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Chocolate Biscuit Cake - 3 Ingredient Eggless No Oven Bake Recipe- CookingShooking

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In this video, we will make a very quick and easy recipe for a egg-free chocolate cake without an oven. This Biscuit Cake is super easy with just 3 ingredients, is cooked in steam inside a cooker like choco idlis, this cake tastes just as good as a regular chocolate cake. Get the Ingredients - http://amzn.to/2FOvPJ4 http://amzn.to/2ImsRKa Ingredients: Bourbon Biscuit - 240g / 2 Packs Eno - 1 Pack / 1 tsp. Milk / Water - 1 cup Nuts / choco chips - optional Website: http://www.cookingshooking.com | http://www.cookingshooking.in Fb: http://www.fb.com/cookingshooking Blog: http://www.cooknshook.blogspot.com
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Text Comments (1598)
Renuka Chavan (1 hour ago)
Osm tysm fr sharing this video☺
kavita kumari (3 hours ago)
yes I loved it
Raghul Ragu (6 hours ago)
easy I tried this nice
Jyoti Patil (6 hours ago)
Thanx u so much.☺☺ I have just tried it and it was very delicious.Ur the master in making cake.😊😊
Kavya Kavya (6 hours ago)
shamin Shaan (8 hours ago)
Eno means
priyanka mishra (9 hours ago)
Thank you so much for your delicious recipes.. I always love to cook your recipes and my hubby loves it too..
Kashish Sharma (13 hours ago)
Why u dont use salt plzz reply i am cnfused shell i use water for baking or salt plzz reply
Priyanka Das (14 hours ago)
I have tried making this cake at home. I made it in oven and followed exactly the way and measurement you mentioned. You wont believe it turned out so so yummy. Thanks a lot
Sandhya Mekala (14 hours ago)
if am adding baking powder and vinegar what is the measurement?
if am using normal cooker shoul i remove whistle and gasket?
Badri Narayanan V (1 day ago)
I have tried several of your eggless cooker cake recipies, this one I was really hesitant to try mainly because of ENO as an ingredient which i haven't used before. After trial I must admit that this is perhaps the softest cakes that we baked at home & already I have request from my family to prepare this again! Thanks for this recipe 👍☺️
Megha Mohan (1 day ago)
I tried it. Its realy gooodddd and yummyyy and easy to coookkk
Reetu Khan (1 day ago)
any tips for easy molding. a little sweet please. actually I have a sweet tooth
Reetu Khan (1 day ago)
ya it was spungy . but my molding didn't come out really great . I did this in the microwave . 2minutes .👍👍👍
MANISHA BHARTI (1 day ago)
Wow ...looking too yummy...very nice sir
Deepthi Avunoori (1 day ago)
I tried this, cameout well and it tastes delicious 😋
Biswasanti Sahu (1 day ago)
bro eno is harmful for our health....
Ruby Ruth (1 day ago)
Very nice dear
Shivani Singh (1 day ago)
Ni bana
Shivani Bhadauria (1 day ago)
Sir eno or bhi cake me use kar sakte hai kya normally jo hum banate hai insted of baking soda
Priyanka Prajapati (2 days ago)
Cake se jyada to cake banane wala cute h 😍😅
vijaya lakshmi (2 days ago)
wowww!!! I tried it..it's very tasty 😋
Rekha Jalamuri (2 days ago)
Really it's very testy and simple process .... Thanks
Avijit Sharma (2 days ago)
What if stand is not available to keep inside cooker...What else utensil I can use?
CookingShooking (2 days ago)
a plate with holes would do.. the one which we use to cover milk vessels,etc
Alka kashyap (2 days ago)
It was awesome.......i maked it on my parents aniversery ....they were amazed with its taste....thnk u so much to share this with us ....
CookingShooking (2 days ago)
Wow.. Happy anniversary to uncle and aunty :) Thank you Alka ji for sharing
rukhsar parveen (2 days ago)
125 minutes baking time or less??
