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Vietnam street food - Cooking 100 Snails for 3 People Family Dinner Meal in Vietnam

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Vietnam street food is more than just normal food. It's about organic and plentiful sources of food to cook. If you are lucky enough, you will have a chance to eat Snails for street food in Vietnam. This food is very organic and requires a lot of effort to cook. Vietnamese catch snails, specifically land snails from banana trees after heavy rains to make the best snails dish in the world. My Vietnamese neighbor was so knowledgeable in cooking snails. She cooked three different dishes from snails that her husband caught. Serving snails for Vietnam street food, she has opened my eyes for an amazing food experience. The land snails are more tasty, crunchy and juicy than normal snails. I loved it all, the snail soup, stir fried snails and BBQ grilled snails. Such a great Vietnamese snail street food for 3 People Family Dinner Meal in Vietnam ➤ Subscribe for new episode of Vietnamese street food every week. ➤ Follow my personal FB: https://www.facebook.com/RawStreetCapture101

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Cori The Cat (1 hour ago)
I saw another video where a professional Sushi 🍣 chef cleans his eels with the salt, in the same way, to get all the slime off. They look really clean. Although I don’t think I would try one the whole video is super interesting and it looks real good actually.
Carla Perim (7 hours ago)
S로레나 (9 hours ago)
¿Caracoles? ¿Es en serio? No me sorprendería que ahora también les guste tragar mierda 😒
TMarcia Williams (11 hours ago)
I am from Anguilla and that snail came onto the island in some plants and took over the whole island. We were told it's poisonous. Glad to see they are not but we don't eat these types of delicacies, So I guess they gonna continue to over populate the place :-(
nezomi (13 hours ago)
;( takie żywe prosto do wrzątku?
Luis MB (14 hours ago)
Here in Spain snails are a very common food too. I no longer eat them though :S
May Kece (15 hours ago)
Di indonesia ga di makan
Simia Campos2 (15 hours ago)
Duvido brasileiro comer lesma😄 q nuejokkk
Simia Campos2 (15 hours ago)
Vem pro brasil q vcs não morre de fome😂
so me (1 day ago)
Lily's Life (1 day ago)
The mom snail! HER EGGS
Minette (2 days ago)
That's not even a hundred.
Yasna Astorga (2 days ago)
Am I the only one who felt sad watching this?
Joey Sal (2 days ago)
The slime and the snails didn't disgust me, as the same glove ur using from the point you washed and cleaned and removed the gutts to the point ur cooking it, same glove! As if u never cleaned! Ur gloves turned yellow from the insides of the snails and stained, and still the same! Ewwww
Joey Sal (2 days ago)
Ekkhhh slimy eekhhh ewww! But they say it's full of collagen
Joey Sal (2 days ago)
Ohh look it pooped at the beginning
Maira Silva (3 days ago)
Puta merda!! Isso é nojento demais!!🙊🙊 Com todo respeito a cultura alheia mas por Deus não conseguiria comer isso nem por decreto! 😰😲😷
Zander Kane (3 days ago)
You Dirty, Dirty, fucking bastards
Leanne Klrn (4 days ago)
I never thought of eating garden snails i have a lot in my backyard... I love eating sea snails at the seafood restaurant though yummy
Deny Gatson (4 days ago)
İ feeding this giant african snails in my channel
Angie Boggs (4 days ago)
Those Snails Nasty food Yuk i Would Pitch in Garbage
LOVE LOVE (4 days ago)
Johan Michael (7 days ago)
Every time I catch garden snails (in the morning they come in droves) I put salt on them and let them fizzle and die and then I chuck them in the bin.
Elson Wong (7 days ago)
if u having this I telling you you won't try to eat another food!! yummy 😊😊
TK GamingKH (8 days ago)
NO that's gross!
pobembe1958 (8 days ago)
These things do carry bilharzia/Schistosomiasis . Those cooked in the coconut don't even reach a boil.
ian hecoxs (8 days ago)
Kayla Juntilla (8 days ago)
You're welcome to my backyard. Take it free of charge. 😷
yağız doğan (9 days ago)
ohhhh protein maşallah mis mis ananızı avradınızı sikem sizin
buddha budz (10 days ago)
Waste a lot of fuckin water ... just for some nasty ass bug food . Go eat some twigs and bark you savages
Evelyn Kate (10 days ago)
Que nooojoooo mdxxxx coragem ! Puta que pariuuuuu
Meghan Clarke (10 days ago)
Jasmine Ali (10 days ago)
Come to India I will serve you tasty foods... Seriously m vegan I hate this types of foods... How can you eat this.. Yakk
JV Permosil (11 days ago)
You cooked a slug, Tsunade Senju would be furious.
Saiko Fueguchi (11 days ago)
I swear I can’t stop watching videos like this! So fucking amazing to see how they cook food!
白小 (11 days ago)
yafes199 (12 days ago)
precious (12 days ago)
10 fucking midroll ads holy shit
FootSoldier (14 days ago)
looks delicious
Rianty Amanda (16 days ago)
d daerah jwa gtuan gk ada yg ngmbilin'jijik liatnx
Mo Money (17 days ago)
Damn. Asians really do eat anything.
Francys (17 days ago)
Eca caramujo africano 😲
Lun towa Muenkhiree (17 days ago)
โถ่วว. สเนวกู โดนแดกสะแล้วว 😰😰
bbhh mmmppp (18 days ago)
