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Eric Andre:  Dropping Mad Love (The Interview)
Comedian Eric Andre from "Don't Trust The B**** in Apt. 23" and the awesome "Eric Andre Show," stopped by The Daily to school reporter Elizabeth Saab in the fine art of interviewing. The Eric Andre Show airs Sundays at 12:30 am on Adult Swim. Check your sanity at the door and watch it.
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How to dress your age, with Gavin McInnes
Gavin McInnes' new memoir, "How to Piss in Public: From Teenage Rebellion to the Hangover of Adulthood," is filled with colorful stories from the writer/prankster's wilder days. The Daily caught up with the recovering hipster, Vice magazine cofounder and creator of its "Dos and Don'ts" street-style guide at Brooklyn, N.Y.'s trendy vintage clothing store Beacon's Closet for advice on stage-of-life-appropriate looks for men and women. -- Video by Shalini Sharma, Tony Ditata, Chris Guido
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How to Makeover Your Closet on a Budget
The apartment was ideal, with that oh-so-small exception of storage space. But one closet with limited shelving meant a messy mishmash of clothes and shoes for this Manhattan couple. With $200 and some type-A organizational skills, The Daily transformed the confusion into balance. Now, there's enough room for her shoes, her dresses, her belts and, you know, his stuff too. — Video by Beryl Shereshewsky, Jackson Loo and Taysia Scarano
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Hulk's Smashing Special Effects: The Avengers
Full Story at: http://bit.ly/KSavuM He's big, green and chews up scenes in the box-office phenomenon "The Avengers." Find out how the visual effects masters at Industrial Light and Magic helped bring the Hulk to life with this behind the scenes look from The Daily. Also, be sure to check out the behind the scenes of the Avengers: Battle for New York City http://youtu.be/j62PuN_PIaY Story and video by Scott Broock.
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The Tiny House Movement: From Washington State to Washington D.C.
Bigger doesn't always mean better. From Washington state to Washington D.C., the Tiny House Movement is challenging the way we think about modern living, one square foot at a time. -Video by Jackson Loo
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Reflections on the 'House' season finale
As the hit series 'House' draws to an end, The Daily made a 'House'-call to the set to speak with the cast. As Omar Epps, who plays Dr. Eric Foreman, explained, the show's end is "more of a graduation ... We're leaving on a high note."
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In this exclusive behind-the-scenes look at Robert Zemeckis' new film "Flight," find out how the effects wizards at Atomic Fiction created the nail-biting crash sequence. Video by Scott Broock and fxguide.com
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Work Out with Physique 57: Arms
Physique 57 combines cardio with signature ballet moves to lengthen and strengthen muscles for a sculpted body. In Part 2 of our series, Physique's director of training, Alicia Weihl, shows you how to get strong, toned arms just in time for spring. — Video by Elizabeth Saab, Taaq Kirksey and Cat LoBuono
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Duck for the Holidays: Cooking with Chef Abram Bissell of NoMad Restaurant in New York CIty
Chef Abram Bissell of the renowned New York City restaurant NoMad shows us how to make an elegant main dish for the holidays: Duck with Huckleberries and Turnips. ------------------------- DUCK BREAST 4 ea Duck Breast (8oz) 1 tbs salt 4 tbs whole butter Season the duck breasts with salt. Place the duck breast, skin side down, in a cold sauté pan, and place on medium heat. Allow the skin to render until crispy and golden brown. Remove the duck breast from the pan, and add the butter to the rendered duck fat. Return the pan to heat, and return the rendered duck breasts, flesh side down, to the pan. Roast the duck breasts in the hot butter for about 3 minutes. Remove the duck breasts and rest for 10 minutes. HUCKLEBERRIES 1 cup fresh huckleberries 2 tbs whole butter 1 ea lime, zested Heat a sauce pan over medium high heat. When the pan is hot, add the butter and huckleberries. Toss, over high