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3 No Bake Cookies - Gemma's Bigger Bolder Baking

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No oven? No problem with my 3 easy No Bake Cookies! GET THE RECIPES: http://bit.ly/3NoBakeCookies SUBSCRIBE HERE: http://bit.ly/GemmasBoldBakers MEET ME IN PERSON at my Bake Sale in Santa Monica, CA this Saturday, May 5th to help feed hungry kids in America. For the first time ever, you can purchase cookies, cakes, pies and more baked by me and support No Kid Hungry! EVENT INFO HERE: http://bit.ly/GemmasBakeSale EVENT DETAILS DATE: Saturday, May 5th from 11am-4pm LOCATION: Williams Sonoma, 1600 Montana Ave, Santa Monica, CA 90403 (Corner of 16th and Montana; Street Parking Available Hi Bold Bakers! There’s no oven needed with my 3 No Bake Cookie recipes. You can make a Chocolate Chip, Chocolate, and Peanut Butter No Bake Cookie with ingredients you probably have in your cupboard. Plus, they’re gluten free, egg free, and delicious! So let’s get no-baking! RELATED VIDEOS & RECIPES * 3 Ingredient Cookies: http://bit.ly/3IngredCookieRecipes * Best Chocolate Chip Cookies: http://bit.ly/BestChocChipCookies * Crazy Cookie Dough: http://bit.ly/CrazyCookieDough ABOUT GEMMA Hi Bold Bakers! I’m Gemma Stafford, a professional chef originally from Ireland, and I’m passionate about sharing my years of baking experience to show you how to bake with confidence anytime, anywhere! Join millions of other Bold Bakers in the community for new videos at 8:30am Pacific Time every Thursday! FOLLOW ME HERE, BOLD BAKERS! * Website (All written recipes can be found here): http://www.BiggerBolderBaking.com * Facebook: http://bit.ly/BBBFacebook * Instagram: https://instagram.com/gemma_stafford/ * Pinterest: https://www.pinterest.com/gemstafford/ * Twitter: https://twitter.com/gemstaff16 GET THE WRITTEN RECIPE (includes instructions and measurements): http://bit.ly/3NoBakeCookies

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Text Comments (1548)
Neelam Shekhar (17 hours ago)
Good recipe. Thanks.
Gemma Stafford (7 hours ago)
Thank you so much!
maria natasha (1 day ago)
can i change the oat flour to regular flour?
Gemma Stafford (8 hours ago)
No, Maria. Since you're baking it, an oat or almond flour would be preferred.
Sertel Eventos 2 (1 day ago)
I loooooove this recipies, never stop making them😍❤️
Gemma Stafford (8 hours ago)
Thank you so much!
Ivan Low (5 days ago)
I love No Bake Cookies!!! So I'd love you to do them again!!!!! =]=]=]=]=]=]=]=]
Gemma Stafford (5 days ago)
What other flavors would you like to see Ivan?
Ivan Low (7 days ago)
Hey Gem, Could the result differ if I place the No-Bake Cookies into the freezer instead? ^^"
Ivan Low (5 days ago)
thnx, Gem!!! =]=]=]=]=]=]=]
Gemma Stafford (6 days ago)
Hi Ivan! Sure, they'd keep really well in the freezer too.
Rikiana Foster-Orth (9 days ago)
Can i still add normal flour to the first one?
Gemma Stafford (7 days ago)
No, you'll want to use oat flour or almond flour given that you don't bake them.
Tayyiba Shahid (11 days ago)
Hey gemma Can I make oat flour by using quick cooking oats? Please tell as it is difficult to find oat flour in my country And gemma in your calorie count I did not understand that if all the batch of peanut butter cookies has 303 calories or only pne cookie has? Can you please tell me?
9qwero (11 days ago)
Amazing 😍😍😍😍
Ana chavez (13 days ago)
Love this recipe except for peanut butter just because I'm allergic.
Gemma Stafford (13 days ago)
You can use any nut butter.
