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Galaxy Mirror Glaze Cake: Behind Tasty

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Reserve the One Top: http://bit.ly/2v0iast Check us out on Facebook! - facebook.com/buzzfeedtasty Credits: https://www.buzzfeed.com/bfmp/videos/43071 MUSIC Licensed via Audio Network
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Text Comments (2529)
x Ambre x (3 hours ago)
"have you been to space Rie ? No. I don't think so" help me I'm dying
Tanisha Shetty (10 hours ago)
She should have just lifted the saucepan😂😂😂
The Fish (1 day ago)
Woaaahh I really love seeing this behind tasty videos!
Ankita Kuvalekar (1 day ago)
2.55 is that Adam in the bg?😄
Elise Bollinger (1 day ago)
Alix is my favorite <3
supergirl101 yt (2 days ago)
Oh fuck oh no no no
Catelyn Mae (3 days ago)
did they copy rosana pansino o did she recrete theirs.
Miah De La Torre (3 days ago)
I'll eat the cake for you!!!!!😂
Jordii Resweber (3 days ago)
I like box cake mix
Soffice Criceto (3 days ago)
sorry to break the mood but... rosanna pansino made this dont come at me
Mayar Mohammed (4 days ago)
its perfect but what is the piano song name in the video
Vishnu Chinni (5 days ago)
did u copy off of ro?
Afra’s World (5 days ago)
You tell people that it’s easy and perfect to make these in one try then they open behind tasty and they know everything
Musa Abid (5 days ago)
5:04 best bit
Bitter Apple (5 days ago)
4:25 it doesn’t look galaxy have u been to space no I didn’t think so.. have u not yet
She thicc
Bilge Cengiz (5 days ago)
Is that just me who checks her instagram if she lost weight or not after the vid lol. I have to do that when someone says she is on a diet...
Colleen Keating (6 days ago)
I like her outfit
Ryleigh DeMarse (6 days ago)
Try crum coat then chill
Adelaide A. (6 days ago)
I love these behind tasty videos
Superlightnin (6 days ago)
Alix you are perfect! Why are you so gorgeous and nice?!
nieshawn charles (6 days ago)
She's sooooo funny, encouraging and cute
See this is the problem, when you watch a tasty video it looks easy, then you watch the BTS and realize that it took like 3 days to make it. AND THEY ARE EXPECTING US TO MAKE IT IN ONE GO!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Chef Asbury (7 days ago)
too much gelatin. when you cut into it. the icing was rubbery. Also take it easy on the titanium white.
Sefrioui Amine (7 days ago)
The only reason i think she works at buzzfeed is because she has a hot body and is probably gay too.
Brooklyn's Life (7 days ago)
I thought it was clear
Maddie Breaux (7 days ago)
“I feel like bob Ross right now” lol
For3st Spirit (7 days ago)
*_S l i c c_*
Flaaps (7 days ago)
She is lowkey fired :3
Melody Brown (7 days ago)
She’s a great sport
farzana yussuf (7 days ago)
I love you you're so funny
mlg noscoper (8 days ago)
4:49 her titties xd
Liviu Dan (8 days ago)
this woman was about to lose her job...
Jack TheMan (8 days ago)
She looks like the person who did 100 layers of cum
Divy Ghosh (8 days ago)
Can we just appreciate the fact that alix is actually really really pretty
literally (8 days ago)
Honestly Brenda and Alix are bae
Jade L (8 days ago)
I love how she never gives up no matter what anyone says
Stephannie Surio (9 days ago)
Oh im so proud of you because you never give up!😍😍😍
anthony suddeth (9 days ago)
Thank you for saying that I love Bob Ross so much thank you so much😎👌💕💕
Justin Yummers (10 days ago)
Is she single?
Fortnite Moments (10 days ago)
My name is Alex but her name is Alix
Aiden Arciga (10 days ago)
She’s so funny and determined I would’ve given up the first day lol😂
Kaylin V (11 days ago)
i love alix 😂
Liam Murphy (11 days ago)
Wow she’s fucking annoying
Agust D Slayed Me (11 days ago)
Alix is so cute
edamamely (11 days ago)
*uses store-bought cake mix* "i feel like i keep doing tasty videos that are really intense baking" same gurl same
So clumsy! Alix is really clumsy! Rie is perfectionist
Dennis Ku (11 days ago)
This bitch is fucking annoying ugh
zalika stewart (11 days ago)
Tip crum coat and chill. Then crum coat again
Linaxtic (12 days ago)
I love these behind the scenes videos because, as a fan of Tasty videos, I always feel like "Oh the people making these are experts and it looks so perfect" but seeing them freak out and mess up makes me feel so much better about myself and my lack of culinary skills.
