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I hope you like my recipe for toffee strawberries. Welcome to the SimpleCookingChannel. Things might get pretty simple sometimes but every now & then that's just what a person needs. Get Instant Access to my FREE ebook Right Now Just Visit http://simplecookingclub.com Simple Cooking Channel Merchandise!! http://www.cafepress.com.au/thesimple... Share my channel. http://www.youtube.com/share?u=simple... SUBSCRIBE: http://www.youtube.com/subscription_c... Facebook https://www.facebook.com/pages/The-Si...... Twitter http://twitter.com/#!/SimpleCookingCh Ingredients Half a cup of hot water 1 Cup of caster or white sugar Strawberries Get Instant Access to my FREE ebook Right Now Just Visit http://simplecookingclub.com where you can see our 20 most popular recipes that is sure to impress :D Get Instant Access to my FREE ebook Right Now Just Visit http://simplecookingclub.com where you can see our 20 most popular recipes that is sure to impress :D

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Text Comments (1801)
Squiggle Mouthed (2 months ago)
that crunch tho
Luke Dawson (3 months ago)
Is he Aussie?
Can you use a sugar alternative?..
Sarah Chiaromonte (4 months ago)
It sounded like he was chewing bubble wrap
Shafia Begum (4 months ago)
It's nice and delicious witch is good your cooking are give me some and I want to notice it
iiFatoii i (5 months ago)
Awhh :33
gabrielle (5 months ago)
Ok I know this video is old but I tried making these 3 times! First time they were soft and sticky, second and third time it got hard but turned to sugar. No clear coating. You make this look so easy! UGH!!! 😕
sarah s (6 months ago)
How have I never heard of these? I even went to culinary school...wtf is going on. You are my new favorite youtuber!
Sanah Hussain (11 months ago)
These taste the best
NBA Carl21 (1 year ago)
you were my shit back at 2012
Abbey Kirbypie (1 year ago)
Where do u like keep it over night cuz like I made liek a lot and for some reason all the toffee ness just dripped away And was so disgusting bugs and ants like came and ew
ThatDudeNamedJoel 22 (11 months ago)
lol you dont keep em overnight
Barbara cooper (1 year ago)
Yummmm,, How do I store them,, can I keep them in frig
inluv55 (1 year ago)
Yummmmmm Yummmmmm!!!!! I will Be trying this for a brunch Lunch for my Daughter's Birthday She's going to 😍Luv These
Low_PAWS Productions (1 year ago)
I hate tofee
Kylee Seeley (1 year ago)
Can you use bananas or other fruits?
amberley van volsem (1 year ago)
It sounds like he is braking his teeth when he eats it like if you agree
Ejazz Duz Manga (1 year ago)
:D 🍓 :U
Ejazz Duz Manga (1 year ago)
Keep up the good work!!
Ejazz Duz Manga (1 year ago)
I'm going to try this!!
Eidanor RAJuwangi (1 year ago)
This worked but it's hard to get out of the pan
Angel Mcgee (1 year ago)
what about over night. mine turned out great but during cooling time the begain to sweat. the candy begain to crack. what do I do next time
flower Shear (1 year ago)
can't wait to try this!!!
Camila Urrejola (1 year ago)
Rice (1 year ago)
I made this two separate times: The first and second time the sugar didn't dissolve completely. The firsts time ended up perfect. The second time it crystallized (I think so) and when I bit into it, it was way more crumbly as if you ate plain sugar. I don't know what I did wrong ;-;
Maria Garza (1 year ago)
ty for the tip i see some people strawberries come red so a question be can i add red food color?
ThatDudeNamedJoel 22 (11 months ago)
dont do that, food coloring is unhealthy
Marylove (1 year ago)
Rafiqah Rocks (1 year ago)
I love the recipe very much💕💕💕💕
Katie Duncan (1 year ago)
my sister did this and the sugar slid of the strawberries I think she didn't dry them off tho
Marzia Dorathea (1 year ago)
can you make these with frozen strawberries??
Emilly Jaramillo (2 years ago)
I love this and everything you make
SimpleCookingChannel (2 years ago)
Thanks :D
Noel Elizabeth (2 years ago)
Tip: Dont leave the sugar water on for more than 8 minutes. it will burn and taste Terrible *trust me, I know* and use strawberries that are hard at the top, and Do Not cut off the leaves, pull them off so the strawberry can stick on the stick thingy lol.
Farhana Muhammed (4 months ago)
PrincessBella2016 agree
Chrisssy (6 months ago)
Noel Elizabeth wow i didnt know shitballs could talk. Shes giving advice you nutshells accept her help.
beverly crutcher (7 months ago)
Noel Elizabeth you are right tried it both ways and it better not removing the leaves, strawberries better hard and spyrup will burn if you don't know the temperature.
