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Alton Brown's Pan-Fried Chicken

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Alton Brown shows you how to make the perfect pan-fried chicken. Buttermilk bathed, golden brown and deliciousmmm, mmm, fry some more, 'cause nobody doesn't love fried chicken. Get the Recipe: http://www.foodnetwork.com/recipes/alton-brown/fried-chicken-recipe.html
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Text Comments (286)
Totemo Oishisou (2 days ago)
Overcooked. Was there not a take 2?
Mike Baxter (6 days ago)
You Suck!
ProfessorLonghair90 (28 days ago)
This works well for wings too!
Victor Garcia (1 month ago)
Liberal seasoning: seasoning that whines and demands things it already has
travis conniff (1 month ago)
So basically pappys seasons haha
1986KillerQueen (1 month ago)
subscribed for Alton!!!!!!!!
scorpion528 (1 month ago)
You can also pull the skin back season then pull the skin back in place. I never season the skin alone, always the meat. if you have ever bitten into a piece of fried chicken and the skin comes off then there's really no flavor left.
kamaka71 (1 month ago)
Alton! Did you eat the wings raw? WWABD
High Street (1 month ago)
Burnt parts doesn't taste good
Carla Harris (1 month ago)
Sounds delicious!
Wayne Swicegood (2 months ago)
Cold fried buzzard is the best. Takes on a completely different flavor.
Mike B (2 months ago)
That's yummy for sure, but compared to grilling or smoking it's really hard to look at all that oil.
jimmy1743 that guy (2 months ago)
Hey look. A piggly wiggly shirt
draggy76 (3 months ago)
If only i had all that fancy temperature shit like he does i wouldn't need to guesstamate.... ah well mine turns out fine either way i do it. normally cook it 20-25mins total so its still good and safe.
Fox D (3 months ago)
Fried chicken is like revenge: A dish best served cold.
Mark Cash (4 months ago)
By definition, isn't all buttermilk "low fat" because the fat has been used to make the butter?
thug chigga (4 months ago)
all I see is an old idubbz lol
Mark wadd (4 months ago)
Alton is a real chef, Gordon ramsay is an arrogant rude shit, he only runs his mouth in front of a TV crew
peter zebot (2 months ago)
All modern tv chefs are shit. Entertaining but shit.
parikshith pradeep (5 months ago)
If Dexter was a chef it would be this guy.
Ken Harris (5 months ago)
I cant pan fry chicken to save my life. I cant get the inside done without burning the outside.
Rickey Moore (6 months ago)
My Grandmother fried in "hawg lard". Best fried chicken you will ever eat. If you don't have lard you can add just a touch of curry to the mix to give it that nutty lard taste. That would be about 1/4 teaspoon. Too much and your kitchen will smell like New Delhi .
Girish Manjunath (3 days ago)
Rickey Moore take it from an Indian, most of New Delhi actually just smells of car exhaust, coal smoke, and hot tar.
the dankest of trash (6 months ago)
this video makes me hungry
Eric Henderson (6 months ago)
I'm so happy with Scripps Network for adding Food Network, Cooking Channel, HGTV, DIY and Travel Channel. They really make people wanna enter that career field.
Heisen berg (6 months ago)
The Walter white of fried chicken
James Davis (6 months ago)
secret for BEST crunchy fried chicken, trust me, i was a towboat river cook: dredge in spice VERY liberally and rub in, dip in ICE COLD BUTTERMILK, then instant potato flakes (raw), then back to the butttermilk spice and another shake in potato flakes. drop in deep fryer at 350. just trust me.
Romans116gurl (7 months ago)
Damn Alton I was with you until you said don’t season the flour. You must ALWAYS season the meat and the flour.