Just Livia (14 days ago)
You can just press the peanut butter cookies down with a fork instead of your hand. Then you don't have to worry about going back with the fork later if you want the indents.
Gemma Stafford (13 days ago)
Great tip!
Rosann Supino (16 days ago)
Love your accent! For the chocolate chip cookies, do you have to use a nut flour or can you use a regular gluten free flour?
Rosann Supino (16 days ago)
Gemma Stafford Thank you!!
Gemma Stafford (16 days ago)
Hi Rosann! You'll want to use something like oat or nut flour since you're not baking it.
Ivan Low (16 days ago)
I particulary enjoyed enjoyed the no-bake choc chip@ =]=]=]=] and btw I survived brain cancer and I can no longer shape cookies
Gemma Stafford (16 days ago)
I'm glad you enjoyed it, Ivan. And I'm sorry to hear that. I hope you're doing well.
Gayathri Nair (16 days ago)
I love this receipe so much... They are so easy.. I love to know that I can I do no bake cookies.. I am sure gonna try this one..
Brenda Russell (17 days ago)
I don't do coconut - can one use the oat flour instead of coconut?
Zubia Kiani (18 days ago)
lovely receipes and so easy. I don't have a microwave at the moment, can I melt the butter and brown sugar over a double boiler?
Oryah A (19 days ago)
Perfect for kids during summer! Can't wait to make more of these recipes
Gemma Stafford (19 days ago)
Exactly! Give them a go.
astrid habiola (20 days ago)
i dont own oven and i want to make cookies, thank you for this recipe, but what about sugar intake, since i am also diabetes, what should i use to substitute sugar? and please do more of no bake cookies, thank you
Gemma Stafford (19 days ago)
Hi Astrid! I'm delighted you enjoyed my recipe. Unfortunately, I'm not well versed in diabetic recipes but you can find my sugar substitute chart on my website: https://www.biggerbolderbaking.com/how-to-substitute-sugar/
Maria Santana (21 days ago)
I am definitely going to make the peanut butter cookies because I am Vegan 🌱 I will follow you and I hope that you make more vegan recipe 😁❤️
Maria Santana (19 days ago)
Gemma Stafford thank u 😊
Gemma Stafford (20 days ago)
Hi Maria! You can find many more vegan recipes on my website: https://www.biggerbolderbaking.com/guilt-free-desserts/
Stella Flora (21 days ago)
For the last recipe can I substitute oat flour for coconut flour?
Stella Flora (20 days ago)
Gemma Stafford Thank you :)
Gemma Stafford (20 days ago)
Yes, you can Stella!
Greg FB (23 days ago)
You are so awesome!!! Thank you!
Gemma Stafford (23 days ago)
Thanks a million! It's lovely having you with us.
Jonalyn Duman (23 days ago)
I have the same teaspoon love you
Gemma Stafford (23 days ago)
Oh, that's great Jonalyn. They're not easy to find these days.
Nabiha Fatima (26 days ago)
Can we add normal flour instead of oat flour or any but flour?
Gemma Stafford (26 days ago)
No, since you're not baking it you'll want an almond flour or oat flour.
Unicorn_ Lover XOXO (26 days ago)
These look so cute!! And U bet they taste amazing too!!! I'm really waiting for a cheesecake cookie can you please try it??
Unicorn_ Lover XOXO (23 days ago)
Gemma Stafford Omg thank you!! Hope you try it soon! :D
Gemma Stafford (26 days ago)
Great idea!
Dashawn Melvin (27 days ago)
Love it!!!! U go Gurl!!!!!
Gemma Stafford (27 days ago)
I hope you enjoy!
LampardHartnett (28 days ago)
Can you please make no bake matcha cookies ?
Gemma Stafford (27 days ago)
I will add it to my list.
Love your accent
Gemma Stafford 😜
Gemma Stafford (30 days ago)
Thank you so much!
alyssdenge (30 days ago)
Whoa! Ho;l up just for a moment. Raw oatmeal?
