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Gordon Ramsay does tandoori halibut

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Gordon Ramsay, star of Hell's Kitchen, demonstrates how to make tandoori-spiced halibut with cucumber and sauteed potatoes.
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Text Comments (333)
yousra hammada (2 years ago)
am i the only one to love him????
Alanviation (2 years ago)
its sooooo sourrrr
Malaika Secret Garden (2 years ago)
beautiful, what side that you use, please advise
unknown (2 years ago)
nice how he starts remember the sugar amount bam
OrpitaBueaty LOL (2 years ago)
You are making it wrong I am from India
Dom Spiegel (2 years ago)
the guy does tandoori halibut without a tandoor
JAGWAH66 (2 years ago)
Nobody has prepared this buffoon's recipe that clicked the "Like" button. Sheep should be on the menu, if anything.
Dom Spiegel (2 years ago)
+JAGWAH66 my thought too
August Ryckman (2 years ago)
00:50 He said knob.
Aman Aman (2 years ago)
Looking very delicious i will try to make
sparrow Helm (2 years ago)
I bet his wife loooooveee him for making all this yummy food for her..my goodness..he a pretty great cook but wouldn't want to be caught with him in the kitchen..i am afraid he will slice my head off
Anand Shridhar (2 years ago)
The paste may be tandoori but the cooking style is not sadly. The taste of the tandoor is something else entirely
TheSupradvr (2 years ago)
That looks so good
Give it to her in bed....Breakfast!!
Dave (2 years ago)
holy fuck, is it possible to zoom so far into the pan that it comes flying at my face through the fucking computer screen, cause that's what it felt like was about to happen watching this video
Halcyon Halcyon (2 years ago)
"Antony Worall Thompson size nob." SHOTS FIRED. LOL
Danielle Ballard (2 years ago)
For ingredients and amounts all you have to do is google it I have found almost every recipe!
a what size knob of ginger? I'm pretty sure he said someones name...
Orlando Rodriguez (2 years ago)
+aj weiss lmao thank you for this clarification. Gordon is legend.
+GRAFq ooh :O shots fired by Ramsay
GRAFq (2 years ago)
+aj weiss Haha, nah, he just said that the amount of ginger you take should be as small as Mr. Thompsons dick :p
+GRAFq ooh so he was calling him a dick? xD
GRAFq (2 years ago)
+aj weiss Well, i wrote it wrong - it's "nob" instead of "knob" - a british slang word for penis.
gurgy3 (2 years ago)
directed by drunk michael bay
Mr Sir (2 years ago)
fucking awesome
YO NErd (2 years ago)
hoe ass nigga
MultiDEVILMAYCRY123 (2 years ago)
hey look a wild nigga ima catch you with a pokeball
Merline Vecunday (2 years ago)
tv wc
heidbrain (2 years ago)
my eyes are hurting and I have a headache. what's with all the close-up shit???
MultiDEVILMAYCRY123 (2 years ago)
the director probabably drunk
susheel sundar (2 years ago)
So fast, So amazing.
john Iker (2 years ago)
Is he trying to act like his on crack or is it just the camera because shit this is worse than being drunk.
Schizo Agnostic (2 years ago)
Indian curry is the best flavor contribution to the whole of food, i guess.. I strongly suggest evryone to find oneself a proper indian resto, to try it out., or even better, try cooking it yourself ! thousands of years of experience and culture, gave rise to that complexly intense blend of aroma ; not givin it a try, would b an insult to your own food-lover journey.
AXMilek (2 years ago)
Oh yeah?  I've been told I make a mean PBJ sandwich. Fight me Gordan Ramsey m8
Joseph Huynh (3 years ago)
Vikas Sheth (3 years ago)
He has missed out a very important part of any cookery show...the INGREDIENTS AND IT'S AMOUNTS!!!!!!! It's like he is making a video résumé! LOL!!!
rikilii (2 years ago)
+Vikas Sheth Buy his cookbook. Don't be such a cheap bastard.
D.M. Parks (2 years ago)
+Vikas Sheth Cooking is an art not a science follow your instincts... Baking however is kind of a science.
Eli Luong (3 years ago)
Isn't touching the fish out of the pan really hot?
Jaime Cohen (3 years ago)
+Eli Luong Meh, the top of a fish coming out of a pan is one of the less hot things you have to touch as a chef in a kitchen. Sometimes the doors of ovens can get hot enough to burn your skin if you're not fast. Like you said though, you just build up the callouss' over time.
Eli Luong (3 years ago)
must have fingers of steel
John Martinez (3 years ago)
Things that come out of hot pans tend to be hot, yes.
Katteroptics (3 years ago)
your mother on a piece of brown toast and butter. DONE!
SirLockInBottom (3 years ago)
I know the quantities after watching the size. x3
f0reverdirt (3 years ago)
As much as I like Gordon, I hate his cooking vids because he never tells you the quantities, ratios etc..
