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Black Bass with Daniel Humm

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Full recipe: http://bit.ly/sr0Gvq The star chef of New York's Eleven Madison whips up a fish dish.
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I've never even tried black bass, now I can make it - thanks!
true chef I love he used his hand you eat his fish
UU (1 year ago)
he;s hummble, the way he speaks and puts his hand on his heart
Adam Marschke (4 years ago)
How would you serve the other side, table side with no mess? I've seen it done where you take one side off and salt pack it the same way.  It does steam properly with a big enough piece. 
Hectorffs d (4 years ago)
haha funny guy XD
AnimeHairstyle (5 years ago)
he is wearing a IWC
elliott letterman (5 years ago)
Use whole fish the body contains water and makes it possible to steam. If using fillet try steaming in papillote.
Mitch Gondzur (5 years ago)
Wonder if you could just get your filets b4 baking and cover those in a crepe and salt crust.
q 11022033044055066077 (6 years ago)
this actually looks terrible

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