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daft Geordie
Wor Cliff gets sent off it. That's what a pint of shandy can do. This was one of those genuine moments when something just hits the right spot.
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Shotokan kata: Nijushiho
Demonstrated by Murakami, 5th August 2006 at the Shotokan Karate International GB, national championships. Kiai are in the correct place prior to uploading.
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Crystal 3D photo
A 3D photo lasered into K9 crystal cuboid by a couple of guys in the Metro Centre, Gateshead.
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kumite demonstration by Murakami sensei
A demonstration of some one-step technigues at the 32nd Shotokan Karate Imternational GB championships 5th August 2006. Performed by Murakami sensei assisted by Pasco Miura, who probably sustained some bruising.
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The wheels on the bus go round
Kieran tries singing that old song.
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Head louse 02
Caught on sellotape and videoed with a QX3 microscope.
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Moorhens fighting
I spotted these two moorhens fighting on a lake at Wallington Hall, Northumberland. One really dominated and kept trying to hold the other under the water by standing on it.
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Gohon kumite for three karateka
I devised this method of training in gohon kumite (5 step sparring) so that an odd no of karateka can train. It also adds another depth to this form of basic training.
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Painful push-ups
Karateka from Karate Shiro Kan, Newcastle upon Tyne, do some very uncomfortable push-ups: on fists (first and second knuckles), 4 fingers, 2 fingers and thumb, first finger and thumb, hand over hand, and spread hands. This conditions the hands and works different muscle groups.
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Head louse 01
Caught on sellotape and videoed using a QX3 microscope.
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Shotokan kata: Unsu
Doug practising Unsu at Karate Shiro Kan, Newcastle upon Tyne. He is a very successful SKIGB kata contestant and I would like to think that I've helped polish his performance.
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Shotokan kata: sochin
Christopher, Nidan (farthest away) and Marcin, 1st kyu (due to take shodan examination in one week's time) practise sochin. Roy Todd
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2nd part of Marcin's fight
Marcin's opponent fouls again making 2 warnings. Marcin is given another wazaari and the match (2 wazaaris egual ippon or one point). Roy Todd
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Is Lucy past it?
Maybe a zimmer frame would make things easier Roy Todd
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Man goes to doctor's
Just a little joke - no rehearsal so a bit naff.
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Marcin fighting for shodan
Marcin and his opponent both score wazaari (half point) but his opponent also receives a warning. Roy Todd
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Marcin's enpi
Marcin in his first competition (32nd Shotokan Karate International GB national championships) drawn against very experienced, Howard Taylor. They had to perform Enpi. Roy Todd
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Lucy breaking barriers
How anyone can cope with that speed I don't know. Roy Todd
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