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Gordon Ramsay's Top 5 Chicken Recipes

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Gordon Ramsay shows how to shake things up with these top chicken recipes. Gordon Ramsay Ultimate Fit Food: http://amzn.to/2FznHtk Subscribe for weekly cooking videos. If you liked this clip check out the rest of Gordon's channels: http://www.youtube.com/gordonramsay http://www.youtube.com/kitchennightmares http://www.youtube.com/thefword
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Text Comments (1710)
Ginrummy25 (10 hours ago)
but where's the lamb SAUCE !!!!???
Safet Radoncic (10 hours ago)
He is the king of cooking the way he explains food makes me hungry
Zenthral (13 hours ago)
I nutted on the last one
Oprah Winfrey's Minge (15 hours ago)
Love to have him cook every night for meeeeeeeeeee
Abdou Cry (1 day ago)
hi gorden big fan i have 2 requests:1_can u make a video on how to properly cut a chiken 2_can the pickle juice recipe work the same for tomato and other pickled vegtebales
Cam Man (1 day ago)
He never gives measurements, i can eyeball it, but not a lot of people can.
Magda Adamska (1 day ago)
recommend tradditional stuffed chicken ( polish way ), good alternative for choriso are Hungarian Sausages, absolutely mental super tase !! Gordon ur amazing <3
Owen Latchford (1 day ago)
His kids are so lucky, I would love to have the opportunity to cook with Gordon Ramsay
ASAP Gangsta (2 days ago)
935 chickens disliked this video 🐔
Vishal Murali (2 days ago)
Nice but try your own recipe.
THA REAL K.I.D (2 days ago)
i will never eat a taco without atleast three strands of cheese tho😂🤘
Abigail GYBJOMD (2 days ago)
Get all those oils out *adds more oil
Douglas Lawson (2 days ago)
i don't know about putting hot, oily chicken on a painted wooden plank. Seems like a bit of chemical from the paint would be getting into the food or something. Not for me, for sure. Awesome recipes though.
hasha k-b (3 days ago)
What ever people call him but he is a real chef and good teacher.
NG's Recipes (3 days ago)
Gordon Ramsay is the best chef that i know, we can learn a lot of great recipes from his channel
khadijeh khederi E (3 days ago)
I loved it and very good way to explain and the cooking methods well done 😊
Super Good work chef.
prathna gautam (4 days ago)
My fav dish is chiken...so osm alternatives...thnxx Ramsay
Evgeniy Golyaka (4 days ago)
This is his son Jack, old video? His son now looks older
Tavon Williams (4 days ago)
Fuckin Olive Oil King
sherry a (4 days ago)
None of us regular housewives have all of those seasonings sitting in the house
I literally binged on over 50 episodes of kitchen nightmares ! Love the show love everything you do !
Erani Mila (4 days ago)
Kwinzel Dayawa (4 days ago)
Your my idol gordon.
Juan Fumero (5 days ago)
What is he using to store the cannellini beans? Is that chicken broth? 10:37
Kevin Baas (5 days ago)
Maybe resume civil attack activist beam write bottle innovation rich.
Yo Shane TUBE TV (5 days ago)
" Jack fook off' jack: " noice"
Knuckle Dragger (6 days ago)
Some measurements of the ingredients would be a great help
Gabby Marson (6 days ago)
if you were to go under food porn in adictionary this video would be the definition
Justin10k (6 days ago)
Once every three weeks? Yeah....great.
Dora Addy (6 days ago)
Thanks so much mr Ramsay
Dora Addy (6 days ago)
Thanks so much mr Ramsay
Arnautovic9 (6 days ago)
I'm gonna make that stuffed Chicken tonight.
Arifudden Mazlam (6 days ago)
You're not qualified for the "cheff" title , what are this guy doing?
nvsdl (6 days ago)
camera man su(k5 .............
Mahi Ahmed (6 days ago)
Junry Borres (6 days ago)
You forgot to list the chicken adobo.
Chinx Calacat (7 days ago)
sweet delicious tasty FRIED CHICKEN u know what Gordon Ramsay maybe u should cook delicious sour cream fries ok well im Cheni Chinx son so bye and remember cook sour cream fries.
Coco Lupe (7 days ago)
Gordon Ramsey is foul.
Divya Das (7 days ago)
Has anyone tried one yet?
Shadiq Musyaffa (7 days ago)
Every recipe you will add "salt and pepper" every time EVERY TIME but its still good
Rocío Aguilera (8 days ago)
Wow! Excellent and very tasty. Thanks a lot
For the first recipe does anyone know if it is sweet chili sauce? It looks kind of like it but I'm not sure.
I like... Pickled onions. *camera zooms in on "onions"*
Brøkən WingŽ (9 days ago)
felipe escudero (9 days ago)
so i dont know the name of every ingredient so, can someome write down here the ingredients for the second recipe?
