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4 Meals, 4 Ingredients, 4 Dollars - College Cooking (Pt. 1)

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Often the best way to really get into cooking is finding simple and quick recipes that are delicious and fun to make. We have spent years finding the best of the best recipes that we think help anyone out there get excited about cooking. These are no hassle, no recipe, just get some stuff, chop it up, heat it up, mix it around, and enjoy. 0:43 - Instant Gourmet Pasta 2:26 - Egg in a Tortilla 3:35 - Chicken and Veggie Quesadilla 5:57 - Meatball Parm Sandwich Instant Gourmet Pasta Ingredients Pasta Veggies Sauce (I used Alfredo) Parmesan - Boil pasta in salted water for 12 minutes. Cut veggies at 6 Minutes and add into pasta and boil for remaining 6 minutes. Strain. Add back into pot with sauce and cook for 1 minute. Put in a bowl top with parmesan and herbs. Egg in a Tortilla Ingredients Egg Tortilla Cheese Sauce - Bite a hole in your tortilla. Put in a pan with oil and fry both sides till crispy. Crack and egg into the hole, sprinkle with salt and pepper, then flip. Sprinkle cheese and drizzle sauce! Chicken Veggie Quesadilla Ingredients Fresh Veggies Meat (I used chicken) Tortilla Cheese - Cut up fresh veggies, cook and add meat. Remove and add tortilla till crispy. Top with veggies, meat, and cheese, fold over and press. Cook 3-5 minutes till crispy and cut. Meatball Parm Sandwich Ingredients Bread Meatballs Mozzarella Sauce - Heat the meatballs. Slice bread open and add fresh mozzarella followed by meatballs and sauce. If you want to add parmesan on top you can. Close the sandwich and press till toasted. Part one is great, but just wait for part two, a whole new set of recipes coming your way. For more awesome, simple and cheap recipes, unpredictable Brothers Green shenanigans and culinary surprises subscribe by clicking the link above, like this video, and comment with questions, thoughts, and ideas. Website - http://brothersgreen.com/ Youtube - http://www.youtube.com/brothersgreeneats Instagram - http://instagram.com/brothersgreen Twitter - https://twitter.com/BrothersGreenBK Facebook - https://www.facebook.com/BrothersGreenEats music provided by Kevin MacLeod (incompetech.com) songs titles "Cool Vibes" "Smash Sketch" "Tea Roots" "Montego" "Dub Ferel" Licensed under Creative Commons: By Attribution 3.0 http://creativecommons.org/licenses/by/3.0/

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Text Comments (3053)
Jayden King (9 hours ago)
These guys are so damn high the food is great but they are potheads get mad idc it’s true excuse me for being real
HxC_Fragman Hype (18 hours ago)
The parmesan cheese is mroe than 4 dollars itself haha
Brian Pacini (3 days ago)
$1,000,000.00 RERWARD! @ SeekingCredibleInformation.com (one million dollars)
4NDR345 (3 days ago)
Laquisha Thompson (4 days ago)
Love how you guys are so nature
david Krulock (5 days ago)
7:11 when you cum but she keeps on suckin
CYberTiger (6 days ago)
Woo cooking tips from stoners i will forever love this video
A S (7 days ago)
My meals cost £1.50 to £2 per portion. I eat meat, fish, chicken, veg, rice and pasta. My weekly shop comes to about £50 which includes breakfast, lunch and dinner. Maybe I should make a YouTube blog lol
They r stoned af
Nick Diy (10 days ago)
Nancho Party (11 days ago)
Meal 1: 1. Pasta 2. Mushrooms 3. Brussels Sprouts 4. Bell Peppers *5. Alfredo sauce* *6. Parmesan cheese* Meal 3: 1. Flour Tortilla 2. Mushrooms 3. Bell Peppers 4. Chicken *5. Cheese* Meal 4: 1. Bread 2. Meatballs 3. Mozzarella 4. Sauce *5. Parmesan* Someone play the song please.
