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SEALs' Top Dog: German Shepherd

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Full story: http://bit.ly/jHwjAa German shepherds, SEALs' star breed, close in on the top spot in America. Justin Rocket Silverman meets them head-on. Video by Scott Broock
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Kristen Humble (5 days ago)
This Alex guy seems like a real grade A badass
naveen zfg (13 days ago)
that is Belgian Malinos not
Lilly Sattler (21 days ago)
I have a male German Shepherd and he will attack any one he dose not trust but he is a big sweetie pie to my family.
Uwe Buehrle (24 days ago)
German special forces: anti dog training. They have metal chain gloves, and grab the dog direct in the mouth, than this Soldiers are twisting the dogs upper and lower jaw in opposite directions , that is the less strongest part of the jaw. The chain gloves will protect the soldier from the teeth of the dog. Once the dogs jaw is twisted and dammaged the dog will not be able to bite anymore. Still, if the dog is stii attacking the special soldier ( also that is the training of the french foreign legion ) than the dogs eyes is the next to be damaged.
Zeek M (28 days ago)
Deep state at it's finest. German Shepards straight out of nazi germany. It has to stop.
Can Görken (29 days ago)
Sad these dogs are with biggest actual terrorists
Roseann Lee (1 month ago)
So bad ass!!! Love it!!
Eliel Tavarez (1 month ago)
My boy fell on the dog
DominoDonaldson (1 month ago)
Yeah it wasn’t a German Shepherd on the UBL raid... but this comment holds no weight just like this video, because we don’t have a trident nor dog handling skills...
Peter Page (1 month ago)
There is NOTHING like a German Shepherd!
Josef Schneider (1 month ago)
Dave Vd (2 months ago)
1:09 did he just fall on the good boy ?
Anonymous (2 months ago)
"America's best weapon?" What about the M4? Or the Hellfire or Tomahawk missile? Or the nuclear warhead? I get war dogs are important but come on. I hardly think they're our "best" weapon
K Hunt (2 months ago)
Love it! When my kids were old enough to become latchkey, I got one Rottweiler for the inside and one for the outside. Dogs are better than alarms.
C B (2 months ago)
I highly respect our men and women who served and their beautiful doggies!
Littlefizzz (2 months ago)
1:08 you fell on the dog
Darrin Morgans (2 months ago)
BULLSHIT... OSAMA BIN LADEN had a CIA Code Name: Tim Osman ...Israel's Mossad did 9/11, nuke israel!!!
Divine Gaming (2 months ago)
A dog with titanium teeth... 🤔 that’s a bit scary.
Zsa Zsa Umbra (3 months ago)
That last guy is a fucking psycho and his dog is malnourished and has been driven mad. None of that was Shutzhund. That was some redneck, doomsday prepper abusing a dog so he can fulfill his homicidal fantasies.
RAGE KIDZ (3 months ago)
Am weak
Kelsey Bigler (3 months ago)
Was the dog hurt in 1:10
P. Chretien (3 months ago)
So tbat supposed independent operator is overtraining his dogs until their teeth break so he ca brag up forcing them to get repeated surgeries to implant titanium teeth? What a jerk.
house cloud (3 months ago)
respect gsd.
Rajdeep Ghosh (3 months ago)
You shoot me down but I won't fall, I am titanium!
James Frederick (3 months ago)
Communist Dog (3 months ago)
If this unit attack me in the house they will face my trained eathworm with AK 47
Zayne Williams (3 months ago)
Bin Laden was shot im the head by a navy seal
Cold German Beer (3 months ago)
Reality Check: Very poor training
saltyspares (3 months ago)
German shepherds are such beautiful dogs
kingikiller (3 months ago)
There is always that one redneck hick who “lives off the grid” and just ant right in the head.
ThΞ HØly RΔT (3 months ago)
These gsd are beast more than the m Gsd are beast
Slappy McKracken (3 months ago)
(after putting on giant padded suit) "let's see what this dog is made of!" dog lunges immediately for his face and clamps on to his nose...
KAIJU MECHA (3 months ago)
Cute dogs
DM P (3 months ago)
I'd be surprised if the dog didn't get injured at 1:08 after the running guy fell straight on him.