heat, until the huckleberries are warm and a little juice is in the bottom of the pan. Season with lime zest, and keep warm until ready to plate. BUTTER BRAISED TURNIPS 12 ea Baby Turnips ¼ lb Unsalted Butter 1 ea Garlic clove (whole) 2 ea Thyme sprig 2 ea Black Peppercorns Remove the greens and peel the turnips. Bring a pot of water to a boil, season with salt. In a separate pan, sweat the garlic, thyme and peppercorns. Add the turnips and immediately add just enough enough boiling water to cover the turnips. Steam until tender. Trim the greens to half an inch and split half of the turnips. HUCKLEBERRY JUS 1000 g Duck Trim 50 g Butter 1000 g Blueberries 500 g Shallots, sliced 20 each Juniper Berries 1000 g Chicken Jus 1 Thyme Sprig Sear duck trim until golden. Add butter and gently roast blueberries in foamy butter to create slight fond. Deglaze with shallots and add juniper. Add a splash of chicken stock, the thyme sprig and the chicken jus. Simmer to consistency and strain, pushing on the solids to release all jus. Season to taste with lime juice. Break with duck fat. GARNISH 2 ea Glazed Turnip Halves 1 ea Glazed Whole Turnip 50 g Warmed Huckleberries 1 ea Dressed Turnip Green 25 g Huckleberry Jus
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'Hunger Games' Behind the Scenes
Full story: http://bit.ly/H2urJJ An exclusive look at the making of several key 'Hunger Games' scenes. — Video by Scott Broock and FXguide
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BlackRapid's Small Business Success
Seattle photographer Ron Henry turned a bright idea into a multimillion-dollar business by reinventing the humble camera strap. He started his company, BlackRapid, with a $5,000 loan from a friend — and it changed his life forever. — Video by Michael Artsis
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Just Clowning Around with Leon Coffee
It's the official start of Cheyenne Frontier Days. People have been flocking to Cheyenne, Wyo., for "America's Largest Outdoor Rodeo" — known as the "Daddy of 'Em All" — since 1897. One of its main attractions? Entertainment from rodeo clowns like the legendary Leon Coffee. This 57-year-old has been traveling the world for decades, entertaining cowboys and cowgirls young and old. While he may look like just an average rodeo clown in the ring, Coffee puts his life on the line protecting bullfighters as the Barrelman. Though it's a dangerous job, he says he wouldn't have it any other way. -- Video by Elizabeth Saab and Rob Sevilla
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Building Brave: Pixar Tour
Full Story at: http://bit.ly/Nk6qAJ. If you want to see how Pixar made BRAVE, here's your chance. The Daily visited the Pixar Animation Studios to get the inside sccop.
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Ride Along with NYPD's Real Life A-Team
Meet the real-life A-team, a brawny special force at the NYPD's Emergency Service Unit. Whether there's a building collapse, plane crash or mass shooting, the ESU takes the call — and the A-team handles their highest-risk calls. They gave The Daily a rare chance to watch them work. — Video by Shalini Sharma, Erik German, Vivek Kemp, Robert Sevilla, Sal Malguarnera, Charlie Macarone Watch the NYPD's elite rescue squad in action: http://bit.ly/NhudX9 Check out our video with the elite K-9 unit: http://bit.ly/PSi9ZD Or ride along with the NYPD's Air-Water Rescue Unit: http://bit.ly/Ohkvjs
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Wild World of Sports: Harlem Globetrotters
The Daily's Jenn Sterger measures up to "Tiny" — The Harlem Globetrotters' gentle giant — and attempts to master a famous Globetrotters trick. -- Video by Joni Milne and Elyse Kaftan
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Olympics Preview: Brady Ellison, Archer
The Daily's March to the Medal Stand is a five-part series profiling six U.S. Olympic athletes who hope to make their mark in London this summer. The third profile is of 23-year-old Brady Ellison, the No. 1 ranked recurve archer in the world. Produced by Alvin Patrick Video by Ralph Avellino, Robert Sevilla and Greg Brouwer
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Daniel Humm's Family Chicken Soup Recipe
Full recipe: http://bit.ly/x4YSVJ The star chef of New York's Eleven Madison Park shows us how to prepare chicken velouté.
