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Sliders 4 Ways

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RECIPE: BBQ CHICKEN SLIDERS Servings: 12 INGREDIENTS 1 12-pack of dinner rolls or Hawaiian sweet rolls 3 cups cooked chicken ⅓ cup BBQ sauce ½ red onion, thinly sliced 6 slices pepper jack cheese ¼ cup parsley, finely chopped 2 tablespoons melted butter PREPARATION 1. Preheat oven to 350°F/175°C. 2. Slice the rolls in half lengthwise. 3. Place the bottom half on a 9x13 baking tray. 4. Spread the chicken evenly on the rolls, followed by the BBQ sauce, red onion, jack cheese, and parsley. 5. Place the remaining half of the rolls on top. 6. Brush with melted butter. 7. Bake for 20 minutes. 8. Slice, then serve! BREAKFAST SLIDERS Servings: 12 INGREDIENTS 1 12-pack of dinner rolls or Hawaiian sweet rolls 9 eggs, scrambled 6 slices ham 6 slices white cheddar 8 strips cooked bacon 3 ounces baby spinach 2 tablespoons melted butter 1 teaspoon black pepper PREPARATION 1. Preheat oven to 350°F/175°C. 2. Slice the rolls in half lengthwise. 3. Place the bottom half on a 9x13 baking tray. 4. Spread the eggs evenly on the rolls, followed by the ham, cheddar, bacon, and spinach. 5. Place the remaining half of the rolls on top. 6. Brush with melted butter and sprinkle the pepper on top. 7. Bake for 20 minutes. 8. Slice, then serve! CHICKEN PARMESAN SLIDERS Servings: 12 INGREDIENTS 1 12-pack of dinner rolls or Hawaiian sweet rolls 3 cups rotisserie chicken ½ cup marinara sauce 8 ounces fresh mozzarella, sliced ¼ cup basil, chopped ½ cup melted butter 3 cloves garlic, finely chopped 2 tablespoons basil, finely chopped 2 tablespoons grated parmesan PREPARATION 1. Preheat oven to 350°F/175°C. 2. Slice the rolls in half lengthwise. 3. Place the bottom half on a 9x13 baking tray. 4. Spread the chicken evenly on the rolls, followed by the marinara, mozzarella, and basil. 5. Place the remaining half of the rolls on top 6. Mix the melted butter with the garlic, parsley, and parmesan. 7. Brush the top of the rolls with the butter mixture. 8. Bake for 20 minutes. 9. Slice, then serve! CHEESEBURGER SLIDERS Servings: 12 INGREDIENTS 2 pounds ground beef 2 teaspoons salt 2 teaspoons pepper 2 teaspoons garlic powder ½ white onion, diced 6 slices cheddar 1 12-pack of dinner rolls or Hawaiian sweet rolls 2 tablespoons melted butter 1 tablespoon sesame seeds PREPARATION 1. Preheat oven to 350°F/175°C. 2. Combine the beef, salt, pepper, and garlic powder in a 9x13 baking tray, mixing thoroughly and pressing it in a flat, even layer. 3. Bake for 20 minutes. 4. Set aside the cooked beef and drain the liquid. 5. Slice the rolls in half lengthwise. 6. Place the bottom half on the same 9x13 baking tray. 7. Place the cooked beef layer on the rolls, followed by the onions and cheddar. 8. Place the remaining half of the rolls on top 9. Brush the top of the rolls with the the butter and sprinkle the sesame seeds on top. 10. Bake for 20 minutes. 11. Slice, then serve! Music provided by Warner Chappell Inc. Used with permission
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Text Comments (880)
Violeta Pavez (4 days ago)
Pepe The Frog (14 days ago)
I made the cheeseburger sliders for my family and they said they didn’t like it because it had too much flavor. So if you have boring sack of shit siblings like me then use half the amount of spices and get flavorless bread-rolls to satisfy the dullest of people.
Giovanni Moraes (22 days ago)
Giovanni Moraes (22 days ago)
G-Ma X (25 days ago)
I would try them all 😦😁
Joseplayz (26 days ago)
This was the first video that introduced me to tasty in June 2017
Dawn Finn (29 days ago)
bunlily. (1 month ago)
Just made the chicken parm one and it's actually really good! I did add a few extra ingredients after applying the chicken: some parmesan, parsley, and garlic salt. I also used shredded mozzarella since the store i went to didn't have whole in stock but ya, no difference.
