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What I Eat In A Day / Lisbon

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Hey guys! I spent last week having some downtime in Lisbon! Such a beautiful city with so much amazing food! ⭐️PLANT-BASED 45+ RECIPE E-BOOK: http://www.tishwonders.co.uk/ebook ⭐️SOCIAL MEDIA: https://www.instagram.com/tishwonders/ https://www.facebook.com/tishWonders/ ⭐️SPOTIFY: https://open.spotify.com/user/j43o21vyhzejhd8lih3eix5go/playlist/4drIG4XsmzFHW6zgJcxbHc?si=hfwtwEo0RGewBBWpB_mPkA Track 1 - by 8RNJU https://www.instagram.com/8rnju/ https://soundcloud.com/brnju Track 2 - by Phonte feat. Dornik - Sweet You Track 3 - by Astrud Gilberto, João Gilberto & Stan Getz - The Girl From Ipanema Track 4 - by Young Gunz - No Better Love Track 5 - by Black Moon - Buck Em Down

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Text Comments (93)
Tish Jaxn (2 months ago)
Question, what do you do with the water from the nuts and tomato’s? Is there vitamins being discarded of you throw it away?
Pedro Pna (3 months ago)
hello tish! i Love your Channel ! cool i work as a firefighter in lisbon ! hope u make a vídeo about breakfast and quick lanches 😀
Eddie Gengen (3 months ago)
You know about them Soulection sounds!!! bad boy tune
Meagan Austin (4 months ago)
Omg, all of the food, especially the aubergine dish, looks so delicious! 😊
Sina Sophia (4 months ago)
hi i was wondering why you dont call yourelf „vegan“ but „plantbased“ xx absolutely love ur channel and ur energy! x
fresh2393 (4 months ago)
Sina Sophia I think it's because vegan can still include processed foods, oreos,chips, mock meats, store bought vegan cheese, and soy etc.it is possible to be an unhealthy vegan. BUT, now plant based Vegans means you steer clear of things that aren't fresh
L G (4 months ago)
I have watched so many health food/vegan channels but I really like your videos upon first glance. I went ahead and purchased your E-book IMMEDIATELY!!! Thank u sistah for all your hard work!
Maria Margarida (4 months ago)
Austin z (4 months ago)
Been keeping tabs on your channel for a long time since I’ve transitioned, always marveling at your recipes, and I’m finally ready to whip up some of these dishes. Thanks for all your hard work and making it look so presentable and easy! Yum! Either it’s the candle I got going or something but I swear I could smell the eggplant dish through my phone. Haha!
The return of Jenjour (4 months ago)
Dope music 🎶
Effe Laurent (4 months ago)
Amazing sis! Yummy goodness in a beautiful country! Can't wait to visit Lisbon, hopefully with you! xxx
MrCrisalo (4 months ago)
Hey Tish, wow nice meals in Lisbon, yeah that's my city! next time you should visit one lovely place over there" the sintra palace, lovely place with wonderful gardens! all the best cheers
Rachida Shamel (4 months ago)
Hi tish. How do you feel about the snow you all just got in London ☺?
Evolution of Masha (4 months ago)
You are shining!! I love you positive outlook.
Eli Mo (4 months ago)
L I S B O N !! What are the odds?? I'm planning to go there s o o n. Can you link the name to your hotel (if you liked it)? Agreed, eggplant, aubergine - we have many names for the things we love - will always be my favorite vegetable, favorite anything really. So yes PLEASE do a video or add this recipe to your new e-book. I'm excited!!
Robin Phillips (4 months ago)
What is a...quasyette? Pardon my spelling.
Francesca Donati (4 months ago)
I'm also farmers markets addicted!!!
Monalisa Brown (4 months ago)
Great video
Stéfi belle (4 months ago)
My favourite city :)
Ther Mac (4 months ago)
2:19 I could listen to that guy play all day😍 Lovely video as always
Hilo Palin (4 months ago)
I'm not sure if you've answered this before, but I'm just wondering: why don't you identify as being vegan? No hate at all, just something I've been wondering about since coming across your channel
Hilo Palin (4 months ago)
She used to identify as being vegan while sticking to a whole foods plant based diet, so something may have changed.