CookingShooking (2 days ago)
25 mins
Sunil raghu (2 days ago)
This is good i will really try it
somya Aggarwal (2 days ago)
Ajeet Kumar Sinha (2 days ago)
For Baking any cake can we use eno in the use of vanilla,baking powder and baking soda
CookingShooking (2 days ago)
not really..
Anamika pandey (2 days ago)
Can we use any flavour of eno
CookingShooking (2 days ago)
Nageshwar Unhel (2 days ago)
Wow amazing sir it's so good and the way your teaching alsooo awesome
Kunal Shah (3 days ago)
Hi do u have a eggless crepe batter recipe
CookingShooking (2 days ago)
here you go : https://goo.gl/NVYZu4
archana kumari (3 days ago)
I made it , and it was really yammy. thanks for the recipe.😄😄
lakshmi tayi (3 days ago)
Tq so much my children were so happy ur awesome sir!!!
Ahsan Mehmood (3 days ago)
mai eno ki jagha o.r.s use krskti??
binita jhuria (3 days ago)
I love your cake recipe, it is very tasty.
Shenu Santaram (3 days ago)
Cheppandi babu (3 days ago)
Can we add cocoa powder??
Amrita Sharma (3 days ago)
Thank you sir,for sharing this recipe.,😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍
Damaji Pawar (3 days ago)
Super-duper cake man I love it
Anushka sharma (3 days ago)
Wow this is really gud... Specially for lazy people like me thankyou for sharing.. 😋
Maria Pinto (3 days ago)
Nice cake can I put 1 egg
Shilpi Gupta (4 days ago)
U r a gem in dis field....u r so young but still all ur recipes are magical...
Little Flower (4 days ago)
What is ENO
CookingShooking (3 days ago)
fruit salt
Nancy Parashar (4 days ago)
I make it and it is very delicious
Hem s (4 days ago)
Boiled milk or fresh milk
Sheila Akhter (4 days ago)
What is eno.
kiran m (4 days ago)
can this cake be done in solo microwave oven? i mean oven with out convection?
Rajni Mittal (4 days ago)
Today i tried ur recipe.the cake was so yummmmm everyone appreciated.. thanx for the recipe...
Rohini Vijayakumar (4 days ago)
Hey today I tried this.. I never tried cakes. This is my time I've been trying cakes and just with 3 ingredients you mentioned.. Guess what?? It comes really Good.#happyhappy
zippy kamande (1 day ago)
Wow! I love the way you explain step by step and for sure your cakes are simple, easy to make but mouth watering. I made my fisrt cake(banana cake) through you and it was amazing thanks alot. I will make this one too 😍😍
Smita Thite (4 days ago)
Hey Bro I tried this cake it hasn't turned out that good.Its is little soggy inside not firm and while cutting it broke in very small pieces. The mixture i made was perfect but the cake wasn't.
Nikita Soni (4 days ago)
Thank you thank you so much I made it n it's really amazing and tasty... Everyone liked it..😍😍😋😋
Priyanka Kalaiselvi (5 days ago)
Arvin Sodhi (5 days ago)
u r superb
Ehsas Sharma (5 days ago)
Can we use oreo?
Ehsas Sharma (5 days ago)
And btw..you're YB channel is the best until now!♡ Keep up the good work!♡
Ehsas Sharma (5 days ago)
CookingShooking Okay! Thank-you!!♡
CookingShooking (5 days ago)
yes.. just adjust a bit of sugar
roshni kharte (5 days ago)
Payal Darji (5 days ago)
awesome cook.. 😊💞
Debashish Poddar (6 days ago)
Only one word, delicious and amazing. Just one help, my cake was too soft, can it be due to excess milk or excess eno?
Debashish Poddar (5 days ago)
CookingShooking i reduced all ingredients by 1/2, made a smaller cake. Maybe Eno went full sachet.