John Martinez (3 years ago)
He's a fucking Michelin star chef; no real cook follows recipes, and his vids give more than enough inspiration to follow a dish. All the great chefs will tell you that even if they give you a recipe to the T you will NEVER make their dish, it will always be your own. Keep practicing and learning until you understand this principle, or perhaps you're better off watching Martha Stewart vids.
4otherreasons (3 years ago)
+Jon Hall Same here, and it's usually when I try to follow recipes that I fuck up for some inexplicable reason... I am probably just shit at following instructions. But If I see something once more often than not I will be able to remake it no question.
Patrick Felix (3 years ago)
Yea me too. Tasting is better. So u can adjust it on how u want it.
Jon Hall (3 years ago)
You can probably estimate by the video. However as an italian, I never measure out quantities it's all by taste and intuition. Usually it's successful. 
Patrick Felix (3 years ago)
I think it's because we need to buy his books i guess.
Aziz Magsi (3 years ago)
its not tandori stuffed food Come on Ram's Get some Briton Food to cook , its Asian People work , perhaps get some lessons , 
riddlekillerkiller (3 years ago)
i feel like im watching the introduction of power puff girls... it was really cool. 
Joe Dias (3 years ago)
this camera work gives me a headache 
M Wt. (3 years ago)
So many butthurt fucking Indians here.
Brittany Boyd (2 years ago)
+susheel sundar I
Stone Mug (2 years ago)
+Bob Bobby Its a matter of a coal barbecue vs a pan. One adds an additional flavor on top of the original spices. This however only uses the spices. I dont really care what you call it because the word tandoori gets across the idea well enough. Then again you could just say indian style halibut. But bob... If you cant cook for your life and someone gives you terrible tasting food. You cant cook better anyways isn't an argument towards that food tasting good...
susheel sundar (2 years ago)
+Amala Joshi heating medium could be anything as long as you achieve what you are looking for, but baking is a totally different thing, top hotels in India use tandoori machinery for Tandoori full broiled chickens...why not clay oven? its just a medium at the end of the day and by being Indians we should rejoice the fact that rest of the world is enjoying our dishes, in their own way of course.
Amala Joshi (3 years ago)
Thats coz this is the equivalent of trying to bake a cake in a frying pan. Tandoor = clay over Pan =/= clay oven
TheWalf999 (3 years ago)
Does eating this kind of food makes you full? It looks soooo delicious and tasty.
Jaime Cohen (3 years ago)
+TheWalf999 No, actually. Really delicious food has been known to simply vanish upon consumption.
JOEL A.K (4 years ago)
FRIED FISH..... way away from tadoori... 
Walwalkn Wewnrkl (4 years ago)
why do I watch this? I'm sooooooooo hungry!
Christopher Hsieh (4 years ago)
I love his cooking but this is not what one would call tandoori style. Tandoor is the clay oven in which tandoori style foods are cooked in. What he did here is pan fried indian spiced halibut. And there is a HUGE difference between a pan fried dish and a charcoal oven cooked dish tastes like. Also, the amount of spice used is way too much for a tandoor (for a pan fried dish this is alright because the oil pulls the spice away). So those of you who intend to grill this fish, do what gordon did but with less paprike/chilli powder and for sure less salt.
Chase Fabling (4 years ago)
Music Lyrics (4 years ago)
You cook fast!
jammin6816 (4 years ago)
Peseta mortar on order immediately. Thanks GR!
Steven Schaefer (4 years ago)
For me personally... Tried to watch this whole series and made it 2 videos in. I feel like I'm strapped to a chair with my eyes forced open beside Malcolm McDowell... I normally don't care about film techniques when watching educational pieces on Youtube, but the editing is so fast paced and chaotic that it's distracting and exhausting... I feel violated, like I just got raped vicariously through some college kid's demo reel :'(
naman wadhwa (4 years ago)
I am hungry now!!!!!
nad peggy (4 years ago)
Bonjour Merci pour cette bonne recette très astucieuse!!çà l air bon!
gostrobo100 (4 years ago)
Hi chef Ramsay I just wanted to say you are my biggest inspiration. I attempted this fish and my family loved it, I cooked the fish perfectly and the sauce was outstanding. Thank you, Brandon Coltune
asaad bhimani (4 years ago)
this is indian food which is intended to be spicy
iSim0641 (3 years ago)
+Mary Cohen Wow that was uncalled for. I ate some amazing sichuan food that wasn't cat or dog. Keep your mind open. I have no idea why you call him sick fuck. Don't be one of those agressive internet warriors. 
