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Happy Birthday To An Actor Born With The Greatest Porn Name Ever! (Aka Finn Wolfhard)
Happy birthday to my baby Finn! Have a good one! video credit: strangish things Song: Spongebob theme song remix
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What I ate today // Anorexia Recovery
If you have any questions regarding my eat disorder feel free to ask :) I’ve just started recovery a few months ago and I’m so glad I did! Song: eery - Her (Just a little disclaimer I didn’t eat enough the day that I made this video, I was still hungry and definitely needed more food but since I was recording I felt the need to eat less. Everyone eats differently and I eat more food now. I’m not fully weight restored yet, I still need to gain 12 pounds but I’m happy to say that I’m gaining weight!!)
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• Nostalgic audios •
I didn't have time to make an edit today and I won't be uploading anything for the rest of the week, so I decided to post some of my favorite nostalgic/chill audios for you guys! If you guys want a part 2 of this I will be more than gladly to give it to you guys!! - Goal is 5 subscribers by the end of the week!! - I do not own any of these pictures or songs. - QUESTION: Do you guys know an easy way to make a YouTube banner? - If you have any questions feel free to comment them down below! - thank you!! - neli xoxo
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The Walking Dead x Prison Break ~ edit | Believer
Hope you enjoyed! sorry for the bad quality. Riverdale edit coming next! twitter: @lowkey5h thanks - n xx
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Mike & Will | “Crazy Together.” | Stranger Things edit |
I posted this edit on my Instagram too Follow me @wolfhardbean Song: Jocelyn Flores by xxtentacion bte changed my name from “its_neli” to just “its_n” so don’t get confused.
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Madmax | “Dreaming of You.” | Stranger Things edit |
Song: Cuco - Lo Que Siento Edit is 100% made by me I do not own this video clips :) Instagram: @wolfhardbean (just Incase you were wondering why it shows “wolfhardbean” in the beginning) Instagram: @neli_recovers (this is where I used to post my edits now I post my progress in anorexia recovery:) Xx
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I posted this on my twitter so if you've seen this it's mine. - My twitter is @lowkey5h - None of these pictures belong to me. - If you have any questions feel free to comment them down below. - SONG: RUSS - MOONLIGHT IN ATLANTA - Thank you so much for watching!!! - nayeli or neli xoxo
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Lauren edit | I'm sorry
I changed my name to its_neli I used to be Nayeli R. Hope you guys like the change :) I do not own any of these pictures. - This is my first Lauren edit, its trash cause I made it in like 5 minutes soz..... and I also didn't put any borders because I realized in my last two edits that the borders don't look good lol. - Question: How do you guys feel about the girls latest single? "down" I love it tbfh! - If you have any questions feel free to comment them down below!! - Question 2: do you guys know any way I can make my edits better quality?? Ty - Song: IM SORRY - SWELL FT. SHILOH - Thank you all soooo much - neli xoxo
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