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Chilli Chana Recipe - Restaurant Style Crunchy Chickpeas - CookingShooking

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In this video, we will make Chana Chilli which is a very popular Indian Appetizer with influences from Indo-Chinese Cuisine. This Restaurant Style recipe is something different, extremely crunchy with a wow taste factor. Try it out and share your experience :) More Manchurian & Chilli Recipes - Ingredients: Chole / Chickpeas / Kabuli Chana - 1 cup raw, soaked, boiled with salt Corn Flour - ¾ to 1 cup Water - to coat Oil - to deep fry Oil - 1 tbsp Garlic - 3-4 tbsp finely chopped Onion - 1 finely chopped Green Chilli - 3 Capsicum - ¼ cup Sriracha / Chili Sauce - 3 tbsp Soya Sauce - 1 tbsp Ketchup - 1 tbsp Vinegar - 1 tsp Salt - as per taste Black pepper - as per taste Sugar - ½ tsp Greens of Spring Onion Website: http://www.cookingshooking.com | http://www.cookingshooking.in Fb: http://www.fb.com/cookingshooking Blog: http://www.cooknshook.blogspot.com
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Text Comments (533)
Saandhya 1432 (1 hour ago)
Nic bro👌👌👌
Ruru Taj (1 hour ago)
1 cup corn flower...isn't it bad for health? I just want to know.
kitchen recipes (2 hours ago)
Good i will try it .
sadia imran (4 hours ago)
Ye rice kis trah k rice k sath serve krty h ya esy e khaty hain
Tooba Syed (9 hours ago)
Definitely going to try it. Mouth water.
s d (1 day ago)
What is the name of the chilli sauce
CoverHaven (1 day ago)
Excellent recipe
nida mujawar (1 day ago)
Rajani Y (1 day ago)
Hello Yamam, This is a lovely recipe. Since this is the healthy variant, I want to know if we can skip the deep fry and instead bake it in oven. If yes, how long should I bake it for. Rajani 😊
CookingShooking (23 hours ago)
yes you can.. 10-12 mins shall be good :) or until crispy
tabassum biban (1 day ago)
I made it today n was really nice
CookingShooking (23 hours ago)
really glad that you liked it
Henrique S (1 day ago)
Is it corn starch that you are using? It is white and usually corn flower is yellow and coarsed. I will cook it this week, your meal looks gorgeous.
Henrique S (22 hours ago)
CookingShooking Thank you very much. ;)
CookingShooking (23 hours ago)
yes its corn starch.. maize flour is yellow in colour
Majid Mansuri (1 day ago)
are bhayi Hindi bolo
Piyush Rai (2 days ago)
Hindi hindi hindi
firdaus chaudhary (2 days ago)
Rabindra Shakya (2 days ago)
So Nice One...Recipe Thank you so much...
toshiyuki suzuki (2 days ago)
Do you leave the skins of the chickpeas?
toshiyuki suzuki (1 day ago)
CookingShooking Thank you! This dish packs a lot of protein and FIBER!
CookingShooking (2 days ago)
its with skin
himanshi rai (2 days ago)
Hi I did try this last evening....with the same process....but my chana wasn't dat crunchy as urs :(
himanshi rai (1 day ago)
Infact today I tried 3 more recipes...maggie pakoda, Crispy corn n aloo tikki
himanshi rai (1 day ago)
CookingShooking yes!!! Twice as u said :)
CookingShooking (2 days ago)
did you coat with corn flour
Nivesh Kakkar (2 days ago)
U have a missing lower tooth????
Lulu Roberts (2 days ago)
Mouth watering. Got to try it.
Manisha Rajput (2 days ago)
You should go mastersaf India yaman
Manisha Rajput (2 days ago)
Wooo nice recipe yaman
majda vojnikovic (2 days ago)
This looks delicious, but is that really corn flour? It doesn't look like it. It looks like corn starch, and it mixes with water like corn starch. What is it? I don't want to try this recipe and then discover i used wrong ingredients...
majda vojnikovic (1 day ago)
CookingShooking thanks!
CookingShooking (2 days ago)
its corn starch. The one which you presume to be corn flour is maize flour :)
Hamees Sayed (3 days ago)
It was a disaster
Aqsa Pathan (3 days ago)
Waooo so yummy 😍😍
Hhh Hjj (3 days ago)
Melissa A (3 days ago)
Can u do this with tinned Chana?
CookingShooking (1 day ago)
Prajakta Jadhav (3 days ago)
It's not mix it's stir... Good recipe though!
tabassum biban (3 days ago)
Superb yaar I m going 2 make for this Ramadan
Muskan Lal (4 days ago)
Muskan Lal (4 days ago)
Can we use all purpose flour instead of corn flour
Rachelle Rowland (16 hours ago)
CookingShooking I'm thinking arrowroot powder would also work.
CookingShooking (4 days ago)
no you can do it with rice flour
Radhika Dixit (4 days ago)
Can we use chana dal as a substitute to cornflour?
CookingShooking (4 days ago)
you can use rice flour
Swathi Swathi (4 days ago)
looks so yummy😋😥🍹🍩🍮
RajpootNeha Negi (6 days ago)
Bhargavi Chavda (6 days ago)
Sounds tempting 😋
harshi ahuja (7 days ago)
Yummy recipe ......superb
Richard Robertson (7 days ago)
This is a great recipe and video! Don't say 'isn't it' too much though, sounds weird, but yeah love this recipe
syrene salcedo (7 days ago)
Im hungry
Anirudh Menon (7 days ago)
Rahila Rahila (7 days ago)
Main ne aj ye chana recipe tri ki hy but achi nahi bni :-( kisi ko achi ni lagi :-( :-( r
Ser hindi me ap to sari respe batate h to plzzzz Hindi me bty plzzzz
guhan senthil (8 days ago)
hi done the dish but the chenna didn't come crunchey at last but tastes good
Wills BMW (9 days ago)
Love it..
