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For J.D
Slide it in bitches!
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Meat Puppet - 1997 PC game (Quick play)
A really odd and obscure PC game from 1997 by a small studio that was common on that time called "Kronos Digital Entertainment". I remembered this game from a Demo from PC Zone magazine and also the cover girl Lotos Abstraction (Yes her name). Probably one of those early game that say Fuck and Shit in there, way before Kingpin. Playing the Full Game using a fan patch installer to install the game. The control is horrible and way worse than Crusader No Regrets series. Gonna see if I can be bothered to finish this game ever.... don't hold your breath, as I have short attention span nowadays. Description: "With an enormous, smoking gun at her side, the raven-haired beauty in snug body armor spins on her spiked heel and exits the burning,blood-spattered room, leaving echoes of her light, seductive giggle behind like a parting gift. Meet Lotos Abstraction a beautiful woman with a magnificent gun. They have a working relationship. The rest is slightly more complicated. Beneath the littered streets of Neoteric Los Angeles lurk the cannibalistic elder kin known as the Abominations. Eating the gangrenous, fleshy refuse of Embassy Corpus Delecti, these militant metahumans plot insurrection and are stockpiling armaments and medical supplies to augment their already fearsome preternatural strength. And it is here that they have cornered Lotos, short on ammo, short on temper. Your mission? Find the exit and get out alive. Meat Puppet brings players a sophisticated story with intriguing characters, visually stunning graphics and animation, and an expansive playing universe. If they can handle it, Meat Puppet brings gamers a mega caliber brand of third-person, isometric-view action game combined with obstacle and puzzle solving. The designers created this micromission and engineered it for maximum violence density. All rooms are unique and don't appear anywhere else." http://www.old-games.com/download/8842/meat-puppet
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Fallen Doll Demo
....... no point in telling what this "game is about" check it yourself.
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Kabuki Z
Arcade Nioh http://www.hardcoregaming101.net/kabuki-z/
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Maidens of a Hollow Dream - a weird doujin game
Maiden of a Hollow Dream a pretty weird doujin SHMUP made by the underground doujin artist guy Akiragoya who is probably known for his Yakouga "夜光蛾" series Most of his art has alot of fleshy theme to it or scantily clad females. This is probably his first game fully translated in English as most of his stuff were Japan only sold thru sites like DLsites or in his own homepage. Maidens of a Hollow Dream is a side scrolling bullethell with a ridiculus plot involving with lesbian schoolgirls in little clothing shooting their way against pretty disgusting looking monsters. The Mechanic is a bit fresh in that you get to switch between the two characters, where one has advantage and disadvantage over each other.
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Hanferd back
Reason I been away
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The Regiment
A game made by Kuju and produced by Konami in 2004, featuring the late SAS member John "Mac" McAleese who personally was involved in the famous Operation Nimrod when a group of Iraqi terrorist group took Iranian Embassy as hostages in 1980, before Iran Iraq war started a few month later. The game is a bit hard to play, especially if you plan to get 100% score, as the time limit is rather harsh (which is fair enough as real life Special Forces had to do their mission in pressured time limit) and no mid save feature. Well the game is fun arcadey but at time due to stupid AI with your SAS members that can screw up when you almost finish the mission. What I like about this game charm is that your SAS has a heavy Scottish accent when shouting "X-Ray down!" I play thru with three teams in the Iranian Embassy mission. Trust me it took me many tries to finish it.
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My Sweet Waifu
A dating sim for ronery faggots that claim to have an AI Chatbot you can chat with, but her AI is a bit.... dumb in a way as she only do generic reply. Reminds me alot of these Newgrounds Flash game.
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Kaitei Takara Sagashi 海底宝探
Some black and white Tardcade with tuna diving and treasure hunt
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Gothicc Breaker - Long Play
A rather simplistic Break Out game with cartoony "hot semi naked Goth chicks" in there... and I thought the whole Goth scene already died somewhere in 2002. Well for 2 Euro it just a simple game that you can play once in a while and reward yourself with an unlock gallery... also to get the uncensored girl, you need to edit the file in your AppData location. At the end of the video there is the gallery of the censored version and also trying to get the various cheeky one liners in the menu screen.
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Tasting a nice Max Burgah!
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Ion Maiden - Modern Build Engine game
Ion Maiden use the old ancient Build Engine from Duke Nukem 3D also play like one as well, albeit for a 20 year old engine the game occasionally chug. What is Ion Maiden? Well it actually a prequel to a mediocre twin shooter game called Bombshell that was supposed to be a Duke Nukem spin off game, but as Duke Nukem Forever totally destroyed the series they changed the character into Bombshell, even that game was just "Meh". So they reinvented the game yet again and made it into a tribute Build Engine game. Playing the first level of the game for the first time, so I have a few backtracking and also couldn't find ALL the secret in the first level.
