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Muzzy - In The Night (feat. Sullivan King) [Monstercat EP Release]

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Text Comments (740)
Monstercat: Uncaged (3 months ago)
The power is undeniable! This track along with all the others on ‘The Cascade’ make for an unforgettable EP! 🔥🎩
LUKA GOGOXIA (3 months ago)
Monstercat: Uncaged idiots unliked D:< 》:C
Leo B (3 months ago)
So cool
Dennis arteaga (3 months ago)
Monstercat: Uncaged perfec i love you montercat and muzzy
PiKavin (3 months ago)
Where's the love for Sullivan in the description lol.
Tigersden (6 days ago)
Reminds me of something from payday
5alt (12 days ago)
Delta Ray Z (13 days ago)
the Album its Amazing!!! 🤩🤩🤩
Phyllis Paver (16 days ago)
Damn, I love that hard beat
ysarts ™ (16 days ago)
fuuuuuuuuuuuck this is dope
ANIMAUL (20 days ago)
Nautilus? Is that you, Daddy?
Regan_FB Lit (22 days ago)
0:11 when you stub your toe
Garrett Quinn (26 days ago)
F W (27 days ago)
This is lit!!!
Just Fox (28 days ago)
*hutts was here*
Beth Snipes (1 month ago)
Scynthor (1 month ago)
xXCAM950Xx (1 month ago)
Best Drum and Bass song in a bit, by far! Keep it up guys!!😎
your reflection (1 month ago)
Xabiel Schindler (1 month ago)
Holy shit
GamesRepus (1 month ago)
Rock Porra
xMithril (1 month ago)
I found my new addiction
SkilL (1 month ago)
666 comments, now 667 xP
Danny Wildz (1 month ago)
This song kind of suits a sonic game tbh
RoyalTee (1 month ago)
Sounds like something from a sports game soundtrack.
Cla Massare (1 month ago)
Okay but that's like super dope
Kelly Lavigne (1 month ago)
LordSpeed YT (1 month ago)
Can you use this song to make an AMV on my channel?
Regan_FB Lit (1 month ago)
Drop sounds like Cresendo
Japanese Panda (1 month ago)
That Neo Guy (1 month ago)
Can't stop thinking of like a Pendulum/Prodigy hybrid mix here, so fucking good man!
AVERAGE CHEEZIT (2 months ago)
Some doom shit
JEFJEF GAMING (2 months ago)
Didzis Bērziņš (2 months ago)
That ending is incredibly well done! And the song itself is perfectly balanced in terms of composition, design, production, etc. Plus, It shows the Muzzy we know and love! I'll be rocking to this until the next one!!! Thank you!
Jack Mawer (2 months ago)
God sounds like he took alot of inspiration from pendulum
Irma Gabrichidze (2 months ago)
BlastForward (2 months ago)
If you will find some shattered car windows on the streets you'll know why.
Ramon Buenaflor (2 months ago)
You know its going to be like DOOM music when sullivan king is in it.
Pablo Hernández Torres (2 months ago)
Best track of Monstercat ever! My brain is over-excited Muzzy is for me the king of DnB, I'm sorry Pendulum ;(
5alt (2 months ago)
Pablo Hernández Torres but pendulum is my favorite band....
t00laZy (2 months ago)
Can someone praise mozzy for being the drum and bass God? XD
t00laZy (2 months ago)
Aohige (2 months ago)
TheHurt Fan (2 months ago)
This is so good!!
Franxis A.C. (2 months ago)
Nice ♥
маззи будто вечно наилучший на этом канале
TheXSorm (2 months ago)
Colton Shaner (2 months ago)
Sullivan King killed this one!!
Barnaldo714 (2 months ago)
WHAT THE ACTUAL FAACK!!!Cant believe i slept on this.🔥🔥
I'm Blue™ (2 months ago)
Diego Alberto (2 months ago)
top music
cusson27 (2 months ago)
Matilda Kalvaitytė (2 months ago)
OMG! This is dope ♥
Austin Kahosed (2 months ago)
i love this music thanks alot!
Louis Emmanuel Morente (2 months ago)
Kaypea brought me here
James Macatangay (2 months ago)
If Muzzy did a remix of a Prodigy song, this is how I'd imagine it to sound.
Jani Lehtonen (2 months ago)
not bad, but it's still a screamo music.
Austin Kahosed (2 months ago)
i played this on a loud speaker in my house xD
5alt (2 months ago)
Austin Kahosed gg
Thomas Knapp (2 months ago)
I know this is not the same song, but “Shut It Down” would’ve been way better without MC Mota’s shitty vocals
Thotty Thotman (17 days ago)
MoDeRN eLiTe (2 months ago)
Definitely would be a MotorStorm song
Akheilos (2 months ago)
I get that Pendulum vibe here, I love it!!!!