That is a lot of baby achatina fulicas.I have them as pets.Really heartbreaking to see them being eaten.
Jessica Prado (18 days ago)
Que nojoooo
samar ghafoor (18 days ago)
Hi, I am Pakistani. well we didnt eat snails bt We Pakistanies respect Other countries Cultures and dishes...I t feels Good to watch this video...And U are amazing...Love U
sayonara lily (18 days ago)
Kita wassap tak dijawab tapi dari hujung sana sindir sindir macam nak kabo sesuatu. Gitu la perangai bujang terlajak melayu kalau dh mati pucuk tapi nk tunjuk macho. Mcm dia laku sgt nk jawab wasappun kna tunggu giliran.
Mike Jackson (19 days ago)
In the near future people are going to be killing each other to eat these.
Bushra Monowar (20 days ago)
Wow. I had a culinary awakening today! Respect to Vietnam! Diversity is beautiful :) love from Bangladesh. We don't eat snail here but eat as you like brothers . God gave us the earth, as long as we protect it and it's animals and take our food without depleting nature, we are all good. Eating snails is not harming anyone so it's good :) peace
Power Fitness (21 days ago)
Hamblam (22 days ago)
Não, obrigado. Dessa vez eu passo...
animal cruelty i have pet snails?
Aziz Daidara (22 days ago)
John Doe (22 days ago)
You need a lot of water to prepare these
npaujbais (23 days ago)
I don't mind the snail but that slime... 😝
mommymode1985 (23 days ago)
All that mucous is an instant no go for me. I'd vomit right away.
lex sayadi (25 days ago)
this is needed more process just to make ur stomach safe
lance ed (25 days ago)
Yeuwwwww uuuwekkkk dirty food
MrDude88 (25 days ago)
Escargot anyone? Did you know, Gordon Ramsey loves eating snails too. I think he would be happy to see it’s not cooked the traditional way of cooking it in garlic butter. I love escargot.
Repetables ellos tansikiera no mueren d hambre pobre d mi
Snow Ball (26 days ago)
This is the snail that I killed yesterday..aigoo sorry..
Fatima Nascimento (26 days ago)
Esses insetos não são aqueles venenosos? 🤔
Billie Pirare (26 days ago)
may may (26 days ago)
ที่บ้านมีหลายตัวเรย ชอบออกมาหากินตอนกลางคืน แต่ม่รุ้ว่ากินได้มั้ยตัวใหญ่แบบนี้เรย
Richard LAI (27 days ago)
You need to cook it well because it very dirty. Have a lot of larvae of helminths in it.
jhommer palomer (27 days ago)
we have lots of snail like that here in the Philippines. u can take it all if you want! of course, its free! 🙊
👑K.RIZzLA (28 days ago)
Very clean!!! TFS...👍to the Chef...
Anzi Zoro (28 days ago)
bloody snail...mostly part of asian eats everything such as snail,worm,scorpion,snake,all creatures.but most asian are more healthier than the western people.I never eat them before and I'm enjoying watching other cultures cooking all that kind of stuff.
Brenda Royte (28 days ago)
What the fuck!!!hungry people...i always kick off like this snails
KÍCH TÂY (28 days ago)
i tried delicious :))
Karen Kissoon (29 days ago)
Did they just boil these poor creatures alive?😐
śladami myszek (29 days ago)
Poor snails [*]
Mc Kay de Vera (30 days ago)
Ang dami niyan sa likod ng bahay nmin hindi Yan kinakain sa Pinas
Siti Norsyafiqah (30 days ago)
Not being rude but is it me or that cooked snails looks like vagina with slime? 🤔
Ann Jones (30 days ago)
Oh my God
lê thanh (30 days ago)
món ăn khinh dị ở việt nam😷😷😷
นี้มันหอยทากบ้านกูนิ แดกได้หรอว่ะ
Ayna Damia (30 days ago)
Babi's siput...
Ridz Zahidz (30 days ago)
Ignore those people cursing your foods....we cant eat that snail....because its prohibited in our religion....in case of emergency let say during war if there is nothing to eat accept this type of snail, we re permitted to eat to save our life...thank you for sharing the way of processing the snail...
Can Van (1 month ago)
dơ dáy
Suong Ngoc (1 month ago)
không an toàn lắm.
sarkmr123 (1 month ago)
very informative. Thanks.
the GazettE (1 month ago)
Jakeline Cordeiro (1 month ago)
eu ainda não sei como vim parar aqui
Scott C (1 month ago)
These are land snails (con sen) vs. aquatic snails (con oc). I grew up in VN and used to see these snails everywhere.  Back then, people didn't eat these because they were considered unclean.  Time has changed.
黃國益 (1 month ago)
Viet Nam an nhũng mon an that khung kiep
Van Tuong Nguyen (1 month ago)
Toi thay dang thieu 1 cong doan . mon nay tou tung da la .nhung khong dam an
Toan Lù (1 month ago)
dép tổ ong nấu ốc sên là tuyệt nhất.
Hung Dinh (1 month ago)
Ốc này ở chỗ tôi nhiều vô kể cứ thấy cứt chó là nó bâu đầy
trooooololol (1 month ago)
In France they call it escargot. Why people freaking out lol. Its fucking good
Kim Hee-sun (1 month ago)
Joker Iha (1 month ago)
I was wit it til the slimey shit after it boiled started
Michael Villanueva (1 month ago)
They just cook the snail..but.i didnt saw they eat the snail..😃🤣😂
BHT Roman (1 month ago)
Chỗ t kêu ốc này là ốc bà chằn hoặc ốc ma ík nó ăn cỏ ăn lá cây rác gì cx ăn ăn cả giun cơ tởm lắm nhìn ko mún ăn rồi @@!
Facu Dibujos (1 month ago)
Jesantoni Hevileon (1 month ago)
And the USA invaded Vietnam to import those delicious dishes!
Rosana Coelho (1 month ago)
Esse cozido na água de Coco, que nojeira. Nossa!!!
Mow1709 (1 month ago)
Pls God, send them another big Tsunami

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