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【6 sub special】❤️ 4 of my favourite bookmarks designed ❤️
【6 sub special】 ❤️ This is my first video of that I'm making my bookmark scenes last year December . I love this bookmarks which it was important to me sometimes. ❤️ Thx for watching & I just hope you guys love this Thx 😲😲❤️
😋 Yummy Indian food stall Roti canai, Tosih. Yummy 😋
👋👋 Hey youtubers. Welcome to my 4th channels. This is the place of pacific . Where sells the Indian food stalls which was near my house. I tooled was last week ago. It's was my mother's birthday. This is how he flapped the roti canai dough. Watched closely. 👋👋 Hope you guys enjoyed it. Bye.
❤️ Best drawings of Winx club Musa in Enchantix & Tynix. 07/03/2018 (WED) ❤️
❤️Hey youtubers. ❤️ I don't think I'll recevied this bad comment anymore... I really hate bad comments. Just think before you act. Alright. Get to the drawing board. This is my second video. That I was done it yesterday. So.... This is the drawings of Winx club. I love Musa so much. Cause she's my favorite hero in Winx. This is 2 of her transformations. Here are Tynix & Enchantix. If you're like it, I'll put another drawing video next time . I'm sorry, but the Enchantix wings of Musa's was not match of the hight... I'll do my best. 😂😂 My first drawings of Musa... Hope you guys love it. Thx for watching . ❤️😁😁😂😂
❤️ Black pen drawing collections: Winx club Drawings. ❤️🎨
❤️🎨 Hey youtubers. This is the 3rd video I just made up by today. Here U can see my black pen drawing collection. Hope you all love enjoying this. I have drawn : Flora & Musa in Tynix transformations, sorry, Musa looks nice, but, my Flora's drawings looks ugly... 😂😂 Yeah... And the other one is Musa & Stella's Charmix transformations. I never used Black pen to draw before... I'm afraid that my drawings goes wrong. Haha.... Well, spot any mistake just tell me. I'll do my best. Thx for watching. ❤️🎨