Daouda Ndaw (2 months ago)
Track for the next burnout game? :D
FrozenStar (2 months ago)
Muzzy + Pendulum is my wet dream
ChaoticFlame (1 month ago)
Muzzy and Rob Swire collab already confirmed
5alt (2 months ago)
FrozenStar RIP pendulum :(
bAw69120 (2 months ago)
Pourquoi seulement 250K vues ? C'est juste EPIC
Blank (2 months ago)
Prestige clips brought me here
Copycat97 Jonnuelle (2 months ago)
Dubstep meets Rock
Lycanthoss (2 months ago)
This song is a good example of a basic dnb rhythm, Varien - Whispers in the Mist is a great example of melodic dubstep, Bossfight - Work is a great example of heavy drumstep, Rootkit - Do It is a great example of melodic and smooth drumstep.
Lycanthoss (2 months ago)
Copycat97 Jonnuelle it is really easy to tell dubstep apart from dnb, dnb is just really fast, usually around 180 bpm and has a static rhythm. Dubstep is slowish, has a half beat, if it's really wubbly then it's brostep. And in between dubstep and dnb is drumstep which is essentially fast dubstep, but it can vary quite a lot. Anyway dnb is really repetitive so you should easily discern any dnb song. Also don't think that the main thing that's important for dubstep is wubs, actually many dubstep songs don't have it and they can be extremely relaxing and chill.
Copycat97 Jonnuelle (2 months ago)
I've been a fan of DnB all this time thinking it was all in one of the sub-genres of dubstep... Thanks you for enlighting my with this knowledge.
5alt (2 months ago)
Copycat97 Jonnuelle yes. Here’s an example of dubstep so you can compare it to this: https://youtu.be/AvUQ2Qjm8uM if you cared honestly
Copycat97 Jonnuelle (2 months ago)
Oh ok. So to recab, DnB has more focus on drums while Dubstep is more focused on wubs in ioinks (lol). Thanks.
BeepTheSheep (2 months ago)
Why does this sound like it would fit in half life
Angela Holz (2 months ago)
Sick beat
Gregor Hofbauer (2 months ago)
Sounds like Smackdown vs Raw
_francis .r (2 months ago)
i want a muzzy n macky gee collab
JLZ Crusanfrye (2 months ago)
heavy metal/dnb plus muzzy... huh wasn't expecting that one...
Xwittyz (2 months ago)
JLZ Crusanfrye why? Thats what muzzy does
†iHezGerz† XK . . (2 months ago)
anal :v
Gamer Girl (2 months ago)
what a sad drop
Ivan Ivanov (2 months ago)
Sphane (2 months ago)
Voice basically as good as Rob Swire. It’s the new Pendulum.
My exact thoughts
Sphane (2 months ago)
DOOM 5 music.
Swansyboy (2 months ago)
HEADBANGING LIKE *CRAAAAZY* Edit: My head hurts... ouchies...
Fightwithfire2 (2 months ago)
Sooooo goooooddddddd
Monsuco (2 months ago)
Somehow this makes me want a collab between Muzzy and Puppet. I dunno but that seems like it'd make sense now.
FrozenStar (2 months ago)
Muzzy can turn everything into a sick masterpiece
Agustin Alancay (2 months ago)
🎶 PLAYLIST DUBSTEP, DRUMSTEP, FUTURE BASS etc. https://open.spotify.com/user/21qosxhendilt3xmglhxcjb5q/playlist/2joL7cWSmW2soTKRfrTVFL?si=Vsw-Sp9WTiGT6N5Ccelpeg
keso991 (2 months ago)
So cool
Burai (2 months ago)
sick track
Spr33n (2 months ago)
Sullivan really came out of nowhere and just skyrocketed into popularity. Gj
not huge fan of people screaming on their song but this one is pretty good
keso991 (2 months ago)
Best of muzzy👍
ten101337 (2 months ago)
reminds me of blue stahli, pure win!
Yori (2 months ago)
Thanks Rapida
音楽MURIK (2 months ago)
Finally found the song
Luisa Saint-Just (2 months ago)
Omg! 😱😍😍😍
Infinity 06 (2 months ago)
Is this God?
WORLD ANDROID HD (2 months ago)
Say hi
I'm like the music 🖒
Ignite Karbon (2 months ago)
Legenda 2048 (2 months ago)
Unaniimoose (2 months ago)
linuxct (2 months ago)
Stuart Lim, you're an MVP for placing the lyrics!
Angellgz (2 months ago)
I need more music like this, any recommendations pls?
Hendrik Salzbauer (2 months ago)
Hutts brought me here :D
Yung Wun (2 months ago)
Well this is different
TLMGH636 (2 months ago)
Violesense! (3 months ago)
Damn fire!! Great combination! <3
lumiinyaAMV (3 months ago)
DreamR (3 months ago)

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