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What I Eat In A Day // Vibrant + Real Foods

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Hey guys! I am back in UK and so excited to share with you what I eat in my day! This is a little different as I missed my normal farmer market trip! Watch this video to see 3 delicious meals I prepare from scratch! Thank you all for watching!!! xxx ⭐️PLANT-BASED 45+ RECIPE E-BOOK: http://www.tishwonders.co.uk/ebook ⭐️SOCIAL MEDIA: https://www.instagram.com/tishwonders/ https://www.facebook.com/tishWonders/ ⭐️SPOTIFY: https://open.spotify.com/user/j43o21vyhzejhd8lih3eix5go/playlist/4drIG4XsmzFHW6zgJcxbHc?si=hfwtwEo0RGewBBWpB_mPkA ⭐️MUSIC: Robert Glasper X KAYTRANADA -No One Like You (feat. Alex Isley) Q-Tip - Do You Dig U? Slum Village - Hustle Meshell Ndegeocello - Hot Night Ricky Blaze feat. Alexus Rose - Apart
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Text Comments (140)
Tish Wonders (6 days ago)
Hey guys!! For all of you asking for track/ music list - I always provide info in the description box. Find link to my SPOTIFY 'YouTube' playlist in description xoxo
NaturallyMe (9 hours ago)
Where can we buy the first cookbook
NaturallyMe (9 hours ago)
Tish Wonders thanks!
Tish Wonders (9 hours ago)
Link is in the description box
I. Bmdz25 (17 hours ago)
Thank you!
Amelia D (18 hours ago)
you are just so effortlessly cool ! just discovered you and bingeing your vids x
Lioness Arising (1 day ago)
I love savory breakfast❤️
KylaAnai With Love (1 day ago)
I always love your videos! Thanks for sharing as usual!
Lizzie Clay (2 days ago)
Hey Tish, I love watching you cook. I want so badly to make the food you cook, looks so delicious. I love that you do a variety of foods. My family and I all went vegan 3 months ago and I need the variety for my husband and I. I can't just eat potatoes and beans. Thank you so much for sharing. You seem like such a sweet and genuine girl. :)
Tish Wonders (1 day ago)
Thanks Lizzie! All the best on your new journey! 💚
Randy A (4 days ago)
your sexy good lord lol keep the vids coming
Ube (4 days ago)
Oh my gosh girl you make good stew-y type food, my kind of food, that sweet potato hash, that curry looks soo good! This is my first vid of yours I'm subscribing and going to binge your other recipe videos.
Evolution of Masha (4 days ago)
Love your videos! I never tried breadfruit. Hopefully I can find it in one of our asian markets.
Amoy Durrant (4 days ago)
I love your vids!! you make eating plant base so simple yet delicious
Jamila'S Fridge (5 days ago)
Hey Tish how do you use these songs dont they have copyright?! I am curious cause I use YouTube songs and I am starting to get tired of it! Thank you and as always your videos are so fun and inspiring to watch xxx muah!
Libby Mc (5 days ago)
I aspire to be like you, but I'm an unmotivated lazy shit ha x
Znt Mdd (5 days ago)
You seriously make the best food. I cant even! ❤️
Amaya Raymond (5 days ago)
Love breadfruit
ZANJOO (6 days ago)
oow that sweet potato looks mmmmmmm would never think to have for breakfast xx
Eli Mo (6 days ago)
S O U R S O P <3 omg I miss that, and papaya, which is ridiculous expensive and not very good here ( Denmark). From your grandmother's tree?! That's awesome. And family that cook for you, that's always nice even though you may get your cooking-itch ;) A perfectionist, geez, I would never have guessed that, haha :D Can I ask you what you live from on a daily basis? Like do you work as a chef at a place or you're self-employed? So curious!
Scott Nelson (6 days ago)
Your videos are inspiring me to focus more and more on whole plant based ingredients and not so much on bread and processed soy products. Everything you make looks amazing and you have an awesome energy.
Sajani Mathews-Perez (6 days ago)
I love watching your videos. They look so delicious and mouthwatering!
pusheen (6 days ago)
Love you! Love this!
coconutbutter (6 days ago)
I’d loveee a raw vegan meal idea plan (particular dinner) from you. Planning on going raw for the summer and I know you’d have some delicious creative ideas!
JenniferJ Williams (6 days ago)
Omg that curry has my mouth watering! I LOVE lemongrass!😋
BohoBabe7 (6 days ago)
So who else hit like before even watching it?
Angel Brown (6 days ago)
Good music, good food= how life should be everyday
Sadi M. (6 days ago)
I always like watching your videos. You are probably the only vegan on youtube that always makes delicious food people would actually want to eat, and it's filling. Great job!
TwinkieToes (6 days ago)
They let you bring fresh foods into the uk?
brad taylor (6 days ago)
Hey tish can you come to Chicago and fix me a meal they always look great 🤗
Danielle (6 days ago)
YELLOW LOOKS SO GOOD ON BROWN SKIN!!!!!!! That sweet potato hash looks amazing. May make that tomorrow.
