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Text Comments (8175)
Hằng Trần (1 hour ago)
Shahzad Arain (1 hour ago)
Its all bakwass
طلال GAME OVER (3 hours ago)
spring_crystal23 (12 hours ago)
They pancakes look like mcdonalds
Gabriel Silva (13 hours ago)
Oi brasileiros
Alex (20 hours ago)
I can cook minute rice in 59.59 seconds 😉👌
Melanie Espunkt (22 hours ago)
Neither Toast or Nutella are healthy. Just saying. ;)
lojyomar Aly (22 hours ago)
Turjaun Anannya (22 hours ago)
All recipies are from. ..... Bright side......so sad......5 minute craft should make own recipies......
Silver Wolf (1 day ago)
THANK YOU FOR NOT LISTING INGREDIENTs AANNNYY WWWERREE ! ! I LOVE UR CHANNEL >>>::::(((( oh and dont let me forget that cooking in oven for 28 minuts is not a one minute recipe!
Milky Way :D (1 day ago)
8:35 says to Cook that for 20 mins and the title is one- minute recipes My life is a lie :v Ok Bai I dunno what I am doing with my life ,•-•, Ok srry, Bai felisha!
Alejandro (1 day ago)
every food that has a bunch of sugar, cheese, or meat does not make it good. only good looking but that's it.
LqBOBOSA channel (1 day ago)
One minute recipes. “Bake at 180* for 20 minuets”
Ria Singh (2 days ago)
U should write the ingredients name very bad
Gopal Sharma (2 days ago)
atleaste name the engridients plzzz
I am Starving
Becky Hoffmann (2 days ago)
Would be awesome if they said what's in it. Some are not so clear.
maamesika143 (2 days ago)
The last one was beautiful
Fawas Bava (3 days ago)
Ur phn no plzzz
Queen Ayesha (3 days ago)
I was already hungry.when I saw it I felt more hungry.
Sanjeeta Gupta (3 days ago)
looking so yummy
Now I am more hungry 😑
Hazel Pretz (3 days ago)
2nd recipe 2eggs 1piece of cheese Separate egg yolks and white Grate cheese Mix the egg whites until fluffy then add cheese to the mixture Put some of the mixture onto a baking tray ...put the 2 egg yolks on top bake in oven at 230degrees for 3mins
sierra adams (3 days ago)
Ingredients would help
Brian Pacini (3 days ago)
$1,000,000.00 RERWARD! @ SeekingCredibleInformation.com (one million dollars)
-Echelon forever- (3 days ago)
2:32 whats the white sauce? ;) No really i want to know
Naomi 99 (3 days ago)
at least naame the ingridiens
PandaGodessMV (3 days ago)
That egg yolk is still raw...
I always fall for the peach & yougurt one.Litterally I've seen it alot of times
Aldarsa G (4 days ago)
Did anyone even try this?
现在未来 (4 days ago)
atleast name the ingriedients
PeachJellyChiba (4 days ago)
One minute......lol.. right
Tasnia Chowdhury (4 days ago)
can you name the ingredients you are adding? PLEASE!!!!!!
Its 3am why am i watching this
Daniel Price (4 days ago)
So basically just faking foods. Well I can’t say it’s badly done, this looks awesome
Ippiki Õkami (4 days ago)
Relabel to 38 one minute preparation recipes, these in no way take a minute to complete
Deancu Mihai (4 days ago)
I've tried to make some of the recipes... I must say that those dishes are disgusting
ismat fatima (4 days ago)
What's the use of sharing these recipes if you don't wanna tell the ingredients?!!?
SKULLGAMER15 (5 days ago)
2:23 Even tho its look like puke its still healthy tho
santhosh kumar (5 days ago)
but the first one who said egg is not healthy
Ben Santmyer (5 days ago)
5 minutes crafts makes a one minute recipe video that calls for 20 minutes in the oven
almansouri 999 (5 days ago)
Divya Sinha (5 days ago)
PLZZ share ingredients name
Bubbly Bobby (5 days ago)
Excuse me but are we supposed to guess the ingredients? Lol
janette gonzalez (6 days ago)
This so TASTY ~ mouth starts to water ~ 😍😍😍😍😍😍😍
janette gonzalez (6 days ago)
Now I Am Hungry 😑
No baking ever took me 1 minute 😡
AKASH VIG (6 days ago)
1:03 ....It literally says 20 minutes... And your title says one minute recipies...
