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How To Master 5 Basic Cooking Skills - Gordon Ramsay

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We've compiled five previous videos into one, helping you to master your basic skills in the kitchen. Cooking rice, chopping an onion, sharpening a knife, deboning a fish and cooking pasta. From Gordon's Ultimate Cookery Course. Gordon Ramsay Ultimate Fit Food: http://amzn.to/2FznHtk Subscribe for weekly cooking videos. If you liked this clip check out the rest of Gordon's channels: http://www.youtube.com/gordonramsay http://www.youtube.com/kitchennightmares http://www.youtube.com/thefword
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Text Comments (11981)
Edgar Gonzalez (7 hours ago)
I like how he says butter
Noose (8 hours ago)
5:00 that's not sharpening it's Honing.
Michael James (10 hours ago)
his show is so full of shit. yeah, this scrawny loudmouthed english dude will go into brooklyn and tell italians how to cook their own food taught to them by their mothers while hurling insults. if the show were real it would not have made it past the first italian restaurant before flash gordon had a cleaver in the back of his peanut head.
meshari musaad (10 hours ago)
I am watching in month of ramadan still 6 hours to go
naddanbb (12 hours ago)
deluded bully @gordon
Angel S555 (15 hours ago)
You don't put oil on the boiling water for pasta!!! mamma mia
Whatever Goes (15 hours ago)
I just keep finding more and more celebrities with youtube accounts
Eang Thai Ngov (18 hours ago)
Hello Chef Ramsay, Perfect rice is a mistake! We all are born under different elements! What is perfection without mistakes? ETN...
Shadow77999 (22 hours ago)
thx gordon! finally reached 99 cooking <3
Cooking with Andrew (23 hours ago)
Wow. I'm so much better
Emma Bowen (1 day ago)
just like a perfect snake skin tssss
Daniel Lea (1 day ago)
He forgot to mention the importance of slapping a fish filet onto your cutting board with a lout slap sound at any possible occasion 😂😂😂
Buck Mod (1 day ago)
Zero sharpening skills.
Charr (1 day ago)
Little Objection: Wouldn't it make more sense to have the blade facing AWAY from you when sharpening it instead of inwards?
TheVerity77 (1 day ago)
That is gluggy rice!
0-0 dart monkey (1 day ago)
Brian Stokes (1 day ago)
Damn. Even tap water looks better in Gordon’s kitchen.
gino reese (1 day ago)
nice job,come to nz ill cook you dinner gordon
Jackie Arnolds (2 days ago)
But aren't you supposed to fry the rice before cooking it?
Sagi Tevet (2 days ago)
I‘ve watched ONE Gordon Ramsay video and Youtube doesn’t stop to recommend me videos and now i am stuck 😄
MrLancetnik (2 days ago)
skin is very nutritious, what a waste ... and removing fish bones ... waste of time
Nora Die H0e (3 days ago)
The olive lol nonsens is bs.
Kwakadoekoe (3 days ago)
my kitchen is a fucking warzone, i'd be glad to find anything in there.
Keli Spark (3 days ago)
so pissed I paid 7,000 dollars to learn to cook and they weren't even teaching me right. because here I am . thank u
The Legend 27 (3 days ago)
3:27 sosig
Mae Otilla (3 days ago)
here in the Philippines,we cook rice differently we don't season it😊
James Nguyen (3 days ago)
I'm the best at making rice because I eat it every day
Heather Jones (4 days ago)
He looks like he has to pee the whole time.
Andy Buchanan (4 days ago)
Pasta does not "melt" when you put it in hot water!
Andy Buchanan (4 days ago)
How can this professional chef think that putting olive oil in pasta water will stop it sticking together? The oil floats on the top, you dickhead! It doesn't touch the pasta until you drain it, whereupon it coats the pasta and prevents the sauce from sticking to it properly. DO NOT PUT OIL IN YOUR PASTA WATER.
Andy Buchanan (4 days ago)
Steeling a knife is not sharpening a knife.
Andy Buchanan (4 days ago)
Moritz Weber (4 days ago)
regime troop straight such nurse bed myth hope contribution salmon clinic.
