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Ratatouille Everything You Missed

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Ratatouille had several Easter Eggs, and hidden facts in the movie Ratatouille. Let's have some fun and talk about Ratatouille. You might learn something you didn't know. There were so many hidden secrets in Ratatouille. We see so many Mickeys in there as well. Let me know what movie you want me to talk about next and you could see yourself in my next video. -----Follow Me ----- twitter @ImCrazyNate Snapchat @ImCrazyNate http://facebook.com/ImCrazyNate http://crazynate.com -----Follow Me ----- Fan mail: Crazy Nate 625 W Deer Valley Rd STE 103-278 Phoenix, AZ 85027
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Text Comments (3191)
Dale Lindsay (14 hours ago)
I can't do the food coloring, becauce I have add
Olly Forshaw (1 day ago)
A smile. On the wall
Carnivores Fan 4 life (4 days ago)
Super taster!
Gibran Moreno (5 days ago)
Find #lovepixar
evilcookiepuss (5 days ago)
I am a super taster
Anna Grim (5 days ago)
I think Granny is actually Gusto & Anton Ego ex wife/mother. Evidence from the flash back and the beginning scene also why would a chef be so sad to lose a star to the point to the point he dies- ok actually scratch that history proves chefs have killed themselves due to losing starts, any way Gusto would have naturally taken things harder especially since his son disapproved of his food.
The you tube Guy (5 days ago)
Can u do Megamind , Shrek and Flushed Away
Pugganing __ (6 days ago)
Hayley Owens (6 days ago)
Veronica Anderson (6 days ago)
Were tweety
Alina Bajstak (6 days ago)
granny is a game
Kasen Cool (7 days ago)
Kasen Cool (7 days ago)
Kasen Cool (7 days ago)
Blake Thomas (7 days ago)
GamerBoy005 (9 days ago)
3:33 Buzz
Lucie LaFrance (9 days ago)
wait prinnsece and frog
Lucie LaFrance (9 days ago)
i saw A113 in tina so do tina or i do not know how to pronouse it sorry
Scott Kennon (9 days ago)
Calvin Benson (9 days ago)
smile 6:26
Mark Collier (9 days ago)
Cloths is a hit😀
jillsy88 (10 days ago)
I tried it with red food coloring and. It turns out I’m a super taster.
Kevin The hype train (10 days ago)
Do Thomas and the magic railroad
Leandra Felipe (10 days ago)
super taster
I'm a super taster
Peter 9182 (12 days ago)
0:01 look at first comment on the top do moana or I kill you xd
Anitha M (12 days ago)
when you say nemo caviar look when that guy opens his t shirt you see citron means lemon in french
Charlie Carroll (13 days ago)
Nate are you a super taster or not?
Kylie George (13 days ago)
super taster I have 33 dots
Anthony Velasquez (13 days ago)
jazmani (13 days ago)
Alen Alex (13 days ago)
Minecraft by frojogames
Spacemaster999 Gaming (14 days ago)
Super taster
Secretgamer (14 days ago)
I'm a super taster my family are non tasters.They once tried the toe of satan challenge and got 5:06
Secretgamer (14 days ago)
Justyna Pietrzyk (14 days ago)
Justyna Pietrzyk (14 days ago)
Jeweled Dog 346 (14 days ago)
I am probably a super taste because I can taste spiciness very fast.
Ryan Melbye (14 days ago)
Ryan Melbye (14 days ago)
My name is Ashton and I have 70 taste buds
Ryan Melbye (14 days ago)
I’m a super taster
iiToxicAce (14 days ago)
2:48 I'm was watching Ratatoullie *right now* that movie it sound like *Up Towards The Heights* Movie
Auburn Murphy (15 days ago)
Fortnite God (15 days ago)
Fortnite God (15 days ago)
King Lego Productions (15 days ago)
im a super taster bc !! i have 45 spots i think, and i drink pepsi and salt...
Roxana Dinu (16 days ago)
Roxana Dinu (16 days ago)
Roxana Dinu (16 days ago)
Peter Camm (18 days ago)
Megamind please😊#share a smile.
Gerasimi Andreola (18 days ago)
On liguini's TV
Mariofan 2008 (18 days ago)
I see the mouth at 5:49
Stargirl Jasmin (18 days ago)
Why did he "beat the meat".?😂 theres no need for that DISNEY! perverts!😂
Amy Tran (19 days ago)
My friend said I’m a super taster😐
Nerf boy (19 days ago)
Do everything you missed in Iron Man
Lemmy Koopa (19 days ago)
Ratatouille's Granny Maybe The Cartoon Granny Might Be her Sister 😯
Maureen Morgan (19 days ago)
I have 92 Dot's
StrangerDanger (19 days ago)
super taster
StrangerDanger (19 days ago)
do Megamind please :)
Donald Trump (19 days ago)
Michelle Canque (19 days ago)
I'm a super taster
Andrew Schmidt (19 days ago)
I’m a super taster
Crimson (20 days ago)
Veri hard 3:04
ThePokemonfan2009 (20 days ago)
Do The Lorax please
Rebecca Morris (20 days ago)
Don’t you hate when the video goes to a add then the add freezes?!
Donald Trump (21 days ago)
4:52 meme
Donald Trump (21 days ago)
Donald Trump (21 days ago)
5:49 talking mouth
Donald Trump (21 days ago)
3:34 buzz
Donald Trump (21 days ago)
3:06 squirrel
Lila Bauer (21 days ago)
Me a super taster!
Kathy Appel (21 days ago)
Non taster
Marshall's Moment (22 days ago)
kelsey pual (22 days ago)
Renae Eicher (22 days ago)
No it was a118
Timothy CashAckerman (22 days ago)
How did you get MCTyyyy’s youtuber place
Timothy CashAckerman (22 days ago)
Why did you put #NotSponsored on that guy’s back?
Timothy CashAckerman (22 days ago)
I would take <60 dots I love all “everything you missed” videos and do a everything you missed on cars 2,3,and 4
Michael K Mullan (22 days ago)
My best frined cached a smile from
Michael K Mullan (22 days ago)
I Hate spicy food
Michael K Mullan (22 days ago)
I'm a supper tataster
Dan Greco (22 days ago)
I think u should really do mega mind next
Dan Greco (22 days ago)
I think u should really do magazine mind next
Sorrowx (23 days ago)
I’m part of the “too lazy to check my taste buds” group
wolf master (23 days ago)
Im a super taster
Mr. Icey (23 days ago)
Just started watching ratatouille and I was eating
Japande Tadashi (23 days ago)
I am a super taster
Cringe Master (24 days ago)
I’m a picky eater
Galaxygamingfox (24 days ago)
HOW DARE HE SAY THINGS ABOUT CHEF BOYARDEE >:( #i luv chef boyardee's ravioli
ELLA WETHINGTON (24 days ago)
Liv Lyfe (24 days ago)
I'm a super taster.
Alex fire (24 days ago)
The real Noah (24 days ago)
Tracy Lemire (25 days ago)
Cool video
kawarij (25 days ago)
I ate the spicy ramen 2-o it was super spicy averynoe thick im crazy
7:13 yes
Crystal Cat (25 days ago)
I'm a supertaster

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