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Olympics Preview: Brady Ellison, Archer

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The Daily's March to the Medal Stand is a five-part series profiling six U.S. Olympic athletes who hope to make their mark in London this summer. The third profile is of 23-year-old Brady Ellison, the No. 1 ranked recurve archer in the world. Produced by Alvin Patrick Video by Ralph Avellino, Robert Sevilla and Greg Brouwer
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Text Comments (11)
Luis Zamora (2 months ago)
I love the release sound.
aa non (2 years ago)
gave up acting for archery ?
epicRMiddleton (3 years ago)
Does anyone know what v-bar Brady uses?
Nils Kirchner (3 years ago)
I guess its the B-Stinger Elite
teebat58 (3 years ago)
Looking forward to seeing you on the next Olympic team, God bless.
Hazalsu Yüzügüler (3 years ago)
Love archery ♡
01andak (5 years ago)
Good job on the Texas Shootout Brady!
hazemtmarei (5 years ago)
do u know how that system costssss !!!!!
Combat Archery (5 years ago)
u The Man.
SausageHeadz (5 years ago)
seems like a nice guy
rickames (6 years ago)
Since Marvel allready did their movie, & 'Hawkeye' was the 'archer', maybe you can go out for the role of: Green Arrow.

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