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NYPD's Elite Rescue Squad In Action
This is what it looks like when New York City's top cops prepare for a nightmare scenario, including a major terrorist attack. Read the full story: http://bit.ly/Qmlrcc — Video by Shalini Sharma, Erik German, Ralph Avellino, Vivek Kemp, Jonathan Tortora, Sal Malguarnera, Charlie Macarone and Benjamin Zimbric Check out our video with the elite K-9 unit: http://bit.ly/PSi9ZD Check out the real life A-Team on Day 2 of our story: http://bit.ly/Qb7GsH Or ride along with the NYPD's Air-Water Rescue Unit: http://bit.ly/Ohkvjs
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Work Out with Physique 57: Bottom Line
Physique 57 combines cardio with signature ballet moves to lengthen and strengthen muscles for a sculpted body. In Part 1 of this series, Physique's director of training, Alicia Weihl, shows you how to tighten your bottom just in time for spring. — Video by Elizabeth Saab, Taaq Kirksey, Bernie Jellig and Cat LoBuono
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How to make a Mason Jar Chandelier
Recently, we refinished an old dresser and revamped a plain white rug, but we weren't sure what to tackle next. Then the light came on: a rustic chandelier to provide perfect ambiance for a summer dinner party. Good thing we saved the leftover Mason jars from our pickling video. -- Series by Beryl Shereshewsky and Allegra Scarano; video by Beryl Shereshewsky, Allegra Scarano, Vivek Kemp and Brendon Schulze Tools: Electric drill with a 1½-inch circle drill bit Measuring tape Pencil Wood plank of your choice (stay away from pine; it's very sappy) Mason jars Candles Wood stain Rope Instructions: To make the holes for the Mason jars, drill halfway through, then flip the board over and finish drilling. This will give you an even, clean cut. If you plan to stain the wood like we did, wipe the stain before it dries so it doesn't look blotchy. To hang the chandelier, cut two long pieces of rope and tie an overhand knot on each diagonal end. This forms an "X" at the top from which to hang it. Make sure you position the chandelier in a safe place, away from low-hanging branches.
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Training with NYPD's Canine Cops
We tagged along to train with NYC's emergency response team — now meet the furry canine cops who train with them. — Video by Erik German, Shalini Sharma, Jackson Loo, Vivek Kemp, Jonathan Tortora, Sal Malguarnera, Charlie Macarone and Benjamin Zimbric Ride along with the NYPD's elite rescue squad: http://bit.ly/NhudX9 Watch the real life A-Team in action: http://bit.ly/Qb7GsH Or ride along with the NYPD's Air-Water Rescue Unit: http://bit.ly/Ohkvjs
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Flight of imagination: The next generation of airships
A California company called Aeros is building what it hopes will be the future of flight. This next-generation airship was designed for military use, but the company's also planning a commercial version kitted out like a luxury cruise ship for passengers who want to travel in style.
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#NoFilter with Instagram's Biggest Stars: Alice Gao
We're going behind the lens with Instagram's biggest stars! This week, we talked to photographer Alice Gao (@alice_gao on Instagram). After the video, head over to Instagram — Alice is taking over our feed all weekend at @thedailyphotos! Check out our other videos in the series! Chris Ozer (@chrisozer) http://youtu.be/7mpgAVKdUyI Liz Eswein (@newyorkcity) http://youtu.be/F4CSsPEq6sk Steph Goralnick (@sgoralnick) http://youtu.be/xUzRXHECGIA Don't forget to subscribe to The Daily for other amazing videos!
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Self-defense with Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu legend Renzo Gracie
Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu legend Renzo Gracie has trained some of the world's most celebrated mixed martial artists at his Manhattan studio, and now he's sharing some self-defense tips with The Daily. In this video, the final installment in a four-part series, Renzo demonstrates proper technique for the "Triangle choke" and the "Kimura lock," two submission moves executed from the guard position. — Video by Joni Milne and Rob Sevilla
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Tour the World War II Aviation Museum
Kill Klaers, president and CEO of the National Museum of World War II Aviation, takes The Daily on a tour of the museum's collection, housed in three hangars on a 20acre parcel in Colorado Springs, Colo.