First Last (16 days ago)
I have to agree with not seasoning the flour. Its incredibly inefficient and a huge waste. It would probably be better adding the spice to the dredged chicken right before its dropped if you don't want to season pre-dredge
Michael Jenkins (3 months ago)
Seasoning the flour is better for deep frying because the cooking time is less, which will keep some of the spices from burning. But when you pan fry, the cooking time is longer, which can burn some of the spices in the flour. 🍗🍗🍗
George Photakis (3 months ago)
sergeantbigmac I think we are on the same page , That's what I was trying to explain to the other user.
sergeantbigmac (3 months ago)
George Photakis But you literally watched him season the meat right before. And his method is far superior, the flour acts as a crust to lock in flavor and prevent the spices from burning ...And if youve ever burnt your spicerub you know how important that is.
George Photakis (6 months ago)
Romans116gurl Uh he did season the meat and he explained why he didn't season the Flour.
peachmelba1000 (7 months ago)
I tried this recipe, and while it was tasty as hell, I found that leaving the marinade on as the "glue" for the dredge lead to the final product being a bit slimy under the skin. In the future, I'll rinse the marinade off and dredge in lightly seasoned flour (just salt and pepper).
John Stiggens (7 months ago)
That is some good looking chicken. I wonder if you can do the same thing with boneless leg or thigh meat...
jay cuz (7 months ago)
Where the hell is this guy at these days
Becky Garcia (7 months ago)
Better watch out, ScoobyDoo may get that chicken
Dominique V (8 months ago)
frozenbacon (8 months ago)
Just how momma use to make em
Stephan Reichelt (8 months ago)
"don't forget top take it out b4 you shake ":)
Larry The Butcher (8 months ago)
I always do a 3 part dredge with my fried chicken. I love the extra thick crust!
Joe danero (9 months ago)
I miss this Alton.
mccabber24 (9 months ago)
Bill Nye the Science Guy of cooking.
Leon Cliyne (9 months ago)
Always some smart ass! Ignore! You should have your own cooking show "Ya cut the mustard!"
Joel Anaya (10 months ago)
Does this guy not remind anyone of the thirsty neighbor in the classic Xmas movie Jingle All the Way? Uncanny resemblance.
OnTheFritz602 (10 months ago)
Shortening as in Crisco Trans Fat, or Lard?
ShariSez1 (11 months ago)
Jim Morrison (11 months ago)
Try adding Frank's hot sauce to the buttermilk overnight brine. Adds a nice extra kick.
DanTheMan1985ful (1 month ago)
NO... it's not that. It's just I like making fried chicken into hot wings or hot fried chicken using hot sauces that are not found on shelf.
2k GoDsZ (1 month ago)
DanTheMan1985ful You MUST not LIKE to TASTE your FOOD!
DanTheMan1985ful (1 month ago)
How about using Hot Sauces that AREN'T Frank's, Louisiana, Tabasco, or Texas Pete. And Use the ones that ARE on the higher end of the Scoville scale?
M A (4 months ago)
I prefer tabasco
Derek Johnson (7 months ago)
Jim Morrison Ooooh, hell yeah, I'm gonna try that.
Alan Greene (11 months ago)
jesus this is 8 years old now
Herryfrd (11 months ago)
Why on earth did they get rid of his show and replace it with these crap competition shows. This is what food network used to be about, teaching the masses how to cook
Hannah martian00 (1 month ago)
I was wondering the same thing. I already know how to cook and I like to but, for some strange reason I love watching shows with men cooking (Chef Gordon Ramsey, Emiril Lugossi, and iron chef )Alton had a really good show that taught people cooking and science as well!
rbrearey (1 month ago)
It’s coming back. Sometime this spring. Pretty much everyone’s coming back, even Lucky Yates.
deharleyva (2 months ago)
Herryfrd Those shows help them avoid having a bunch of high salaried personalities. The channel has gone to the dumps since the days of Good Eats.
Dave Shaw (3 months ago)
Reality shows (and I use that term lightly) tend to draw people who like to watch others scream, yell, and belittle others who are trying to do their best. I refuse to watch them. The Food Network used to be worth watching without the so-called competition factor.
sergeantbigmac (3 months ago)
Herryfrd I guess it all moved online? Youtube is chalk full of great cooking content. Even Alton keeps producing content after good eats ended, he just uploads to youtube now. I honestly cant remember the last time I saw an actual how to cooking show on food network.
