual (6 months ago)
that aint no fuckin gravy
Aseel saso (6 months ago)
Nice ..
Vijaya Foods (6 months ago)
Slow recipes Nice🌺🌺
Lulumangulu (6 months ago)
Uugh those desserts made me cringe!!
Brenda Estrada (6 months ago)
Love how clean the slow cooker got. Is that just a baking soda/water paste used to clean under the insert?
Laura Enola (6 months ago)
Ooh yes
robodachi gaming (6 months ago)
The title doesn't even say "easy". Why does everyone implie that these are easy!?
Doug21 (6 months ago)
Who is the manufacturer of that slow cooker and or does anyone know of a great/reliable brand/manufacturer to buy???
Doug21 (5 months ago)
Crock-Pot 6.5-Quart, Programmable Touchscreen Slow Cooker, Silver, SCVT650-PS
Doug21 (5 months ago)
Thanx a lot!! I first got lost in the comment section on the wrong vid, then I realized I was watching the wong one. :)
Dave Jones (6 months ago)
I can't copy and paste here, but if you go to the other slow cooker video Tasty posted today and look at the first comment (about microwaving ribs) someone in that thread posted a link to the same slow cooker Tasty was using. It's on Amazon I believe.
shortlegs1000 (6 months ago)
Wtf you are stupid girl or boy what ever you are
adhh xgxhhg (6 months ago)
Looks gross.
ouichtan (6 months ago)
The first one looks like diarrhea...
Darlene Mckinstry (3 months ago)
Isabella Gonzales (3 months ago)
No it doesn't
mishypotato67 (3 months ago)
ouichtan ...
LUCY YUN (6 months ago)
amazing editing!♡
Does anyone find the ranch packets disgusting? It's powder that wishes it could be ranch.
ok, i'll try it out ^^
Mike Wood 30904 (5 months ago)
Caramel Cream try the Mississippi pot roast recipe and it'll change your mind about powdered ranch.
Maria Garcia (6 months ago)
Who else tries to guess the name of the food??
CaptBeardie (6 months ago)
Fuck yes, biscuits and gravy!!
NEIN (6 months ago)
"slow *cooker* recipes" *Shows ice cream on thumbnail*
Samuel Mapayi (1 month ago)
WriterGrl360 he's probably lactose and tolerant
WriterGrl360 (5 months ago)
Bill Clinton wtf kinda digestive problems do you have?
Evangelia (6 months ago)
The best recipe is at 2:04 the pot roast
Julie Q wang (6 months ago)
how about instant pot recipes? thanks
J - HOPE THE FLOWER (6 months ago)
What is a slow cooker ?
LeArtiste D (6 months ago)
These are your nastiest looking recipes! 😖
The Cinema Cynic (6 months ago)
I've been screaming "WHAT IS THAT?" at my computer screen for most of these. The desserts look okay, but the other dishes?? What??
The Cinema Cynic (6 months ago)
Oh no, I'm not saying that's how I would make a dessert. I agree with you. That method is really questionable. I just said they look all right. At least, compared to those other ones. It really bothers me that they didn't mix the cream cheese in with the meat when they put it in. That just seems like common sense, doesn't it? Normally I like Tasty's stuff but this is just bizarre.
Chairofthebored (6 months ago)
that's funny cuz the desserts are probably the worst ones out of all the dishes. The butter would not be spread evenly, and there would be tons of pockets that taste extremely floury as they have to little butter, and pockets that are mush because there's TOO much butter. (see how the apple one they zoomed in superclose to the only edible part?) Maybe if they actually bothered mixing the ingredients beforehand it might be better, but they won't cuz it's not as cool looking
CLoseDSpAceFiRe (6 months ago)
Really love the cleaning tips at the end of the video!!! <3
ROBLOX GamingTV (6 months ago)
“3-ingredient slow cooker recipes” trolololl
Paulette Cuellar (6 months ago)
Me Trying to live (6 months ago)
I'm so hungry now
Penelope Bunce (6 months ago)
Anyone else thought it was weird how they used canned chili and cream cheese?