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How to: Make Your Own Succulent Wreath
The arrival of autumn doesn't have to mean the end of all fresh growth for the foreseeable future. As the leaves start to fall, keep some foliage thriving with a homemade succulent wreath. Taysia Scarano, author of the blog Succulents and Saucepans, showed us how to make one that's perfect as a door hanging or centerpiece. And the best part: It requires little care and can live for years. Full instructions here: http://bit.ly/RRM7Sl — Series by Beryl Shereshewsky and Allegra Scarano; video by Beryl Shereshewsky, Allegra Scarano, Robert Sevilla and Brendon Schulze Materials needed: Pair of latex gloves Floral wire Wreath frame Sphagnum moss Floral pins Pencil/pen/screwdriver (something to make a hole for the succulents) Rooting hormone Succulents Instructions: 1. Soak your sphagnum moss in a large bowl. The moss must be completely saturated for 10 minutes. 2. Take moss out and wring out the water. Set aside. (Wear gloves and a face mask when dealing with the moss.) 3. With your floral wire, tie a knot to one end of the wreath frame. 4. Take a handful of moss and stuff it into the frame, forming your desired shape and thickness. 5. Wrap the wire around the moss. This will hold the moss in place. Continue the process, one handful of moss at a time, until the wreath is covered. 6. Organize your succulent cuttings. We organized ours by size and color. 7. To plant the cuttings in the wreath, use a pencil/pen/screwdriver to create a hole in the moss. 8. One cutting at a time, dip the end into the rooting hormone and then stick it in the hole in the wreath. 9. To keep the succulent in place until it roots, secure it with a floral pin. 10. Repeat steps eight and nine until the wreath is complete. 11. Spray or soak in water once every two to three weeks. Do not overwater! If you are unsure, hold the wreath and feel its weight; if it feels very light and dry, it's time to water it. Succulents need about three to four hours of sunlight, either early morning or late afternoon.
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The Daily and fxguide's exclusive look at the visual effects of Dredd 3D. Find out how the real world city of Johannesburgh, South Africa, was turned into the post-apocalyptic wasteland of Mega-City One from Jon Thum, VFX Supervisor, Dredd 3D and Prime Focus World Read more at http://bit.ly/ObPOkk By Scott Broock and Ian Failes, fxguide
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Wine and Cheese (and Knives): A Pairing Guide
Here's a holy trinity for you to consider: wine, cheese and knives. The knowledge of a vintner or sommelier comes with education and experience, but you can carve a perfect wedge and make an expert pairing with our handy guide. What's your favorite wine and cheese pairing? Let us know! Series by Beryl Shereshewsky and Allegra Scarano Video by Beryl Shereshewsky, Allegra Scarano and Jackson Loo
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Inside the Army's 82nd Airborne Division: Parachuting from a C-130 Aircraft
In the second installment of our three-part series, The Daily takes you inside a parachute operation with the Army's 82nd Airborne Division. Practice for taking over an airfield in a combat situation, today's mission includes 240 paratroopers exiting two Air Force C-130 aircraft from 800 feet. -- Video By Devon Puglia
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Inside the Army's 82nd Airborne Division: Hand-to-Hand Combat Training
In part three of The Daily's series inside the Army's 82nd Airborne Division, we take you inside Fort Bragg's Combatives and Advanced Tactics School, where paratroopers are trained for close-range, hand-to-hand combat. -- Video by Devon Puglia
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Cooking with Michael Lomonaco: Skirt Steak Sandwich
SKIRT STEAK SANDWICH WITH CHIMICHURRI SAUCE Serves: 4 -- 6 Ingredients: 2 1/2 lbs. skirt steak 3 tbsp. olive oil Sea salt Black pepper Ciabatta rolls or French bread For chimichurri sauce : 1 cup olive oil ¼ cup white vinegar 1 cup flat leaf parsley 1 small white onion, diced, about ¼ cup 2 cloves fresh garlic, finely chopped ¼ tsp. red chili flakes 1½ tsp. dry oregano Preparation: Combine all the chimichurri ingredients in the bowl of a food processor or blender, process for one minute and set aside. Season the sauce with salt/pepper and taste. The chimichurri may be prepared three days in advance and refrigerates well. Kept refrigerated, it will last for up to a week. Cook the skirt steak: Preheat a grill pan or cast iron skillet over medium heat for a minute before adding one tablespoon of olive oil. Season the skirt steak with kosher salt and sear the first side for two to three minutes before turning to cook the second side. Cook to the desired degree of doneness. Remove and allow to rest. Serve by slicing the skirt steak into thin slices, always cutting the steaks across the grain of the meat for maximum tenderness. Place the sliced steak on a platter and drizzle chimichurri sauce over the top. Serve on a crisp, light bread like ciabatta. http://bit.ly/Qd2HeD
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Cooking with Michael Lomonaco: Cowboy Rib Steak
Full recipe: http://bit.ly/NpbQN6 Chef Michael Lomonaco of Porter House New York shows us how to make an incredible ribeye steak.