ᴍᴇʟᴏɴ ᴍiʟᴋ (7 months ago)
Noel Elizabeth Hmm the first time I tried this, IL they turned out terrible. Maybe now I can do it right
Noel Elizabeth к
Katrina Jackson (2 years ago)
why is the strawberries a lil bit yellow
Bernadette Michel (2 years ago)
The time they got harvested affects color😃
Anonymous (2 years ago)
Bruce Kersman (2 years ago)
are you a baker by profession??? How ever did you learn to make all these super neat treats ???  You seem to have a passion for treats  and sugar !!
Sakura Vlogs (2 years ago)
I only have brown sugar can that work too?
Radioactive Boss (2 years ago)
Can someone tell me why mine were soooooo chewy
Miss B (2 years ago)
I can eat just about 2dzs all by my self! lol
Bellinda Neira (2 years ago)
Don't the strawberries sweat when heated?
Qourell Chi (2 years ago)
They're not gonna be heated, just dipped in the sugar that'll coat them, so don't worry about it
Noah Siegel (2 years ago)
1:23 that's what she said
Diana George (2 years ago)
Nikki Tutorials (2 years ago)
that toffee sounds painful
SimpleCookingChannel (2 years ago)
+Nikki Tutorials :D
Emilly Jaramillo (2 years ago)
your channel is cool:)
SimpleCookingChannel (2 years ago)
+Juan C. Jaramillo Thanks :D
little sisters (2 years ago)
2:55 lol
SimpleCookingChannel (2 years ago)
+ElishaBluePenguin :D
Humberto Ruiz (2 years ago)
That looks good
SimpleCookingChannel (2 years ago)
+Humberto Ruiz Thanks :D
Roberto Portela (2 years ago)
j a (2 years ago)
stop at 2:55 his eyes turn white
Derya Turan (3 months ago)
Preeti Kaur (5 months ago)
j a he always does that with his eyes Lol!!
My dad grows the carolino reaper chilli
Peyton Nicholson (2 years ago)
+Thuy Trieu Nguyen Hoang no he doesn't.. stop looking for attention XD
Jon Harper (2 years ago)
Diamond MSP xx (2 years ago)
Looks soooo gooood
Diễm Quỳnh (2 years ago)
I just make them. And they taste good but the mess in the pan is so hard to wash. My mom will angry :( somebody help me pls
Andreas Söderström (2 years ago)
+Quỳnh Shawol i know its 2 months later but, if u do this again, just fill the pan with water and boil it, it will come right off or just disolve
_Namjoon _Monnie (2 years ago)
good job dude,you just earned a subscriber.
@tigergirl toffee is a form of candy. bt toffee is something different. this is jst candy. you make candy apples with this
Aiden Smith (2 years ago)
My Dad Grows Chillis... 😈
they are candy strawberries not toffee. toffee is something different unless thats just the language they use.. either way its cool. and even cooler if you ad food coloring
Bernadette Michel (2 years ago)
+andaiye broussard-marion It's called different things in different places😉
This is candy not toffee. You use this candy mixture for candy apples
tigergirl305 (2 years ago)
+andaiye broussard-marion, toffee is candy.
roro sweet Vhh (2 years ago)
TheDerpyMango :3 (2 years ago)
it sounds soooo good :D
SimpleCookingChannel (2 years ago)
+TheDerpyMango :3 Thanks :D
Craniul 236mc (2 years ago)
It's a very good
SimpleCookingChannel (2 years ago)
+Craniul 236mc Thanks :D
Joshua Small (2 years ago)
oooh so shiny. so glossy uuuh so crunchety
SimpleCookingChannel (2 years ago)
+Joshua Small Thanks :D
Kennedi Corns (2 years ago)
SimpleCookingChannel (2 years ago)
+Kennedi Corns :D
Sophia Torres-Sabik (2 years ago)
his reaction when he tries something XD
SimpleCookingChannel (2 years ago)
+Sophie Com :D
tigergirl305 (2 years ago)
Wonderful. I could make about 10 or 12.
Kim Tov (2 years ago)
+Daily Blowouts yes
itsophiaduhh (2 years ago)
+SimpleCookingChannel can u do this with apples?