Masuda Yuldasheva (11 months ago)
James Bond (11 months ago)
Gaming Golden (8 months ago)
James Bond 3:08
raymund usi (1 year ago)
how come his chicken doesnt "bleed out" during frying?
creshiell (1 year ago)
raymund usi it probably did during the marinade
Helpful Bill (1 year ago)
Even Gordon Ramsey couldn't get angry at this guy I bet.
FellowRser (1 year ago)
Gaming Golden (8 months ago)
FellowRser 3:08
Chris Thompson (1 year ago)
can good eats come back
Aris G (1 year ago)
the center of the pan is not the hottest part ;)
sergeantbigmac (3 months ago)
Aris G Depends on the element and whether its electric or gas.
Matt Waskosky (1 year ago)
Thighs take longer than breasts?
Plaj3r (1 year ago)
This guy reminds me of Twin Peaks :D
Kyle SoSik (1 year ago)
Tried making this. I fucked it up
Eric Petty (1 year ago)
I like this old alton. The less metro one.
Michael Maxwell (1 year ago)
When I do this, its all stuck to the pan hardcore
Boxs (1 year ago)
Michael Maxwell What kind of pan did you use? and what kind of oil?
Crystal_Costello (1 year ago)
Remember when cooking shows where cooking shows? I loved this show as a kid and looking back at it I can actually do this stuff because I'm not 3 anymore and I can operate a stove, thank you Alton for providing good times and great recipes and tips.
Chris Davis (1 year ago)
Alton can certainly cook.
concorde9615 (1 year ago)
He doesn't have a clue how to pan fry chicken.  This looks absolutely horrible.  Find some black people in the south if you want to know how to fry chicken.
JT (1 month ago)
food racist!
angel lara (7 months ago)
concorde9615 funny that the comments disagree
Patchuchan (1 year ago)
I'm going to try this recipe.
Steve McDaniel (1 year ago)
Buttermilk pan fried chicken. I would choose it as my last meal!
183° for chicken? let that batch get a little hot didn't ya alton xD
Liberty Justice (1 year ago)
Dude turns taste into a science.
Gonçalo Gomes (1 year ago)
This guy speaks like he has it all figured out. It's quite a pleasure to watch.
raymund usi (1 month ago)
Gonçalo Gomes I also cover while I pan fry, so that the accumulated steam will slowly cook the top side while bottom part is submerged in oil
Eric Henderson (6 months ago)
You see why he won a James Beard Award for best culinary host? It's because of his show and his correct methods of cooking.
SauceySandwich (6 months ago)
Proper food porn
Carli Q (7 months ago)
i’m pretty sure he majored in cinematography. he knows exactly how to lure you with his expansive vocabulary and confidence in what he’s saying and why he’s saying it.
Not Tired of Winning (11 months ago)
Alton Brown is a food encyclopedia. I highly recommend watching the rest of his series "Good Eats". He also does a great job as a commentator on the American version of Iron Chef.
Stephen Morris (1 year ago)
And he's wearing a piggly wiggly shirt haha
Deborah (1 year ago)
what if you can't have milk or mix meat wirh milk what substitute can you use
Boxs (1 year ago)
Deborah a beaten egg with some water
Mark Wood (1 year ago)
If you sous vide your chicken first it only takes like 2 minutes to fry the batter in a cast iron skillet, and you get amazing sous vide texture to the meat. It's a go to for me now.
Amocoru (1 year ago)
This is exactly how my mom made fried chicken for my entire life. Pan frying chicken is the absolute best way, and the gravy you make with those dripping after will be heavenly.
First Last (16 days ago)
Amocoru gravy 💗 can't get that from a deep fryer
Blobfish Gamer (1 year ago)
oh yay....i don't get meh chicken dinner tell breakfast the next day...
