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Muzzy - In The Night (feat. Sullivan King) [Monstercat EP Release]

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Text Comments (660)
Monstercat: Uncaged (11 days ago)
The power is undeniable! This track along with all the others on ‘The Cascade’ make for an unforgettable EP! 🔥🎩
LUKA GOGOXIA (7 days ago)
Monstercat: Uncaged idiots unliked D:< 》:C
Leo B (10 days ago)
So cool
Dennis arteaga (10 days ago)
Monstercat: Uncaged perfec i love you montercat and muzzy
PiKavin (10 days ago)
Where's the love for Sullivan in the description lol.
Ivan Ivanov (5 hours ago)
Sphane (11 hours ago)
Voice basically as good as Rob Swire. It’s the new Pendulum.
Sphane (11 hours ago)
DOOM 5 music.
Swansyboy (1 day ago)
HEADBANGING LIKE *CRAAAAZY* Edit: My head hurts... ouchies...
Fightwithfire2 (1 day ago)
Sooooo goooooddddddd
Monsuco (2 days ago)
Somehow this makes me want a collab between Muzzy and Puppet. I dunno but that seems like it'd make sense now.
Agustin Alancay (2 days ago)
🎶 PLAYLIST DUBSTEP, DRUMSTEP, FUTURE BASS etc. https://open.spotify.com/user/21qosxhendilt3xmglhxcjb5q/playlist/2joL7cWSmW2soTKRfrTVFL?si=Vsw-Sp9WTiGT6N5Ccelpeg
keso991 (2 days ago)
So cool
Burai (2 days ago)
sick track
Spr33n (2 days ago)
Sullivan really came out of nowhere and just skyrocketed into popularity. Gj
not huge fan of people screaming on their song but this one is pretty good
keso991 (3 days ago)
Best of muzzy👍
ten101337 (3 days ago)
reminds me of blue stahli, pure win!
Yori (3 days ago)
Thanks Rapida
音楽MURIK (4 days ago)
Finally found the song
Luisa Saint-Just (4 days ago)
Omg! 😱😍😍😍
Infinity 06 (4 days ago)
Is this God?
WORLD ANDROID HD (5 days ago)
Say hi
camilo manzano1840 (5 days ago)
I'm like the music 🖒
SCORPZ0001 (5 days ago)
Muzzy never disappoints
Ignite Karbon (5 days ago)
Legenda 2048 (5 days ago)
Unaniimoose (5 days ago)
linuxct (5 days ago)
Stuart Lim, you're an MVP for placing the lyrics!
Angellgz (6 days ago)
I need more music like this, any recommendations pls?
Hendrik Salzbauer (6 days ago)
Hutts brought me here :D
Yung Wun (6 days ago)
Well this is different
TLMGH636 (6 days ago)
Violesense! (7 days ago)
Damn fire!! Great combination! <3
lumiinyaAMV (7 days ago)
DreamR (7 days ago)
Rix (7 days ago)
if this isn't the intro song to some seriously big update to rocket league, I'm going to rage
Martin Diklich (7 days ago)
Two of my top new artists that i like. AMAZING !
BetterNerfRengar (7 days ago)
Here before the Millions !! LETS GOO~
MaJJang S (7 days ago)
베리굿이다 ㄷㄷ
i've been dancing on the open space of my campus with eyes looking at me everyday on these last 3 days...hahaha
Romeo Ocho Garnica (7 days ago)
That Beats Like Pendulum
217 (8 days ago)
Crushin it as always
Noble Gamer (8 days ago)
Sharron Perez (8 days ago)
This has a bit of a Knife Party/Pendulum feel.
Raphael Gomi (8 days ago)
actionpacked and catchy. Cool tune
AurasM8 (8 days ago)
This is GOLD!
I think I broke the replay button...
Melidos lembard (8 days ago)
Я российский! Сучки
5alt (8 days ago)
Hutts anyone?
