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Best Breakfast Recipe in the World, Home Made!

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Perfect Breakfast! Best Shakshuka Recipe in the World, Home Made! Shakshuka (Arabic: شكشوكة‎; Hebrew: שקשוקה‎) (also Shakshouka Chakchouka) is a dish of eggs poached in a sauce of tomatoes, chili peppers, onions, often spiced with cumin. It is believed to have a Tunisian origin. Shakshuka is a staple of Tunisian, Libyan, Algerian, and Moroccan cuisines traditionally served up in a cast iron pan with bread to mop up the sauce. It is also popular in Israel, where it was introduced by Tunisian Jews. Shakshuka is Israel's hottest breakfast dish this is the best way to prepare shakshuka, the spicy, warming, vegetable and egg dish that is a regular part of the Israeli diet and is usually served as a cooked breakfast or a light lunch. The mix of tomato, garlic, herbs and spices, traditionally topped with sunny side up egg, is reputedly a fine hangover cure. Israelis argue that only the version prepared over the years by their mothers or grandmothers can be described as truly authentic. Regardless, most other Middle Eastern people will argue the same. This Shakshuka / Shakshouka Recipe is exactly how it should be done! To learn more about shakshuka click this link: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Shakshouka Note: I was looking for the Best Breakfast In America when I stumbled on "Perfect Scrambled Eggs Breakfast" That took me back memory lane 23 years, and I remembered this traditional Israeli Breakfast. So after a little practice, it all got back to me, kind of like riding a bike... This video shows how to make The Best Breakfast in the World, Ever! If you want to have the perfect breakfast, go ahead and try. And you don't have to be of a Middle East background to love it :) שַׁקְשׁוּקָה היא מאכל העשוי מביצה המבושלת על אש קטנה עם עגבניות, בצל ופלפלים. בגרסה המסורתית והמקובלת, המוגשת במסעדות פועלים רבות, חלמון הביצה נותר בשלמותו בתבשיל, בדומה לביצת עין. גרסה שונה היא זו בה החלמונים מעורבבים בחלבונים, כמו בביצה מקושקשת. פירוש השם בשפה הברברית הוא "תערובת". במרוקאית נקראת השקשוקה "צ'קצ'וקה", ובשפות אחרות "תוקתוקה". לא ידוע כיצד השתרשה בישראל המילה שקשוקה. מאכל זה הובא לישראל על ידי העולים החדשים מצפון אפריקה: ממרוקו, מתוניסיה, מאלג'יריה, מלוב ומחצי האי ערב. בסיס המאכל קבוע: עגבניות, שמן זית וביצים. המתכון בסרטון זה מראה איך לעשות שקשוקה בגרסא ביתית. לעניות דעתי ככה עושים את השקשוקה הכי טעימה בעולם. בתיאבון! ללמוד עוד על מקור השקשוקה וטיפים נוספים: http://he.wikipedia.org/wiki/%D7%A9%D7%A7%D7%A9%D7%95%D7%A7%D7%94
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Text Comments (5302)
Sirvan (2 hours ago)
This is the same as “menemen” turkish breakfast dish....
Mark J (3 hours ago)
Tomatoe paste you dope
Magdy Ghobrial (1 day ago)
This a basic Shakshuka recipe, mine has to have hot red and green peppers, most importantly Feta Cheese is a must, what happened to the feta cheese? Either way, now matter how you cook it, it is nice to eat it morning or evening and skip the bacon will you!
Chris Holdroyd (1 day ago)
Over promised and under delivered. Too spicy. Too salty. Garlic and eggs overcooked.
Robbie Underwood (2 days ago)
After the eggs are dropped in, cover W fresh bacon bits and cheddar cheese, cover W tight lid til cheese is melted. You forgot this part.
Papatya gul Gurbetci (4 days ago)
This is Turkish Menemen!!we do in breakfast all the time!!
MakeGarden (4 days ago)
Im going to do this with fresh grow tomato's oh yeah👍
momir zivkovic (4 days ago)
Just wondering. If you eat that for breakfast, what do you do for lunch ? Super fried stainless steel with sliced copper....
Ron Garvey (6 days ago)
I think this is called eggs in purgatory (if spicy)
Fred Fadungy (7 days ago)
Man now im HUNGRY
Mateo Vigil (8 days ago)
Add some mexican chorizo and yeah looks like a hangover cure
Richard doowop (8 days ago)
All those Onions? You would have flatulence all day and maybe even the next day.