LostGuy81 (3 months ago)
what a piece of shit the trainer is." titanium teeth" and his shirt shows also how small his wiener is. human garbage.
Yuyu Htoo (4 months ago)
Not all of them are German shepherd some of them are Belgian malinois too. I have German shepherd and Belgian malinois.
Antiglobalist (4 months ago)
I have farts that could choke a donkey.
fuzzy fuzzy (4 months ago)
Those are Belgian manilois
Raidion (4 months ago)
I have the terrorist killing dog, a German Shepherd.
AntVision (4 months ago)
actually, you have 8 fingers
Zero (4 months ago)
I trained my dog (Who Is Half German Shepherd and half Timber wolf) To Stay in my neighbourhood and mine only, I don’t have to worry about him running away 😎 Edit: HE JUST RAN AWAY 😭😭😭😭
BGaming Videos (4 months ago)
Just think of an army of kevlar armored attack dogs would do to the Taliban or ISIS!
Awesome 390 (4 months ago)
Imagine being the cameraman when the dog is runnin towards you lol
Lauren Chaikin (4 months ago)
Wow. This guy in red protective jacket is HOT!
Extra White Sweet Mint (4 months ago)
And when it comes to real life, it's just one shot with that AK and *poof* your wet police k9 unit dreams... gone.
YeahNo101 ? (4 months ago)
There’s an amazing documentary on SF dogs. Pretty amazing what they train them to do. Thru ear piece than can have them do recon or subue or even kill an enemy.
XMIR10C (4 months ago)
Dicky Ball (4 months ago)
FUCK that shit.
Alexander Dunbar (5 months ago)
Crazy my name is Alex Dunbar too
Sir Harry Hirsch (5 months ago)
So we are. Germans.😆😆😆
imnufktsdude (5 months ago)
Most of those are Belgians...
Saikat Sengupta (5 months ago)
If we only could train Wolf for this....
Mitch McPike (5 months ago)
Ok first fact for you is the titanium teeth are WORSE for the dog than keeping it's teeth. Fucks with their smell, taste, and yes they do fall out much easier than regular teeth so it can cause extreme pain if she bites someone and the tooth comes out.
Christian Rodriguez (5 months ago)
That dog dropped him like a sack of potatoes 😂😂
Will De Jesús (5 months ago)
Good job
Gray Jedi (5 months ago)
Can you train germans for this too? They need it right now...
Pinhead Larry (5 months ago)
Bork Borks and nom noms
JX Nelson (5 months ago)
I would like to see more protection dogs given to veterans for those who think of veterans as funtime punching bags. At least, I believe some veterans should have them for those that mean them harm. Especially, in my case in many instances God reminds me to not to try to defend myself. This is my best option I believe because I was all most at that point where I did not care who might get hurt if I have to do something to those who appear to feel I have to allow them into my life. I confess to my counsellors and my doctors I am getting tired of said individuals. God as my witness they might think it is funny until something happens. I say Jesus help them and me because I go out of my way to make sure I don't do what I want to them, as God commands.
Kallista Metropoulos (5 months ago)
Mine will bite if necessary, but mainly licks me to death
Kerry Kalls (5 months ago)
lol "Took out Bin Laden, if thats what happened".... The only time they took out Bin Laden was from the proverbial freezer because he died in 2002 from kidney failure.... It was but one of thousands of very thoroughly planned events to further the phony war on terror for political and financial reasons, as well as to keep the FEAR machine fueled up and the economy churning....
Nathan Ashley (5 months ago)
the navy seals don t even use german sheperds.. .
BillnWa (5 months ago)
Titanium teeth, I don't get that.  It seems cruel to me.   What real purpose does titanium teeth have, except stroke some guys ego.  A real German Shepard's bite is plenty strong to bring bad guys down.  Just ask any police department.  German shepherds are amazing just as they are, they don't need metal added to their bodies.  What's next!
MilkToast (5 months ago)
Navy SEAL dog taking down Bin Laden??? WTH are they talking about?
