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Awesome Cooking Frog Soup Delicious Recipe - Cook Frog Recipes - Village Food Factory

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Hi Guy today i want to show you about Awesome Cooking Frog Soup Delicious Recipe - Cook Frog Recipes - Village Food Factory Hope you enjoy with my videos and Subscribe my channel (https://www.youtube.com/channel/UC6L279a0CRjzjN5jZbacRQg) Thank you for watching Please Good Luck everytime More Videos: - Awesome Fresh Durian Farm - Eating Durian Fruit At Som Lort Battambang Province In Cambodia https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=KX7voHudMHg - Awesome Cooking Peacock eel With Recipe delicious - Cook Fish Recipes - Village Food Factory https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=-3IpE_yAw7I Please Follow Me On: - Google Plus : https://plus.google.com/b/104366040031898529012/104366040031898529012?pageId=104366040031898529012 - Facebook : https://www.facebook.com/myfoodmylifestyle/ - Twitter : https://twitter.com/mylifestylefood - Pinterest : https://www.pinterest.com/myfoodmyday/
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Text Comments (3535)
Nor ain alab (4 hours ago)
Oh may gush how to eats this
bissa bis (5 hours ago)
we don't cook and touch the dogs you have to clean your hands
bissa bis (5 hours ago)
people in France eat frogs
Jale Zeka (6 hours ago)
Delicious? Ohh. I don't like to eat frog!🤢🤢🤢🤢🤢🤢🤢🤢🤢
Gab Aquino (20 hours ago)
Can you put music lmao to make me feel less gross 😂
Candice Jackson (1 day ago)
I'd try that without the organs and skin. Frog is good af
The Maknae (1 day ago)
Waar ben ik beland?🤐🤢
Selena Woods (1 day ago)
when it came out the frying pan it looked good
Doaa Hilal (2 days ago)
اصلن اش جابني هنا يعععععععععع😠😝
Doaa Hilal (2 days ago)
إيش فيكي انتي مبتسمه كل طقه على الراس تكسر اجلي لعمه شكي بطنها ايوه لكل بنت لازم يتعلم منهاي البنت عشان يعرفون الطبخ آيي لعم ولله اني اكره الضفادع بس اول مرة اشفق عليهن😢😢
Jorge Montero (2 days ago)
The dog is the next 😂😂
Eliza Cosmos (2 days ago)
I want!
Ariba Khan (2 days ago)
Grande log
Natalee Oz (2 days ago)
filthy sadistic bastards
Rajiv Upadhyaya (2 days ago)
Janvaro ko kha kar moti ho rahi
marwen Maalaoui (2 days ago)
the puppy say : OMG i'll be the next meal :D
I'm not offended. Many has stated here that's her culture. Fine. But playing with a puppy while cooking? Her manners? I heard the sounds while eating and the sound of how she "slurps" the soup. Well, maybe that's part of her culture too.
I wonder wat it taste like
Roktim Borgohain (3 days ago)
Shanbranla LALALA (3 days ago)
Cuando vi el perrito, pensé que lo iba a cocinar también 😂🙃🙃
Damar mara (3 days ago)
Patsy Borquez (4 days ago)
I can't get enough of this channel. I love her cooking!! She is so focused. I could use this right now. Under the weather. I look forward for more & more video's. Your dogs really are so tame, sitting around you & keeping a eye on you. So sweet!
Slyman Alrbay (4 days ago)
يع وش هذا القرف الله يخذك والله سديتي نفسنا معد ناقصلك الى اكل الكلاب والله انتو اقذر بشر 🤢🤮🤮😷😷😷
саске (4 days ago)
Elsa Loebell (4 days ago)
Different countries, different cultures. What is gross for us to eat is not gross for their people. Horsemeat is eaten in France, Germany, Belgium and other countries. Rats are eaten in some Asian countries. Cows stomachs are eaten in Mexico boiled in a spicy chili soup with hominy and served with buttered crusty rolls-- it's called "menudo" traditionally served at Christmas and New Year's . Pickled porks' feet and pork skins or cracklins are sold widely in US supermarkets. Insects are eaten in various parts of the world, dogs are eaten in S. Korea and the list goes on and on. I used to have a Philippine co-worker and he said that as kids they used to go through the fields and eat grubs. They thought nothing of it for them it was a 'treat'. I visited Thailand last year and could not eat their food. My system could not tolerate the smell and spicyness of the Thai food. So I ended up buying familiar imported food at the supermarkets and cooking my own meals LOL 😄. Bottom line we have to live and let live. No need to get offensive. I give credit to the young girl that she can cook a variety of meals WITHOUT the modern kitchens or conveniences that we in the western world are used to.
