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Soulji - Murder [Monstercat Release]

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Text Comments (749)
Monstercat: Uncaged (22 days ago)
Soulji shows us that darkness can be embraced! What a chilling tune, and insanely good EP! For Soulji images and a lot more check out: https://monster.cat/UN1VERSE
Sloan (14 days ago)
Hey If one wanted to promote your music in the background of gaming would that be okay? Especially if they gave you credit.
Trư bát giới (16 days ago)
Monstercat: Uncaged i love you music yes
Spot Gamer (19 days ago)
Monstercat: Uncaged this is no sound copyrights music
LightningSFM (19 days ago)
Here's a stupid question, but I don't see it in the description. I subscribed to a monthly YT license, but I'm not sure if I can use this song or not? May I? :)
Kogarashi (22 hours ago)
I actually got chills from this song. It's amazing how atmospheric it sounds. I should really look into more of Soulji's stuff. And if anyone could recommend me more songs like this, I'd greatly appreciate it!!
Kogarashi (11 hours ago)
Thanks for the suggestion!!
Riley Foster (14 hours ago)
notaker - infinite is pretty similar imo
Adam gaming chanel (1 day ago)
this is nice
Esteys gaming (2 days ago)
this song make me feel super badass i love it!
Deplorable Troll (2 days ago)
what makes you an exception? The devil. what makes you so special? The Devil.
michael collopy (3 days ago)
Some BTSM feels love it already
rudy _ (3 days ago)
Looks like track for Hotline miami
ionel ivan (4 days ago)
And i am 11 years child.
ionel ivan (4 days ago)
Oh yea boy is good with '' good'' headphones. I like veri much the bass drop. >:)
Xiox Xaus (4 days ago)
Holyy **** this Epic XD
Mocherad (6 days ago)
yes one of the epic music!
Music Central (7 days ago)
Imagine the Jabbawokeez dancing to this.
Music Central (7 days ago)
Imagine the Jabbawokeez dancing to this.
RzQand (8 days ago)
Omg it"s a cool music!!!!!!
Grabster (8 days ago)
pretty sure this video is demonetized
iQ Apex (8 days ago)
Charlie Tackman (10 days ago)
Can this be featured in the next John Wick please? SICK
KaL (12 days ago)
Fucking woffer is going NUTS!!!!!!
Atılay Katmer (12 days ago)
More like this ?
Deep Blue. (13 days ago)
*This one is pretty spoopy*
SprightlyAsh8 (13 days ago)
If there is a club/bar gunfight scene in john wick 3, this song should perfectly fit in.
oopela (14 days ago)
Soulji if you're reading this, this is fucking excellent. The title perfectly fits the track. Well fucking done mate. Don't stop producing. Ever.
Putte (14 days ago)
Thanks Sparc Mac !
roce star 2 (15 days ago)
SOULJI MURDER [monstercat releace]
roce star 2 (15 days ago)
SOULJI MURDER [monstercat relelace
V. Safin (15 days ago)
1.25x PROFIT
SCORPZ0001 (15 days ago)
Good music
Burai (15 days ago)
sick track
404 MahLP (15 days ago)
I wan viol
@monstercat one question, WHERE THE HELL HAS SOULERO BEEN!? HE WAS MY FAVOURITE ARTIST IN THE PAST OF 2012-2015! Where is he!?
Aristocrat Gaming (16 days ago)
Can i buy that mask? its fucking awesome!
aximey (16 days ago)
Getting Hotline Miami flashbacks, very nice
486films (16 days ago)
who else thinks that the main tone sounds like a PVC pipe instrument.
Jack (16 days ago)
Aggressive track. like this.
Turetik (16 days ago)
Oh, my!
Kaizer Katze (16 days ago)
the bass is awesome! nice track
Drakoda (16 days ago)
My favourite Producer
Neo_Alt (16 days ago)
Godlike ambiance
Shiny Dragon (17 days ago)
Pink Killing Floor at the beginning? Anyone?
Randy Angel (17 days ago)
For Example...