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Behind Chronicle's amazing flying scenes
Full story: http://bit.ly/wZ4Kod Watch how the 'Chronicle' effects wizards made their characters take off. —Video by Mike Seymore and Ian Failes, FXguide/Scott Broock
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Creating aerial combat in "Red Tails"
Full story: http://bit.ly/zQLNB7 The cast and crew of George Lucas' war epic about the Tuskegee Airmen, the first African-American fighter pilots of World War 2, tell us how they got the high-flying combat scenes on screen. Check out what the wizards at ILM had to say about creating dogfights for 'Red Tails': http://bit.ly/xh1K39 — Video courtesy of Lucasfilm
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Meyers Leonard preps for the NBA Draft
Read the whole story: http://bit.ly/OAW45Y The Daily tagged along with Meyers Leonard as he prepped for tonight's NBA draft. — Video by Alvin Patrick and Robert Sevilla
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Sleeping on a fortune
Eugene Alletto has built a multi-million-dollar business by making better bedding. His company, Bed Gear, manufactures sheets and pillows made from high-performance materials, including the same kinds of fabrics worn by athletes. -------------------------- Video by Michael Artsis
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Ride Along with NYPD's Air-Sea Rescue Unit
The thrilling and dangerous work of the New York City Police Department's Aviation Unit http://bit.ly/OCpXi7 — Video by Shalini Sharma, Erik German, Jonathan Tortora, Vivek Kemp, Sal Malguarnera, Charlie Macarone Ride along with the NYPD's elite rescue squad: http://bit.ly/NhudX9 Check out our video with the elite K-9 unit: http://bit.ly/PSi9ZD Watch the real life A-Team in action: http://bit.ly/Qb7GsH
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The Impossible Project: Resurrecting Polaroid Film
When Polaroid announced it would no longer be producing film for its revolutionary instant cameras in 2008, enthusiasts and artists around the world were devastated — until The Impossible Project came along. In just a few years, the company has reformulated how to make this magical film and saved the iconic images these cameras produce from extinction. -- Video by Shalini Sharma and Jonathan Tortora
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How to Perform an Ultimate Dresser Makeover
The Daily decided to stop searching for the perfect piece of furniture, and start fixing our ugly-ducklings. With an investment of $200, some fresh paint and a few knobs, we transformed an outdated dresser into a chic buffet, perfect for a bedroom or dining room. —Video by Beryl Shereshewsky, Vivek Kemp and Allegra Scarano
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#NoFilter with Instagram's Biggest Stars: Chris Ozer
We went behind the lens with Instagram's biggest stars! Here are @chrisozers secrets to success. And don't forget to head over to Instagram after you watch our interview — Chris' tips and tricks will be taking over @thedailyphotos all weekend. Name: Chris Ozer Style: Urban Landscapes Instagram: @chrisozer On Instagram Since: December 2011 Followers: 114,000 Resides: Brooklyn, N.Y. Job: Recruiter at NYU Check out our other videos in the series! Steph Goralnick (@sgoralnick) http://youtu.be/xUzRXHECGIA Liz Eswein (@newyorkcity) http://youtu.be/F4CSsPEq6sk Alice Gao (@alicegao) http://youtu.be/OBriB9Y4A8I — Video by Beryl Shereshewsky, Abigail Jones and Vivek Kemp
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The Daily's Justin Rocket Silverman is feeling like he could use a little pick-me up for his face. Ranjana Khan whips him into shape with the ancient healing powers of "Facial Yoga."
