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The 5 Best Fried Chicken Recipes

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Reserve the One Top: http://bit.ly/2v0iast Get the recipes here: http://bzfd.it/2zoTDzY Check us out on Facebook! - facebook.com/buzzfeedtasty Credits: https://www.buzzfeed.com/bfmp/videos/36686 MUSIC Licensed via Audio Network
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Text Comments (1274)
Nhan Tranvannhan (1 hour ago)
1tbsp Soap Powder 4 tbsp Fabric Softener Powder 3 tbsp Tumeric 2 tbsp Rose Lavander Pearl Powder Comfort Fabric Softener Fa Shower Cream Pantene Shampoo Sunsilk Shampoo Luxruious Powder
Lily Labib (5 hours ago)
No ham
Cali Davis (8 hours ago)
Half of these aren’t fried chicken
Knight Kaos (11 hours ago)
Worst torture is when you watch it and you can't make it
si comel (1 day ago)
korean style😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍 it's so tasty. I love it!
Priyanka Estar (1 day ago)
Taha Hussain (1 day ago)
Can't wait to try it
Anugya Singh (1 day ago)
what is the ranch packet? Can I get any other substitute for it in india?
Aliana ARD (2 days ago)
Makes me hate the fried chicken I just ate for lunch. It was shit
sssv hyyg (3 days ago)
Ghetto King (4 days ago)
We just going to ignore the fact that they doing way to much fried chicken literally not that hard flour season salt grease
Mute X (4 days ago)
Tasty can I ever meet you in person ;-;
Tom Crisa (5 days ago)
한국치킨이 맛있는이유
My secret recipe is to drive to the nearest KFC
HANANI I LOVE ALLAH (6 days ago)
Wow is so yummy
AgusteenD V.B Rose (7 days ago)
I find myself binge watching Tasty videos the most when I’m fasting. It makes no sense
Blankets In The Rain (9 days ago)
Cravings... 😬
Animus Nocendi (10 days ago)
Fuck you now I'm hungry.
I have7 Bias in BTS (10 days ago)
The only fried chicken I ever tasted is the simple one. Chicken + flour+salt and pepper
who am I? (10 days ago)
Who else just can make 4:35 food
Rudra Murkar (10 days ago)
How to make perfect cheese sausej
Syukri _001010 (10 days ago)
what about mcdonald recipes?
Isvari Isvari (11 days ago)
y u don't put salt
mika line (11 days ago)
I personally love the korean style the most 😍😍😍😍😍😍
Erza Scarlet (11 days ago)
The first one look's tasty
Uday Naik (11 days ago)
dont put honey🤢
Darren Tan (11 days ago)
The order when I came to a restaurant
awesome gamer243 (12 days ago)
jyotirmoy banerjee (12 days ago)
First one is superb except honey
Hallyshey Shey (12 days ago)
Does it have to be buttermilk?
Pooja Dawane (13 days ago)
What kind of flour we have to use for fried chicken?
Ananth Agastya (13 days ago)
oh heart attack, I rove you a rot.
Charlotte Ruth (14 days ago)
Editingby Aaysha (14 days ago)
I am fasting..lol😐😑😦
Fmaya Frazier (14 days ago)
Im a vegan and i cant belive im saying this but these recipes lewkey look bomb
Lad Gaming (15 days ago)
Rakshit Mudliyar (15 days ago)
The best chicken fry in the world is Tandoori Chicken . where is it??
roses. (15 days ago)
why am i watching this im a vegetarian
It's me Supriya (16 days ago)
My mom made honey glazed chicken and it was good 😊🍗🍗🥘🥘🥘🍯🍯🍯
Monica Carrizales (16 days ago)
These videos make me believe there is a God😍
Aliza Bham (16 days ago)
The Bramfam. Bramty says “ look at alllll these chickens 🐓!” I’m like 😂 lllollllll
Suga kookie Jams (16 days ago)
I tried doing the last one..., but kinda failed Because the sauce got burnt "(ಥ﹏ಥ)" But over all it tastes good ;) That’s why I don’t cook ~(˘▾˘~)
Football EXTRA (17 days ago)
If you do it so fast it is impossible for us to understand
thereaperxx74 0 (17 days ago)
DOES anyone Care for the chickens
Dilip Kumar Borthakur (17 days ago)
Why the heck did u put honey over those chickens?😢😢😢😢😢
Satrang TV (17 days ago)
Vow very mouth watering so easy to make!! Try this recipe. Very tasty and easy to make: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCvLuwk-HuD5ZzzJDP5sKySQ?sub_confirmation=1
Miss Smarty (18 days ago)
1:10 honey on chicken ewww
KpopIsLife (18 days ago)
Dayumm 🤤🤤 Someone cook this for Monsta X’s Kihyun please 😍😍 the guy’s love for chicken surpasses everything else 😂
Arema's kitchen (20 days ago)
From where I can get this book
RINXZR Espada (20 days ago)
I don't see my grandma's recipe on here. Inaccurate.
