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Gordon Ramsay Salmon baked with Herbs Caramelised Lemons YouTube

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Wfijvddjj Klngfdgh (21 hours ago)
7:21 look at that smell just look at it
Mithun Chakraborty (2 days ago)
Gordan have you ever tried Hilsa or Ilish? Try it once. She is the queen of Fish. One of the flavorous fish you have ever experienced. It is only available in India at State of west Bengal and in Bangladesh. If you come again in Kolkata then I can give you that memorable experience.
Lanie Darilay (3 days ago)
thanks mr. ramsay... i tried it yesterday and everybody loved it.
ACC PRRENCEEE (3 days ago)
marco polo (4 days ago)
And I’m over here eating beans out of the can
Neil Richardson (9 days ago)
are his oven temps in C or F? Asking as a dumb american.
Sharkonabicycle (10 days ago)
Afterwards Ramsey threw away the salmon and grabbed a Digiorno out of the freezer.
wtfzed (14 days ago)
"Disgusting." - Gordon Ramsay
Maly Cortes (15 days ago)
Love it where is the recipe i would love to do this for my anniversary!! Gordon
Khang Ho (19 days ago)
"Just a little of olive oil" *Pours half bottle*
JustinYT (19 days ago)
3:10 hahaha The oil is burnt
C Man (22 days ago)
Are you making scrambled eggs m8?
A-ARON PRE-SENT (25 days ago)
Food porn at its best
Emily Davila (27 days ago)
That intro basically went over the whole video...thanks. On to the next video 😂
Streety McCarface (28 days ago)
For all the americans watching, 190 degrees C is -500 degrees F.
snipper1ie (29 days ago)
An auld farmed salmon. Oh! for real wild salmon, it doesn't need anything but it's self.
Duh Baws (29 days ago)
I could eat that whole salmon.
Oksana Jeter (1 month ago)
Made it last night. Used one large fillet and 20 min bake time, it was enough for 9 people. It turned out great, full of flavour. The idea of doing lemons on the pan before using on fish is very good, adds more flavour. Used garden herbs: rosemary, tarragon, basil, thyme. Everyone loved it! The anise seed also adds a new dimension. Thank you, Gordon, a great recipe and very clear delivered!
Das (1 month ago)
He takes his time to cook Lemons.....smh..only Gordon
Agent Paper (1 month ago)
The way Ramsey keeps slappin his hands together, makes me think he's an ass slapper in the sack😍
Yonutz Adrian (1 month ago)
he forgot to season the oven
Pineal Gland (1 month ago)
That fish spirit probably thinking "why the fuck did I bite that hook."
Michael Hood (1 month ago)
why are there so many videos of him in this shirt? Did they film 40 dishes in one day or something?
Wfijvddjj Klngfdgh (1 month ago)
I added pepper to my ramen noodles today
Pratik Ali (1 month ago)
I've seen a bunch of this guy's videos cooking fish, and I don't know why he hates fish skin. It's considered really tasty where I am from.
Thierry Tuchagues (1 month ago)
Never cook acidic ingredients in aluminium foil. Gordon, you should know better.
MyLifeForAuir87 (2 months ago)
If my portion came out that small i'd ask him for the whole fish..
TheCephalon (2 months ago)
The sauce is gross as fuck
Corey Trevor (2 months ago)
I wanna know how many shots he was floppin that fish around at the beginning
Jayishnupaul 90 (2 months ago)
dont be fool.you cant repeat that.even you are thinking of repeating it.but you cant.
Joe Hawkins Cornwall (2 months ago)
Seems like a lot of hassle for a Sunday lunch....😂
DukeAaron (2 months ago)
I like Ramsey but this recipe is a weird one..
Honesty is Confidence (2 months ago)
my high ass thought gordon ramsey got baked with a fish
JunioR (3 months ago)
190 C or F?
Gamer8837 (3 months ago)
Does anyone know if he was using Celsius when he said to put it into the oven for 190°?
yoxredwolf (3 months ago)
why do you peel the skin dude its like the best part of the fish
logandh2 (3 months ago)
The color isn’t particularly appetizing to me but I’m sure the flavor is fucking ridiculous
Ivan Mercado (3 months ago)
It’s look so simple maybe I’ll try cooking it someday
Dimples VJSJJRJ (3 months ago)
Why is the video exactly 9:11?!?!!?!
mastermind (3 months ago)
2:45 that's a slice not a wedge !!
Jacob Henderson (3 months ago)
This many has so much olive oil, America wants to invade it
Humantyp (3 months ago)
That intro tho
Anthony Collari (4 months ago)
Damn I didn’t know they started allowing porn on YouTube.
BBBYpsi (4 months ago)
He said medium size Salmon? Looked like a very small Salmon to me.
I hope it’s wild fam
Zen RD (4 months ago)
I like it when a guy is skilled, knows what he's doing, and doesn't give a shit about people.
Nya Crea (4 months ago)
Building a spaceship with the foil ! Hahaha Ramsey I do love your recepies they taste amazing !
Ning3n (5 months ago)
Awesome dish! Very easy to make.
Barsabus (5 months ago)
The jumpy camera work and editing is ridiculous
Casey Camby (6 months ago)
4:15 I can’t believe he just assumed that salmons gender
Rizwan Khan (6 months ago)
A salmon's nightmare!
