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Perfect Egg Rolls Recipe Tamagoyaki - Eugenie Kitchen

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Learn how to make egg rolls. It's a simple and easy egg recipe, tamagoyaki omelette. Find Egg Roll recipe here: http://eugeniekitchen.com/korean-egg-rolls/ Subscribe to my blog: http://eugeniekitchen.com/email-subscription Eugenie Kitchen http://EugenieKitchen.com MADE WITH ❤ Copyright © Eugenie Kitchen 2012-2016
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Text Comments (3894)
Mr. Insane (8 hours ago)
this was an amazing cooking class with cuteness overloaded and also so calm is your accent, lovely
mithra vindha (15 hours ago)
when i make omelletes ,,while im taking it out of the pan..it usually tears up and become all messed up!!hhaha
Madeline Kirstin (1 day ago)
After the video I was hungry and I ordered my mom to cook scrambled eggs
Sukhvinder Kaur (6 days ago)
Very nice and very tasty
Mohammed Ibrahim (8 days ago)
Nice recipie chef
Adeeb Shaikh (9 days ago)
E. Walker (11 days ago)
Hi, I'm from the Southwest of Texas near Mexico, so I did your egg roll differently. I skipped a few steps such as removing the cholesterol, and adding milk. Instead of spring onions and carrots, I used pico de gallo which already has onions, jalapeños, and diced tomatoes. I added a little shredded cheese so that the rolling would stick better. My frying round pan was heated to medium and I used olive oil, very common here in Southwest Texas. I poured a little bit of the egg mixture added cheese and carefully rolled it adding a bit more mixture and rolling, until it was all gone and ready to serve on a plate. As a finishing touch I poured a little pace picante sauce on top. It tasted great!! I hope you don't mind that I changed your original recipe but I wanted to see if it would work with different stuffings and hot sauces. I plan to make my omelettes this way, it takes longer than just folding the omelette but it sure looks pretty and has a good texture. Thanks for the video.😁
Korey Phone (14 days ago)
So tasty
Immortal Firefly (15 days ago)
looks yummy must try😋
Harnish Joshi (21 days ago)
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Tooba khan (22 days ago)
Kitchen is so beautiful 😍😍😍
P Dee (23 days ago)
So nice, thank you.
Lily Adam (23 days ago)
You are so cute!!
Denis Thornhill (1 month ago)
It would be a pleasure to eat your meals. I will follow this recipe tomorrow
Aemiro Birhanu (1 month ago)
wow nice
your recipes are very nice
Immanuel Raju (1 month ago)
Stephen Webb (1 month ago)
These are awsome for brekky... but instead of veggies put some diced bacon or ham with a small amount of white onion... but make a few when the kids wake up the'll devour em quick... Eugenie is sooo sweet.. love and health to all god bless...
peter solomon (1 month ago)
Please roll me up in my quilt.
That legit made me cringe 😐
jabir mujawar (1 month ago)
Telugu Media (1 month ago)
Aishwarya Mhatre (1 month ago)
Osm racipe
Manuel Lemus (1 month ago)
으게니에 킽첸.
CMin777 (1 month ago)
Definitely Korean lol
Thor Productions (1 month ago)
khris Bonilla (1 month ago)
Wow this is nice
Home Cook Food (1 month ago)
Linus Eklund (1 month ago)
10/10 would cóme here again! tried the recipe and it is awesome thanks!
Mandukhai Baasandorj (1 month ago)
Tanks for the tip
Golden Fantasy (1 month ago)
Thanks for the new recipe that I can cook :D
Quinn Jess (1 month ago)
What type of milk did you used?
Rahaf Suleiman (1 month ago)
Can I use butter instead of oil?
NestorSaliven (1 month ago)
Japanese kitchen precision always amaze me. How much they care about the serving and the look and compactness of the food is fascinating.
Rinki Mukerjee (1 month ago)
Loved watching the video :)
Alma Suyeubaiva (1 month ago)
Adien Adin (1 month ago)
Give me 100 likes?? 😁😊
Ká Tiá (1 month ago)
so nice💗💗
Macadiple (1 month ago)
*Chopped eh*
Ciriaco Fado (1 month ago)
I love korean food.less cholesterol.kunti lang ang oil
#crickeT 78 (2 months ago)
U wasted my money
#crickeT 78 (2 months ago)
Hate it
film kiki (2 months ago)
Yein (2 months ago)
Your so good at this, thanks for making such a lovely video!