Gemma Stafford (30 days ago)
Rehana Syeda (1 month ago)
Dear Gemma , I did try this NO BAKE COOKIES , I use all the ingredients except honey or syrups I use condensed milk , it turn out delicious , thanks for good ideas
Gemma Stafford (1 month ago)
I'm glad you enjoyed it!
Ella April (1 month ago)
Does the melting for brown sugar and butter necessary?
Gemma Stafford (1 month ago)
Yes, you want to get it nice and soft for the cookie mixture.
henrietta henson (1 month ago)
Could you bake them to make them crunchy ?
Gemma Stafford (1 month ago)
Not these cookies Henrietta but I have plenty of cookies on my website: www.BiggerBolderBaking.com
Jasmine Njeri (1 month ago)
Cc Ss (1 month ago)
I liked it before it started 😊
Gemma Stafford (1 month ago)
Thank you so much!
Taetae (1 month ago)
these are fun to make when you live in dorms far from home
[] lil peeperz [] (1 month ago)
i added chocolate inside so it melted in
Gemma Stafford (1 month ago)
Great idea!
Ejaz Munir (1 month ago)
Can i use quick oats instead of rolled oats
Ejaz Munir (1 month ago)
Thanks Gemma love your recipes
Gemma Stafford (1 month ago)
You sure can!
Kim Al-Mahdi (1 month ago)
Oh yumm! I'm gonna make the peanut butter one as bars for the family next get together 💓 thanks Gemma
Gemma Stafford (1 month ago)
I hope you enjoyed it!
Summer Hope (1 month ago)
love it ty
Gemma Stafford (1 month ago)
I hope you enjoy!
Fly with Seraph wings (1 month ago)
Thank you so much. I'll be making it.
Gemma Stafford (1 month ago)
I hope you enjoy!
Jeannie Russo (1 month ago)
Hi gemma thank u 4 the reply. U r the first person to ever answer me from my comments that was on the viedo.. have a awesome day and please keep up the good work with the recipes people out there enjoy good easy recipes . (Time is precious) j.R.
Gemma Stafford (1 month ago)
Thank you for being part of the Bold Baking Community, Jeannie! :)
Jeannie Russo (1 month ago)
Thank you for sharing your recipes I really enjoy your video. I especially like your accent I wonder where your from does anyone know that accent cuz I'm not quite sure? Have a nice day everyone or evening peace out
Gemma Stafford (1 month ago)
Hi Jeannie! Thank you for your lovely note and welcome to the Bold Baking Community. I'm originally from Ireland but now I live in Los Angeles, CA. I have 500+ recipes and videos so I hope you find more favorites. :)
Belinda McDaniel (1 month ago)
Yes gimmie more lol. Making these very soon
Gemma Stafford (1 month ago)
What flavors do you want to see, Belinda?
mizzpeller gingersnaps (1 month ago)
No-bake is so great for summer
Ninoo Khan (1 month ago)
Awesome easy and testy
Gemma Stafford (1 month ago)
I'm delighted you enjoyed them!
rebeca prat (1 month ago)
Just found your chanel loving it thank you so much for all of your time a d work
Gemma Stafford (1 month ago)
I'm delighted you are enjoying my recipes, Rebeca. Thank you for being part of the Bold Baking Community!
jo nathan (1 month ago)
can i add cocoa powder to the peanut butter recipe instead of dipping it to the chocolate? so the finished cookie will be chocolate peanut butter cookie.
jo nathan (1 month ago)
thank you.
Gemma Stafford (1 month ago)
Sure. Give it a go but careful not to add too much as it will taste bitter.
M. Akhtar (1 month ago)
Gemma Stafford (1 month ago)
I'm so glad you enjoyed them!
pipntuck (1 month ago)
April armstrong (1 month ago)
Yummy!! 😁 Thanks!!
Linda Dawson (1 month ago)
Love this so easy
Gemma Stafford (1 month ago)
Thanks so much, Linda! :)
Carlos Peña (1 month ago)
You have niall’s accent :)
Gemma Stafford (1 month ago)
Or Niall has mine. ;)
Pangit Coyoca (1 month ago)
I'm allergic of butter and peanut butter too what's the other options to use?
