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Welcome to the SimpleCookingChannel. Things might get pretty simple sometimes but sometimes that's just what a person needs. I hope you like my recipe for dairy free whipped cream. SUBSCRIBE: http://www.youtube.com/subscription_center?add_user=simplecookingchannel FACEBOOK https://www.facebook.com/pages/The-Simple-Cooking-Channel/205871066123327?sk=... TWITTER http://twitter.com/#!/SimpleCookingCh Simple Cooking Channel Merchandise!! http://www.cafepress.com.au/thesimplecookingchannelonlinestore Share my channel. http://www.youtube.com/share?u=simplecookingchannel Ingredients Coconut milk/cream 1 Tablespoon of vanilla Get Instant Access to my FREE ebook Right Now Just Visit http://simplecookingclub.com where you can see our 20 most popular recipes that is sure to impress :D Get Instant Access to my FREE ebook Right Now Just Visit http://simplecookingclub.com where you can see our 20 most popular recipes that is sure to impress :D
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Text Comments (459)
mrduu (16 days ago)
no sweetener?
Uzoma Ibegbulem (18 days ago)
can i add gelatin to it for keto diet
shanker saxena (23 days ago)
hi, Thank you... Can I add stevia or agave instead of sugar?
Jaya Jambhale (25 days ago)
Thank u so much
Fat anime weeb arian (1 month ago)
423rd comment
Auntie Awakens U (1 month ago)
This family in Los Angeles loves ya!!!🌸💜🌸👏👏👏👏
Jahan Aara (2 months ago)
can i use condensed milk?
Devina Septiana (3 months ago)
how much time do we need to whip the coconut cream until it is perfectly whipped?
Raeinunicorns : (3 months ago)
Thank you so much! I’m allergic to all dairy, all nuts, seafood, pineapple and kiwi fruit.😁
Awie Mulder (4 months ago)
Safari Tom (6 months ago)
does it turn to liquid at room temp?
Sara BunnY M.D. (6 months ago)
love it
Kelly Andrea (6 months ago)
Simple cooking simple cooking CHANUUUULLLLLLL
genie121 (8 months ago)
Mine don't do this. I'm so upset.
Irene Lim (8 months ago)
why is the cream yellowish in colour?
Ali Jahani (8 months ago)
can you show us how to make a gluten-free heavy cream or half and half? especially the one that is made with silken tofu or something?
Mayimnaise (9 months ago)
taste test = cringe
Fatma Hussian (1 year ago)
simple cooking u make coconut milk full tin in frege but u put only 4 table sooon how?
Fatma Hussian (1 year ago)
waoooo v nice u nake so easy simple cooking thanks.♥
Dariana Amaya (1 year ago)
Dariana Amaya (1 year ago)
I didn't get the whipped cream consistency I got jusice
Carla Buccianti (1 year ago)
God bless you and thank you!  You are a wonderful person in my book!!! :)
StarFøx (1 year ago)
This guy is a serial killer
Aleksandra Cvejic (1 year ago)
how long i have to mix with mixer?
FUNNY FUDGE MAN (1 year ago)
Could I then put it in the fridge to let it firm up to use a butter. Normal coconut butter is too gritty for me
Ana Larson (1 year ago)
mine looked nothing like yours, just a bunch nasty freaking lumps running through liquid, oh hell just adding tons of sugar and make idk out of it
Abdi Baba (1 year ago)
which country is this plz
stella Kim (6 months ago)
Abdi Baba au
fatima idris (1 year ago)
can i use icing sugar
DRUMPADS Tutorial (1 year ago)
So you need to pour a coconut milk into a refrigerator for an hour then put vanilla extract (Optional) then mix it with your mixer until it becomes WHIPPED CREAM!
STEPHANIE SCOTT (1 year ago)
how long did you mix mine stays like liquid
Brenda Esquivel (1 year ago)
life saver😂
LottaTroublemaker (1 year ago)
Looks so yummy! i haven't found any plant based substitute for dairy milk in my tea, either they have added a horrible taste I haven't been able to get past or they have made the tea taste watery. I have used extra light milk, which is almost skim, but it has that little amount of fat that makes it taste nice and creamy. Now I sure want to give this a try, since many seem to use this as a creamer to get that round and soft taste to their coffee, maybe it'll work equally well in my tea? Crossing my fingers, put the can in the freezer a few minutes ago, in case that can speed things up, if not, I'll have to wait until tomorrow... Thanks a lot! :)
bloochoo (1 year ago)
didnt know you could whip coconut milk into cream...this is a brilliant idea!!! pavlova has a new hero!
Classic Homemade (1 year ago)
I did. I even tried with one can that had been in the fridge for several days. Thank you, guys! I'll keep on trying.
sexyred A (1 year ago)
cincoideas/Mercedes Planas Diez it needs to be placed in the freezer for about 30 min first it needs to be cold before mixing
SixFootBlue (1 year ago)
Actually looking at the video again, yeah it looks like he cut footage from a dairy whipped cream and pasted it into the video, so the video itself is fake. This method still works though. You can whip coconut cream pretty easily.
