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Easy Spicy Thai Chicken Green curry recipe - cooking video

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This is another recipe that i love cooking, thats very easy to make and also super delicious. you should try it out and let me know what you think :) like and Sub
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Jiveboy's Food's (8 months ago)
Amazing recipe your best video yet,like 17
Borrowed Delights (2 years ago)
This is delicious !!!! I LOVE curry - great recipe :p Chika ~host of Borrowed Delights Cooking Channel
vanessa anozie (2 years ago)
I'm definitely going to be trying out all these recipes! 😄
Jeulianne (2 years ago)
great video girl, keep making more ^^ <3 btw check out my newest one too <3
Everyday Adrian (2 years ago)
What's up! You made a great video! I hope I can make a video like that! Check out my channel and Subscribe! Your awesome! 👏🏼👍🏼👌🏼😀
Shaunz World (2 years ago)
Yes yes, new subbie! I love curry ohmygawd! Would like if you subbed back to mine as well. I'll be watching cause I love food lol x
Shaunz World (2 years ago)
welcome hun, Thanks for witchingly videos as well, awesome xx
Thank you so much... I appreciate it and will be watching urs too ❤️
Saiyanmupo M (2 years ago)
keep it up thats amazing
Saiyanmupo M (2 years ago)
you're getting sooo much better
+Saiyanmupo M haha thanks you... still improving. got a lot to learn still but getting there.
doublejbbq (2 years ago)
yum, looks awesome
+doublejbbq Thnk you... it really is delish :)
barca dee (2 years ago)
Love the smiles And food 👍🏽👍🏽👍🏽👍🏽
+diana dee Thank you sunshine <33 glad u love it
Vincenzos Plate (2 years ago)
Beautiful recipe my dear. I have to try it. Have a nice weekendCiao Vincenzo
+Vincenzos Plate aww thank you so much... you should definitely try. its delicious :)
DOLCE RITA (2 years ago)
this looks so yummy!!💕
+homemade recipes Thaankyou so much. :) glad you like it <3
Lisa T Lets Cook (2 years ago)
Looks delicious!!
+Lisa T Lets Cook Something THank you heaps :)

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