Seth Dotson (11 days ago)
Bout to try the egg and Tortilla
Spit It Out Fishing (12 days ago)
Taking a fake hit like a 15 year old. Loser
Mister Turk Turkle (13 days ago)
For all the people saying this stuffs not $4.... Theyre not using a whole jar of sauce or a whole brick of cheese. The startup cost is higher than $4 since you cant buy individual tortillas or half a pepper... But what you do use for ONE serving *IS* close to $4
c1catwoman caty (15 days ago)
Cheryl Wootten (21 days ago)
Clever ideas
Erin McNally (22 days ago)
I am so glad I found you guys. I am a single 32 yr who doesn't make a lot of money and your videos are so helpful! Thank you for teaching us how to stretch a dollar and not eat a bunch of garbage. I love you guys keep up the great work!
Brothers Green Eats (21 days ago)
this is why we do what we do, to help those like yourself stretch your bank and eat food that will bring you joy! all the best!
Tabatha Paschen (24 days ago)
Hells yeah
k ml (24 days ago)
I knew there were four meals they wanted to show but I didn’t see that in the beginning, they wrote “uno” so it could be “dos, tres, cuatro”. I only saw dos, and I thought that was one of the guys’ name. Then I saw tres, I read it as Trey so I thought it was the other. But when I saw cuatro ... I realized they were counting basically. Lmao I died
super Jenius11 (27 days ago)
Afro guy be high as the tree he smoking
The Dude (30 days ago)
If you sign the left guitar with both of your signatures on video, I will buy it for $60,000USD
Thaiza Ellis-Vorabouth (1 month ago)
Me wondering who has ingredients or cooking utensils in college
Ray Kicksass (1 month ago)
Your obvi not broke lol
Ray Kicksass (1 month ago)
Not 4$
sunny Ekkelenkamp (1 month ago)
I can smell the weed from here
JINX (1 month ago)
I knew they one of them was stoned during the vid as soon as he said when we were in college high or drunk and I saw smoke I went like they are so stoned rn
leo c (1 month ago)
The egg in the tortilla was not invented by this stoner, my mom use to make those for me when I was little, it’s a normal Mexican breakfast dish, and the quesadillas in the press is also not new
Deadly Wabbit (1 month ago)
These guys are higher than my grades
Deadly Wabbit (1 month ago)
Holy shit...😂😂 These guys are so laid back and FUCKING HIGH
Max Losada (1 month ago)
Stoned af
Jack Avery Burton (1 month ago)
guys. I just got this. the brothers’ GREEN eats.
Raina Baecere (1 month ago)
You guys are Brilliant!!!
Let me Eat cake (1 month ago)
the guy on the left is autistic yeah?
416 takx (1 month ago)
i watched this exact video a couple of years ago, and it inspired me to cook. i ended up really liking it and i cook every day now. Thanks guys
Ian Nicely (1 month ago)
Who the hell has Brussels sprouts “laying around”... lol
C O R N T R O L L I O (1 month ago)
These guys show the difference between indica and sativa
Thot Patrol (1 month ago)
Legendary video
Martini Blank (1 month ago)
"These guys are so stoned" No shit he hit the pipe on camera lol
El3mental (1 month ago)
What type of sauce was on #2
Sharon Moneke (1 month ago)
All those nutrients in the veggies down the drain! #cringe
Sayian man (1 month ago)
Why are all of these "cheap meal" videos like "well if you have 99% of the items it amounts to about 2 dollars so"
Prince Otsutsuki (1 month ago)
4 meals, 4 ingredients, 4 Dollars and the video was made 4 years ago
kirstin laws (1 month ago)
I love it cause u guys a supper stoned 😂😩
Negative One XIII (1 month ago)
Ingredient #5: Afghani Kush
Ze Pijokas (1 month ago)
Don't wanna put my meat in the quesadila
El Driko (1 month ago)
not even in college but this looks guuuud
Ana Moon Star (1 month ago)
You_Can (1 month ago)
Great. Now I want to smoke some weed
Brian (1 month ago)
You guys are horrible at cooking I wouldn’t even call this cooking more like making food poisoning on a playe
Amber Richards (1 month ago)
Potheads I love it
Jay Vert (1 month ago)
I can smell the weed from here
Nikolas caleb (1 month ago)
younger Seth rogen & james Franco
Z. Norton (1 month ago)
You guys crack me up.....good ideas tho.......
