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Zanussi Chest Freezer ZFC41400WA Product Overview | ao.com

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Learn more about the brilliant ZFC41400WA chest freezer from Zanussi in our short product video. Find out how the Temperature Controls let you change the temperature inside the freezer. The counterbalanced lid means you can load and unload the freezer with ease. Shop now https://ao.com/product/zfc41400wa-zanussi-chest-freezer-white-35484-33.aspx?&WT.srch=1&WT.z_RTM=YouTube%20Product%20Reviews&WT.z_PT=MDA-Cooling&WT.z_CN=Zanussi%20Freezer&WT.z_AG=Link&WT.z_KW=zfc41400wa&WT.z_DT= View Zanussi chest freezers https://ao.com/l/chest_freezers-zanussi/1-6/32-33/?pagesize=30 Discover more about Zanussi http://ao.com/zanussi Like ao.com on Facebook https://www.facebook.com/AOLetsGo/ Follow ao.com on Twitter https://twitter.com/ao Follow ao.com on Instagram https://www.instagram.com/ao/

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