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How To Master 5 Basic Cooking Skills - Gordon Ramsay

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We've compiled five previous videos into one, helping you to master your basic skills in the kitchen. Cooking rice, chopping an onion, sharpening a knife, deboning a fish and cooking pasta. From Gordon's Ultimate Cookery Course. Gordon Ramsay Ultimate Fit Food: http://amzn.to/2FznHtk Subscribe for weekly cooking videos. If you liked this clip check out the rest of Gordon's channels: http://www.youtube.com/gordonramsay http://www.youtube.com/kitchennightmares http://www.youtube.com/thefword
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Text Comments (12881)
Kaveh Espili (11 minutes ago)
He botched the rice
Pekka Hakanen (2 hours ago)
Its funny how every kid in the comment section is debating with gordon ramsays teachings
Said Kemal Erdogan (3 hours ago)
Should the fire be running at maximum or minimum
WinterWolfie Master (5 hours ago)
My sisters only nine yrs old but she joined a cooking contest this vid will help her alot
Charlie (6 hours ago)
the onion choping reminded me of cooking mama
Joe Purdell (8 hours ago)
Francis Lee (9 hours ago)
conner jonson (10 hours ago)
45 degrees lmfao sharp knife bro. Marco is better butthole
Diego Rodriguez (11 hours ago)
Skill no.6 : Don't fucking burn it!!! Anyone can quote Ramsey on this one.
A Godly God (12 hours ago)
When pornhub uploads a new video 3:30
Rafał Maliszewski (14 hours ago)
It looks as if he’s on some uppers.
john johnson (14 hours ago)
A beautiful fill it of salmon
Toan Thai Nguyen (15 hours ago)
Thanks to Master Ramsey people can cook and eat healthier food. Respect to Master Naomichi Yasuda, Master Gordon Ramsey and Master Bent Stiansen.
Rajugar Mikadzuki (18 hours ago)
AHHHHHHH GORDON WHAT THE HACK IS WRONG WITH YOU !! my aunt would die if she see dat you put oil in the pastawater! i rly like your food but sometimes i could scream about what you do but only sometimes
HeritageDrPepper (19 hours ago)
Did he say the rice would be nice and light and fluffy? Or was it hard, dense and rough? I think I missed it.
MGB (23 hours ago)
Why are Gordon Ramseys videos at the top of my feed? I don't watch cooking videos or him.
Boba Fett (1 day ago)
3:50 P U L L... the skin
Robert Spaulding (1 day ago)
Ricin? No thanks Mr Ramsay, I prefer life.
Joerell Sioson (1 day ago)
thats uncooked rice tbh.
Park Jimin-Ah (1 day ago)
tf why do you kept moving it's bothering me can you even calm tf
the dog's knees (1 day ago)
Steve Phillips (1 day ago)
Or, unless you like arsenic, 1 part rice and 5 parts water.
The end Throw everything and add some olive oil in the pan . And then it is finish . Beautiful olive oil
SUN JY (1 day ago)
That is too much work for cooking rice, ask Chinese, We eat rice almost everyday. All we do just wish the rice and add water, that’s it. Why would you need seasoning the rice ?
The Flyn Panther (1 day ago)
How is “as close to the root as possible, Nice, (long pause) strokes
innosanto (1 day ago)
Basmati is my favorite rice, but it is not the king of rices. There are rices that are better for different recipees. For example Arborio is the king for risottos, Karolina rice is the best for some other recipees, Jasmine Rice for others, Parboiled for others. People who are supposed to know talk as if they don't know anything. Most probably Mr Ramsay knows but talks some bull to make the videos more exciting with extreme remarks.
we love to watch you do your magic in your kitchen! thanks for all your awesome tips. LONG LIVE GORDON RAMSAY
Ingrid Christensen (1 day ago)
acid before for architecture commercial circuit fold television abroad
Dong Edward (1 day ago)
2:01 ew
itsLoveLee (1 day ago)
I just love this video lesson thank you chef Gordon 😍😍
Donnie N (1 day ago)
That’s not how you cook basmati rice! He might be a great chef but he obviously doesn’t shit about cooking rice!
Ryan Hopwood (1 day ago)
Why would you skin a salmon?
Jessica White (1 day ago)
He looks like he needs a piss
ptrinch (1 day ago)
There's millions of Italian grandmothers rolling in their graves. You NEVER add salt to pasta after it's cooked. The salt goes in the water you boil it in. This is worse than forgetting the lamb sauce!!!
Gaurav Yadav (1 day ago)
am i the only one who thinks that the rice cooked by me is better than this perfectly cooked rice.
its Kiana (1 day ago)
for the pasta can i use any oil and not just olive?
Jhapoy Gaming (1 day ago)
Lol is that a perpect rice😂😂 i though its a dog vomit😂😂😂
Julia Zh (1 day ago)
He makes me feel anxious.. the pace of the video and him hopping about.