Cookinitmax (4 days ago)
So funny one Chef says no oil in water when cooking pasta because the oil when you take the pasta out won't allow the pasta sauce to stick to the pasta seems reasonable. Yet another Chef says add oil to the water so the pasta don't stick to it self that seems correct to. Also Chef Gordon shows how to sharpen a knife. I was taught you sharpen on a stone then strop it then it's sharpened. I've also learned that a Sharpening steal isn't to sharpen a knife but rather to bring back the blade to its angle thus coming back to its sharpness. I'm not sure what is what any more but yeah if they say so it's got to be true. I've cook Pasta with out oil and never a problem with it sticking never. I guess if you're a pro at what you do it must be true and if not a pro it's not true. I' guess I'll sharpen my knife with out using a stone I guess. It must be great to be famous every one believes you I guess.
Ian Simonovski (4 days ago)
Why do you look like youre holding in your pee.
Rafael Garcia (4 days ago)
only visit daily yukcae symptom veteran back.
5:00 this is not actually sharpening. It just straightens the blade edge.
Cool, now i'm a better chef the 90% of those he roasts on a regular basis.
Russik (5 days ago)
You are my favourite cook.
Laxman Mahato (5 days ago)
3:20 sorry but that was not
Ella Aerts (5 days ago)
Online Russian fly strategy frequency frustration attract orange yard less probably merchant.
Mudavath Sevya (5 days ago)
sir how many years takes to become a sous chef after completion of education
Janoy Cresva (5 days ago)
that yellow pasta is not healthy, poor choice by a "great" chef
Arl Dominic Antonio (5 days ago)
I don't think anyone has the right to criticize him lol. I mean, that's the way he does it and just look at where he is right now.
Ren Ashbell (5 days ago)
how to cook instant noodles please?
D-cat (5 days ago)
For pasta, can you use vegetable or cannoli oil instead of olive oil? I’m allergic to olives ;-;
Toni Grace (5 days ago)
What! No four letter expletives and throwing meat across the kitch! 🍖🍗
Zofu (5 days ago)
What are the pods for the rice called?
Fable93 (5 days ago)
a white man know how to cook desi rice bettee than deso hmm ok
scott gurney (5 days ago)
Sorry..I meant absolute C...
scott gurney (5 days ago)
Eclip (5 days ago)
I live in the middle east southern Iraq we eat rice daily the rice he cooked was his own way but theres also other ways so if you’re asain or whatever it’s fine because we cook rice differently too its not just Gordan
DJ.Sauerkraut (6 days ago)
7:18 two shots of vodka
avaorchid (6 days ago)
Hmm Oil in the water is not necessary or helpful imo. I am not a master chef or anything just a wife who cooks from scratch mostly and oil in the water only makes the sauce not hold that well and wastes a good oil for me. Maybe I am doing it wrong somehow but wouldnt it even make it worse when you add the pasta water with the oil to the sauce to thicken>
victor wouters (6 days ago)
Transition strain capability girlfriend target appeal specific surely chase.
Uglyass Whoor (6 days ago)
Who is this Gordon Ramsay wannabe? not a single cuss word in 7 minutes who are you trying to fool?
MsJigglypuff100 (6 days ago)
"Like you're playing squash." ...wtf is squash... like the vegetable??? Oh you british people and your strange sports.
Mat as (6 days ago)
This can save soo much time https://imatastore.com/collections/kitchen/products/speedy-vegetable-fruit-chopper
UltraRare (7 days ago)
why am i watching this i never cook
Tim Parker (7 days ago)
What in the fuck Gordon!! Nobody cuts the skin off salmon! Just scale it very well.. Bloody hell
Gabriele D'Andrea (7 days ago)
"And let the knife do the woork"
Myrna Gomez (7 days ago)
I just came to the comments to see how many "smart pants" will try to say "thats not how its done, blah blah blah" Please!!!! he is who he is because of all he knows, and just a reminder that everyone cooks differently, but then again; how many of you own 20+ restaurants? If you dont like any of his techniques, dont do them?! But stop pretending you know more just cause you are (insert race).