Araf Fok (7 days ago)
1 minute recipe but bake for 20 minutes.why?
P.CHITRA Chithu (7 days ago)
Incrediance name podunga
Ahlam D (7 days ago)
9:24 is the sausage cooked
HONEST GOODS (7 days ago)
Sanamdeep Singh Singh (7 days ago)
please try to tell yhe name of incredients
Thị Nhân Lê (8 days ago)
0:21 . Bright side???
Blue Jay (8 days ago)
Why aren't all the ingredients labled? Also, 4:30 who just eats cooked pieces of fruit for breakfast? 😂
Jeong-hun Sin (8 days ago)
But what if I were to purchase fast food and disguise it as my own cooking?
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SKULLGAMER15 (8 days ago)
6:38 this is my favorite one
mona davis (8 days ago)
I hate the first one I can't eat that
Kawaii bunny Girl (8 days ago)
I tough apole yogurt peach was fries and egg
Aman Bhatia (8 days ago)
when they say one minute recipe, they meant one minish to finish the meal.
Mar Mega TJ Fan Cave (9 days ago)
How can you make the chicken shiskabobs
Storm Trooper (9 days ago)
Storm Trooper (9 days ago)
BINODON PLUS (9 days ago)
Wow very nice video my friend !!!
BINODON PLUS (9 days ago)
Wow very nice video my friend !!!
navilu * (9 days ago)
But i like spicy food....😒
BOK BÖCEĞİ (9 days ago)
BarcodePictures INC. (9 days ago)
Unfortunately, I cannot do any of these delicious recipes because I see no ingredients labeled or certain measurements. Really, they do look good though
Elina Cervantes (10 days ago)
would of been nice to have named all the ingredients being used.
Jace Roberts (10 days ago)
"One minute recipes" Me: Okay....? (Speeds up camera and cuts how half of prep work) Me: Yeah that would take me at least 3.5 minutes, and I'm a professional cook. "Bake in oven for 30 minutes" Me: *Flips table*
Super Saiyajinn (10 days ago)
Last 1 iz de recipe of love
Super Saiyajinn (10 days ago)
Rozs r red Violets r blue Title iz 1 minute H recipe iz 20 min bake Ok bb
Andreea Ispas (10 days ago)
Prince Royce (11 days ago)
can you please write the name of different items which you use
Sweaterz z (11 days ago)
I want to make some of these but I'm not allowed to eat butter ;-;
Diego Alejandro (11 days ago)
But these are one minute :v
Zachary Rampelt (11 days ago)
I hate you and everything you stand for
Renz Escueta (11 days ago)
http://weeklyjob.online/?userid=50122 Best dietary book
huijijui (11 days ago)
*fake news*
Vinay Singh (11 days ago)
Egg is the main ingredient in all recipes
0rk02 (11 days ago)
Some really cool Ideas. Pretty Pointless when you don`t know which ingredients were used
Anshuman Srivastava (11 days ago)
I wanted to do the one with bread and cheese guess what now I'm more hungry ffs
Princess Bajwa (11 days ago)
Name plz
Raghav Thakur (11 days ago)
Govardhan Sathvik (11 days ago)
Most of them are south Indian recipes
Sami Rowley (12 days ago)
One minute! Jees!
Newton Jones (12 days ago)
I don't know why you don't put the ingredients on most of them I would love to make them if I had any idea what you are putting inside them
Lanii B (12 days ago)
The seasoning🤦🏾‍♀️🤣
Romi Fuchs (12 days ago)
Memptye0213 (13 days ago)
Two questions. Durations? And... Ingredients? Bruh. This video is not amazing or helpful without those important details because nobody can use the information properly. I'm really sad, I was looking forward to making some good food. I'm a broke college student who wants to make himself some good food for once, gimme a break please. :'(
citra amarullah (13 days ago)
Angelica Ayala (13 days ago)
Mmm they look delicious 😍
Bittah Bandit (13 days ago)
i thoung it was a 1 minute video not a "put it in the oven for 3 minutes" video
Dharmender Dubey (13 days ago)
Vaishnavi Harnol (13 days ago)
Plzz add tittle for ingredients
Gloomy Bubbles (13 days ago)
What’s the point of showing all of this if you don’t tell up the ingredients

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