Farhana Chowdhury (4 months ago)
Hilo Palin as far as I can tell its because there are different types of vegan - plant based is one. Some people are vegan and still have processed foods or faux meat, plant based vegans stick to wholesome food 😊
lou71ify (4 months ago)
Looks amazing Tish. Need that recipe!! Thanks so much for sharing your talent and beautiful spirit.
Sonia Huggins (4 months ago)
Maz Dela Cerna (4 months ago)
Omg im lying in bed and this made me hungry! Great vlog!
DD Dennis (4 months ago)
Thanks for touching on the subject of soaking. I’ve been soaking my nuts, seeds and beans since last year when I learned about phytic acid while trying to remineralize my teeth. Great video.
Do you buy the music in your videos?
Tish Wonders (4 months ago)
No I don't
presidentiallsuite (4 months ago)
Keep up the good Work! https://youtu.be/WpTjFhA09kQ
Anja (4 months ago)
Tish! I’m going go Lisbon and Porto in August and wondered if you have any other recommendations for healthy eating spots or health food stores! doesn’t have to be super clean, but I have a severe wheat sensitivity and I need places who have wheat free bread, pasta, etc. 🙊 doesn’t have to be gluten free, I love all them grains like spelt and barley ❤️ I’m going with my family and want to explore a lot, so I don’t think I’ll get a lot of chance to cook in our airbnb, but I do love exploring local health food stores and picking up some kombucha and snacks 🐰 thank you!
Tish Wonders (4 months ago)
I'm not too informed about places to eat out I just ate at local restaurants tbh I had a lot of bread. If you're in search of PB options its probs best to google.
Let´s see you mum :D
Zakarriyah Burns (5 months ago)
Tish Wonders I began thinking, You are eating fully and effective. I wonder- do You note whether you are gaining weight; I want to hear more with the science of mineral nutrients, or what mass the vegetation does not have. I believe your recipes allow for eating giant and I am exciting. Perhaps you will express what portions act well with water and which are best with coffee or the other which is best with wine and juice. I love your works because the vegetation is almost complete for every meal though I enjoy fish, pork and chicken. Hallo.
Eliana Munguambe (5 months ago)
Muito interessante. Tenha um bom dia!
A Diamond In The Raw (5 months ago)
You make plant-based eating look so good!
Mark Taylor (5 months ago)
That song is fire 👍🏾
Kyle Pettaway (5 months ago)
She does it again! #RealAngels
Eddie Manni (5 months ago)
Tisha will you marry me!?!
NEXT GEN TV (5 months ago)
Tish ...😍😍😗🤤😗
Deepika Kathrani (5 months ago)
Please can u do more what u eat in a day videos. I know u may feel u do a lot of them but I wish I could see one everyday!
Bonnie (5 months ago)
omg yes please to the aubergine recipe. I have a rosemary plant growing in my courtyard and felt like I could smell the dish from here thanks to a little breeze and a vivid imagination. Hope your fabulous Tish, much love xx
Tish Wonders (4 months ago)
Hey Bonnie!! Was so so yum!! Hope you're well too xx
Ells Future (5 months ago)
Tish! These young women need you over here in the states. Get ready!
Amber D. (4 months ago)
Or why don't we go see her? 🤔 another reason to travel! 🤗
Synchronicitizen (4 months ago)
Ells Future I agree! Please come across the pond!
fire storm (5 months ago)
you are too adorable...great food precious!!
Georgia Balan (5 months ago)
Awww....I was soooo hoping we could get a peak at your mom. We have seen your dad, maybe one day we will see her too. Anyway, you travel so much. What a blessing! Maybe one day you can do a video about how you financially plan and then prepare for such frequent travel, especially as a vegan. I know sometimes you travel alone too. I would love some advice on budget friendly solo travel for single women. Thanks.
Tish Wonders (4 months ago)
Hey sure thats a good video idea!! :)
Tony Toro (5 months ago)
Great video as usual and I know you are definitely a lover of music because your selections are crazy real hip-hop !!! You are one of the people that made me try plant base foods and I have to say it has given me a new outlook on life Peace and Prosperity to you sister
Tish Wonders (4 months ago)
SO much love thank you!!