Jodi Cox (1 month ago)
Losers. just because you go to college doesn't mean you have to be a burn out. People have been going to college for years, but today's millennial's make it seem like they are suffering.
jpolok J (1 month ago)
Fake stoners.....
Rey Leon (2 months ago)
thought that was Michael Phelps at first
Samuel Krinitsyn (2 months ago)
this video saved my life
daniel ernesto (2 months ago)
If you have really struggled in college unlike these white privileged fucks trying to make money out of college students pain u would know nothing they cooked equals to 4$ except maybe the pasta
Joshua Damm (2 months ago)
U guys are so fucking retarded... Lol
Blu Blu (2 months ago)
Wow one on the left is higher than a kite.
GeekGamer (2 months ago)
guys its kinda sad how their viewers are paying for their weed lol
Hadi Malik (2 months ago)
I wish I saw this back in my college days. Would've survived very well and finessed the bitties for dayzzzz
Mark (2 months ago)
Like dude we're both professional chefs and we still use the Foreman grill lmfao
magicalpony (2 months ago)
i died when they started saying its a sideways taco
matiblack (2 months ago)
the mf on the left is so high bru 😂
A.A Ron Yo man (2 months ago)
Don’t do dugs kids these guys are high as a kite
Ethan Turkey (2 months ago)
Anyone notice to bong going off
dk jk (2 months ago)
Fuckin dirty stonets
David Friedman (2 months ago)
3:42 what kind of hit was that? lol
Aroha Gerrard (2 months ago)
I want what you guys are smoking lol
Jayden Mars (2 months ago)
i knew you guys were high in every single vid i saw
Melody Ybarra (2 months ago)
I like cooking skills but I don’t support drugs sorry not sorry🤷‍♀️
Mr_DankNINJA (2 months ago)
Did anyone else hear cocaine intead of cooking lol I'm werird I think
SLIGHt TONE (2 months ago)
haha this was dope af!!! luved the 🎥 fellaz 🔥
Fadi Haddad (2 months ago)
They high up in the clouds
Joshua Marcano (2 months ago)
These should be called stoned meals
beetlejuice (3 months ago)
This looks so good
MeihanaBee (3 months ago)
bro you're doing that casadewatamala or whatever its called wrong, fold it all and wrap it up in tin foil and then press the shit out of it, viola, no mess on the foreman!
Ava Marshall (3 months ago)
Two years ago, I found out I had to go through some drastic diet changes, and fell in love with your videos.... been making egg in a tortilla ever since. 😊 Even my husband loves it!!
Jaagaachino (3 months ago)
I just really fuck with the vibe of this video honestly
Michael Neal (3 months ago)
Dude this makes me feel better. The few videos I watched with the one on the left he always seemed so fucking high. Now I know.
Jake Thompson (3 months ago)
Bruh the ingredients you speak of is pushing way over 4 dollars...
Alexandro Hutt (3 months ago)
Please God, don't let my kids end up like this.
Edmay Mortem (3 months ago)
are they stoned?
Shea Cahill (3 months ago)
"It's works as a god damn PANINI PRESS!"
S h a w t y (3 months ago)
he looks high af in the intro
ZzBd1n (3 months ago)
high af
Choria Jackson (3 months ago)
I knew these dudes got high....wow.
Aleksander Vaage (3 months ago)
6:10 he so high he cant even talk ahhahahah
Jonathan Chen (3 months ago)
All that smoke lol
D S (3 months ago)
nice im totally like u guys 🤣🤣🤣
Kathymcjj 53 (3 months ago)
Are u stoned u look and sound like it
JT Yearsley (3 months ago)
Put a hot dog in the egg in the tortilla.
I like how the one on the right is trying to give gourmet sounding recipes while the other gives stoner recipes and the guy on the right seems to get pissed off about it.
Mike Martins (3 months ago)
who else watched this high looking forward to an answer but realised you don't have what they have
jackson12016 (3 months ago)
My heroes
iyam spartacus (3 months ago)
So funny!
Frankie O'Connor (3 months ago)
I'm more in the market for 1 dollar meals
Zinzile Ndiweni (3 months ago)
I think they're drug addicts

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