Masuma Chowdhury (1 month ago)
The ham almost looked melted
April Stephenson (1 month ago)
Ground Beef baked for 40 minutes?
Capitalist Anonymous (2 months ago)
Guys I have to agree that all these sliders are Yummy!
Drayghon (2 months ago)
I am making these tomorrow whoop!
Mohammad M (3 months ago)
Idk why sliders are so delicious I mean all they are is a smaller burger.
LaffyTaffyLover (3 months ago)
Spinach... they killed me with that. I don’t want no dam spinach
sarah alawadh (4 months ago)
Brianna Espinoza (5 months ago)
How do you keep the bread from getting hard in the oven?
Tanya Lake (5 months ago)
Although I've changed my diet, I just gained back the 60 pounds that I've lost over the monrhs. Each, and everyone of them looks so damn good!!!
nightshade1621 (6 months ago)
Making the BBQ sliders now...well, my male servant is 😆 Just kidding sweetie. I love you!😘
sunny B (6 months ago)
Why does everyone gotta comment just to bitch? Don't like it, move on. Don't have anything useful to say for those who want to try it, move on. The very few useful comments are buried behind all the complaining and the bullshit. Pics off already 😡
Michelle Lopez (6 months ago)
I made all but the breakfast slider for New Years Eve, to use up all my leftover Christmas rolls. AMAZING! Thank you Tasty!
Chicken Wings. (6 months ago)
Omg the BBQ chicken one looks amazing 😍
angela mcdonald (6 months ago)
angela mcdonald (6 months ago)
Lourdes 1 Fonseca (8 months ago)
They are crying out for me to come eat them but I can't .
rayane game (8 months ago)
Muito bom para famílias grandes
rayane game (8 months ago)
Muito bom para famílias grande
Shannon Butler (8 months ago)
damn who is this wizard of food? very impressive!!!
hassan mohamed (8 months ago)
You are the best i have ever seen
DarkVoid99 Bronze 4 Life (8 months ago)
Whats the music called in the background lol 😂
Doruk And Ali Studios (8 months ago)
Very god job . You are a master.
Hawwa Nisar (8 months ago)
Lovely. ....super extra cool!
heyits jan05 (8 months ago)
anything veggie?
The Ranter (8 months ago)
Lol SM64 flashback
Shawna Staggenborg (8 months ago)
Way too much pepper in the last one. Omg it was bad.
Alexandra Ennals (8 months ago)
I would eat all
Emma (8 months ago)
I tried the cheeseburger one and it was TO DIE for. The only part I changed is that I skipped the cheddar cheese and replaced it with cooper sharp(since my brother is picky).
Abigail Murphy (9 months ago)
I would eat the breakfast one and the chicken parmesan one
Artur Lopes (9 months ago)
Muito bom!!
Chanelle Patterson (9 months ago)
Ugh, that slab of meat😍😍😍
Anshuman Mohanty (9 months ago)
Uyên Nguyễn (9 months ago)
So Tasty !!!
oficial da zoeira (9 months ago)
Oie amantes de comida kkk
CONWA (9 months ago)
Wait, why did they put mozzarella & no parmesan on a chicken parmesan sandwich? 🤔
Adrenaline Rush (8 months ago)
Connor Griffiths There was parmesan in the garlic butter brushed on the bun.
HollieMae Robinson16 (9 months ago)
I would eat the chesse burger because it looks so good
ItzMehParkJLoyaltsFan (10 months ago)
I would eat the breakfast sliders 🍔.
Stephanie Drake (10 months ago)
a tip for the cheeseburgers. I used an 8x11 inch pan, 1 lb of burger meat and cooked at 350 for 15 minutes. they came out perfect. a piece of parchment paper under the burgers will help when removing them after cooking. I skipped the onions and added bacon instead. personal taste because I don't like onions.
LiL'SNOWCONE KITTY (10 months ago)
Who just says that's my last tasty video for the day and watch 7 more until quickly shutting off ur phone
jessejamespogi (10 months ago)
Sarap grabe !! Sino kaya mga pinoy dito
Platinum World (10 months ago)
my first tasty video ...