Halima Ali (9 days ago)
I made this last night, changed up the spices a little and added some grated cheese to the top. Gave it to my parents as a little snack and that loved it! Thank you :)
Niva Pandey (9 days ago)
Please. add some videos which are more healthy and tasty
Divyabharathi (9 days ago)
Great idea
Great some salad recipes involving these gems for weight loss ;)
Naim Faizy (10 days ago)
Wow very nice recipe
Shirin's Cooking (10 days ago)
Nice cooking
navy khasria (10 days ago)
Jinen Gandhi (10 days ago)
I made at home.. Tastes great.. Thanks for Recipe
Shasmita Kindo (11 days ago)
SaiHeel dhingra (11 days ago)
Can we make it without deep frying if yes then it would be more healthy
Deepika Mittal (11 days ago)
sir maine try kiya tha acha bna pr mujhe puchna tha ki chane ki coating ache se kyu nhi hui
Sumathi's Kitchen (11 days ago)
Tempting to do now. Good.
Retro GOD (11 days ago)
Cocking Shocking is Back !!
bushra sayeed (11 days ago)
Milani V (12 days ago)
First.. All your recepies and the way you cook is cool. Second.. tried this one right after watching and came out really good. And now.. you are my cooking guru😋😄
Samita Dutta (12 days ago)
It's looking very delicious I will definitely make it
soniya Das (12 days ago)
Nice sir
Supriya Bhardwaj (12 days ago)
james42619 (12 days ago)
Can i have an appointment to meet you up in person plzzz😢😢
A. B. (12 days ago)
Can I use besan (gram flour)
The A J Show (13 days ago)
Sir har cooking video me ab se recipe ka recaps wala system dalna achha lagega
Gaurang Sharma (13 days ago)
Panner Manchurian banao bhai...
V R SRIVASTAVA (13 days ago)
Mallika Seshadri (13 days ago)
Great recipe.Pl say.... Doesn't it look great and popularity ....Small corrections.
maebil Benhur (13 days ago)
Bas beta talk like human n not like a Robot 😜😜
Santhamma Sadasivan (13 days ago)
happy cooking with you dear,God bless
Santhamma Sadasivan (13 days ago)
very good
Noreengulzar Gulzar (13 days ago)
Thanks sir
Savi4Wonderland (14 days ago)
The sound of the chana scream to me get up and start cooking hehehe, I am going to try this
Hariom Aggarwal (14 days ago)
Tried it and it turned out to be awesome . Only change i did was not adding garlic and instead added 2 onions
Nishu Jain (14 days ago)
It's really yummy......thanks for dis yummy recipe sir..
Omer Baig (14 days ago)
Hey nice recipe Bhai will try this for sure😀😊 and I tried your Gobi 65 recipe it was more easy and it's almost like non veg version The recipe was very tasty 😋 we thoroughly enjoyed it Thank you chef for the tasty easy and awesome recipes .....😊 Blessed to have u in our lives who actually made cooking so fun and easy for us and I mean it tysm 😊😇😇
Shraddha Ranawat (14 days ago)
Mukul Gupta (15 days ago)
Can we replace chana with sweet corn
sindhu Saanvi (15 days ago)
Yaman yaaa it lks yummm goanna try soon may be tmrw
Rajni Saiya (15 days ago)
Excellent dish
Manali Panchmatiya (15 days ago)
Yummy 😋... Plz share receipe of Dabeli
meena sharma (15 days ago)
Is it important to use corn flour please give me the answer fastly
Srividhya N (15 days ago)
Absolutely superb, am gonna try this.
Eshan Halapanavar (15 days ago)
Non veg bana be
Y&S FOOD! (15 days ago)
Awesome video recording! Sitting here at Y&S FOOD! we adore to check out this kind of content. We create Travel & Food films too, throughout the planet, and also we are continually aiming for inspirations and perhaps creative concepts. Thank You.
kusum shrestha (15 days ago)
Richa Tripathi (15 days ago)
Looking sooo yummyy mmmmmm 😋😋😋😋😋
SEEMA SHELAT (15 days ago)
I tried it and it turned out extremely delicious . Thank you for this yummy recipe . More power to you !
dolly jain's creation (15 days ago)
sarika gupta (15 days ago)
Made it.Yummy.
Adinarayana Murthy (15 days ago)
mr.yemen can u try out to make chocochips for me It's actually easy ,if u try it out u can get few more subscriptions.i would like to come them in ur style
prerna raj (15 days ago)
Meghna Kapoor (15 days ago)
Pls tell the recipe of quesadilla 🙏
Patrick Harper (15 days ago)
I had to come back... I made this and it is amazing, thanks!!!
Abhaya Mudholkar (15 days ago)
Aap non-veg nahi banate kya....???? If U do... Then plz share some non-veg recipe..... I hv tried almost every recipe of ur's and believe me my hubby is so much impressed by my cooking... But he is not aware the fact 😆😆😆 ThnkQ....
Fazeela Asif (15 days ago)
Which brand chilli sauce do u use?plz reply
Technical Saksham (15 days ago)
Got the notification now
Richa Mehrotra (16 days ago)
Red chilli sauce ki jagah Schezwan sauce use kar sakte hai
Latha Narasimhan (16 days ago)
god bless you, Yaman. Great job
Cook with us (16 days ago)
Tomato ketchup recipe pls
Ancy Alexander (16 days ago)
Hi Yaman. Can we do the same coating for cauliflower and paneer or do you think it's a bad idea?
Zeena's Kitchen (16 days ago)
Very nice

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