Michael Switchon (21 days ago)
I made the first one. Followed the exact recipe. It came out like shit like the other recipes i tried from tasty. Never again!
pierre fleurot (21 days ago)
Use cajun spice so good 👍
Bayabas RblxGaming (21 days ago)
Serrel Hamlin (21 days ago)
I'm torturing myself again ):
verita caballero (21 days ago)
im getting hungry just let me cook them all!!!!!!!
Technical Biraj (22 days ago)
lennox schwarz (22 days ago)
print trial northwest judge buck star direction bath shore enough rail
wow look so sweet
Daniel Brock (22 days ago)
Half the time I look at this and I'm like cool the other time I'm asking where the hell is the seasoning this Time this is cool keep it up
andrei malazaga (23 days ago)
I loved the honey glazed chicken
I don't really call these the "best", but damn, those look good.
CorgiLover 162 (23 days ago)
CorgiLover 162 (23 days ago)
When they put honey on chicken I was like NOOOOO NOO NO NOOOO
Salma Mohamed (23 days ago)
I have a problem u guys don’t usually tell the details for the way to cook it or sometimes u don’t even tell how to make it even tho on the title it says how to cook blank
Anuradha Kurane (23 days ago)
XxshookxX xXmonsterXx (23 days ago)
When Im watching food stuff it makes me hungry😑
Nade (25 days ago)
i don't even have butter in my house
Meena Jegatha (26 days ago)
very nice
Danielle Lacson (27 days ago)
I wanna try the one with honey
Nike Boy Ahmed (27 days ago)
I’m fasting
Ella Star (27 days ago)
This is making me hungry 🙀
Merizs PLAYZ (27 days ago)
Im *hungary*
백두산 (27 days ago)
Go korea and see the revolution of chiken
sunshine Tapia (27 days ago)
Who else watching moving to the music lol
Fahid Hijaz (28 days ago)
I got a boner
Me Myself And I (28 days ago)
The audio was a shambles. MUTE
Hamna Zubair (28 days ago)
OMG delicious 😋 my mouth is watering...
Suparna Samanta (28 days ago)
Make a recipe of dounut
Shaun Moo (28 days ago)
Vegan my ass
ari msp (29 days ago)
Rip chicken farm
Thank god I just ate
Hermione Ruth (29 days ago)
Im so satisfied in the chicken because i love chicken❤
Alzane Germanium (1 month ago)
I wish Tasty had their own restaurant
Aaron Lobos (1 month ago)
Boojuee food for ghetto people
Park Tae Hee (1 month ago)
1:00 when he was about to pour honey on the chicken , me be like : Me : *no..no..no..no you FILTY human don't you dare ! NOOOOOO*
Robin Dela Cruz (1 month ago)
this video makes me want to eat chicken
Metabolismo al Maximo (1 month ago)
thank you for sharing this information, let's put it into practice ... greetings
Winston Suacillo (1 month ago)
That video is make me hungry
pAtRiCk StAr (1 month ago)
Kai would be in heaven..
Harith Haikal (1 month ago)
I bet those who hit the unlike button are vegans
GAURAV JADHAV (1 month ago)
Kadakkkk hai yarrr
Savina De Barros (1 month ago)
*watches video* -five minutes later- “OMG I WANT FRIED CHICKEN” *checks fridge to see if there is any chicken to fry* *losses hope* “NUUUU I WANT FRIED CHICKENN”
Sankha Ray (1 month ago)
So all these recipes were tried by Keith
Miyuki hoshigawa (1 month ago)
curious... about rice wine = sake?
danslive blue (1 month ago)
Hallumi chips are amazing. I urge anyone to make them.
Ph1 Master! (1 month ago)
You look like gordon shit
Ph1 Master! (1 month ago)
Ginawa ko yan ang pangit ng lasa mga gago

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