Mary Cohen (3 years ago)
Why not ? Indian food is delicious. Better than your Chinese food cuz we nvr know if we're eating cats n dogs you sick fucks.
iSim0641 (3 years ago)
+loung tran Why? You don't like spicy or just picky eater?
kam shaft (4 years ago)
i can never eat anything from india except for this dish depending who makes it
Ungoogleable o_O (4 years ago)
Depends on where in India.
asaad bhimani (4 years ago)
messed up with the sugar
tdot (4 years ago)
he makes cooking fish sexy!
deebadubbie (4 years ago)
EL-Sid C (4 years ago)
Can they make this any bloody faster?
Nancy Rahif (4 years ago)
Why is he always in a hurry?? He makes me kinda stressed out!
ProfessorFatMan (4 years ago)
+Azim Ali The editing makes gordon look faster but if you play the video in real time he is as quick as the first video portrays him.
Nancy Rahif (4 years ago)
+Azim Ali alright, alright... Relax :D
Azim Ali (4 years ago)
Let me repeat myself, "It's NOT HIM.. It's the crazy, epileptic editing."
xTheNameisEthan (4 years ago)
well when youre a chef in a restaurant you can never take your time and since hes been a chef his whole llife hes probably just used to doing things quickly
Azim Ali (4 years ago)
It's not him. It's the crazy, epileptic editing.
Angeloftruth (4 years ago)
This guy may be an asshole but he's still an awesome cook!
rsl yntt (4 years ago)
Thats not a perfect raita, you fuckard!
Dylan Chacon (4 years ago)
genius with the cucumber to have the cool contrast of the spiced hallibut
Johnny Blaze (4 years ago)
Man, does he make everything from scratch. That's a lot of ingredients.
vulture216 (4 years ago)
I nearly drooled on my laptop when the fish was done lol.
koshhe (4 years ago)
PaulOrientedotcom (4 years ago)
Great looking fish. I like the twist of using the tandori spices to cook the fish in a pan. Tandori is typically cooked in a tandor oven with very high temps. Will have to try this one. Thanks again Gordon!
김수연 (4 years ago)
Juan Gomez (4 years ago)
That looks so damn bomb!!!!!!!
Hesusfkr (4 years ago)
who the fuck is that robot dude in the background, "MINT, CHOP"
Luke Baum (4 years ago)
ROFL best comment I've seen in a long time!!
Casey (4 years ago)
The way he says yogurt turns me on!
NoodlesMcGee (4 years ago)
Dont forget the *Ting* *Ting* at the end.
MrIdontknowanyname (4 years ago)
Bear Grylls would love that fish...
Nongwin (4 years ago)
This video intensified my hunger.
rahooligan (4 years ago)
Oil made from groundnuts. It's a neutral oil so doesn't have as strong a taste as olive for instance. Groundnut, sunflower, coconut or vegetable oils are preferred for Indian food.
GamleErik100 (4 years ago)
He said nob... * Butthead giggle *
breville (4 years ago)
Delicious! Thanks for posting up the video!
menachemdo (4 years ago)
Quantum Aquatic (4 years ago)
I tried this,it was very good.
sebbe239 (4 years ago)
food orgasm!!!!!!!!!
dre2kule (4 years ago)
lol not me man, I let the cereal cover the spoon, then add milk...habit haha
eidolism (4 years ago)
You forgot season. One must always season!
Kopa_Malphas (4 years ago)
Pants, underwear, dick, vagina, thrust, pull out, baste, done
Enchisedmy (4 years ago)
Pablo Parra (4 years ago)
amazing. yet tandoori means in the oven. hello gordon!
Reinhardt Lohengram (4 years ago)
Andrew Brilliant (4 years ago)
horrible camera work
João Pereira (4 years ago)
jojam188 (4 years ago)
Grana Oil, but you can use Sunflower or Olive Oil
DunsparceAndDiglett (4 years ago)
The cucumber. ITS RAW!
Jay P (4 years ago)
Andrew Melzer (4 years ago)
There's a distinct lack of the sauteed potatoes that the "about" promised.
Dennis Wong (4 years ago)
I think he says ground nut oil
Karol Emil Normann (4 years ago)
what kind of oil ...??
Christopher Hémond (4 years ago)
All this in 2 minutes.
Archit Patnaik (4 years ago)
SoldierCyfix (4 years ago)
your using so much oil, the U.S is trying to invade the plate ! that fish is so raw! its still singing "under the sea" !
JayMark2049 (4 years ago)
Munchies! ;)
JayMark2049 (4 years ago)
Munchies! ;)
JayMark2049 (4 years ago)
Munchies! ;)
JayMark2049 (4 years ago)
Munchies! ;)
JayMark2049 (4 years ago)
Munchies! ;)
tatonkaa (4 years ago)
trying to learn how to cook from watching Gordon Ramsay videos is like trying to learn how to play guitar watching Steve Vai videos.
Viet Hoai (4 years ago)
I always find cook videos only when my eyes are hungry.
First Last (4 years ago)
Well, it's not a film.

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