Christine Joi Lomocso (7 days ago)
All the Asians: just dump it in the rice cooker, wash it, add water up to the first knuckle, turn it on
Chromel Alumel (7 days ago)
Gordon "nice long stroke" Ramsay
3rchaos (7 days ago)
Wait, but, he just honed the knife... He straightened the edge, but there was no sharpening, no steel would have been shaved off... Yeah, the blade will feel sharper but it's not really. Of course I'm not 100%. If I'm wrong let me know, I'm always looking to share the correct info
Ramiro Lemus (7 days ago)
Lol in choped mood
Me gusta su cocina soy fan de usted pero se guallo en el arroz jajaja.
James Saunders (7 days ago)
Did he say, "salmon fill it?" Cocaine is a hell of a drug.
D Mp (8 days ago)
My dog is asking for the salmon skin..
Miles Thorson (8 days ago)
I never cry. Weird eh?
Rock Climber (8 days ago)
Their is only 1 Basic cooking skill Put Ramsay in a huge boiler and boil the ass for an hour then hang up to thoroughly dry. I hate this man and i don't hate many but he is the rudest asshole I have ever seen ever! I would love to knock his wimpy ass out!
Kyle Joslin (8 days ago)
Fucking love this guy. He's inspired me.
Winnie Muchiri (8 days ago)
You MUST get tips on making rice from the Swahili
SnerpdeDerp (9 days ago)
My ass is sharper than every knife I own
Bongo Frenzy (9 days ago)
Iracena Velazquez (9 days ago)
Nina Krulic (9 days ago)
you are my hero I'm doing my best to study your teachings thank you I'm a huge fan man I know you must hear that all the time but I mean it you helped me through some really dark times thank you sir
Kin (9 days ago)
I do like how jumpy and enthusiastic he is when making these instructional videos. You can tell he enjoys doing it.
hertzkasper (9 days ago)
What a drugged out idiot...
Melisa P (9 days ago)
The cameraman seems like moving kinda lot
William Francis (9 days ago)
Wts dat music bfre evry tip... I so lyk it
thevoxdeus (9 days ago)
Salt and pepper even on pasta?
Why that video has dislikes?
SH Smashdown (9 days ago)
I bet he is how to basics brother
Arianna Heart (10 days ago)
At my school, you can put your fork in the rice and lift up the entire serving. It's extremely sticky and mushy and bland.
Mike (10 days ago)
thought it was ironic that, for me at least, this video was preceded by an olive garden commercial. because they know good cooking. lol
Jan Schleuter (10 days ago)
i never thought to cook pasta using oil to avoid them sticking together, that's a mind blow to me. I will definetly use this the next time!
Gary Cheong (10 days ago)
westerners cook rice just doesn't work, in fact, for a western Michelin to be a world standard to judge Asian cuisine doesn't work
BG Squiff (10 days ago)
‘Do not take the lid on off.’ ‘Lid off.’ ‘Beautiful’
phi cai (10 days ago)
the rice's a bit watery with 1:1+1/2, it wouldn't do for Asians
ffgew22 (10 days ago)
The oil to stop sticking pasta actually ends up hurting you, because then any sauces don't stick to the pasta either
takku 88 (10 days ago)
Keeping a root of onion isn't the only way.. Keep onions cool temperature like fridge and use really sharp knife. Then you avoid tears..
GnomeK (11 days ago)
I dont give a shit if he's getting angry easly. I dont give a fuck i cant cook. *Gordon Ramsay is still an amazing Man.*
Annoyed badger (11 days ago)
lul, oil in pasta.....oh dear.
Glenn Heckmann (11 days ago)
Your the best chef we love you
Lions FuV Anise
Aiders Guy (11 days ago)
What is the problem with the camera guy
Sheng Wang (12 days ago)
Salt and pepper in every meal 🤨
Lidia Franks (12 days ago)
Bummer, I really wanted to watch this but I almost got motion sickness from all the camera movement. ☹️
secretdeath (12 days ago)
I need to learn how to cook I don't see my ugly fat ass getting a girlfriend anytime soon to take care of me..

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