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Strategies of the Warring States 2 - War of the 7 heroes 战国策2七雄之争
Probably unknown strategy game that was never released outside of Asia let alone outside of Taiwan, as this game seems to be for the Chinese speaking market like Hong Kong and Taiwan, made in 2000 from a Taiwanese studio called Gamania (surprisingly still survive to this day). This strategy game is set in China during the Warring State period roughly from 500 bc until 250 bc with the unification of Qin Dynasty. You play one of the 7 major state. In this gameplay, I choose the Qi state. Also the title is actually the name of the book that contain alot of anecdotes during the Warring State period, most of these stories in there is about morality, mind games and human nature than an instruction book about how to wage war. The game play a bit similar to KOEI Romance of the Three Kingdom and Nobunaga Ambition series, except it is not in turn base and instead is on Real Time. Sort of similar to Heart of Iron series. Anyways this game crashed on me as you can see at the end. If you want to play a game set in Warring state, I can recommend a recent one made by Americans called Oriental Empires, which is set in the same period of Warring State.
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Winning back my love
I hope this will win back your heart and not my wallet... JD
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Girls problem
Girls are problem. Eating bag of chips like a man shirtless.
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Merry Xmas
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50 sub Tabasco Challenge!
To celebrate 50 sub, I am giving my long time fans a tabasco challenge... will I succeed or fail? Watch the video! :D
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The power of May to the June baby!
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KingAnacondaHFM outside
I am too damn shy to ask girls out :(
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I got dumped..
Today I got a message from JD telling me that we are totally different people and that her black brother Sharmone is already enough to take care of her. Also he said thanks to the PS4. :(
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Breaded Cheeseclubs
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Big announcement!
Finally bought a PS4 with my welfare money for my lovely dovely J.D and her... umm... brother Sharmone who is black
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The Mission 1937 - Chinese version of Commandos
Found this The Mission 1937 (1937特种兵之敌后武工队), unknown game set in the Second Sino-Japanese War that play similar to Commandos from Pyro Studio. Was made in 1997 from Mainland China, probably to commemorate the war back then. Played it pretty far but when I saved the game and then return later, I notice my save file was gone. So this first Mission is barely finished not to mention no unlock of other Chinese Commandos. The mouse clicking is not as good as Commandos obviously as I need to constantly click in every minute pixel to make it work, not to mention the AI of my character is dumb.
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A real man like cats
Probably I been touching pussy way more than that retard Kingcobra
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Hanferd art corner
How Hanferd make his profile pic. Also testing out OBS Studio as recommended by a friend. Gonna upload some weird obscure game in the future.
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Berzerk Adventure
My berzerk adventure, now I am a Let Player like Pewdie Pie.. so where is my money and hoes?
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Robot Bowl adventure
A realistic Bowling adventure!
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Dorito VS CobraJFS - fan indie game
A game made by my friend in 1 hour based on an infamous person in the Internet.
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Ozma War
SNK first ever game made in 1979
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Joust 2  Survival of the Fittest
Riding flying chicken adventure
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For a friend about Emulator
You know who you are, here is a basic tutorial for beginner how to run an Famicom Emulator, next time will try to tell you how a PS2 work. But if you know the basic like this one, you should be fine with the rest
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Earth 8088 - A homebrew Indie game
An indie rogue type of game I was partially involved in the making. It's the year 8088 and you're a scavenger looking for valuables in the fallout riddled city of Hamilton. Though your not alone. You find yourself battling Mutants, Ghouls, and Rabid Survivors. Can you survive 99 Levels of heart pounding action? Please give some support and play it, would appreciate it Download link http://qb64.thejoyfulprogrammer.com/showthread.php?tid=1307&pid=6743&rndtime=1523115666224080546
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Cho Aniki Zero - a Muscle Adventure 12 inch Longplay
Hanferd having a man to man Muscle adventure with some muscle bros. Play thru as Idaten and Adon. Gonna find a way to unlock the Elephant man
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You are just jealous!
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Bud Spencer & Terence Hill Slap and Beans
A game based Bud and Terence who were prominent European (Italian) actors in alot of buddy movies thru 1970 to 1980, ranging from Spagetti Western like "My name is Trinity" to Cops and Robber, their movies are usually PG comedy action as nobody get killed since Bud and Terence would do a massive brawl, just like in this game. The gameplay is okey, not the greatest Beat Em up I played as it doesn't really have any tactic to it as you get alot of energy refill in form of beans and beer or banana in one level (Banana Joe reference). The plot is nonsensical just like a typical Bud and Terence movie. There are various mini games that can be a bit annoying to play, where all of the levels are based on their movies
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Galactic Merchant 200 - An amature BBS Door Game
A simple old school BBS Door Game made by a friend of mine. The goal is a simple stock market where you sell and buy your stock.
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Hungry Fat Hanford
Eating some Cinnamon buns
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Big announcement to make!
I am so happy right now!
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Hanferd VS Sinistar
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Breeding JD
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