Kane917 (1 year ago)
I freaking swear Alton Brown is Mark Hamill's long lost brother
Luca Peyrefitte (1 year ago)
Charmanderaznable but his voice is milk, smooth, just like Mark Hamill's voice
Charmanderaznable (1 year ago)
He doesn't even resemble Mark Hamil in the slightest
Matthew Green (1 year ago)
youre not gordon ramsay nigga
Joey Martinez (9 months ago)
they both good chefs
Alton is a fine trill ass nigga
Stray Whisker (1 year ago)
You're right. Gordon Ramsay's horrible. Thanks for mentioning.
Matthew Green (1 year ago)
lol and you're irrelevant to me
ItsWarlord 2 (1 year ago)
Matthew Green and you're just a bad troll.
Matt Forbes (1 year ago)
Typical Alton. Cant just be paprika, has to Hungarian paprika. Well here I go off to Hungry to find some super special paprika since I can tell you right now my local groceries do not have it.
Julian Kerry (1 year ago)
Have fun in Hungry, where there is no food :(
Trash Lord (1 year ago)
Your grocery store should have it. It's fairly common. In my area it's about $5 for a good size container, and it's so far superior to other paprika. Alton doesn't seem to be an ingredient snob like other chefs, just where it counts
Andrew Kun (1 year ago)
greetings for hungary
Richard Mika (1 year ago)
should try the chicken flour shaker product
George Semel (1 year ago)
Of all the Good Eats episodes Fry Hard - the chicken is by far the best one! I have been doing mine this way since I first seen on Food Net Work years ago!
George Semel (1 year ago)
Jeremy Dougherty (1 year ago)
What kind of oil did you use?
El Americano (1 year ago)
Alton Brown, Anthony Bordain, Mario Bonotello. These are my favorite food guys.
Tom Furgas (11 months ago)
Alton Brown did indeed go to culinary school. He was fed up with the kinds of food programs on TV and decided to do it his own way, with solid scientific backgrounds for all his recipes. His first vocation was as a cinematographer; he did lots of well-known music videos.
Dave Robles (1 year ago)
A cook is not necessarily a chef. Alton himself never went to culinary school, and he has never referred to himself as a chef.
Craig L (1 year ago)
Crisp apple strudels, doorbells and sleigh bells, and schnitzel with noodles...these are a few of my favorite things!
Earthdawn (1 year ago)
El Americano i think people call them chefs
GreedoUT (1 year ago)
Ronald McDonald, HRM Burger King, and Wendy. These are my favorite food guys.
Boris (2 years ago)
Or just go to KFC. Or Popeye's. Actually go to Popeye's, their restaurants aren't freezing 24/7. And occasionally customers will become unreasonably mad and put on a show for you.
JT (1 month ago)
Popeye's chicken sucks. Their gravy is bomb though!
aragorn767 (4 months ago)
I've been in a Popeyes with an unreasonably mad customer.
Mininessie (8 months ago)
Mad because of those mad black women in there lol
neoasura (2 years ago)
+Big Macintosh. Eating homemade pan fried chicken compared to KFC/Popeyes is like driving a Corvette compared to a Pinto. Both will get you to your destination..but in way different ways.
dL1011 (2 years ago)
+Big Macintosh. Only problem there is that most fast food fried chicken is CAFO chicken fried in vegetable oil. Both of which is very unhealthy.
Love crispy fried chicken
Isebas Foreberath (2 years ago)
Wonder if you can substitute regular paprika for the Hungarian kind. Also I only spent a dollar on my splatter guard from a dollar store and have had it for over a year. Ha!
jerry leroy (5 months ago)
I find that the splatter guards from the dollar store rust easily because they are made of tin from china. If you pay a bit extra, you get stainless steel from the western hemisphere. It's worth it all the way.
Tom Furgas (11 months ago)
He mentions at the end that you can season liberally with a spice mix of your own design. Hint; KFC uses a secret ingredient in their 11 herbs and spices; white pepper.
Jordan Yruegas (1 year ago)
Isebas Foreberath I spent like $10 on mine.
Gary Gavina (2 years ago)
Adam Savage comic con brought me here.
bobotk69 (2 years ago)
I love this guy!!!!!
Mark Five (3 years ago)
So, what exactly is that screen thing he put on top of the pan called?