Trashman (9 days ago)
Ok, so western style. Brown some bacon and sausages first (pack of bacon - like a pack of 8? Sausages, I use 4... Chop em up (sausages + bacon) to bite size first (use a sharp knife or scissors.!)) then carry on as per the video but 4 eggs rather than whatever and substitute tomatoes with cherry tomatoes - your going to need to quarter the cherry tomatoes first and when they soften, pulp them (plum, salad and canned tomatoes all taste the same). Add a single teaspoon of sugar after the tomatoes (takes the bitterness of the tomatoes out). Quarter the dish so each serving gets one egg. Man, it's a delight!
coy page (9 days ago)
No sausage or bacon, NOT BEST
Wayne Johnson (11 days ago)
You used tomato paste not tomato sauce.
vocalpatriot (11 days ago)
a might heavy on salt there..scooter.
marks toy box (14 days ago)
I’d dump that shit right in the trash
oliver fernandes (14 days ago)
James Edmond (15 days ago)
Beautiful ladies hands
Mz Lewiz (16 days ago)
Totally nasty! Wtfudge? This is not breakfast! More like pasta sauce! Tomato sauce? This is not breakfast. What is breakfast? Bacons, sausage, cheese, potatoes, eggs, pancakes ect. Not veggies and eggs with tomato sauce! Naw!
brian Cuthbert (16 days ago)
It's not a breakfast. Not even brunch!!
ShitJitsu (17 days ago)
cuppa tea ..slice of toast....the diet of a working brit
Eddie Trujillo (19 days ago)
Add corn tortillas/jalapeños you'll have uevos rancheros
Atheist Dingo (22 days ago)
looks like shit. onion, tomato, egg. yeah sure dickhead, really the best.
arnbo88 (23 days ago)
Add coriander and you'll have Huevos Rancheros.
Joseph Billian (24 days ago)
Why did you not plate it up we would like to see how you eat it !
Sick Pat (24 days ago)
Now dig out an egg and a big ol spoon of that fixins, and serve it on a HUGE toasted piece of home made bread....pfft amateurs :D LOL JK
Teresa Mier (27 days ago)
Looks like a pan of food filled with pepper.
Andres Reyna (27 days ago)
I hate when shows about cooking don't show what it looks like when it's sliced!! I want to see the layers!
Dinesh Kunwar (1 month ago)
u r a weak cock sucking fag!
Mike Jones (1 month ago)
All Thoes tomatoes would Gove me heartburn at night.
Subhadarsan Behera (1 month ago)
Mo Ju (1 month ago)
Come on this is Egyptian recipe calling Shakshoka it's famous there
william khoury (1 month ago)
Just to correct your information شكشوكه - Shakshuka, existed as a meal in PALESTINE before the creation and existence of israerl , as usual Israelis like to hijack everything and make it their own, just as they did with the houmous,falafel, pita bread and many other things. there is no such a thing as Israeli food it's all stolen recipes and meals from neighbouring Arab and European countries. VIVA PALESTINE
Arnold Rusch (1 month ago)
You boiled eggs in tomato sauce.....WTF makes that good?🤢
James West (1 month ago)
add bacon and sausage
crical Gre (1 month ago)
This is shitfast
rc (1 month ago)
i wont name it best in the world just like eggs cook on marinara sauce. am agree add fresh sausages and parmesan cheese would be yummy
sandra oss (1 month ago)
so the girl is cookiing
Carl Helmick (1 month ago)
How about cheese , can you put cheese in that , what the hell bacon chopped up and cheese too now you got a meal home made biscuits and are cornbread will go great to 😁👍😜😘
George Andriescu (1 month ago)
Aaaaa... not impressed.... at all... BEST... got a completely different meaning ....
Nabi Kazemi (1 month ago)
thanks for making regular Persian Omelette. :/
countryside (1 month ago)
How hard were those tomatoes? Were they actually ripe?
Rab carn (1 month ago)
This looks very tasty and healthy gonna try it out but smaller quantity for I am single
Cherry Vincent (1 month ago)
All you can taste is pepper and salt!
John Wayne (1 month ago)
Fry some onion ketchup egg done eww
Robert Stack (1 month ago)
Damn son, enough pepper or what?
Dr. Joe (1 month ago)
nivlem131303 (1 month ago)
paste.. tomato paste
Sonia F. (1 month ago)
For breakfast.. this? OMG!
Sungodv (1 month ago)
...and bad breath for the rest of the day!
Sungodv (1 month ago)
still, would love to taste it!
Jamal Wasely (1 month ago)
This is afghanistan recepie itis very in popular among afgha breakfast .thanx fo reapeat share
McFraneth Fradet (1 month ago)
That looks great. But now I need to get some hens.
Wendy Consoli (1 month ago)
That small can is tomato paste, not tomato sauce!
Lance Koller (1 month ago)
Michael Swanson (2 months ago)
Michael Swanson (2 months ago)
Where's the hash browns
Michael Swanson (2 months ago)
Is it 5 or 10 minutes?? It's not brown it's carmelized. You could kill something
Crunch (2 months ago)
It looks good but yea no bacon or sausage so it can't be the best breakfast in the world lol.
David Skweres (2 months ago)
Who made this breakfast? Stevie Wonder?
Wayne Rivet (2 months ago)
I made this with diced, canned tomatoe since fresh tomatoe was not available, it was off the hook delicious!! 😁
Kekkai (2 months ago)
Pre ground black pepper? Lo todah. Always use fresh pepper. It takes a few seconds to use a pepper Mill and the taste can't be compared. Also you said tomato sauce but you used tomato paste. Other than that good for introducing people to shakshuka.
Gina Chu Cheong (2 months ago)
Boy oh boy, now that's a breakfast!