Caseley (6 days ago)
the link for your recipes ebook isn't working for me :(
Tish Wonders (6 days ago)
It should work 💚
Caseley (6 days ago)
oh a new one's coming!! yay :)
Ttk Jinadu (6 days ago)
Yummy food, nice video
Amanda Belcher (6 days ago)
looks mouthwatering as always!! I do yoga/stretch in the morning too and I love it, really calms me down. What are your favorite vinyasas to do? id love to see a video on that!
Tish Wonders (6 days ago)
Thanks Amanda! I have a few favs! I will keep that suggestion in mind for future vids ❤️
Sharron C (6 days ago)
Looks Super Yummy Tish🏆🏆🏆🌸
Tish Wonders (6 days ago)
Troy Wallace (6 days ago)
What’s the name of your recipe book?
Tish Wonders (6 days ago)
Plant Based Wonders / link in description
Susan Dixon (6 days ago)
Can u put up your recipes from fb that u posted this week pls x
Tish Wonders (6 days ago)
As mentioned in this vid I’m working on a new book - recipes will be available in the book 💕
Zach Freeman (6 days ago)
Delicious food, thanks for teaching us how to cook plant based foods 😗
ericp954 (6 days ago)
Looks so good I want some
Magdaleen Rose (6 days ago)
Beautiful video 💝💝💝
Eddie Manni (6 days ago)
Tiffani Patterson (6 days ago)
Your dishes always look amazing. I can't wait until the cookbook comes out.
Tish Wonders (6 days ago)
Thank you 😘😘
Marie-Michelle (7 days ago)
Awesome as always, lovely lady! Which yoga do you do?
Tish Wonders (6 days ago)
Yoga With Adrienne always 💕
Zakarriyah Burns (7 days ago)
Hig Tish.
NEXT GEN TV (7 days ago)
nyla veganlife (6 days ago)
I love your video's it always gives me diffrent idea's of things to eat and not one i try never fail me thank you 😍😃🍠🍆🍅
Mistir Poppington (7 days ago)
u pick the iLLest music to use in ur videos.
Cassie Best Ever! (7 days ago)
I'm going to buy your book. Didn't even know you had one
Henry Jackson (7 days ago)
You like that good music.
Bewareofthewolves (7 days ago)
Looks so good! Do you have the recipes for the food you cooked in this video?
Tish Wonders (6 days ago)
Hey thanks! No I don’t at the moment
king koala (7 days ago)
How long does it take you to make all thoose meals,do you spend alot of time making and preparing your meals
Tish Wonders (6 days ago)
Around 20-25 mins for these meals :)
melluvsskittles (7 days ago)
Ur such an inspiration!!! Lol
Chanti Wolf (7 days ago)
Love it😍😍😍 looks delicious
Tish Wonders (7 days ago)
Thank you ❤️
Chanik Rose (7 days ago)
My mouth was just watering throughout this video lol x
Tish Wonders (7 days ago)
😍 thanks girl!!! Xxxx
Uche Natori (7 days ago)
Eeep love your content, just bought your e-book! Keep up the fab work xoxo
Tish Wonders (7 days ago)
Thank you Uche!! Xx ❤️
Victoriously Vickie (7 days ago)
Absolutely love ya channel, I literally look forward to watching you EVERY WEEK! You always keep it interesting ❤️ I’m also starting my own YouTube channel starting June 17th, and I’ll be posting some of my own vegan recipes be sure to subscribe ✨
Kin.g Productions (7 days ago)
this was so beautiful as always. truly she brings peace to my soul.
Tish Wonders (7 days ago)
❤️ thank you for watching
Wildgremlinz G (7 days ago)
Wow a work of art. Oh yeah food looks good too 😉.
Tish Wonders (7 days ago)
Thank you 💚💚
livingvegan 365 (7 days ago)
you most be a Virgo awesome video
Tish Wonders (7 days ago)
Cancer 💚
Lorne Simpson (7 days ago)
Awesome video... would love to see how you prepare the soursop
cmgde herrera (7 days ago)
<3 from Dallas, TX USA. I am making Buddha bowls from your video!
dbljinc664 (7 days ago)
Need to see recipe of breakfast. And going somewhere that wouldn't have black pepper is like going somewhere that wouldn't have oxygen
Tish Wonders (7 days ago)
Ashley Skinner (7 days ago)
I hope this can work with butternut squash
Jammin1288 (7 days ago)
Roasted breadfruit, sooo yummy
Ells Future (7 days ago)
Y'all pick up her e-book today! Life Transforming. Let's Go!
Tish Wonders (7 days ago)
Lots of love 💕💕
Vetrel Smith (7 days ago)
Like the music especially while sauteing onions and lemongrass. Can you please let me know who the artist is and the name if it? Did you say bread fruit? I have never heard of it. Please explain. Thanks.
Tish Wonders (7 days ago)
It’s Slum village - hustle. Song list is always in my bio 💚
JMan007 (7 days ago)
I need to move to the U.K.