Jordan Yruegas (1 year ago)
It's a splatter screen here.
Davina Sebera (2 years ago)
spatter guard
Mark Five (2 years ago)
+andrewsatx Thanks
andrewsatx (2 years ago)
+Mark Five I know it as a splatter guard
Issho Fujitora (3 years ago)
Billie Joe (3 years ago)
I didn't know Ernie Johnson can cook :D
Fox D (1 year ago)
Thass turrible, Ernie. Juss turrible.
ellery maxwell (3 years ago)
great chicken, this will be my go too from now on, thanks. 
ewww wtf might as fucking well put that chicken in a huge tub of that red shit and this disgusting man call considers himself good at cooking the shame of it all
Stray Whisker (1 year ago)
Over 14 seasons and nearly 250 episodes of Good Eats on Food Network--he probably knows a few things about cooking.
Edgar Santana (3 years ago)
+OneSidedScar TwoFaceBlackandWhite burn
Josh Toulmin (3 years ago)
Let's see. He's a cook on tv who obviously knows what he's doing and your a youtube troll who knows how to press a space bar to convey senselessly minded points on a video that shows quality cooking. Who's the dumbass here?
E Smith (3 years ago)
Alton we truly love you man but this is just not up to your standards. It's haphazard, messy and as we saw created virtually burnt chicken. Did not look good in the least. Foodwishes Chef Johns method is simple, straight forward and totally logical. 99% of the time I'm right there with Alton but not this time. I don't want greasy chicken with burnt spots and splatters all over my stove.
Lang (1 year ago)
Ross Browne If he really didn't intend for the chicken to come out that way, he could have easily redid the episode, he wasn't trying to cover up anything.
Ross B. (1 year ago)
I agree it was pretty burned, especially on the second side. It was blackened. so he just spouted some of his pseudo science and he was like yeah I meant to do that.
E Smith (1 year ago)
WRONG. I love Alton but he overdid it on this one. I still love him.
Fourthgirl (1 year ago)
They're not burnt spots. They are contact spots where the meat touches the bottom of the pan. It's good eats. I have my mother's cast iron skillets. They are essential to shallow frying. I've never had better fried chicken, or French fries.
Avery Keimig (2 years ago)
Those are not burn spots and if you spent a good deal of time experimenting with pan frying you'd know that. Not everything has to look like it came from McDonald's
Mk Khunnaphan (3 years ago)
Anybody, watching this in 2014?
Daniel Hartnett (5 months ago)
Khod Burn (8 months ago)
Jordan Yruegas (1 year ago)
Avery Keimig (2 years ago)
+MsBellaFate almost
MsBellaFate (2 years ago)
+Stoney Josephine 2016
Allen Richardson (3 years ago)
i use only this recipe for fried chicken, i don't even get it anywhere else. Simple recipe, great results.
BORK LASER (3 years ago)
This comment section is not smart.
Gregor Miller (8 months ago)
Unlike all others! MeeBee its not the section...but
cottontalk (3 years ago)
This chicken is burnt. And the last two pieces looked to have been soaked in grease. This should have been a retake. Everyone doesn't know how to cook in a cast iron skillet. Alton Brown does know a lot about cooking and chemistry he just dropped the ball on this one.
JT (1 month ago)
omg! you just described me! (minus the warts)
Danilo Boskovic (4 months ago)
This person must think he/she is an excellent chef. I bet this person has a herd of cats, genital warts and a flatmate.
Gaming Golden (11 months ago)
cottontalk 3:08
Immortal Iron Fist (1 year ago)
cottontalk Shut the hell up. You probably just go to KFC and get your chicken.
rymonator (1 year ago)
Burnt my ass. Looks great
jack rich Guy Stuff (3 years ago)
Alton, consider this.When you fry  it's not the oil , but the moisture you evaporate that decides. Buttermilk a must , double dredge a must. "Do not cook meat with different thickness together Ie. Legs with Breast. Cook time will vary. Deep fry in peanut oil, Shallow fry = uneven cook. Unless you like standing over a hot stove to process each piece.
it's pan-fried, it even says it in the title you stupid shit.