박헤헷 (8 days ago)
Anne Thomsen (8 days ago)
This is doooope! <3
XXXFuture (8 days ago)
Great song ❤ ❤️
Grabster (8 days ago)
This belongs in Need for Speed Hot Pursuit 2!
eXact (8 days ago)
Reminds me of The Matrix ending song
lumino (8 days ago)
. Resplendent ;-) .
I’m here because of Hutts
5alt (8 days ago)
Sir Will The Maybe Gamer same!
Nicholas Sevarino (9 days ago)
Monstercat has taken a sharp turn with this track and Slippy's previous track. I like it though.
Drone Soldier (9 days ago)
Thx hutts
SkOmI (9 days ago)
metal meets dubstep
Siebo (9 days ago)
Entropy (9 days ago)
This has a very Pendulum feel, I'm digging it
5alt (8 days ago)
It does! And I freaking love it
this song is great it has great moding potential for games
CaikSlyce (9 days ago)
that ending was beautiful
Dubstep for the win (9 days ago)
Sullivan king Power🔥🔥
machine321434 (9 days ago)
Damn this reminds me a lot of pendulum.
bruno sanvexco (9 days ago)
This EP was awesome, all those collabs, Celldweller and now Sullivan King, also: Drum & Bass And Metalstep: Unite!
Psykoman91 (9 days ago)
Muzzy never disapoint me
Costobocul (9 days ago)
Willy Ericson (9 days ago)
God of DnB goes to MUZZY
Gamin Awsome (9 days ago)
This is more like rock to me. But who cares! This is my top 1 uncaged release for now
Паша Перун (9 days ago)
nice upload!!
tor (10 days ago)
i would *love* an instrumental version of this
조창민 (10 days ago)
Ok Muzzy.. Koven, Celldweller, Sullivan King and what's next?
Digitalfrostgameplay (10 days ago)
This is a fucking match made in hell and I LOVE IT
Dire Fox (10 days ago)
Muzzy ftw
James Cheeks (10 days ago)
Bloody hell this is fucking incredible!!! Even with my expectations going in so high it still blows me away!!! Fucking banger for days boys!!
Erica Jolin (10 days ago)
Wow. Muzzy really killed it. Great job!!
Steel Wix (10 days ago)
I really love the collab, but I feel like the song is made with too much Ctrl + C / Ctrl V parts.
BlueRose278 (10 days ago)
oh my
Sara Jia (10 days ago)
Holy shit this is so sick
TheSteamCat Music007 (10 days ago)
This one is complete fire
yourasianfather (10 days ago)
Muzzy & Sullivan King......didn't expect that damn! awesome track!
ZappingHero (10 days ago)
Yeah, this is actually quite an epic combo too, the vocals in this kinda reminded me of what my dad and I used to play on the radio in the car over the years (with some heavy and classic rock'n'roll songs). ;)
jamajua 22 (10 days ago)
this song has made a memory I can’t erase🔥🔥
Cquals (10 days ago)
I can't wait for the Proto x Muzzy collab, the sound design on that one is pure fire
Zuzxo (10 days ago)
yas dnb
Tara Winter (10 days ago)
Damn Muzzy, awesome track, ready to listen to the whole EP now
Morlo (10 days ago)
This collab was great!!! Good job Muzzy and Sulli
Hands Naj (10 days ago)
What the... is sullivang king? 😱😲
Bene Shock (10 days ago)
never clicked faster
Тут кушать российские?
CyberDrop (10 days ago)
Holy shit it sounds so much better on Spotify, big difference.
KokosnootHD (10 days ago)
wub wub wub wub wub
Nexmark (10 days ago)
Why this sounds so much like a song for a racing game lmao
Sky Grizzle (10 days ago)
Yo, someone throw this lit song into DOOM!
Erdi Taspunar (10 days ago)
They are sound like pendelum omg !!
MiSta BlackJack (10 days ago)
What a collab... Incredible!
Joeri Van Meer (10 days ago)
Muzzy is a motherf genius
All Hail D'n'B King!
Paul :D LOL (10 days ago)
I ❤ this music
MADDEE2005 (10 days ago)
Like Celldweller

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