Gemma Stafford (1 month ago)
You can use any nut butter you like.
Pangit Coyoca (1 month ago)
Which one is better the fresh shredded coconut or dessented coconut? And I'm allergic of butter
Pangit Coyoca (1 month ago)
Gemma Stafford thank you so much
Gemma Stafford (1 month ago)
You can use desiccated coconut. Use a vegan butter instead.
Marium Bagum (1 month ago)
Can u bake cookies on stove plezzzzz
Gemma Stafford (1 month ago)
I'll look into it :)
Janie Goodman (2 months ago)
I live alone these are wonderful
Gemma Stafford (2 months ago)
I hope you give them a go, Janie!
Vinnie Agatsuma (2 months ago)
I just found this while searching for baking stuff and Im glad I clicked on it ❤❤
Gemma Stafford (2 months ago)
Thank you so much for watching, Vinnie! I have 500+ recipes so I hope you find more favorites on my YouTube Channel & website, www.BiggerBolderBaking.com
Kelly Gibbs (2 months ago)
what would happen if you actually baked these?
Gemma Stafford (2 months ago)
They wouldn't hold up the same way, Kelly. :)
TsukiyoTenshi (2 months ago)
I'm just wondering, do you have another other potential gluten-free or dairy free recipes? What about a gluten-free cinnamon roll?
Gemma Stafford (2 months ago)
You can sometimes make my recipes with gluten free flour, but I'll look into more recipes :) Thanks so much!
Nasra Khalif (2 months ago)
Can I use normal heat in the first cookie when heating the peanut butter and the honey?
Gemma Stafford (2 months ago)
Yes, that should be fine. :)
new world shortly (2 months ago)
Gemma my husband has never had cookies So his recipe is so amazing and total I’ve made them and wow ... So nice And tonight when he gets back from work I’m going to put them in a decorated plate with a rose 🌹 on them He will so love them thankyou Your brilll kiss hug from Italy ...
Gemma Stafford (2 months ago)
That sounds lovely. I'm sure he'll be thrilled. That's very caring :)
Judy Hooper (2 months ago)
I tried the link to the recipes but it kept looping. Never got to the recipe. I'm going to try to guess at the amounts of ingredients to see if I can get it to work
Gemma Stafford (2 months ago)
I'm sorry to hear that, Judy! Does this link work? https://www.biggerbolderbaking.com/no-bake-cookies/ If not, let me know!
Fareth Rambong (2 months ago)
Such an amazing video. Please do more videos like this and btw, great cinematography. :)
Gemma Stafford (2 months ago)
Thank you so much! I'm glad you like our recipes and videos :)
Patrick Foley (2 months ago)
More than a few ingredients
country home gifts (2 months ago)
can i blend instant oats to make d flour
Janet Hale (2 months ago)
I need some microwave recipes I'm in a studio with no stove
otgirl89 (2 months ago)
I think the chocolate chip one would make a great mix-in for your homemade ice cream! No egg means safe cookie dough, which I LOVE! Thanks for the recipe, we’ll be trying it here soon! :)
Gemma Stafford (2 months ago)
Spot on! I hope you give it a go. That'd be lovely. Thank you for being with us :)
Sumanya Ghai (2 months ago)
Pls make more of them do you need suggestions for them
Gemma Stafford (2 months ago)
I'll look into some, Sumanya :) I always appreciate suggestions
mrudgandha purandare (2 months ago)
Gemma loved your cookies very immensely, us as Indians in general are not used to cookies n cakes much but the chocolate n coconut was adulated by everyone in my house including my 85 yr old Gramma .. keep it up .. Thanks a lot
Gemma Stafford (2 months ago)
Aw that's lovely to hear! Thank you so much for giving them a go and sharing them with your family. It's good to have you with us. :)
gonesh peeps (2 months ago)
It's so delicious I tried them and I didn't last for even 3 days.. Lol plz make more cue I suck at baking with an oven without burning them! 😂🖤
Gemma Stafford (2 months ago)
I'm thrilled you gave them a go, Gonesh! Well done :)