SimpleCookingChannel (2 years ago)
+tigergirl305 Thanks :D
Random Adventure (2 years ago)
SimpleCookingChannel (2 years ago)
+Random Adventure :D
Anthony Gelima (2 years ago)
You are so plastic your making face when your eating it fills like you're lieing
Harvey Anderson (2 years ago)
aha I am good to bake
Harvey Anderson (2 years ago)
I could make something and you can make it not for children to make a mess I am a cooking boy👍
SimpleCookingChannel (2 years ago)
+Harvey Anderson :D
Stacie (2 years ago)
This looks great
SimpleCookingChannel (2 years ago)
+Stacie D Thanks :D
Shawn Mahon (2 years ago)
SimpleCookingChannel (2 years ago)
+Shawn Mahon Thanks :D
Swarooopa Gudas (2 years ago)
SimpleCookingChannel (2 years ago)
Swarooopa Gudas (2 years ago)
SimpleCookingChannel (2 years ago)
SimpleCookingChannel (2 years ago)
ASHLIE DANIELSON (2 years ago)
I thought tiff was coffee at first XD amazingly amazing ;)
SimpleCookingChannel (2 years ago)
Park Ji Min (2 years ago)
pause at 2:55 lol
Christabel Cheryl (2 years ago)
oh my god the cracks sound make me drooling
SimpleCookingChannel (2 years ago)
+Christabel Cheryl :D
SimpleCookingChannel (2 years ago)
+Christabel Cheryl :D
Paula Mahel (2 years ago)
SimpleCookingChannel (2 years ago)
+Paula Mahel Thanks :D
SimpleCookingChannel (2 years ago)
+Paula Mahel Thanks :D
Tish Lauren (2 years ago)
my name is laniua I love rainbow cakes and cupcakes can you please make me a rainbow cakes for me 😻😻😻
Cutegermansherpherd5 (2 years ago)
Mmmmmmmmmmm!!! Looks so delicious!!😝😆😄😀
ayodeji samuel (2 years ago)
I tried it and it was DELISHIOUS!
lili-mae cookson (2 years ago)
Why don't you just melt the toffee then dip the strawberrys in the melted toffee because that's how I do it and it tastes really good
Soul Mahajan (2 years ago)
My girlfriend loved it! Except she is blaming me for her fat now!
SimpleCookingChannel (2 years ago)
+Soul Mahajan :D
SimpleCookingChannel (2 years ago)
+Soul Mahajan :D
Emma Wilson (2 years ago)
love his recipes they are delicious
SimpleCookingChannel (2 years ago)
+Emma Wilson Thanks :D
ExxoticLegend (2 years ago)
Can you make it with any other fruit
Abigail Ella (2 years ago)
Ya :)
Emma Hopper (2 years ago)
this is awesome !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Kylie Burns (2 years ago)
his reactions so dramatic to make it like its professional made lol
iron_bro_ 10 (2 years ago)
yo. i like this channel cause its nice ajd cheap. and da food is amazing
Irish MINI (2 years ago)
I love it that you eat your creations at the end of each vid. Fantastic! !
Chabria (2 years ago)
you rock at cooking!
Keely Malone (2 years ago)
Does anyone else absolutely love this guys channel but can never watch the videos to the end because of the outrageously noises he makes when he eats what he's made?
Samiya Rahman (2 years ago)
Your Bias Wrecker (2 years ago)
I love this recipe..... but what do you do with the rest of the toffee
Trenton goddard (2 years ago)
the pic on the fridge looks like my younger sister
CairoTanGT (2 years ago)
To me it looks like a 3d picture
SimpleCookingChannel (2 years ago)
+Trenton Goddard :D
FireflyOfTheStuff (2 years ago)
his teeth brake at 2:51
SimpleCookingChannel (2 years ago)
+FireflyOfTheStuff lol :D
Proton Zed (2 years ago)
mind if u tell me how did u make it while its already in the intro?
Pink Watermelon (2 years ago)
Because obviously he records it after he has made it and then adds it in
Pink Watermelon (3 years ago)
I love how simple but tasty your recipes are
aking230 bb2 (3 years ago)
Stop acting at the end
Najey Rifai (3 years ago)
So good that I liked it, un-liked it, then liked it again!
Juvina Mansapit (3 years ago)
That was the best strawberry candy I've ever tasted thanks :D
Apocalyptic Excavator (3 years ago)
Start eating like there's no tommorow :D I'm definately gonna try this with strawberries and with banana slices.
LycheeLovesU (3 years ago)
pause 2:55
LycheeLovesU (3 years ago)
veJ eZaF (3 years ago)
OMG lol
Ultra Gamer (3 years ago)
Fffffffgggggggggyyyfffhhh replaced it with appls it was so cool :d
SimpleCookingChannel (3 years ago)
+Sarah Carley :D :D
Amanda Galusky (3 years ago)
Thank you so much you make me love to cook ;D amd they always tirn out diliishous
SimpleCookingChannel (3 years ago)
+Amanda Galusky Thanks :D
Siti Nuryanah (3 years ago)
I made strawberry tofee but the tofee in the sauce pan dryed out to quickly!!!
Victoria Lee (3 years ago)
Mmm looks so good. Yum
SimpleCookingChannel (3 years ago)
+Victoria Lee Thanks :D

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