Platinum World (10 months ago)
ive made all of them, but the chicken parm one is suprisingly sweet.
Nina Cubana (10 months ago)
Where do you find that bread ?
Prashant Singh (10 months ago)
I don't like beef
Danny Noonan (10 months ago)
Hold the onions, please!
fast videos. (10 months ago)
N.3 and n.4😍
jessica galarza (10 months ago)
Muy bien video
Nat (10 months ago)
Made the chicken parmesan! Whole family loved it!!
Pattie McMahon (10 months ago)
Hey, has anyone ever made these and then frozen them? Then heated up later? how did it work out?
Kristal Valenzuela (10 months ago)
Oh god I'd eat everything in one bite🤤
Leoni Rushton (10 months ago)
I made the cheeseburger one for my mum and dad, it was the first meal I cooked for them 😊
Abdiaziz Ibrahim (10 months ago)
zaina ghreeb (11 months ago)
the second humburger so yukky😷😷😖😵
Christheawesometaco! (11 months ago)
Avant crazyman (11 months ago)
1:17 to 1:50 White castle I know your secret
I M (11 months ago)
The instrumental's name is ?
Nafsi 123 (11 months ago)
This video makes me to wan't all the mini burgers !!!!
toyotagamerrice 766 (11 months ago)
This is so tasty
Tricia Alexander (11 months ago)
this was really cool :)
Rachelle Sauve (11 months ago)
Look good and easy today!!!!
Salutations Dun (11 months ago)
The two last, are more of my kind. Sadly, in my country, I don't have dinner rolls :(
Almost every single dinner has cheese and it's just depressing :p
Vero Sanchez (11 months ago)
Que rico todo
Maliah Toure (11 months ago)
This is inspiring me to cook
Perola Kise (11 months ago)
this is my favorite video omg i love this lol
Anushka Artika (1 year ago)
is that Mark Weins saying 'oh yaaasss' in the end?
Claris Yap (1 year ago)
Am I the only one who thought the spread on the third one looked like vomit?
Sori Yazz (1 year ago)
love the ideas and we'll use them for my family
Jahangir Khan (1 year ago)
I'm watching this to get hungry
Taryn RAY (1 year ago)
Aka white castle
Shahrukh Satkut (1 year ago)
instagram pics of vadapav & dabeli
Sofiatocook Stamatis (1 year ago)
Oksana Khoroshun (1 year ago)
My mouth is watering!
Sans The Skeleton (1 year ago)
I wanna get five guys cause they got gooooood burgers
No Ct (1 year ago)
Tasty recipes: add cheese to anything, bite it.. oh yes!
Satoko Chan (1 year ago)
the bread is bad? Coz the white stuff
Hawwa Nisar (1 year ago)
love it!
Michelle Kitten (1 year ago)
making the cheeseburger sliders for dinner right now as we speak 👍👍👍
Love Kadi (1 year ago)
AlwaysPo0pin 😂😂
Zlatomira Zlatkova (1 year ago)
eske tit (1 year ago)
duuuuuude tasty omg i gonna make this i swear
Sony Delon (1 year ago)
Now, straight to the kitchen
Yo MAMA (1 year ago)
i wish my mom maked this
Chantelle Kelzmer (1 year ago)
When I grow up I want to do everything this person did
ana majhoul (1 year ago)
quiche 4ways plz
Trey Smith (1 year ago)
This made my mouth water
cheekybaby (1 year ago)
I would at least toast the dinner rolls first. Nothing gets to me more than soggy bread...YUCK!
Sin Chloe (1 year ago)
you can't watch this without hungry....
Saqib Siddiqui (1 year ago)
i followed this recipe exactly, but the buns got extremely hard after the 20 mins...
Masta Cheifer (1 year ago)
I made the last one today they were great more filling than I thought
Little BlueDragon (1 year ago)
the reason y they're showing same recipes is because it can be a good slider recipe, and it can also be a great game day recipe
mousumi adhikary (1 year ago)
make how to make chicken salad
Sk ole (1 year ago)
make more slider videos!!!!

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