CookingShooking (5 days ago)
i hope you followed the measurements.. 1 pack eno and 1 cup milk
Swati Verma (6 days ago)
It was so amazing
amreen shaikh (6 days ago)
Is cake ko oven mei bake kr sakte hai Kya???? Plz rpl
Minu Joshi (6 days ago)
U r really great yaman.. Thanx.. For a wonderful cake..
neha binnany (6 days ago)
If i want to use baking powder baking soda and vinegar... what will be the measurement??
Aahana Obreoi (6 days ago)
Maine try kiya but nhi ban paya I think Maine eno jyada daal diya lekin Maine aapke jitna hi dala tha
RIDDHI GUPTA (6 days ago)
Hi, would like to know if i can use silicon mould and teflon tin to bake cake in prrssure cooker?
Neeti Rustagi (6 days ago)
eno taste aayega cake m
Abdul Roshan (6 days ago)
Revathi Surya (7 days ago)
Thank u so much for sharing these method and I love cakes 🎂
Piya Rahane (7 days ago)
Hi sir recipe looks really yummy but 1 qsn sir, to what flame shd be the gas for steamin the cake low flame medium flame or high flame? Plzz reply soon sir i need to make it urgently..Thanku lots of luv from Pune..❤✌
pooja shahu (7 days ago)
I have tried it... It was too yummy 😋
Poonam Lodhi (7 days ago)
can i use anykind of eno like lemon flavour?? nd can we use hide n seek biskits???
Sai y (7 days ago)
Super Yaman😋😋..I want to loose weight, but how can I now🙄 I should try and eat now😛
Priya Chandran (7 days ago)
Thanks for sharing the recipe Sir. It looks yummy.
priya swamy (7 days ago)
Y Eno
Shruti Jain (7 days ago)
Vanajakshi Hs (8 days ago)
super and tried
Akansha dhawan (8 days ago)
thanku so much sir choclate cke ke alava kisi or cake ki receipe batye ase hi simple
Akansha dhawan (8 days ago)
sir apne reply nhi kiya tha kal mothers days tha mujhse cake bnana tha mein oven m 6min rakh diya kuch bhi khao sir mindblowing tha bht badiya bht acha bna seriously meri mom choclate cake like nhi karti but kal sabse jyda psnd maa ko hi aya
Sumayla Khan (8 days ago)
I really like it
zuveriya tasneem (8 days ago)
y eno using
Sanchita Misra (8 days ago)
I have a 9inch round cake tin. Can I make this in 9inch cake tin? Will the quantity of the ingredients vary?
Fouziya Khanum (9 days ago)
V easy n looking too tasty 👌👍😋😋
Rohan Kumar (9 days ago)
How to fix the cake batter if you accidentally add too much milk ?
Shruti Khandelwal (9 days ago)
Not tasty enough in taste....
Sandeep Chaurasia (9 days ago)
We can make this cake in pressure cooker
Shabana Parveen (9 days ago)
Thank you sooo much 4 d recipe its.my mother loved d cake
neelam Sharma (9 days ago)
I tried this cake but it came out too soft that it started breaking...taste is good but shape of the cake wasn't good
Sangeeta Tiwari (9 days ago)
Uncle u make very easy and tasty dishes which can also be made by children thank u 👍👏👏👏🍫🍰
arushi Jhajharia (9 days ago)
Why you don't use vanilla essence In these recipe.?
saloni singh (9 days ago)
Hi... I saw your video and followed exactly same steps bt at the end when i upside down the container my cake scattered ... I don't understand where i made mistake ... Pl tell ...
ruchi ishu (10 days ago)
Which oil was using in this cake?
Shiva Santhosh (10 days ago)
Awesome very economical
praphul1154 (10 days ago)
Yummy 😋😋😋😋
Akansha dhawan (10 days ago)
sir what is the process i have to follow if i want to make cake in oven
k singh (10 days ago)
Waoo loved it
Rani Krishna (10 days ago)
Is it safe for kids as u adding eno
Harshada Patil (10 days ago)
Can I add parle biskit + sugar instead of burbon
Kalpana Vishnoi (11 days ago)
I tried it today n amazingly it came out super delicious I still can't believe that cake making is so easy

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