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zašto "ne volim "Švajcarsku

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snimljeno u Cirihu na velikom jezeru

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Vidyagamesnake (6 months ago)
You commented on a british pathe video about after Stalingrad and holy shit that joke killed me i'm actually laughing out loud right now i'm not sure if you stole it but its funny as shit and really got me
John Stromboly (6 months ago)
hahhaa about my lost grandfather in Stalingrad ? haahh thats my joke , I'm not even Irish glad to make you laugh , laughing is healthy , people who laugh a lot lives longer
Srbistanik 01 (6 months ago)
Ali zato imaju bahate velike bele kokoške sa gumenim perajima ;-)
Djokimus (7 months ago)
ajde malo na dimljeni sir pozdrav od nas https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=H2KE4MrSl8w
John Stromboly (7 months ago)
njam njam dobro izgleda

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