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Savai Fast Video

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Thankyou for watching our Video. If you like our video please click SUBSCRIBE LIKE SHARE and BELL button for latest updates from SaimaSameena easytomakerecipe channel. SEVAI-RECIPE ( https://www.youtube.com/embed/xGe3ZY1QRPU ) Macaroni / Sevai - 500gm Sugar / Cheeni - 1500gm Dried Milk / Khoya / Mawa - 500gm Euryale Ferox / Lotus Seed / Makhana - 20 to 30gm Cashew Nuts / Kaju - 30gm Almond / Badam - 30gm Green Cardamom / Choti Elaichi Powder - 1tsp Pure / Desi Ghee - 300ml Water Eating Colour Saffron / Rang Zard SEVAI-FRY Green Cardamom / Choti Elaichi - 1pc Raisins / Kishmish - 3pcs Clove / Laung - 1pc tsp = tea spoon tbsp = table spoon Please leave your comment below. your suggestions are welcome easytomakerecipe@gmail.com

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