Camila Marie (6 months ago)
ffs my dumbass thought he said 'holiday' sauce 😂
كيرلس حليم (6 months ago)
I smell salmon....
ALF goof (6 months ago)
Bloody Gordon = weigh gain
Paul Michael Lawrence (6 months ago)
Yo Gordon. I tried this recipe and followed it to the T. It tasted like a bucket of shit. You ruined my Christmas eve dinner. Following Jamie Oliver from now on. #yousuckgordon #jamieisbetterthanyouramsay
Patocka Philipp (7 months ago)
Pretty shure that dish is insanely delicious
rob fink (7 months ago)
5:55 "and you know what? fuck it, let's just put the whole bottle of olive oil in there, too."
Clone36 (7 months ago)
Chef’s swagger @4:31
Fiona Ojala (7 months ago)
Jamie Oliver style 😉
foreverergouzi (7 months ago)
has anyone tried to replicate that? Does it really smell "amazing"?
Pavel Janeček (7 months ago)
to je sračka. Fuj
Dolf Kappen (7 months ago)
Dolf Kappen (7 months ago)
7.58 cuts with spoon scoops up with knife
Ioulum (7 months ago)
Dont be afraid of the salmon play with it lick it fuck it.
Thundercoco90 (7 months ago)
Tried this last weekend with rainbow trout. Fish stays moist and the smell is incredibly fresh!
Artur Szwec (7 months ago)
What the purpose to use lemon grass??? if same time you added lemon.
Radioz (7 months ago)
Artur Szwec lemon grass is very different from lemon. Try flavours from both and you will know
Doc Doxpix (7 months ago)
What a Tosser
Bubblegum (7 months ago)
Mate fuck yourself do u kno who the fuck ur talking to. if u think Gordon Ramsay is a tosser your a fucking crabstick. Noone loves you.
Rose Ray (7 months ago)
Where's the non chef version of this? I don't have fresh herbs or a whole salmon😭 I have dried herbs and some fillets(without skin)
OMGFLUX GT GT (7 months ago)
Salmon was drowned by mother nature.
marvelous fishing (7 months ago)
Thaws not lunch that a snack
Orlando Barnes (8 months ago)
Why did he smell olive oil
Headknocker (8 months ago)
Shut the Fuck Up Gordon & Eat that Salmon's Anal Fin..
Anthony Nudalo (8 months ago)
Okay, so I'm skipping the video. But I was wondering if he was using any Olive Oils?
Automaticstop1 (8 months ago)
you did NOT say braise lemons BITCH
Tyler (8 months ago)
I believe those are called Slices of lemon Chef
mistermin (8 months ago)
Devil is in details on this one: weight of salmon, ensuring it’s not too cold before going into oven and quality of the fish... the one I got must have been farmed, white fat oozing out of it when cooked (which took more than 25 mins because it was probably too big and too cold going in). Otherwise amazing flavour combo with the herbs and lemons
Mark O' Sparko (8 months ago)
I never really cooked other than barbeque ever but I took a notion I would do this for a family dinner near Christmas and it is absolutely delicious and simple enough for me to do.  People actually asked for more!
Summer Luster (8 months ago)
That fish looks surprised.
Aziz Habib (8 months ago)
Aluminium foil .....
Abhinav (8 months ago)
I am now a master at making ramen. I can type the right numbers in the microwave without looking at it. And I know the exact amount of pepper to add. Where are my Michelin stars
ChinkMink (8 months ago)
I guess it doesnt matter how long you cook it for lol.
Burhan Mohammed (8 months ago)
It's Raw fuckin Raw get out get out!
Dharaneesh V (8 months ago)
focus the camera only to the cooking. we hearing well the chefs instructions. so no need to oscillates
Vinicius Zamai (9 months ago)
" a sunday lunch " easy like that
1968harmony (9 months ago)
Looks amazing...will try this flavour next time on the Weber Q , thank you.
Gordon Burns (9 months ago)
Grapefruit juice is great, but I am on Statins and can't do grapefruit! So now what?
Iriskenia Fernandez (9 months ago)
that fish shed a tear, he's saying his death wasn't in vain lol!
Xentro (9 months ago)
Nice THICC lemons.
Margarita Martasin (9 months ago)
And That's how is done!! Beautiful..😘😘 I my like salmon now Ramsey...
Alexander (9 months ago)
Whole baked salmon for Sunday lunch? we're not all millionaires Gordon
Antonio Reyes56 (9 months ago)
We're going to bake the tin foil on tin foil be Very generous with the tin foil and we're going to season that tin foil with salt and pepper and a little bit of olive oil
Gregory Kanniard (9 months ago)
"Sunday Lunch"
Sattie Singh (9 months ago)
Love your style in cooking.
The Blunt Gust Voice (9 months ago)
That sauce won't taste bitter with so much of grape fruit??
Chaud314231 (9 months ago)
To appease the god Gordan Ramsey, he demands a virgin sacrifice An Extra Virgin Olive Oil sacrifice
charles wyatt Avendaño (9 months ago)
Gordon's hands is fire proof😂😂
Sameet Khadka (9 months ago)
This is just like kurokiba in food wars souma in autumn selection finale
Carl Pike (9 months ago)
Was the camera man drunk?
Andrew Jatib (9 months ago)
Derp Derpington (9 months ago)
played beethoven over this
Alexander (9 months ago)
that's actually a great idea, i find slowing the speed of the video makes it better also ;D

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