SixFootBlue (1 year ago)
+MOTOTREK SOUTH AFRICA No he isn't? This works, I've tried it out myself. If you look up coconut whipped cream recipes on youtube, they all use the same method. Just because it didn't work for you doesn't mean the guy is a fraud.
this guy is a fraud man. the stuff he puts in the bowl to whip is not coconut cream, its actual dairy whipping cream. Same thing with his whipped cream from milk and gelatine.
Muslim4Life84 (1 year ago)
Hanna Offline (1 year ago)
Can u use almond milk
TK94732 (1 year ago)
I'll call it Coconut milk in my area, but "Coconut Cream" won't exist in my area (Macau).
Blue (1 year ago)
Almond milk is very thin, so probably not. This recipe relies on coconut milk with a high fat content.
Illumi Nati (1 year ago)
Will this affect the taste of no bake cheesecakes? Will it taste like coconut?
Blue (1 year ago)
Probably, since it's coconut milk haha. But it should be very subtle, since the cheesecake flavor would be a lot more prominent.
Gaurav Nag (1 year ago)
That's Informative Video, Thanks.
Amrita Nair (1 year ago)
duhuuuhuuuuude!!!!! thank youuuuuuu
Mahesh Pillai0t (1 year ago)
Diomerys Ramirez (1 year ago)
I think you can make coconut ice cream out of this
kamikay macdonald (1 year ago)
thank youuuuu I can't have milk
Emanuel Rodriguez (1 year ago)
its just wipped cream you old fag
Shayna York (1 year ago)
Will it actually taste like coconut?
Mary White (1 year ago)
Once you sweeten it and put in your vanilla, you won't tast the coconut flavor. The flavor is so mild from the can. I have made sour cream from it, and once it cultured, you would taste the sour flavor more so than the coconut. I hope that helps😁you.
Hummer G (1 year ago)
can this whipped cream be use to make home made ice cream?
Qwerty 101 (1 year ago)
You that recipe where you mix whipped cream and condensed milk to make ice cream? Like that two ingredient ice cream? Just make your own condensed milk form any dairy free milk substitute and whip up some coconut cream, tastes great and works the same.
Mary White (1 year ago)
Yes you can use it for ice cream recipes. Try searching vegan recipes using canned coconut milk. I am not vegan but I cook for one. If you have health problems with dairy, cashew cream can be used in much the same way as dairy cream. I am not vegan but I cook for one and have found some good substitutes for dairy. Just search cashew cream. I hope this helps.😁
Indigo Sunset (1 year ago)
i followed your steps to the T...it didnt work. Reason, its August and the temp is too high. You need to mention that room temperature needs to be cold or cool. Or else it wont turn into a whip. it'll just stay a liquid milk
Banyo (1 year ago)
turn the a/c up and chill your beaters and your bowl beforehand for extra cold.
Indigo Sunset (1 year ago)
+Rosa Solis i did that honey. buts the summer time.
Rosa Solis (1 year ago)
Lol he said put it in the fridge for an hour or two to cool, you need to follow directions.
Ratna Swedin (1 year ago)
you add agrave
Rane dae (1 year ago)
Mine keeps separating into a gloppy gross mess. I don't know if I'm over blending or expecting it to be like dairy whipped cream or what.
Mary White (1 year ago)
You might try another brand. Put it in the refrigerator overnight. Turn it upside down just so you remember where the coconut fat is collecting. The fat will float up. When you take it out of the refrigerator open the bottom which is up since you have turned the can over the night before. Pour out the liquid. The coconut fat will (should) stay at the top because it is cold. Sometimes you may need two cans to collect enough cream to whip. I hope this helps😁
Indigo Sunset (1 year ago)
the temp is too hot. needs to be colder.
Abriana Beatrix Frost (1 year ago)
hi sir, can I use fresh coconut milk?
RheRheSmily (1 year ago)
could I add protin powder to it?
ChrisSquareFan (2 years ago)
How long did it take to whip?
Mina Alhalbouni (2 years ago)
can I use milk instead??
LottaTroublemaker (1 year ago)
No, you can NOT use dairy milk to make whipped cream. It just will not work. Then you have to use dairy whipping cream, that has more fat. But the whole point with this recipe is to offer an alternative for those who do not want to use dairy or cannot use dairy (e.g. They are lactose intolerant, have milk allergy or are vegan or plant based because of ethical or other reasons).
sötpotatis (1 year ago)
This is a cruelty-free recipe. :)
Mennathalia Al lam (2 years ago)
Can I whisk it
Khushbu Sheth (2 years ago)
do you add any sugar? Can you use to decorate cupcake and cakes? How do you stabilize this to use in piping bags? How long does it last?
Daisy R (2 years ago)
I think I might try something a little different by adding my cold evaporated to heavy whipping cream and gelatin to see if I can make a stabilized whipped cream for cake frosting. I'll let you know how it turns out. Thanks for your awesome vids!!
LottaTroublemaker (1 year ago)
How did it turn out? Did you try it?