نعطيز مك القحبا حتى جران ومسلكش منكم هاكي زبي اطبخيه وكوليه تفوووو
Jerel Freiheit (5 days ago)
This looks delicious!
techno music (5 days ago)
بطلت اكل رح اعمل اضطراب عن الطعام
Majed الخالدي (5 days ago)
يااااع أكلت رجل الضفدع
pfingst rosen (6 days ago)
Credo que nojo😝
hana tube (6 days ago)
يع حتى الكلب كان رايح يشم في الضفضع شافو غير رأيو
Dilip Kumar (6 days ago)
She can eat puppy also
Maria Carranza (6 days ago)
close your mouth when you chew, all that smacking and slurping is so damn gross. JS
Mary (7 days ago)
Ohhh that puppy 😍😍😍
raabe Cavalcante (7 days ago)
Tanisq Tuhi (7 days ago)
Anonymous User (7 days ago)
Whoever likes to eat this is amazing! Tastes like chicken too
Anil Gurung (7 days ago)
So nice
Jaidu Srinavasulu (7 days ago)
Jihan Farhana (7 days ago)
Nanti lama lama kucing dan semut pun kamu jadikan makanan
Jihan Farhana (7 days ago)
Ew kamu kaya Binatang buas,suka makanin gituan
lorenzo Dowers (7 days ago)
nasty ass hole will never eat that😖😖😖
ملكه ثلج (7 days ago)
Leah Gordon (7 days ago)
I know this tastes really good. Awesome dish
hasnain abbas (8 days ago)
I must say ,little dog was soo uncomfortable in her hands 😂😂😂, may be some day will see that dog soup 😂😂
Agus Triawan (8 days ago)
kok gw enek ya liat muka nya, so imut makan nya
saifu sultan (8 days ago)
O my god
qhis comel (8 days ago)
she looked like frog too lmao
Freaky (7 days ago)
she felt like eating her siblings
Freaky (7 days ago)
lol ahahah
Pichvoleak Nguon (8 days ago)
I want that puppy. 😍
Fabiola Labranche (8 days ago)
Orchid azula (9 days ago)
You're a great cook
Why not peeling off the skin?'ll be much tastier
Candi Pitts (9 days ago)
I love frog legs!! Taste like chicken to me. I would love to learn some of your country ways of cooking. very intresting
laura murray (9 days ago)
alejandra luna50t (10 days ago)
She’s looking at the dog like mmm I can’t wait to dip you in soup sauce
khawla s' (10 days ago)
ملوخية بالضفادع🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣
كلشي وكلاشي (10 days ago)
مبينه باجة الضفادع دسمه
يا شباب لاتاكلو ضفدع حرام
Nayana Kumari (10 days ago)
Crazy lady cruel lady heartless lady killing and eating innocent animals
Kami Faghol (10 days ago)
طبق الضفادع بالارز ههههههه
Kami Faghol (10 days ago)
بالاكي برك تاكلي الكلب لي راكي مربياتو هههههه معفونة
Kami Faghol (10 days ago)
Saloni Pitroda (10 days ago)
Even in future, please don't eat your puppy. They have a special bond with their owner. Just a request.
Carlos Luna (10 days ago)
Looks yummy I wanna try 😋😋😋🤤🤤🤤🍽🍽🍽
Ayder A997 (10 days ago)
That dog tho
lavanya love (10 days ago)
That is nasty
i dont' like
Jemarc Fontanilla (10 days ago)
Removed the skin stupid
The Twins Gamer (10 days ago)
The Twins Gamer (10 days ago)
XxDaniella 129xX (11 days ago)
To all the people out there who are saying "i wanna vomit", If u wanna vomit, go ahead. But dont purposely click on a video and start making negative comments about since its not apart of ur culture. Plus, if u dont like this kind of stuff, why did u watch the video?
Flor Silva (11 days ago)
nem sei como esse cachorro que aparece ai ainda ta viai...👎👎
Flor Silva (11 days ago)
o povo porco...come ate buceta se bombiar assada 😩
Helen Shaqlawa (11 days ago)
اععععععععععع شكرا علي نعمة الإسلام 😯😯😯
ما هذا 😳
اكون الغسل الغسلج عووووووووووووووووووووووووووووووووووووع شكد قذرين
Putriana Eka Yuantoro (11 days ago)
wowwwww amazing
Grimm Dragon (11 days ago)
The only thing wrong with this video is that her knife is dull. Let her eat the damn frog.
ZINEB Sandjida (12 days ago)
اعق شو هاد
mahmoud 7oda (12 days ago)
ترجيع فورى
بنت الجنوب (12 days ago)
كون تاكلين سم
mutiara ulfa (12 days ago)
frog so big 😥😣😣😣
mohamad karaja (12 days ago)
حتى الخرى بياكلوه شعب مقرف
Mohina Bagwan (12 days ago)
lala mazlan (12 days ago)
I'm a muslim I want u to know if u want to eat frog don't make a video
lala mazlan (1 day ago)
Rothkholum Kholum who said that??muslim are not eat camels
Rothkholum Kholum (1 day ago)
You muslims eat camel, we don't eat it.. they eat frog, but you don't. You are quit!
lala mazlan (12 days ago)
U shouldn't eat them
lala mazlan (12 days ago)
Why u want to eat the frog huh ? The frog is *haram* to eat
Sisowat Sin (12 days ago)
ខ្ញុំចូលចិត្តវីដេអូបង !
Geovanny Martinez (12 days ago)
excelente video
انا مدري شدخلني هنا اااخخ يا القررف بس 🤢🤢🤢🤢😷😷
Alma Alejo (12 days ago)
Watched everything except frogs getting chopped up . I just couldn’t . Lol
Forida Yeasmin (12 days ago)
great video. Btw in France frog legs and snails are delicacy...
successful life (13 days ago)
Thank god that make me Muslim and not accept me to eat this thing
Prem Rana (13 days ago)
Owsome miss
Jalgas Halymova (13 days ago)
Dante Olivieri (13 days ago)
Kennis Powell (13 days ago)
Frogs are so slimy and creepy I didnt know humans ate frogs. Her ppl eat it and they are fine so it obviously isnt lethal. They season their food nicely. Great for them but Im kinda scared for that cute puppy to be honest.

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