Tariq Mohamed (2 months ago)
Awesome recipes Gemma! Loved em
Mia lily (2 months ago)
Does normal flour work because my mum is allergic to oats 😕😕
Gemma Stafford (2 months ago)
You can also use almond flour or coconut flour for these. :) Normal flour should be heat treated
Rivkah Lau (2 months ago)
Thank you gamma! I love your recipes
Gemma Stafford (2 months ago)
Thank you so much for being with us, Rivkah :)
Jennifer Huang (2 months ago)
Looks delicious! 😋Gonna try to make the chocolate chip cookie. Also, can you make a video on macaroons? My sister and I have trouble making other macaroon recipes. We always end up making cookie dough!🤣
Gemma Stafford (2 months ago)
Hi Jennifer! I'm so glad you like the recipes. I have a 3-ingredient macaroon recipe here: https://www.biggerbolderbaking.com/3-ingredient-coconut-macaroons/ and macarons on BiggerBolderBaking.com :)
Rehana Syeda (2 months ago)
Wow it's so delicious I try all of them now I get rid of my grocery list I make this cookie , thank you smart lady 👍👌
Gemma Stafford (2 months ago)
I'm happy you like it, Rehana! Thanks so much :)
Amna Imran (2 months ago)
but what about the oats ??...it's not cooked !. they are raw
Gemma Stafford (2 months ago)
These are completely safe to eat, but if you would like you can heat treat your oats. :)
Ayesha Nadeem (2 months ago)
can you use heat-treated flour for this?
Gemma Stafford (2 months ago)
That should be fine :)
Pratikshya Shrestha (2 months ago)
Was the milk in video 3tablespoons or more?
Gemma Stafford (2 months ago)
You can find all written recipes on my website: https://www.biggerbolderbaking.com/no-bake-cookies/. I hope you enjoy!
Zunairah S (2 months ago)
Can we use flour?
Zunairah S (2 months ago)
Gemma Stafford omg u replied!!! Ok thank u 😊
Gemma Stafford (2 months ago)
No, since you won't be baking them. You can use oat flour, almond flour, or any nut based flour like that.
denverjim1955 (2 months ago)
Wow! I never heard of a no bake cookie! I'll bet these would be great to do with kids! I'll have to try these, and put them out for the people in my building. I've gotten a bit fat! I will allow myself one or two cookies, however!
Gemma Stafford (2 months ago)
They're definitely great to share!
JENNIFER VERSACE (2 months ago)
What if I don’t have oat flour but I have oats ?
Gemma Stafford (2 months ago)
Hi Jennifer, as I show in the video you can make your own oat flour. You can also get the recipe on my website along with all the cookie recipes: www.BiggerBolderBaking.com
G Jay (2 months ago)
I made the chocolate chip cookies a tad bigger ( a total of six) . When firm I spread them with softened vanilla ice cream and made sandwiches. Wrapped and frozen for four hours they were a huge hit! Thanks for the inspiration, Gemma!
Gemma Stafford (2 months ago)
Awesome idea. I'll have to try that out. :)
Annie1962 (2 months ago)
Def gonna make these to prevent my teen sons from taking off to school with no breakkie. What a great use for oats.. I'll confess that the other day I had forgotten to buy kitty litter for my poor cat. I had to compromise over night by using rolled oats as his kitty litter. My sons cracked the joke that it wasn't chocolate left in that type of kitty litter To add - it actually worked. I have bought some proper kitty litter now.
Gemma Stafford (2 months ago)
Ha ha. Yes, definitely watch out for what's in the oats. :)
Madeline Rivera (2 months ago)
Hi, Can I use sunflower seed butter? My daughter is allergic to peanuts and tree nuts.
Dayna M (2 months ago)
I LOVE THESE RECIPES!!! The peanut butter cookie is a family favorite. My son loves to have one after dinner or for breakfast and I don't feel bad for letting him indulge in a cookie when it's so healthy! I also noticed that these cookies curbed my appetite, due to the oat flour! Thank you Gemma!
