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Everything Wrong With Kung Fu Panda In 15 Minutes Or Less

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Kung Fu Panda is a pretty great movie. But being a movie... it still has sins. And considering the third movie in the series comes out soon, we went digging for sins in the original. Thursday: A sins video you probably can't guess. Remember, no movie is without sin! Which movie's sins should we expose next?! Tweet us: http://twitter.com/cinemasins Tumble us: http://cinema-sins.tumblr.com Podcast: https://soundcloud.com/cinemasins Call us: 405-459-7466 Reddit with us: http://reddit.com/r/cinemasins Jeremy's book now available: http://theablesbook.com

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Text Comments (8927)
Gay Ghosts (10 hours ago)
You missed a chance to say "bearration"
Semaj (11 hours ago)
This is the stupidest review. I mean really, I pity ur childhood. Really.
Winjin (12 hours ago)
Half of those sins are codified tropes for the kung-fu films. It's like sinning an action film for an action sequence, a Fast&Furious film for showing off cars, or, I don't know, sinning Wild West films for cowboys, HIGH NOON shootouts and Sierra Leone. Ugh.
Rainboo (15 hours ago)
8:55 Pro tip: you can make someone faint by tapping their chest like you are unlocking an iPhone
Game Boy (1 day ago)
9:28 🤣 oogway heard that tai lung was coming and got the fuck outta dodge 🤣
ItzM3mes (2 days ago)
Did Po swallow all those peaches. What about the seeds? *Ding*
Henry Vaudreuil (2 days ago)
I spent years figuring out that oogues attack utilizes those three shockwaves to compress his final strike. Don't dis martial arts! Especially at his age!
Jackmino (2 days ago)
6:34 He’s a Leopard
Orginal WR (2 days ago)
Earn that paycheck Po
Tan Dao (3 days ago)
In my opinion all of the Kung Fu Panda Movies were great. Most of the "sins" that you call in the movie aren't really sins. They're just there to try and make the movie awesome. Of all the so called sins in this video that you made, I think only 5 of them would be rightfully called sins. Plus you made some mistakes of your own. 1. Tai Lung is a Snow Leopard not a Tiger. 2. People in Asian countries can be served at restaurants in different ways and that applies to all of the world as well. 3. #23 Oogway was trying to use a silent method of telling Shifu that Tai Lung will return. 4. Oogway meant that nothing is impossible if you try to do something that can be done. I think it would be impossible for you to make a good movie since you heavily critisized on this point. 5. #63 They made that part to make Tai Lung's escape more epic 6. #68 That part was to put fear into the village so everyone would be scared of Tai Lung to the possibility of everyone serving/worshipping him or giving him whatever he wants. 7. #69 Waking up early means that you're a respectful and hardworking person in Asian culture. 8. #70-80 You critisize those points in the wrong way because you didn't understand them. 9. #Oogway says that it is time for him to leave to heaven just like Jesus because he wants Shifu to be the ultamate master now 10. #114 EVERYONE has different views and opinions on how they interpret things 11. The Fighting of the Dragon scroll was to make things more interesting and fun to watch. 12. #115 The Draft was Oogway's spirit. 13. #116 It was mentioned that it was forbidden to look on to the scroll but they broke that rule. 14. #124 and 125 That's just being such a bummer.
DP forever (4 days ago)
I have a degree at the ward Blackwood school of estungishment
Matthew Marjerrison (4 days ago)
4:05 No, your racist for not noticing mantis.
I Draw Sometimes X_X (4 days ago)
1:06 why is there a shadow of a panda on the floor?
angle wolf (5 days ago)
😂😂😂 some these points are no longer valid
dtheriault3 (5 days ago)
Shifu in chinese is master his master shifu is master of masters
No U (5 days ago)
I think I left my penis in the bathroom.
Jordan Elmalem (5 days ago)
You should remove sin 70. Its portraying the discipline of the furious five and how chinese warriors were strict in training
Sexual Pan (5 days ago)
Me: watching this for the first time after Infinity War came out Cinema sins: Did he disintegrate him?? Me: Thanos?? ;-;
Jonas Cooper (6 days ago)
You monster
Rkay421 (6 days ago)
I stopped at less than minute of you pointing things cause I saw what you were doing. First you pointing things that don’t make sense in a dream during an animated film. Gee if we going to that how about we call sin every time an animal talks. You are looking for realism and logic where none is needed. If someone doesn’t like the movie that’s fine that’s their opinion but don’t give a sin just because animated film doesn’t make sense sometimes it’s not supposed to.