In grace of the Lord (9 days ago)
"Finger licking good".... I love it😊
FORTHELOLS (9 days ago)
That first chiken is burnt tho
Potatius (9 days ago)
let's all agree that this coriander craze has to stop
Eoin Doyle (9 days ago)
Between each recipe it sounds like the Pornhub theme
the zodiac guru (10 days ago)
A British man trying to make jerk chicken wow just wow😂 he needs to go back playing football it's amazing with his money he calls himself a chef he's not even a chef by paper I don't even want to go into the details but that jerk chicken recipe was absolute s*** and you don't cook chicken in just 45 minutes it will be hard as s*** actually 35 minutes because he said 10 minutes to Brown 20 minutes in the oven that's not enough to break down the chicken meat to be tender chicken has to cook for about an hour and a half for it to fall off the bone and be very tender that's just science does not matter what equipment you have
Linda Santiago (11 days ago)
This man os a God in the kitchen. I have tried several of his dishes. Absolutely extrodanary. Mmmmm
jayson roberts (11 days ago)
That drumming in between numbers.......
fekkyb (11 days ago)
A La Carlene Dishes (12 days ago)
My idol in cooking. Definitely. I learned so many things from him. :-)
basic bitch (12 days ago)
Maria Ro (12 days ago)
where can i find the ingredients?
Edward Perez (12 days ago)
He loves chili
Koopa Goopa (12 days ago)
Im starving to death right now!!!
Watthana Sakhong (12 days ago)
I want sub Thai ผมต้องการภาษาไทย
Kelly Smith (13 days ago)
What the hell are these spices I never even heard about?? Where do I even get them??
slc slc (13 days ago)
ummmm who actually has these ingredients and wants to spend lots of $ to make a single recipe.....not user friendly Chef....
*-HumanBasilisk-* (13 days ago)
Great recipes, thank you Mr. Ramsey.
Rocke Feller (13 days ago)
Two times number 1
David Carlile (9 days ago)
At about the 13:15 mark he said 180°. I know he's from Britain so I'm assuming this is in Celsius which puts the roasting temp around 355° F. I can't imagine cooking the bird at 180° F. Am I screwed up or am I making the correct assumption?
Gooscar (9 days ago)
355° F/180° C is the correct temperature.
Nemmiz Food Court (14 days ago)
cullen wq (14 days ago)
is that the god damn pornhub opening
e30m31989 (14 days ago)
Call your kid a Donkey. See how fast you get back to the slums.
Pandojo69 (14 days ago)
The only way I can watch gordan ramsey make buttermilk chicken since he has banned the original video in my country
Kess Genre (14 days ago)
Mortar and pestle? I'm not from the fucking Dark Ages, man......
San Soo (14 days ago)
can u (gordon) make rendang chicken
Kusmiyati Mia (14 days ago)
Paladin Kamino (14 days ago)
0:55 Wait a moment ... Unless I'm very much mistaken, but this chicken is raw in the inside or am i wrong?
labyrinthodont 6 (15 days ago)
I LOVE CHICKEN. Hate vegans though.
Moon Evergreen (15 days ago)
Beautiful, Nice, Incredible
floridaruthy (15 days ago)
My teenage daughter points out that he is always kind to the hard workers. His children are very blessed to have him.
shanidar (16 days ago)
Hey Gordo, those aren''t garlic cloves, those are garlic teeth. A garlic clove has from 6 to 20 teeth and is also called a head of garlic. Fun Fact: Cleave ( a form of the word clove) is the only word in English that is also its own antonym
Noemi Baltazar (16 days ago)
The people that disliked this video are the people who had bad experiences with Gordon Ramsay. He is on point
Gaming With Jason (16 days ago)
Crispy Rendang xD
tbb033 (16 days ago)
blech, i'd rather eat at Arby's
Jasmina May (16 days ago)
Jasmina May (16 days ago)
Um... sedap Mia Lah!
Jasmina May (16 days ago)
Selayang sayur-sayuran
Vik (16 days ago)
Rizky Aldi (17 days ago)
Can you make a crispy chicken rendang?
Kirs Hkv (17 days ago)
Rex II ForSure (17 days ago)
Standard prep!
RU5HN0M4D (17 days ago)
The drum beat during the transitions sounds awfully familiar lol
Johny Appleseed (17 days ago)
Is that his son????
Hunter2847 (17 days ago)
This is what I'm doing this weekend
Infinity God (18 days ago)
I know how to cook it but how do I cook it.
Messenger Of God (19 days ago)
Kind of weird to not hear him using “fuck” “donkey” “idiot” “bitch” “RAW!!!”...
ZadyB (19 days ago)
My mouth is watering...
Shaz B (19 days ago)
Me: are u circumcised? Him: 11:32 the skin stretches over the bone
Sampat Male (19 days ago)
BLaudrup 1872 (19 days ago)
Why is there always a bunch of weirdos in the comment section
Patrick Ben (20 days ago)
OMG I never ever seen this.that's delicious,I like it
Gabrielle Dalle Cort (20 days ago)
really love your work gordon. Just wondering if your son is single i really fancy him and would like to snog him if thats okay with you, just so I can come over for dinner
mamaklinux (20 days ago)
this rendang curry not CRISPY say mastercheff uk hahhaa
Lejai' Mayers-Foster (20 days ago)
When gordon said once every 3 weeks I was like "the torture"

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