Alex Fisher (2 months ago)
Very cool! Im loving your videos! I subscribed, support me back if ya like! Keep uploading!
blah (2 months ago)
I would definitely Not call this the “best” breakfast. You could have added (in your opinion) that tomato and tomato paste combo with eggs, barf for me,....
G.A.M.A (2 months ago)
All my American folks complaining about cheese, ham, bacon like we don't have weight problem enough. Lol plus it's his recipe, you can do yours the way you want! Haha I like that one better! 😊
Charles Burham (2 months ago)
Looks like someone doesn't know the difference between tomato sauce and tomato paste.
Sue ojeda (2 months ago)
Looks delicious
Marianna Xenaki (2 months ago)
these is greek food called strapatsada!!!!
Dave Haggas (2 months ago)
Eleni E (2 months ago)
worst recipe ever.
Jacob Lopez (2 months ago)
Tommy Thompson (2 months ago)
edward helms (2 months ago)
would pt some chorizo in that
Harvey Johnson (2 months ago)
edward helms (
Dr Gregory (2 months ago)
Rami loves pepper! TRami, your dish looks great and is making me hungry! This is a wonderful dish. AS an ex chef, I find that that this ethnic recipe is so basic that its open for some additions for preference, Here I like the reducing of the liquid (maybe a bit too much) and I think the eggs are overcooked mainly because this dish is traditionally served with toasted baguette, and a looser yolk not only adds flavour but is wonderful for sopping up an egg, tomato and spicy flavours. Let's eat!
BEAR WALKEN (2 months ago)
Do the onions on low heat if you want them to taste delicious
Teresa Pilkington (2 months ago)
That is shashushka?
"Obviously" i will have to make my version of the best breakfast recipe in the world, because this is not!
bbcisrubbish (2 months ago)
One would need to get out of bed at three in the morning to prepare this meal before going to work. And I would not like to work with you having eaten all those onions etc. Core!!!!
Barb Menear (2 months ago)
Does it come with toast? I need some crunch in the morning.
Michael Donlon (2 months ago)
NOT, The Best Breakfast Recipe in the World, Home Made!! Tomatoes, onions, garlic & eggs. Please!!!
Patricia Riemer (2 months ago)
SOME salt??!! Tomato paste or sauce🙀
Steven Robinson (2 months ago)
I like tomato's but damn!
Novaximus (2 months ago)
everything tastes better when you fill it out with things like onions peppers garlic tomatoes. Those are basic ingredients to a lot of stuff. The problem imo is going to the grocery store to buy all of that, then prepping it all with dicing and peeling and then you're sort of commited to making a big batch. It's work time and money. As a single guy who works a lot I just grab something on the way home. It's a pain but it's about as annoying as hitting a grocery store, making a list and doing all of that prep cook and clean.
wolf garou (2 months ago)
Yuk..you can have mine
Nena Elliott (3 months ago)
That looks totally delicious. Can't wait to try it. Thanks
Arlette Khederlarian (3 months ago)
A Mensah (3 months ago)
Was that tomato sauce or tomato paste? Thanks for posting tough👍🏾
bigperm1978 (3 months ago)
No meat
The Master Sergeant (3 months ago)
So basically you cooked 8 eggs in spaghetti sauce! Not very appealing to me.
Jonatan Hyll Hansen (3 months ago)
looks disgusting, what the hell man
geoff martin (3 months ago)
Trust me , well made Shakshuka is an amazing breakfast. I love it.
Computer Addic (3 months ago)
Sjee,that takes far to long to make!Just make muesli with yoghurt and scraped apple together with a banana and a Kiwi.Very Tasty,very healthy!And ready in a minute.
Charlie Thomas (3 months ago)
Looks like the best piece of crap in the world!
JOSEPH WEIKEL (3 months ago)
For Breakfast ????????? Hello bat room hahaha
udo kluge (3 months ago)
Well if u like to stand up at noon its ur breakfast but nobody normal eats so much onions in the breakfast not to say about kisssing ur wife after... LOL
david fanning (3 months ago)
Looks interesting. Shame I'd never be able to eat it. Pepper, onions, tomato.......
Awenda (3 months ago)
Tomatoes past sucks. Those tomatoes were not ready to be chopped. I have to laugh at their measurements of a pinch of salt. It’s like a huge tablespoon or two! Okay so so far, it looks like a red sauce with eggs. More of a European recipe if you ask me, but you didn’t so I’ll tell you anyways. Lol No meat or Che else. It’s a veg dish. Not impressed. Could have added back bacon,bacon, cured ham, spinach and Cheese to top it all off. Hum...it looks good though. Okay so it’s 1:00 am and I’m now going down to make my version of this which will not come close to this recipe. You hungry too?
MEMORIES (3 months ago)
Looks delicious! It’s 10 PM but who cares! I’m gonna make some.
Jon Jonson (3 months ago)
I made this this morning and it gave me the shits real bad. I laid down on my bed and shit again. I got up and went to the toilet but didn't make it and shit all over the floor.
leaddispenser9 (3 months ago)
Id eat it with rice
Raul McCai (3 months ago)
We call that Eggs in hell but I may take to Shakshuka

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