Nupur Sharma (2 months ago)
lovely recipe and lovely you
flac firin (2 months ago)
I'm gonna make it now😂
Tempted L9 (2 months ago)
Add in half cup of miuuulk
duy (2 months ago)
"Chalaza is known to contain cholestrol" [citation needed]
Shiv Kumar mp (2 months ago)
i don't know yours language
Anju's Kitchen (2 months ago)
Nice, it's easy cook 👍
Jathappa k r nagara (2 months ago)
nice receipe
Dema Fahd (2 months ago)
I hate carrot , can I do it without carrot?
The DemonGod (2 months ago)
I tried but...
Christina Escuton (3 months ago)
What milk are you using?
Aligums (3 months ago)
why haven't you made any recent videos? I miss your videos
Fahim Hossain (3 months ago)
Hey Eugenie, I wanna get a round pan for egg making. I found the review of https://goo.gl/ezvyEx What do you think of it ?
Klnzy Andoy (3 months ago)
@ 3:41 hahahahaha
App Market (3 months ago)
wow... its so cute ... i am indian... i m learning japanese and this recipe is superb......
I like how you make videos, i also like the Egg Rolls Recipe :-)
DigitalSCRM (3 months ago)
Cooking in Teflon and plastic spatulas is toxic, be careful.
Jonathan Maratt (3 months ago)
veri nic
m α v e l l e • (3 months ago)
I tried to make this and it came so horribly wrong
Jyvee Ampa (3 months ago)
your so calm
Samsung's Future CEO (3 months ago)
MoonGamer 22 (3 months ago)
amazing. I tried it.
Jason (Zixuan) Wu (3 months ago)
Can you use soymilk?
Shweta Saxena (3 months ago)
I have seen eggrolls in Korean drama till that time... I am big fan of that eggrolls.
Surada Hema (3 months ago)
Woww it's very delicious 😋😋
Sagar Savaratkar (3 months ago)
really nice i like
Sagar Savaratkar (3 months ago)
really nice i like
Lav maan (3 months ago)
I think carrot can ruin the taste of omelette
Fourty SeVen (3 months ago)
i love this woman .. she makes me relax .. love you
Jackhammer Holyman (3 months ago)
Lol your music makes me forget to watch your cooking...
Blushiebo (3 months ago)
Oh my god ur channel so relaxing Love watching u and getting new food ideas as an adult teen to cook something
Te C'hanno mai Mannà (3 months ago)
so cute your hiccup hahahaha!!! Yesterday I had hiccups that lasted for a good 5 minutes!! So weird lol
eralasch (3 months ago)
Social Production (4 months ago)
Cooking is my life
Ahmed Afqarshe (4 months ago)
rom saf
abiram tamang (4 months ago)
Nice idea "" cooooool"""
raju limbu (4 months ago)
Very nice I will make it now
Mary Lee (4 months ago)
I have a hard time rolling the egg. How do I know when it’s half done? It always crumbles and the surface is brown not golden.
Yuva nesh (4 months ago)
Thanks for sharing a fabulous simple recipe.
Mayna Langri (4 months ago)
I try it ans it's so delicious ❤😉
Khun Noy (4 months ago)
tar886 (4 months ago)
Wow dear
Ammu mahi (4 months ago)
Children are like to eat!! And it have a more healthy ingredients
Miralongboh Jahaya (4 months ago)
Yoyo Sutaryo (4 months ago)
i need your phone number eugenie
DRed Butterfly (4 months ago)
I love Maangchi! More recipe for Christmas noche buena! Muah!(")
Crensha Shajin (4 months ago)
Hii I'm an Indian...I was very impressed in ur traditional food like Pancakes....Can u explain in detail
Crensha Shajin (4 months ago)
Hii😀I'm new subscriber to ur channel......U looking soo pretty....can u apply few weight gain recepies for toddlers....
Michele Souza Souza (4 months ago)
Parabéns querida!!! Amei sua receita!!¡!
Abhi Arthi (4 months ago)
Superb recipe 👏👏👌👍👍💗💗🍞🍝🍟🍕🍕🍕🍕🍕 cooking star
Abhi Arthi (4 months ago)
So talented sister
I don't know if I will make it, but I liked the way and the method. Congratulations Eugenie !
tunduu tjijenda (4 months ago)
my mouth is watering yaah..is that carrots cooked
ron dill (4 months ago)
Where is the cheese??? Omelette's without cheese is like cereal without milk!!
dudeitsdanial (4 months ago)
road runner (4 months ago)
Japanese people are awesome.
Patricia Lee Feng Chen (4 months ago)
I like ur cooking video
queen sahara (4 months ago)

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