R.A.F GattaiGuy (4 days ago)
the sins have no value, they themselves said so just watch the video without taking it seriously, that´s the whole point
Mathew Parkin (7 days ago)
Its just some cunt sat nit picking and stuff no ones cares about
Mathew Parkin (3 days ago)
R.A.F GattaiGuy yeah ok man sure
R.A.F GattaiGuy (4 days ago)
just like this comment
An_Annoying_Cat (8 days ago)
The intro was animated better than the actual movie.
Bleppersqueen B (8 days ago)
Why didn't you acknowledge Jackie Chan saying po? If you count that he technically haS EIGHT lines in the movie.
JustAnotherCommenter (8 days ago)
'Magic.' Jesus Christ, this is obviously Wuxia Chi dude, why the fuck is this even question?
R.A.F GattaiGuy (3 days ago)
magic is magic...it´s still fictional doesn´t really matter what he calls it, he´s not well known for being specific
JustAnotherCommenter (3 days ago)
But he apparently can't comprehend how this is kung-fu magic? At all?
R.A.F GattaiGuy (4 days ago)
Chase Chisholm (10 days ago)
look away look away look away dixeland
ItsMalex (10 days ago)
Hey its even better Then ur F***ing YT Channel
R.A.F GattaiGuy (4 days ago)
no one said it wasn´t...
Vulpax 84 (10 days ago)
I loved this movie as a kid...
The Cyborg Lord (10 days ago)
1:09 It would have been nice to know why in the first film but they made us wait for the 3rd film.
Gadiel Gonzalez (11 days ago)
Has he done the second one yet?!
GoryGlory0714 (12 days ago)
Can I add 10 sins for the entire plot of the movie being able to be avoided had the heroes not intervened.
The E's (12 days ago)
Master xifu means Master master. And Master wugui means Master Turtle.
Ryuu The Dragon (12 days ago)
Tylung or whatever his name is isn’t a tiger he is a snow leopard
i like pc ́s (12 days ago)
im german and po means ass wow so po is an asshole lol xD
Joshua Perhac (13 days ago)
tai lung isn't a tiger he is a leopard
James TheGamer (13 days ago)
He’s not the Dragon Warrior! He’s my boy, and he’s very naughty!
Orange Rabbit (14 days ago)
4:29 there are accidents. There are some accidents walking this earth
JuliusCaminus (14 days ago)
Hahahaha! Dixie Land!
cameron zero (14 days ago)
that "the untouchables" through back at 15:31 though
dannymarquezz _ (15 days ago)
Disappointed that a Nacho Libre reference was not made in the bonus clips portion of this video
Panda Gamer (15 days ago)
m8 i love kung fu panda
The#1ZeldaFan (16 days ago)
Thoroughly *E V I S C E R A T E S*
lauren Ray (16 days ago)
10:11 is that true or bullshit?
Quinn Moore (17 days ago)
This movie's fine.
Just Me (17 days ago)
Also there is a mistake you missed. the Tai Lung scene with the bird (8:03) he knew about po bieng the dragon warrior. Although there is no evidence of him knowing about po so 2 sin tallies.
+2 sins There’s 2 sequels!
Deep Patel (17 days ago)
Look away, look away, look away, Dixieland😂😂😂
Lenny Mapping (17 days ago)
hoebi _ (17 days ago)
Kung fu panda is fucking iconic
SuperDigiGamer (17 days ago)
"There are no such thing as accidents" Sure there are, the emoji movie exists!
Rex Almén (17 days ago)
It is actually called Shuriken not Ninja star TRIGGERED
Jintian Meng (17 days ago)
*F*cking love CinemaSins*
EnderTroller (17 days ago)
Shifu removing the flesh from the Peach fruit and then planting the seed defeats the purpose of planting the seed. The Peach fruit is there to provide food and energy to the seed.
Masked Mystery 4 15 (18 days ago)
5:01 well does they? 5:57 well does it?!
Gabriel Nixon (18 days ago)
I always assumed crane dropped the other 4 of the 5, since he was able to carry the back to th palise later in the move
ThrownAxe 9 (18 days ago)
The feats in kfp can be explain by saying a single word, chi, not magic.
Prisilla Roberts (18 days ago)
7 MILLION VIEWS?!?!!?!?!?!
ericgustafson81 (18 days ago)
Goddamn you were on point with this movie.
Average Xennpai (18 days ago)
"look away, look away, look away, Pixieland"
Maxi Milian (18 days ago)
JanVaran (18 days ago)
Now that the new Tomb Raider movie is out on DVD/BD you must do that :-)
Skyrim but with animals
Lord L (18 days ago)
I died when he added a sin for rhino nipple.
ChickenNuggets (18 days ago)
This movie was awesome, though. xD
Rena Ami Akai (18 days ago)
Master Shifu, aka master master.