Cathy Lynn Pietranton (7 days ago)
Hi Tish the dishes look delicious thanks for sharing
Tish Wonders (7 days ago)
Thanks Cathy 💚
God's order (7 days ago)
Again the music is on point, and the food looks great
Afia Amoako (7 days ago)
I love watching your videos and getting recipe inspos from the videos. So excited for your new recipe book
Tish Wonders (7 days ago)
Thank Afia!! Awww I can’t wait to share it ❤️
Mike Lew (7 days ago)
❤️ from your number one fan! I’m from Georgia 😉
Mike Lew (6 days ago)
Tish Wonders welcome ❤️
Tish Wonders (7 days ago)
Thanks Mike 💚💚
Angel J. (7 days ago)
Jovan Monroe (7 days ago)
Who's the new guy? 👀
hope you're happy <3
Fnan Ghebrezghiher (7 days ago)
Jovan Monroe haha i thought the same. she looks quite happy
April Dominguez (7 days ago)
Omg every time you sautéed onions I swear i wish i was there lol 😍
Tish Wonders (7 days ago)
Haha! 😍
Kittys REIGN (7 days ago)
💓I love when you upload 💓 I can't wait for the recipe book!
Tish Wonders (7 days ago)
Rachelle Davis (7 days ago)
What is that track you are playing in the beginning while you are doing your Yoga???? I love it!!!!!
Tish Wonders (7 days ago)
Track list always in description
Beverly 924 (7 days ago)
I hope your book will sold in the U.S.?
Tish Wonders (7 days ago)
Yes of course 😍
Jovan Monroe (7 days ago)
Beverly 924 Its an e-book. I bought her first one and PayPal changed the currency so it was simple to purchase.
JC Jae Tha Pharaoh (7 days ago)
Another blessing from the gorgeous delish wonders. ;-) New man in the background?
Frida Kahlo (7 days ago)
😩 you are such an inspiration, it's insane. Thank you so much for sharing once again! 🌸 By the way...do you know if the Achva Organic Tahini brand is made with *whole* sesame seeds? It doesn't say on the jar...🤔
Frida Kahlo (7 days ago)
It's in one of the videos you posted hehe I just couldn't remember which one so I commented here. You described it as being a bit runnier than usual. It's a white jar with a brown/gold lid...dunno if that helps lol.
Tish Wonders (7 days ago)
Thank you Frida💕💕appreciated!! I’ve never heard of that tahini
jcflute2017 (7 days ago)
I love breadfruit! Its totally impossible to find in the States! Well done! I bought your first ebook and definitely plan on buying the second! Well done!
Tish Wonders (7 days ago)
Yes you should definitely find it try a Caribbean grocery shop! Thank you for the love and support it’s so appreciated ❤️
Melli Wika (7 days ago)
perfect as usual
Tish Wonders (7 days ago)
Plant Prowess (7 days ago)
That curry looks amazing! Fresh cracked black pepper makes everything better but I never thought to travel with it 😂
Tish Wonders (7 days ago)
🤣😍💚 hahaaa!
Audrey Narval (7 days ago)
I LOVE what you do. Thank you for your recipes, really inspirationnal for me.
Tish Wonders (7 days ago)
Thank you so much!!
crimsonspice72 (7 days ago)
Hungry 🍽
Daniel Wilk (7 days ago)
Tish, you are really cute! Btw the German word for desk is Tisch
Fnan Ghebrezghiher (7 days ago)
Tish Wonders (7 days ago)
Lol really
tonya crabb (7 days ago)
I love your recipes . good too see you back . I was look for you .i love your accent . good luck on your new book
Tish Wonders (7 days ago)
Thank you ❤️
Sacia Ashe (7 days ago)
Romae Daley (7 days ago)
Love your content
Tish Wonders (7 days ago)
sassyasme 123 (7 days ago)
i have all the ingredients for the kale and sweet potatoe dish!! def will try. thanks. by the way how does bread fruit taste? I live n Dallas Tx and have no clue where to get it.
sassyasme 123 (6 days ago)
GetTheInsideRight thank you so much. I love trying different meals and Tish has never disappointed. Blessings to you.
GetTheInsideRight (6 days ago)
sassyasme 123 hi, I’m in Atlanta and always see breadfruit in Asian/West Indian supermarkets. It’s round and green and to add to Tish’s response it has a bread-like texture. Here’s how to eat it: 1. Peeled and cooked (like potatoes)-my least favorite way 2. Roasted then eaten 3. Roasted and fried (the way Tish prepared it)-my favorite If it’s ripe, it tastes sweet. If it’s not ripe, it tastes like white bread. I think I’ll purchase one next week now that Tish has me craving it. 😋
Tish Wonders (7 days ago)
Ok great enjoy!! Well if it’s a ripe breadfruit it will be sweet, almost potato like. 💚
MAGNETIC SUN™ (7 days ago)
It's Tish! Yes!
Tish Wonders (7 days ago)
Emo Gin (7 days ago)
Tish Wonders AKA Peppers lady whats good Salute!!
Tish Wonders (7 days ago)
Haha!! ❤️
sassyasme 123 (7 days ago)

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