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Julia Michaels - Issues (Cover)
Sorry for quite Low Quality but I hope you like it!
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Rude - Magic cover
Hey, leave requests for what song or what video I should do next in the comments, Thanks!
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Haven Holidays Berwick Vlog Monday
This was pre recorded from last week. Nuff said Created using VideoFX Live: http://VideoFXLive.com/FREE
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State Of Dreaming - Marina And The Diamonds - Cover By Me
Hi guys Kieran here, I know I have not uploaded in about 2 years (i know i didnt notice either) but anyway I just wanted to say Happy 2017 and I hope you all had a great Christmas and a great start of the year 😁 Thanks for watching. Please, Like, Comment and Subscribe if you liked this video and if you did not like this video then dislike this video because its your opinion and thats fine with me, any song requests leave in the comments, also if you read this far comment "Thats not you its your evil twin, I saw on your Instagram!" -Kieran, also if this video is really bad quality I am SoooooooooOoooo sorry!
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Facade Glitchy Livestream
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Facade Live Stream
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Who am I being for Halloween?
Happy Halloween! J (that's a hint)
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Let It Go Frozen Live
Me singing Let It Go Live, I am on holiday Until Friday so I won't be doing any videos sorry, I might video some vlogging
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