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Scary-real fake IDs could fool police
Full story: http://bit.ly/Jxc57C The frighteningly realistic fake drivers' licenses cropping up all over the country aren't just easy to order online and relatively cheap — they're also sophisticated enough to fool scanning equipment in some police cars and might even dupe airport security.
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Military theme park lets you drive a tank, crush cars, and shoot machine guns!
Tanks for sharing! Have your own armored mini-military adventure -- Video and Article by Devon Puglia It's the most fun you can have on twelve wheels. For $950 and up, Kasota, Minnesota-based Drive-a-Tank lets ordinary civilians experience a mini-military adventure, firing off a .30 caliber machine gun, piloting a British-made tank through a muddy obstacle course, and obliterating cars beneath the treads of a "Larry," a 60-ton steel behemoth. But Drive-A-Tank is not the only option for civilians craving a military experience at home. This month, Florida-based Incredible Adventures is offering tourists a four-day simulated counter-terrorism operation in Miami for $3,995 that includes boot camp, martial arts training, and instruction in "a proven method of kidnapping, used on terrorists in the Middle East."
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U.S. Soldiers Train Using Virtual Reality
The U.S. military is rolling out a first-of-its-kind virtual reality system for soldiers, heralding a new era of squad training that will cut costs while molding a modern fighting force. - Video by Devon Puglia
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Work Out with Physique 57: Thighs
Physique 57 combines cardio with signature ballet moves to lengthen and strengthen muscles for a sculpted body. In Part 3 of our series, Physique's director of training, Alicia Weihl, demonstrates techniques that target the thighs to help you get in shape for spring. — Video by Elizabeth Saab, Taaq Kirksey and Cat LoBuono
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Diane Kruger on 'Farewell, My Queen'
Diane Kruger stars in "Farewell, My Queen," a stark look at Marie Antoinette's last three days at Versailles, from the perspective of an adoring but fierce servant. Kruger sat down to discuss the film, her special connection to the ill-fated French monarch, and her acclaimed work with Quentin Tarantino in 2009's "Inglourious Basterds." —Video by Jackson Loo and Devon Puglia, Interview by Claire Howorth
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On the front lines with Navy SEALs
Navy SEALs take on some of the toughest missions in Afghanistan. The Daily got a firsthand look as they helicoptered into a remote village to search for Taliban leaders and weapons. http://bit.ly/Plzucr — Video by Carmen Gentile
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Kate Upton's Strong Suit
Before you eye-groped Kate Upton on the cover of the Sports Illustrated swimsuit issue, you met her here. The Daily caught up with the bombshell blonde last year during a workout. The shy Michigan native was just a few weeks away from making her debut in the highly anticipated magazine, wearing nothing but body paint. — Video by Elizabeth Saab, Jon Tortora and Elyse Kaftan
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Pudsey is the adorable, 15 million dollar dog from the UK. He won "Britain's Got Talent" with a show stopping act, and now he's showing The Daily some of the moves that just might make him the next top dog in Hollywood.
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Ride Along with Daredevil Heliski Pilots
When a world-class skier or snowboarder conquers the most inaccessible mountains on the planet, just getting there is a challenge. That's where heliski pilots come in. These aviators routinely (and safely) drop athletes atop mountains in the most treacherous conditions. The Daily traveled to British Columbia to meet two pilots — Robert Gallagher and Tyhlor Kahret — to find out what it takes. Gallagher and Kahret were also the helicopter crew for Red Bull's "Art of Flight" documentary. — Video by Vivek Kemp and Beryl Shereshewsky
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