Xing He (2 years ago)
can we use this for whipping cream?
LottaTroublemaker (1 year ago)
Whipped cream (as in the title of this video) is what you normally make from whipping cream. So when you have made this, you can use it just like you would have used whipped whipping cream! 😁
Jealee Genelaso (2 years ago)
wow,the next cook is flower cake plz
Cute Pony (2 years ago)
I know this video is for dairy FREE whipped cream, but can you do the exact same for normal milk? I did see your video on turning milk to whipped cream, but you added gelatin, which is different.
LottaTroublemaker (1 year ago)
No, you cannot use dairy milk to make whipped cream, then you have to use whipping cream... Or use additives....
Kimberly Allan (2 years ago)
I find the easiest way to separate the liquid and solid is to put the can of coconut milk/cream in the fridge overnight, turn the can upside down, then open it. All the liquid should be at the opened end :)
Shalini Grace (2 years ago)
can I add sugar
Shalini Grace (2 years ago)
+Prasanna Rai ohh...thanks
Sanna S (2 years ago)
Add stevia
Kaylah Foday (2 years ago)
Lovely Groovey (2 years ago)
No sugar needed?
Ashleylam 159gamer (2 years ago)
Do I have to use vanilla?
Abby Williams (2 years ago)
Like can I use a spoon like I am in Jamaica and I am 10 my aunt will never let me use her mixer and I plan to do it when she is goon
Abby Williams (2 years ago)
Can it be made without the electronic mixer
Serina K (2 years ago)
Yes just uses more elbow grease😅
Nadya Bahaj (2 years ago)
What will it taste like, and will it taste well on a chocolate muddy cake?
helia itzmelela (2 years ago)
thank you.
xycnolasco (2 years ago)
I personally hate the coconut flavor. Will my whipped cream or heavy cream havevtgat awful coconut flavor. I'm trying to make a low-calorie creme brulee but it looks like there isn't a non-dairy or lactose-free heavy cream in the market except in Canada called Natrel.
LegoManStudios (2 years ago)
2:08 ' HUH HUH HUH'
Silbiya TV (2 years ago)
can we use this whipped cream for cake frosting?
ItsLeaVlogs & More! (1 month ago)
No cause it can melt
Serina K (2 years ago)
A_A (3 years ago)
How stable is the cream? Does it separate after sometime?
S. Toby-Jeanne Almy (3 years ago)
how about some almond milk? shall we give that a try?
Steven Larson (3 years ago)
I'm pretty sure this man is the Walter White  of the creative kitchen caliber. He makes you a fix on a floss-string and does it well!
soniakolluru (3 years ago)
No sugar?
Ariana Sanchez (3 years ago)
Question: Can you use almond-milk?
Fawn Kongsiri (3 years ago)
that looks so yummy 😍
Jan Cramer (3 years ago)
B Rob (3 years ago)
Here in the US, they have Cool Whip, a horrendous attempt at non-dairy whipped cream.  I am glad I found this and llook foward to trying it.
Jessica Rowley (3 years ago)
Jessica Rowley (3 years ago)
My name is jessica I live in the England In Bristol
Yen Nguyen (3 years ago)
I never knew you can do this! Thanks!! Gonna make this as a topping for pumpkin pie for Thanksgiving. :)
Dwayne Wladyka (3 years ago)
That looks awesome. Much healthier than commercial non-dairy whipped topping.
KimMatsu (3 years ago)
I look at the food on the screen..and i just want to grab it  Add Toppings and eat it  Lol
Serena H (3 years ago)
Sounded like your daughter was craving some of that dairy-free whipped cream lol I hope she got a taste too ;)
Joy Hodges (3 years ago)
you're amazing!  LOVE this!  hubby and i both can't do regular cream. thank you so much!
Ramia Swint (3 years ago)
Im sorry l mean nutella ice cream and cupcakes
Ramia Swint (3 years ago)
Ramia Swint (3 years ago)
Could you maybe do a nutella mug cake @simplecookingchannel
kleethaj (3 years ago)
You should have called this 2 ingredient whipped cream but Awsome dude!
Shuggaqube (3 years ago)
Awww, Ayla is cooing..she wants her bit of whipped cream :)
Aimee's epic (3 years ago)
I'm the 1k liker whoooooooo
Nagwa Rabie (3 years ago)
Why you aren't fat ?it looks delicious thank you
Himakshi Shukla (3 years ago)
thankxx  alot :) awsum
baghdadi asmaa (3 years ago)
Tyrone Nicholson (3 years ago)
Thank you so much I have been wanting this for some time now. I was told that you could do the same with with half and half but it didn't workout so well. Also this is a lot easier to do so I will do this instead.   Thank you Thank you
Cool Mango (3 years ago)
Thank you for making this video
Adam Wilson (3 years ago)
awesome idea
Cheryl K (3 years ago)
I bet this tastes great!
Valintime21 (3 years ago)
Did your little girl come In at the end?
Liz Bakhnov (3 years ago)
I never knew you could do that, that's so cool!!!

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