Chuck Keough (6 months ago)
Hell hounds that go straight to heaven when they pass.
stefan steyn (6 months ago)
Best dogs in the world. I have 2 and they are family. Protects us like nothing would. My best friends
GenesisnKaidence (6 months ago)
3:17 he said bitch ass nigga
Blue Bleeder (6 months ago)
Seriously you have a seal team and you send a defenseless dog in jeopardizing his life.
WHO DINI (6 months ago)
binladens still alive
RJ Alexander Law, PLLC (6 months ago)
Dog bite attacks are no laughing matter. As a child I was attacked and bit by a dog and can relate to the fear and pain that someone can experience in this situation. If you or a loved one is injured by a dog or animal attack in the state of Texas or city of Houston, please feel free to contact me for a free dog bite law book at http://houstondogbitelawyer.org Houston dog bite lawyer RJ Alexander Law, PLLC
Kaylin Olivier (6 months ago)
Dont get the breeds confused with Malinois they very realy use German shepherd as it has way to many problems
Aboud Info (6 months ago)
Pitbull and 02 Staff in battle with a dog stole their food 2018 . https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=YWi3cuZNDVg
King Maxitis (6 months ago)
most dogs are belgian malinois
ItSDIrTydaN 003 (6 months ago)
Uhhhhhhhh... 8 think that 105 mm tank cannons might be a little better than a dog...
shermant4 (6 months ago)
It's like Satan himself is in that fog
Brieana jefferies (6 months ago)
Fun dogs
Rob Minor (6 months ago)
Airforce dogs be like “ don’t sit here! This chairs lumbar support isn’t up to standards”
Sean Frashier (7 months ago)
"When the dog took out Bin Laden"..
Natka875 (7 months ago)
c'mon. You say that it's a German Sheperd, but in video there is Malinois every second footage ... why take credit from this dog, Malinois is even better dog breed for army... cmon
Frazer Fastin (7 months ago)
That second dude I think was on Doomsday preppers.
gobbler 1234 (7 months ago)
These dogs would cower in fear if they met my mother in law
Nature Boy (7 months ago)
They use the Malinois!
PSilence 01 (7 months ago)
Damn!! Dog went sky diving before I did
Soh Junlong (7 months ago)
If this dog charge to me like that i gonna use my full powerful kick in his face after that use my fist hit right his brain super duper hard
p1t (7 months ago)
i have an interior crocodile alligator
Samira Osman (7 months ago)
when are you the bog 9
Samira Osman (7 months ago)
when are you the bog 9
Samira Osman (7 months ago)
when are you the bog 9
Leader In the making (7 months ago)
WHOAAAA!!! i love GSD'S but dont give them credit for osama bin laden. That was the amazing Belgian Malinois who btw is the navy seals top choice. They are more compact, endless amounts of energy and with stands heat a lot better. You even show some belgian malinois in your video. Im sure they told you it wasnt a GSD who took down osama bin laden. Biased ass video.
Arnold Montes (7 months ago)
that takedown though
Evan Greenlee (7 months ago)
I live in Colorado! I also have a tactical turtle that has a titanium plated shell that i keep in a spare room
1101bear1011 (7 months ago)
I own an attack squirrel, super stealthy and always gets his target
Angel Jiminiam (7 months ago)
Ooo and if you shoot the dog it is dead well look at that 😂
• bruna • (7 months ago)
What if they shot the dog?
Royal Ace (7 months ago)
I have a tactical gibbon that is trained to sneak into hostile territory and shit into the enemy's boots.
Sam Houston (7 months ago)
"Lie there like a helpless sack of meat">>>>>LOL!
Mr. Outlaw (7 months ago)
They didn't even mention that this is a GERMAN shepherd. They are jealous because it's not called AMERICAN sheperd.
nitro 07 (7 months ago)
0:51....is that dog rabid or what?
Oblivion Tactical (7 months ago)
Oh stop with the Bin Laden crap. It’s all lies. Its an Obama fairy tail to make him look good.
Robert Schug (7 months ago)
i am going to be getting a German shepherd soon in the summer or 2018
Hypennik (7 months ago)
Me too, Getting a pup in january.

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