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Morcon or beef morcon is a delightful dish made with beef, vegetables, and hard boiled eggs. When combined with the sauce, it is our of this world. I usually serve it up as a finger food or snack. Watch the video and learn how to make it today. Filipino recipes - Cook n' Share how to make Beef Morcon (Filipino beef roll) with cheesy sauce http://www.filipinocooking.net/recipe/beef-morcon/ Music by: Kevin MacLeod

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Text Comments (11)
zenaida saavedra (3 years ago)
elay serendipity (3 years ago)
could we use a regular sausage as an alternative to wiener?
carmen domingo (4 years ago)
yummy, will make soon.
Jonela Alafriz (4 years ago)
Love it
Chesca Chrmnfrncsc (4 years ago)
TheCooknShare (5 years ago)
Thanks for trying the recipe and the input. We're glad you enjoyed it.
Japanese 70 (5 years ago)
Thank you for sharing. However, something is missing pork fat. This gives extra favour to the meat. Usually, we marinate the meat at least for 12 hours. One hour is not enough. Yet, i tried your recipe it was good!
TheCooknShare (5 years ago)
hi, actually I'm Canadian and love Filipino food all the time. Thank you!
TheEKGMASTER (5 years ago)
I saw another morcon recipe but yours was the bomb. only thing though is that you don't sound like a filipino, more like a texan... lol thanks though.
TheCooknShare (6 years ago)
If we were in the States we would. Unfortunately the airfare would cost you too much right now. haha .:-)
darkage5 (6 years ago)
I will just hire you guys to come over and make that for me. lol

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