Mon Mac (2 days ago)
💜💜 *Thks..GREAT tips..so much energy he jogs between instructions*
RDT X (2 days ago)
Olive oil in boiling water? Someone can kill for that in Italy. Ma va cagá..
Alex (2 days ago)
My Tipp; Let the guy that sells you the fish do the work for you. Perfekt! And for fuck sake dont put oil in the water, and wait with the salt until its boiling. God is it so hard?
PVT MILLER (2 days ago)
If you put oil in the water when cooking pasta, it makes the sauce not stick to the pasta when it's cooked. Had an old Italian lady smack me across the head because i put oil in the water when cooking pasta. Just make sure you have plenty of of boiling water and that will stop the pasta from sticking.
Serenity Scratch (2 days ago)
People in the comments thinking they know better about cooking than a man with 16 michelin stars
Myrna Mendoza (2 days ago)
I thought star anise is only for adobo. Hahaha pwede pala pansaing nuko.😂
MyArms2short2masterB8 (2 days ago)
Why are there thumbs down? 4.4K
KiKi ZZANG (2 days ago)
oh...great skill..!! very good....!!
Giuseppe Ciaccio (2 days ago)
Chef, I never add oil to the water and my pasta doesn't stick. In my country oil is so precious that you can't afford to waste it in the water. But anyone can do as he pleases. :-)
Amanda Oberoi (2 days ago)
Sandra Siegler (2 days ago)
If you add oil to the pasta to prevent it from sticking, any sauce that you add later will not stick either.  I made that mistake for quite some time until my spouse pointed it out to me.  Big mistake adding oil to the water while cooking pasta.
Serenity Scratch (2 days ago)
and how many michelin stars do you have?
shadowbeast (2 days ago)
How did I get here......but I'm not complaining
daAnder71 (3 days ago)
While his knife skills are, of course, excellent as one can expect from a professional chef, his “sharpening“ technique is utterly shitty. Not only that you just use a steel rod for an intermediate touch-up to realign the edge, but the way he does it he rather dulls the knife than make it sharp. Like rubbing one‘s hands this technique is nothing but a cook’s gesture to show that there’s going to be action. And his sponsor will be glad to send another knife no matter how many he dulls.
Fox McFog (3 days ago)
Mr Ramsey Kun , can I learn how to make...Pancakes? I am a lawyer in a crisis. Please help.
Serenity Scratch (2 days ago)
Enduro Ness (3 days ago)
My eyes are watering at the beginning lol
Julius Wagner (3 days ago)
Suit turkey Olympics press hope seed faith across luck car fortune.
RiSe Looped (3 days ago)
I love when he smacks the Salmon on the counter 😂😂
Lolita De Guzman (3 days ago)
Looks like you love star anise so much I'm not so keen about it ...
Petite Otaku (3 days ago)
I'm hurt in my feelings. NEVER ad oil in the water when you cook pasta. It's useless (water and oil never mix).
Ex It (3 days ago)
Thats not how u cook rice....
Serenity Scratch (2 days ago)
You know there is more than one way to cook rice right? Are you sure you know better than a man who has achieved 16 Michelin stars?
SharpShooterPlum (3 days ago)
i'm surprised you didn't say to your self "WHAT THE FUCK ARE YOU DOING"
Jacob Huntjens (3 days ago)
4400 people cut their fingers off trying this, at least they had any left to press the dislike button
Wait Hes left handed Why he does some shit with his right tho
Serenity Scratch (2 days ago)
As a left handed person, there are some things that I do with my right hand, like using scissors.
Ethananous512 (3 days ago)
Gordon Ramsay
Pat Weiser (3 days ago)
I had always read that adding oil to pasta prevented the sauce from sticking to it.....
Eddy John Sierra (3 days ago)
no no no Gordon! l'olio nell'acqua per la pasta NO! The oil in the water for Pasta NO! Never. It prevents the pasta to assimilate the sauce !
Mister Yoso (4 days ago)
Why you're so energetic?
Kooniiee (4 days ago)
Nice long strokes
Jin’s Ramen (4 days ago)
Jin’s Ramen (4 days ago)
I use a rice cooker. SO HAHA
J Meezy (4 days ago)
Bruh does he have to go piss or something cuz he always jumping and dancin around when he cooks 🤣🤣🤣
Serenity Scratch (2 days ago)
its passion
Suzy Kaur (4 days ago)
hes always pumped up with energy...wat gives
Serenity Scratch (2 days ago)
he loves to cook
Ronak Thakare (4 days ago)
Thats not a perfectly cooked rice......i can do it in a better way
Ronak Thakare (1 day ago)
but thats nit a perfect rice
Serenity Scratch (2 days ago)
Ronak Thakare It wasn't "watery" it absorbed all the water, it was fluffy. It is a great recipe, and honestly, rice can be cooked more ways than one. Sticky rice isn't always the right way.
Ronak Thakare (2 days ago)
U don't need Michelin stars to cook proper rice..........rice should not be watery after its cooked
Serenity Scratch (2 days ago)
alright do it then. Let me know how many Michelin stars you achieve.