Sherese Nicole (5 months ago)
love it girl
Margarida Palanca (5 months ago)
Welkom to Portugal and have a nice stay. Your food is deliciuos and so helthy. Thank you 😘😘
Tish Wonders (4 months ago)
andre tulloch (5 months ago)
The amazing tish wonders
kenyetta pope (5 months ago)
I did not know to soak the quinoa
Joanteiro J M (5 months ago)
Love it! And i love Lisbon.
Tish Wonders (4 months ago)
Thanks Joanteiro!!!!
busyrand (5 months ago)
My God! Your pleasant voice and awesome Hip-Hop/R&B Samples [4:25...6:05] make these videos such an unexpected Treat! I appreciate the suggestions on soaking, I'll incorporate the practice.
Tish Wonders (4 months ago)
Thanks for love and watching!!
keva pickens (5 months ago)
Tish, my friend! Very nice!
Tish Wonders (4 months ago)
Hey Keva!!!
Cathy Lynn Pietranton (5 months ago)
We really enjoyed your video thanks for sharing
Marco Fontainhas (5 months ago)
Hey, come to Porto
Tish Wonders (4 months ago)
I'd love to!!!
Ame T. (5 months ago)
Thank you for the tip about soaking our grains and nuts, I need to stop being so lazy and get into that habit. Everything looked so delicious and that amaranth porridge with the granola though 😍😍😍. Would love a recipe for that entire bowl especially the homemade granola. Glad you're enjoying the quality time with your Mom. Safe travels! xo 💜
Tish Wonders (4 months ago)
Hey!!! Will be in my next book :) Many thanks for watching!!
Emo Gin (5 months ago)
What up Gorgeous Genius, your upbeat positivity is Mesmerizing we need more Tishe I this World Salute QUEEN!
P. Lee (5 months ago)
I'm in love with you
M. R. (5 months ago)
P. Lee damn, the thirst....😂
TheJmk1962 (5 months ago)
Is your Mum camera shy? Shame she didn't wave hello. Dinner looked delicious.
JMan007 (5 months ago)
Your such a beautiful person. I love your vlogs! And def make a video on the meal you at for dinner.
Myriad lucentVibes (5 months ago)
Khensu (5 months ago)
Wow, you are truly one of life's treasures. Not only beautiful & can cook but your a food alchemist. You elevated & added reasons to your rhyme, just brilliance in every video.
Tish Wonders (4 months ago)
Lots of love appreciate your kind words!!
RI CULTURE (5 months ago)
Your energy is incredible
ihavenotalent (5 months ago)
Great lookin food as usual! Great music as usual (esp that Phonte and Black Moon). And I heard moms going in on that black pepper. lol
Ladi Olayinka (5 months ago)
I see you, bumpin that new phonte you know you're music 👌!
Tish Wonders (4 months ago)
Quan Maryśe (5 months ago)
Rita Mar (5 months ago)
YASS 🇵🇹🙌🏽
Jayandthejourney (5 months ago)
Hey Tish! The recipes looked amazing as always! Just wanted to know, what is the importance of soaking walnuts and quinoa? I always soak my dried beans and lentils but I eat walnuts without soaking them as a snack and I just rinse quinoa well. Sorry if it's an obvious question x
Jayandthejourney (4 months ago)
Tempress81 Ah thank you so much. Guess I'll be soaking everything then 😊
Tish Wonders (4 months ago)
Exactly what Tempress81 said :)
Tempress81 (5 months ago)
Jayandthejourney nuts have natural enzyme inhibitors that makes digesting difficult for humans and also leaches important nutrients and minerals from the human gut. Soaking them removes the inhibitor and allow for better digestion and assimilation
NicholsKT (5 months ago)
I would also like the answer to this. AND the recipe for the aubergines in this vid and the green soup from your colorful beet root salad vid :)
Feniiix Photography (5 months ago)
Very inspiring videos, made me smile! Your journey shines!
Tish Wonders (4 months ago)
Thanks you so much!!!
Natalie Tamar (5 months ago)
Rainha!!!! It means queen in Portuguese 💖 We love you, Tish! Hope you had a great holiday!!!
Tish Wonders (4 months ago)
I did thank you xx
msg msg (5 months ago)
Ok 😀😀😀😀

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