Gemma Stafford (2 months ago)
Thanks so much, Dayna! I'm thrilled you like them. :)
Rosa Aviles (2 months ago)
I'm not too much of a fan of Nutella I love chocolate milk nutmeg
Rosa Aviles (2 months ago)
Gemma I I love your no bake cookies would like to see more of it
Suraya begum (2 months ago)
I baked those cookies 🍪 when it was summer it is easy fun and delicious to cook at home 🏠 so you guys go for it because I absolutely love it give me a thumbs 👍 up guys see you in the next video 📷
Gemma Stafford (2 months ago)
Thank you, Suraya! I'm happy you gave them a go. Well done :)
PRADAKSHA SHETTY (2 months ago)
I love it
Gemma Stafford (2 months ago)
Thank you :) I'm glad you like them!
Alexis Plett (2 months ago)
Oh Gemma, these look great! I will make them this week. Are they all good to keep in the freezer?
Gemma Stafford (2 months ago)
They will keep for 10 days in the refrigerator and a bit longer in the freezer :) It's best to make small batches and eat them up quickly though - baked goods keep longer than unbaked ones!
Gillian Rodrigues (2 months ago)
Thank you dear for this amazing idea. Hoping for more such great recipes
Gemma Stafford (2 months ago)
I'll keep them coming, Gillian :) Thank you
Gokul Amuthan.S (2 months ago)
Hail to the baking Queen!! Oops, No Bake Queen :P Love'em <3
Gemma Stafford (2 months ago)
Thank you for being with us, Gokul :)
guis corriveau (2 months ago)
help me pls Gem!! i wasted so many bars trying to melt the chocolate and it just keeps burning on me!!?? what am i doing wron? i put it in a plastic bowl like u said and in the mic, and it burnt. so i tried it on the stove, burnt again pls help! tx.
Gemma Stafford (2 months ago)
I'm sorry it burned! Check out this recipe on how to temper chocolate: https://www.biggerbolderbaking.com/temper-chocolate/
Flam Cutty (3 months ago)
I liked this!
Gemma Stafford (2 months ago)
Thanks so much!
Kiki (3 months ago)
Can you use normal flower?
Gemma Stafford (2 months ago)
Normal flour needs to be heat treated and best not consumed raw.
Jill Loud (3 months ago)
Great cookie ideas but can't access the recipe from the link. ?
Jill Loud (2 months ago)
Thank you!
Gemma Stafford (3 months ago)
Thanks, Jill! Does this work for you: https://www.biggerbolderbaking.com/no-bake-cookies/
liffty XD (3 months ago)
I hate myself cause I was about to make the chocolate chip one but I forgot to buy milk cause I thought ill need maple syrup good thing o re watch this video my brain is a news and also is evaporated milk ok to use
diana williams (3 months ago)
Hi Gemma.. Can I substitute oat flour with regular flour and do the same ?
Gemma Stafford (3 months ago)
Hi Diana! No, you'll want to use something like an almond flour if you want to sub oat flour since you won't be baking these.
Dawn Heald (3 months ago)
I'm allergic to oats, even gluten free oats. The proteins in oats are a similar make up to proteins in gluten. A bit of science there. Anyway. Has anyone tried flour made from buckwheat flakes blitzed up?
Dawn Heald (2 months ago)
Gemma Stafford thank you x
Gemma Stafford (3 months ago)
You can try Almond Flour.
Ma Petite (3 months ago)
Yeah cools to fast. Put them into a 8x8inch pan and made bars that i later dipped. It is yummy! Tastes like peanut butter fudge.
Gemma Stafford (3 months ago)
Great idea!
mercy mallari (3 months ago)
Really love your shortcut but healthy ways 😘😎😍😙😙😙
Gemma Stafford (3 months ago)
I'm glad you like the recipes, Mercy :) Thanks for being with us
chai yeefenn (3 months ago)
If i send this to my friend with airtight bag it will be melt or not???

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