WendyShadowGaming (19 days ago)
Tai-lung is a Snow leopard! It has spots and tigers don't have spots. Tigers have stripes
Muhammad Abdurrahman (19 days ago)
CinemaSins the answer to Oogways magic is in Kung Fu Panda 3
AllokingDaboss 2.0 (19 days ago)
Sin: Pandas have a fifth finger hidden in their paw, which might allow him to hald the dragon scroll.
Dragons of chaos (20 days ago)
3:14 untill 3:17 most likely.
Stoutaragua (20 days ago)
6:33 And you didn't mention anything about Tai-Lung's inaccurate and weirdly humanly-arranged teeth: why does he have 12 teeth between his canines?
Julio Hernandez (20 days ago)
Wow, you were just taking sins out of your ass on this one...
Red Drago (21 days ago)
The first few ones shouldn't matter because that was just a dream Po had
ManiacMiner//MMM (21 days ago)
When i saw the movie in theaters, when the turtle said that there are no accidents, someone said “Then how do you explain me?”
Sir Samuel (21 days ago)
4:30 then how did I get here?
some foreigner (21 days ago)
And then the second movie consist basically of him training and the third almost exactly like the first except it's his real father learning to accept him .... Im just saying there's a pattern that needs to be stopped.
Mirthless (22 days ago)
the school of rock reference near the end was the best part tbh
Wendy Desparois (22 days ago)
Okay, what drove me nuts about this movie is that shifu (however you want to spell that) means 'Master' so everyone is always calling him 'Master Master'. The entire time.
Karmic Comedian (23 days ago)
He says making tofu was a stupid dream, and wonders why Po is hesitant to go into noodle-making, where the qualification is a noodle dream.
Karmic Comedian (23 days ago)
And was the Tigeress doing a flip a SM64 ground-pound joke? If so, well played
pawnesh singh (23 days ago)
dude its animation.. otherwise the characters wont even speak, or have own houses build like that.. so your sin counter should be zero animated movies.
Ghostgamer 2574 (23 days ago)
Master Oogway is awesome also I think the magic comes from the staff
ComaBoy (23 days ago)
Neal Moritz??? No no no... Robert Keith "Keef Cowboy" Wiggins Melvin "Melle Mel" Glover Nathaniel "The Kidd Creole" Glover Jr. Eddie "Mr. Ness/Scorpio" Morris Guy Todd "Rahiem" Williams THAT is the Furious 5... and the beats were supplied by Joseph "Grandmaster Flash" Saddler.
Andrew Hisey (24 days ago)
Could have put there are no mistakes, only happy accidents for the end
18boweraf3 (25 days ago)
7:28 That scream sounds familar....
Edward Special (25 days ago)
bruh he's adopted from a panda village that was massacred
Sam's Channel531 (25 days ago)
I feel like this entire movie is a PSA for obesity.
Omni HeliX (25 days ago)
Tiger...? Tiger......? TIGER?! Tai Lung is a freaking clouded leopard!
DoubleTanker23 (26 days ago)
Everything wrong with Sing in XX mins or less
i dont know why but this cinema sin really annoys me
OddJaguar15 (27 days ago)
0:34 is this 'chinese drawing animation artstyle' a cliche yet? I love it, and would love to see a full movie this way. Loads more interesting then CGI. Could've been a really, really amazing movie just with this animation alone if it was all done this way. The CGI is just kinda, generic at this point if you look back at it compared to that opening bit.
Totally Dolphin (27 days ago)
10:09 Had me weak 😂👌
Cheetahboys Gameing (27 days ago)
1 sin for cinema sins ti long is a snow lepord not a tiger and yes they are in china
Sophie Smith (27 days ago)
Has someone told CinemaSins about CinemaSinsSins? Please tell me someone has.
WHITESTRIPE99 (27 days ago)
I thought you were going to make a Sneezing Panda joke.
Fabulous Kelly (28 days ago)
“Pink Floyd laser show”
plushvid 85 (29 days ago)
Not bragging but I think I would be good at cinema sins
Natalie Goldsworth (29 days ago)
5:45 I usually get pretty mad if someone talks smack about me behind my back if I find out that is
Natalie Goldsworth (29 days ago)
Man,Bob Ross would be super pissed to find out that master Ogway doesn't believe in happy accidents
Saogan (29 days ago)
A sin off of the shot of Tai Lung with blue fire 🔥
8:58 you obviously haven't watched Kung Fu Panda 3
The Red Pearl l (30 days ago)
If Po is the Dragon Warrior than how is he not able to thos ro da Tylung off a cliff (skyrim joke)
15 minutes is a lot of minutes to say "nothing, because this movie and franchise is a perfect masterpiece"
spider35man duh (30 days ago)
You're Reading My Name, Aren't You? You can't be serious...right??

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