Michael Schiciano (3 years ago)
This is specifically pan-fried chicken, not deep fried.
Isaac Gutierrez (3 years ago)
I use vegetable oil, coconut oil, or olive oil for one. Marinade it over night in Tony's and Louisiana hot sause peper and garlic And eggs for the batter.
Charlotte L Burns (3 years ago)
Looks good
20jcontra (3 years ago)
Pan frying is not the same as deep frying. He is doing it right
Hannah martian00 (1 month ago)
It's that fabulous cast iron skillet he was using! I can always tell good pan fried chicken cooked in a proper skillet from deep fried in different pan.
raymund usi (3 months ago)
20jcontra In pan frying you have to closely monitor the chicken, you cant feel lax on the standard time of 7-10 minutes per side
ConstEnforcer (3 years ago)
Gavin Slone (8 months ago)
Lol I'm sure you know alot about cooking
concorde9615 (1 year ago)
Amen. Agreed. Glad someone else knows how to fry chicken.
jack rich Guy Stuff (3 years ago)
CologneCarter (3 years ago)
Did you notice that your keyboard is faulty? Caps lock key is stuck.
Bob Potato (3 years ago)
White people eat chicken....
Immortal Iron Fist (1 year ago)
Bob Potato Every knows they do.
Bryan Echang (3 years ago)
I came here find out just how much oil do I need, I can tell that this dude has gotten this frying down to a science..lol
mikevickphi (3 years ago)
Let me get this straight a white man frying chicken I thought white people didn't eat fried chicken LMAO.
Fox D (1 year ago)
I eat fried chicken and watermelon and drink grape soda and I'm whiter than Wonder Bread. Those things are delicious no matter what color you are.
Angelus Nielson (3 years ago)
+Peter Piper Yep, we don't.. and that's why KFCs are only in black places.  (sarcasm)
Angelus Nielson (3 years ago)
+GetAFuckinClue Wow.. just wow. Calling US stupid from the safety of a novelity G+ account and totally unaware of the chicken and watermelon stereotype of black people?   Thanks, I needed the laugh.
Citizen (3 years ago)
how fucking stupid are you white people invented this shit
Angelus Nielson (3 years ago)
that was a racist comment wasn't it? I'll bet he thinks that only black people at Watermelon too
ALEX Galarza (3 years ago)
I think what alton failed to mention, well he won't mention it but .. the fact the spices would burn if you seasoned the flour is because he is shallow frying the chicken, if you deep fried the chicken with oil at the right temperature then you won't burn anything !
H Mulford (1 month ago)
Alternatively, you can finish in the oven as well. It makes the crust crispier and you can add herbs on and around the chicken that will give it more flavor.
raymund usi (3 months ago)
ALEX Galarza I had issues with big pieces of chicken while pan frying. It always ends up "bleeding" during frying and the insides not cooked through. My solution is making deep slit cuts on the chicken meat before frying.
Technicolor (1 year ago)
The future is here. Says, no shit, sherlock.
tobimisa (1 year ago)
+ALEX Galarza it's almost as if he was teaching us how to pan fry chicken instead of deep fry chicken what an amazing concept
DevourerJay1 (3 years ago)
Alton Brown hates me... nearly all of his recipes have paprika... to which I am deathly allergic to...   D:
Fox D (1 year ago)
Allergic to paprika? If you went to Hungary, you'd put the Ghoul in goulash!
Kelsie Delisle (3 years ago)
I just made some and forgot to put in the paprika... It was still delicious!
bobwatters (3 years ago)
Cold fried chicken straight out the fridge at night, yup thats how I like it too! lol 
saltytsp (29 days ago)
Shan Rabit LOL I only eat aliens that eat humans.
Timothy Wade (4 months ago)
bobwatters it's also great for a Sunday picnic
jerry leroy (5 months ago)
With a nice piece of fresh bread with lotsa butter. Yummmmmm!
nanacrammin (5 months ago)
You guys...

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