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Tips & Tricks: Turn Plant Scraps Into Smoked Meals

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Grilling is fast but won’t give you that smoky BBQ flavor. Next time you grill, try tossing garden clippings and veggie scraps on your coals for instant smoke. chfstps.co/2wqx4qu You’re passionate about cooking. We’re here to help. Become a member and be the first to learn about new recipes, special offers, and goings-on around the kitchen: http://chfstps.co/1paXXVd And while you’re at it... Like us on Facebook: http://chfstps.co/1thBubb Follow us on Instagram: http://chfstps.co/1nDs8Fj Tweet with us: http://chfstps.co/1gMVbWA Get Pin-spired: http://chfstps.co/1koB9kI Read our blog: http://chfstps.co/1rhTgh0
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Text Comments (56)
Soo lovely videos
Oscar C (7 months ago)
Nice. Can I ask, what kind of grill is this?
freewoodwork (9 months ago)
Jesus, the most laziest videos ever...wtf happened to this channel.
droidtigger (9 months ago)
I thought this was actually about turning plant scraps into meals....
hoaf traanf (9 months ago)
can i use weed to smoke the salmon
MrMobok (9 months ago)
Love the look of this grill! Who made it?
Quentin Garcia (9 months ago)
What happened to you guys :( ?
Allejandro Rojas (9 months ago)
cool...so i can just grab whatever flowers and throw them on to smoke my food, man who would have thought those poisionous plants in my garden were actually secret ingredients just waiting to be used. what a stupid video.
Qilnexio (9 months ago)
I really don't like talkless videos I want to listen while I do other things If I wanted to read with music in the background id look up the recipe while listening to music
Max J (9 months ago)
this comment is more interesting than this video
co_li (9 months ago)
There is a ton of really interesting recipes and professional tips at your website and that is why I paid for premium, and I am happy with it, great material, I am sure you will do better than this later, keep at it you are the best guys!
SinisterMinister (9 months ago)
did they blow up their kitchen or what is this content?
Jaden Cloyes (9 months ago)
Wow! So glad I waited a FULL WEEK for a 13 second video...🙄😒
FoodBros (9 months ago)
Smart!! Normally at home when I'm gonna smoke an ingredient, I place the flowers, hay or the wood chips In a pan, heating it up or blow torching it until smoke appears, adding some foil and then the ingredient on top, and putting a lid on to close in the smoke. Works every time!! 😄
Joseph Clement (9 months ago)
Make sure those same erbs weren't sprayed with pesticides or herbicides...or just stick to woodchips.
Will (9 months ago)
Great tip!
ThePstjtt (9 months ago)
This is a very badly named video. A more correct title would be "Smoke meats with plant scraps" if you wanted to keep the same words (sounds better than "Smoke meats with lawn waste" I suppose.)
Mbadly (9 months ago)
You get 1 more chance from me....
CT Hubbard (9 months ago)
Lame af
lenhister (9 months ago)
I guess this means the next video is about Joule.
Paulo Rezende (9 months ago)
I was waiting for them to burst out a Joule and heat the charcoal sous vide style
droan999 (9 months ago)
ChefSteps. Your. Recent. Videos. Suck.
Slobbo Video (9 months ago)
Who does this? 🤔 Raise your hand!! 🤚
thgougler (9 months ago)
will be good until someone uses poison oak/ivy
TheMasterOfCook (9 months ago)
There was a time in which Chefsteps was a fantastic cooking channel. Then, they start to sell Joule (with success I think) and after that they are posting beautiful and useless videos. Sous Vide was the future and now you put erbs into a barbeque to smoke a shitty piece of fish.. Seriously?
Rick Sanchez (9 months ago)
Focusing on techniques rather than recipes or Joule is exactly what they're doing right. They've also posted some great scrap-cooking videos like the vegetarian demi-glace. This video is a bit short, though. Would've loved to see it in a compilation.
Cujucuyo (9 months ago)
He has a point, ever since Joule came out this channel went from really good to meh.
TheMasterOfCook (9 months ago)
Sean Chen (9 months ago)
TheMasterOfCook loooool imagine waking up as annoying as this guy
James Hobbs (9 months ago)
I found my smoked carp acquired a brighter flavor if I put my dandelions in Joule before adding them to the coals.
1 yusaku (9 months ago)
yay! Cancer!!
T-Top Deluxe (9 months ago)
I thought it said turn plant scraps into smoked MEATS. I was so confused because I was expecting some vegan meat alternative made out of plant scraps lmao. But that's pretty cool though, bet it tastes unique.
Skidsune (9 months ago)
All I have are weeds and dirt in my garden. Does dirt do fine?
ALEXANDER BAKER (6 months ago)
Skidsune yes, use plenty of dirt
Mert uyanık (9 months ago)
Lack of sous vide amuses me
yakyakyak69 (9 months ago)
Beware the poison ivy... 😱
Josh Ganguly (9 months ago)
Kenneth W I guess I should have said backyard, I'm in the rural south at the moment and guess I kinda could image someone out here randomly grabbing something out the woods with some harmful oils in its leaves, then again someone like that probably doesn't watch youtube, much less chef steps lol
Kenneth W (9 months ago)
Josh Ganguly if one doesn't know anything about his own garden, something is wrong.
Josh Ganguly (9 months ago)
yakyakyak69 love chef steps, but was thinking the same thing, garlic and onion peels I get... but somebody, somewhere, who doesn't really know what's in their garden might be playing Russian Roulette with something poisonous eventually
Danielle Anderson (9 months ago)
That fish flake gave me an orgasm.
genocidegrande (9 months ago)
marijuana smoked salmon anyone?
raidenkeify (9 months ago)
genocidegrande it's been done before
Sir Francis (9 months ago)
Saw your grill and have an equipment question...whats better and why..."V" shaped grill or round bars? Id like your 2 cents on this...
AnAristotelian (9 months ago)
Neat trick - but can I really just take some garden cuttings like that indiscriminately- no major change in flavor or aroma?
Kenneth Donnelly (7 months ago)
.......no not any trimmings, grass and weeds will just make your food taste like a grass fire........use woody and tough herbs and herbs that are used to make essential oils, fruit woods and trimmings (stems, leaves, apple/pear cores/skin, pineapple tops, citrus rinds) just be weary of using trimming off fruit with a high sugar content as you will get a burnt sugar taste.
I Quickscoped JFK (9 months ago)
Most plants in your garden won't leave a noticeable flavor. Grass, weeds, and certain flowers all make a pretty mild smoke. If you smoke herbs, you'll get a slightly different flavor but it's by no means off putting. Smoking using onions and garlic produces the best smoke IMO
Mit1mit2mity4 (9 months ago)
The plants you choose leave different flavours of smoke. But the only way to really know what you like is to try a few.
Amateur Baker (9 months ago)
AnAristotelian they might perhaps leave a bitter aftertaste, I'm not too sure
CultureStress (9 months ago)
Turn plants into smoked meat! Just add meat!
Ash C. (9 months ago)
Finally! No Sous vide!
Isaac F. (9 months ago)
Step 3: Put lawn clippings in grill
Elias Whitelaw (9 months ago)
I'm just a boy in the UK who wants to cook with Joule. Help me out here ChefSteps!
Peter Šori (9 months ago)
buy Anova ... you'll cook the same ... how ever you take it :D
Adam farrugia (9 months ago)
AnAristotelian (9 months ago)
Adam farrugia F'oxx razztek

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