Amy (6 months ago)
Penelope Bunce i have made this recipe using both canned chilli and homemade chilli— both are great!
k (6 months ago)
The cream cheese makes it a thicker dip and creamy.
Metalworks41190 (6 months ago)
The can chili yes, the cream cheese no, what else are you suppose to use other than cream cheese to make a dip like sauces and please don't say more cheddar that would not work at all.
lifebrarian (6 months ago)
I’d rather use more ingredients than canned soup and powder soup mix.
WYNOLLO TV (6 months ago)
When I did this the middle was always raw so no thanks
seamus (6 months ago)
mmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm these all look sosososo good
Mia Calderbank (7 days ago)
seamus seriously?
Chairofthebored (6 months ago)
unfortunately aside from the first they're all sososo terrible..
Yeah man J P (6 months ago)
It annoys me how so many people watch tasty and think that's what cooking is. It's embarrassing to see! You literally have no idea what you're doing. Creating disgusting recipes that are 'fun' or 'creative' but ultimately taste like shit.
Bright Star (5 months ago)
Do u think you can do way better than them? Make your own food channel then.
Chairofthebored (6 months ago)
The Cotton Candy kitchen conundrums is good, food wishes is really good, Alton brown is great if you want to know the science behind food, and kenji at serious eats writes some phenomenal articles on their website
The Cotton Candy (6 months ago)
Yeah man J P I never really thought of this. I am here because I want to learn how to cook, but it looks like you might be right Do you maybe have a channel where I can learn it properly?
Merc (6 months ago)
Omg Im very sorry for liking a food channel oh wait "it's not food" Oh stop. If it makes you feel any better I almost always cook recipes outside of this channel.
Chairofthebored (6 months ago)
Nope I agree with JP. Watching the video won't change anything, but posting in the comments to let people know not to follow these vids will hopefully make some people, yknow, NOT follow these vids. The recipes with butter strewn about randomly? Yea it won't mix evenly and only parts of it will be edible. The recipes where they throw biscuits in and call it a day? If you look closely when they cut into it the biscuits are absolute mush on the inside. The only one I saw that was worth doing was the chilli cheese dip, and even that's not really cooking so much as throwing some stoner food together.
cutie pie (6 months ago)
i will never try these recipes
Happiness, Etc (6 months ago)
Oh yes!
lordoftheoreos (6 months ago)
Who remembers a few of these from Buzzfeed Food?
JamesJ Fisk (6 months ago)
I like slow cookers, but most of these could be made more quickly and more easily without the slow cooker.
resume play (6 months ago)
Buffalo sauce is disgusting.
Joey Mama (6 months ago)
I think the original was just hot sauce and melted butter.
Iulia Stoian (6 months ago)
.Don't people eat real food anymore? Frozen stuff, canned stuff, powders, pre-made sauces...it looks disgusting
eske tit (6 months ago)
Wtf whas dis? Weird ingredients and weird cooking wtf
eva (6 months ago)
hoi doei for real they all looked disgusting 🤢
cutie pie (6 months ago)
Cristina Rose (6 months ago)
kinda disappointed in this one, too much processed food stuffs like the apple pie and cherry pie filling (which taste gross to me tbh) and aside from those barely any vegetarian dishes...I like my slow cookers because I can cook real food (like legumes, grains, etc) instead of getting the processed stuff, I get this is supposed to be a easy cooking thing but it could have been a little better, not even healthier
Prevya Prabath (6 months ago)
Next level laziness
dnwtia? (6 months ago)
This is honestly probably the nastiest tasty video I've ever watched
Spark Marz (6 months ago)
What hot sauce do you guys use?
Mehr Gurung (6 months ago)
Mia Sluganović (6 months ago)
here XD
みゅうちゃんねる (6 months ago)
Vivienne Koory (6 months ago)
I am so sorry but Ew. Thats all I have to say is ew.

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