Ray Garcia (12 days ago)
what a babe
Mo 1 (13 days ago)
She's so hot
the selenophiliac (13 days ago)
Alix is the best thing that happened to tasty ♥️
Dianne pearce (13 days ago)
Ur eyes tho 😍
try and try again lol
Laura Pereira (14 days ago)
Alix is a messy queen and we love her!!!!!
Fernanda Ayala (15 days ago)
Butter cream is disgusting :(
Alper Oecal (15 days ago)
2:18 thicc...;)
SSJ Bouncy (15 days ago)
Shes so gorgeous
sarah varghese (15 days ago)
I love love love Alix❤️❤️
Shiromi Karthigesu (15 days ago)
"I'm on a diet so I'm not going to eat this." 😭😭😭😭😭
Cry Baby (16 days ago)
Who hired her??
Alia Benjemen (16 days ago)
I love her 😍
Avani Angara (16 days ago)
She's so pretty😀😀
All types of videos (16 days ago)
They waste alot of food to make one good video.
Imi Garb (16 days ago)
Nice job 😂 imi from Algeria 🇩🇿 I ❤ TASTY
We will Wander (17 days ago)
2:05 omg 😂😂
Pixelated (17 days ago)
Alix is T H I C C
Shaahida Azeeza (17 days ago)
She's really pretty 😂
Bon Jude (17 days ago)
damn Alix..i didn't notice how pretty u r until now...lmao
Carol Dsouza (18 days ago)
Alix is so adorable
Triple7 (18 days ago)
skinny legend trisha paytas
m Jancewicz (18 days ago)
4:10 to 4:35 LMAOOOOO could NOT stop myself laughing omg
Jadewest3331 Cashiers (18 days ago)
Olivia bukowski (19 days ago)
Obviously rié is going to be there 🤣😏😏😉😉🙂😎
Kaitlyn (20 days ago)
Her willpower is so strong.. I would have eaten the whole thing 😂
zahrae jaafari (20 days ago)
it's the most realistic cooking video in youtube
。 。 (20 days ago)
I love you Alix you are so funny 🤣 this is making me laugh so hard
sherifa bel-romdhane (20 days ago)
Your BTS are literally keeping my head high! Whenever I cook something I say to myself "why isn't it as easy as 'tasty' videos!" and hate myself for it... So thank u
NAWW (21 days ago)
Is this a buzzfeed company?
Huzzafa Naveed (21 days ago)
omg she's so pretty lord bless her
Lookesh Kathirmathy (21 days ago)
how do you even go on a diet when you work in Tasty?
Hafsah Ahmed (22 days ago)
I ship Alix and Scott❤
kenchuvich Morcozo (22 days ago)
It looks like a blackhole! 😂😂😂
Pippa H (22 days ago)
Pls make more of these vids alix xx
Demiana Elgendi (23 days ago)
ILikeFoodAndYouDoToo (23 days ago)
Nah, I still want Vaughn’s M O I S T cakes
no (24 days ago)
Is she supposed to be a professional baker/chef because from this and her previous videos she doesn’t really seem like she knows what she is doing :/
Mckynlee Felts (24 days ago)
She should have rubbed butter on the pan
엘라ELLA (24 days ago)
I love that she fails so many times but tries over and over until she succeeds beautifully
alisha Waseem (24 days ago)
"Ohhh Shiny"
Nashelle Here (25 days ago)
What a waste of food
Valkyrie 1220 (25 days ago)
“Have you BEEN to space Rie?”
Anna Newman (25 days ago)
She is just the cutest
Joseph Chitra (25 days ago)
When did she change the spelling of her name????
Mon Key (26 days ago)
What a job, spend four days acting like an idiot laughing over a fucking cake
Conii Duarte (26 days ago)
I just started watching her videos... AND I LOVE HER!!!!
cj williams (26 days ago)
wifey af 😍
Alison Andrew (26 days ago)

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