Randy Angel (17 days ago)
ScrubbyDoobyDoo (17 days ago)
It’s like owl vision and gassefelstein had a baby
Mystical GamerCorn (17 days ago)
This honestly sounds like something that would be in Devil Man Crybaby. like in one of those Demon clubs...
deanon _ (17 days ago)
Twin - VLOGS (17 days ago)
Can we use this music in our videos?
KwebStunter 2 (17 days ago)
Bodo Beni (17 days ago)
BLP media (17 days ago)
Well, well. Looks like i have found my top 1 music.
Serzh Serzh (17 days ago)
Duck Man (18 days ago)
I love the darkness wrapped within this song. It's so awesome.
Jacob Wollman (18 days ago)
That bass is just so friggin sexy. Goddamn, that’s a good track.
TheRealTGK (18 days ago)
"for example"?
ImJustHereForTheMoney (18 days ago)
John Wick vibes tbh
DogOnLaptop Play (18 days ago)
Sniper Pro nerf mods (18 days ago)
Jamie Cole (5 days ago)
I would not thank you for going deaf
Enderby 201 (18 days ago)
John Wick Chapter 3
Jordan Walker (18 days ago)
I don't know why but i get the feeling of wanting to drive a fast car somewhere whilst listening to this song
Hails Neolyssa (19 days ago)
This is sick 😈
Michael Sanders (19 days ago)
hits hard on my 12's
Kieran Smith (19 days ago)
Anyone know of any other similar dark tracks like this? I'm a big fan this darker sound. Like this and Nero and Zhu's Dreams etc
deadeye gamer (19 days ago)
Ryan Moment (19 days ago)
icanhazsus (19 days ago)
Arthur Sb (19 days ago)
NEUS Style :D
nineteen fuego (19 days ago)
sounds like Gesaffelstein
Salah Vismuradov (19 days ago)
MaksymDesign (19 days ago)
Sounds like Gesaffelstein
SadEndings- (19 days ago)
I was Number one and I have 300 likes on this comment :D
SPright77 (19 days ago)
Good sound, fat bass!
Joni B. (19 days ago)
I swear i've seen this before, like a month ago. I'm probably going insane but oh well
Willy Ericson (19 days ago)
This bang too heavy, i cant hold it anymoarrrr. I need to murder someone here !
Renegade387 (19 days ago)
Holy fuck the bass
Renegade387 (19 days ago)
Dear Monstercat, this is a sincere message. Why do you guys always label some songs under Electronic? Why not label this something like Moombacore or complextro? I find it very confusing.
Gamin Awsome (19 days ago)
Can someone make a Soulji Murder / Karma Fields Stickup mashup?? Cuz I think it would fit!
canteen culter (19 days ago)
such a badass song
OMG niceeee <3
chip (20 days ago)
mojo master (20 days ago)
sounds evil
eojd (20 days ago)
I see a small nostril and big nostril
Axorodok (20 days ago)
I guess murder is good after all
Mmusta 5342 (20 days ago)
This should be in John Wick 3. Holy shit this track is creepy.
Zaitak (20 days ago)
I listened to this entire EP and it is amazing. Gives me a Karma Fields kind of vibe. I love it.
Nice Fellow (20 days ago)
*Ебать качает*
Shanice Jackson (20 days ago)
Speedself (20 days ago)
No it doesn't really sounds like REZZ Yes it's an awesome track :>
Miss Sofi (20 days ago)
Очень круто лайкосик!!
RCKWLL (20 days ago)
Hey, Soulji.. just one quick thing here. Uh.. thanks for the fire track, but uh, also thanks for the nightmare fuel. Appreciate it 😄👌🔥
Anastasia Samchuck (20 days ago)
This is just giving me all the right feels
Chufa Energy (20 days ago)
For example
PAスタン (20 days ago)
HASAN Boss12 (20 days ago)
all music is awesome
Mr. DRuX (20 days ago)
This really is a murder cause soulji killed it!!!
K-2-D-3 Kedačić (20 days ago)
Solji is gonna take are souls hahahha great song
AsRc channel (20 days ago)
эти треки можно использовать?! необходимо бросить ссылку на твой канал и всё?)
Williams RG (20 days ago)
Nice Drop <33333
H. (21 days ago)
Ooooo yes bb. <3
Jay Williamson (21 days ago)
Very nice

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