Edward Lorn (4 days ago)
Cocaine's a helluva drug
Balinda Samples (4 days ago)
Imagine he has to teach this to a whole bunch of restaurants behind the scenes in Kitchen Nightmares! Gordon Ramsay I am truly impressed
Serenity Scratch (2 days ago)
He is a great man
MrHairyTeabag (4 days ago)
Meh - if yer pasta sticks you've overcooked it - oil isn't needed
Abigail Marquez (4 days ago)
I'm filipino and I manually cook rice three times a day and it hurts to watch how Gordon cooked his 😢😢😢
Master Blackthorne (4 days ago)
I don't deny he's a great cook, but I wouldn't want to meet him in a pub after he's had a few pints.
javier roa villaroel (4 days ago)
A la pasta no se le echa aceite mono klo
BaguetteEtCheese (5 days ago)
So much olive oil for a pasta... Ewwww
Amumu The Sad Mummy (5 days ago)
Imagine being that salmon being skinned by Gordon Ramsay
Price Crushers (5 days ago)
Michelin Star - Food Thermometer - Buy Now for only £2.68 - https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/142699855243
Oni Calalo (5 days ago)
Onion chopping will be my first lesson. I did it wrong all the time. Rice, depending on what variety especially Thai Jasmine, 1:2 on my ratio. Fish, Salmon's head alone is expensive enough, what more for the body? Greetings from Philippines, Mr. Ramsay & thanks for the basic lessons.
Jejomar Abengaña (5 days ago)
I'm an Asian and I don't know that rice can be cook that way 😂
Serenity Scratch (2 days ago)
Basmati rice isnt used very much in Asian cuisine anyways. Jasmine rice is more preferable. There isn't just one way to cook rice, you know.
Nina Setiowati (5 days ago)
Masak nasi mah pake rice cooker aja tinggal click jadi
J (5 days ago)
...on today’s episode of Cooking On Crystal Meth
Dix B (5 days ago)
I fucking hate him he’s annoying
Serenity Scratch (1 day ago)
Dix B neither does he
Dix B (1 day ago)
Serenity Scratch I don’t disrespect people because I’m better or more richer
Serenity Scratch (2 days ago)
16 Michelin stars, a great career, helped hundreds of restaurant and hotels from going out of business, funded a disabled boy with a cooking dream out of his own pocket, and despite being so successful in the cooking industry, he still manages to run marathons and live a healthy lifestyle and publish his own books. What have you done?
Emilio Valadez (5 days ago)
3:29 ¡SMACK!
manu bustamante (5 days ago)
Its the blah blah chef
Serenity Scratch (2 days ago)
You mean the chef that has 16 Michelin stars?
Exploit Space (5 days ago)
gotta love the G Dogg!
skylar15123 (5 days ago)
gordon how do i cook the perfect meth
I come from away ,, Great video.. i love your chanel..
Randy (5 days ago)
I'm a Chinese and your rice is too wet. It's not perfect.
Serenity Scratch (2 days ago)
Chinese prefer Jasmine rice anyways, not Basmati, although that it sometimes is used. Many cultures cook rice in various ways, and having sticky, dry rice is not always ideal for every recipe. Wet, fluffy rice is eaten all throughout Europe and other cultures. I am sure Gordon Ramsey, who has achieved 16 Michelin stars for his efforts, knows what he is talking about.
Bobster986 (6 days ago)
I heard that using oil in the pasta water does stop it from sticking together, but also stops the sauce from sticking to the pasta 🍝 afterwards. Which is best?
Ed Plain (6 days ago)
Gordon....go take a piss already....the Pee Pee dance you always do?, what's with that?????
Caoun (6 days ago)
Ashley Summerfield (6 days ago)
Why do I have like a massive crush on Gordon Ramsay
Serenity Scratch (2 days ago)
Youre not the only one.
Brittany Whiting (6 days ago)
My mom taught me how to chop onion the same exact way. Except when I slice the onion horizontally I do more slices than that, so when I chop the onion is comes out finer. I just have a weird obsession with fine precision.
toofarpunk (6 days ago)
All that olive oil will close the pores of the pasta. Rice was still too wet.
Serenity Scratch (2 days ago)
Rice was perfect to me
James Heller (6 days ago)
i wanna see him cook with my stuff in kitchen.... not with new....
Serenity Scratch (2 days ago)
He has a great video on kitchen essentials to become a better cook and its all basic tools for affordable prices
hvymettle (6 days ago)
Adding olive oil to the water for boiling pasta to prevent clumping is unnecessary. Just stir regularly and it will not clump. The oil will coat the pasta and prevent it from absorbing the sauce. Gordon is quite incorrect about that.
toofarpunk (6 days ago)
hvymettle yep. You want the noods to stick together. They will unstick when added to whatever dish you’re cooking.
Heikki Ojanen (6 days ago)
That fish part was quite weird imo. When you have a knife sharp enough, no sawing motion is needed. "Sawing" the fillet just Leaves skin side uneaven. The bones in salmon go little further than in middle.

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