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Text Comments (7382)
Chitra Selvaraj (4 hours ago)
Most of recipes are from bright side
Dalton's life (5 hours ago)
1 minute recipes presented by 5 minute crafts. 😐
Amanda Alexander (5 hours ago)
Ok hmmmm I looked up healthy food recipes (hints the word HEALTHY) yet none of these are that healthy and on this channel if it seems to good to be true... it is.
Não Sô Chef (10 hours ago)
very good!!
Nazi卐Fluffy卍 (14 hours ago)
One minute recipes *_bAkE fOr 20 MiNuTeS_*
SuKuRa Uchiha (16 hours ago)
Can we do that in one minute???? I think that will take 20 minutes 😀😀😀😀 Nah just JOKING
ashwini aishu (17 hours ago)
Best in this chanel
Fatima Khatib (20 hours ago)
Atleas name the ingradients
Fatima Khatib (20 hours ago)
Fatima Khatib (20 hours ago)
Waw imayzing
WEB TROS (23 hours ago)
You should to name the ingredients .... with which everyone can make them
Jeevika Gupta (1 day ago)
At least tell what are the ingredients and by the way you copied some recipes from BRIGHT SIDE Almost everything is copied from bright side you really have to change your habits of doing the same every time I'm not lying it's true just see the sign of bright side carefully its mentioned on the left side of the video That's really bad you always do like that only please make your own recipes and crafts please It's my point of view maybe you point is something else Like if you think the same👍
hello honey bunny (1 day ago)
*when you don't have oven and all recipes have to make in oven* -__-
Sha ina (1 day ago)
Im just making myself hungry in this video lol
Sha ina (1 day ago)
I basically watch this all the time but then I never do these hacks.
Sleepy Teddy (1 day ago)
Name. The. Ingredients. Please.
Kuzhinaime (1 day ago)
look in my channel easy recipes
Ronin Chalifoux (1 day ago)
What is the pastry dough made of and at least name the ingredients!
Zarin Tasneem (1 day ago)
It's Ramadan and I'm hungry after watching this
MorzaBorza borzza (2 days ago)
this ONE MINUTE SHOW FOOD not recipe XD
DHARMA RAJU GADA (2 days ago)
4:34 1 minute=30 minutes
meh meh navarro (2 days ago)
Who else has watched this multiple times and have yet to try one......
AdeptTube (2 days ago)
yes at least name the ingredients einstien
Marshall Turner (2 days ago)
16:41 Have your 2 year old add the ingredients. Got it. 😂
Malla Vimala Rani (2 days ago)
Malla Vimala Rani (2 days ago)
it is not bad
I have been Jungshook (2 days ago)
none of these take 1 minute
Roseanna Montoya (2 days ago)
Y'all REALLY can't tell what the ingredients are???
Shabnam Parveen (2 days ago)
Name the ingredients
Sgst Tumacdang (2 days ago)
Yummy and Delicious
atik wolf (2 days ago)
Biggest lie of the world
Tuan Minh (3 days ago)
jeff wang (3 days ago)
jeff wang (3 days ago)
jeff wang (3 days ago)
jeff wang (3 days ago)
Cool Gamer (3 days ago)
0:05 I thought that was an egg
The Llama Life (3 days ago)
1:32 the best thing I ever made!
The Masked Equestrian (3 days ago)
The first one looked so much like and egg and fries!
RAJKUMAR SHARMA (4 days ago)
Apurva Kumar Joshi (4 days ago)
1 minute????
Franz Cruz (4 days ago)
Yummy!!! I swear i cant tiis this hahaha charot
Mindraa (4 days ago)
This is why Tasty is better than you: ¶ The list they're ingredients in the video AND in the description. ¶ When they say 1 minute recipes, they actually mean 1 minute.
Tzatziki AJ (4 days ago)
Hello!I loved the video! Can any of you amazing people subscribe to my channel? It only takes 5 seconds c: Thank you so much if you do <3
Emma Swift (4 days ago)
akhter raza (4 days ago)
I think this recipe s are not in 1 minute
Jalees Jalees (4 days ago)
I am making this dish 1:40
tomzicare (4 days ago)
Farenheit or Celcius??
Zayn Era' (4 days ago)
Does anyone try 1:40 recipe .. Hpw was it please tell
Christopher Joy (5 days ago)
could u gimme a tutorial on how to snap my fingers nd get the apples cut in designs which i like😰
MILAN chavda (5 days ago)
Don't saw us videos that was made and upload by bright side. we are your channel subscriber not them
Nikki Sims (6 days ago)
Sanjay Yadav (6 days ago)
how we know what are the items
Veena Haseeb (6 days ago)
One minute recipes but takes 20 mins to cook! I rather go to McDonald’s.
iamnotCorinne (6 days ago)
This is beautiful but i'm sorry, most of these recipes are useless to follow without naming the ingredients and giving the quantities.
OrangeTabbyCat (6 days ago)
I think in this day and age we should go for recipes that are less heart attack and diabetes causing and more healthy. Even if they take more than one minutes to prepare. Just the first few recipes disgust me. i am glad my brain is trained to healthy eating.
Pavan Sahani (6 days ago)
Nice.idea very.nice i love it
karin Jannatul (6 days ago)
Some ingredients are hard to identify need their names
sudha Burnwal (6 days ago)
Well hopefully u started labelling the ingredients
jeruman (6 days ago)
Very annoying music
sudha Burnwal (6 days ago)
Mouth watering video . Just loved it
Panda_xPx xD (6 days ago)
I know it's not 1 minute, but I tried the sandwich with the chocolate spread and the bananas. I asked my dad if he wanted me to make a sandwich for him, and he said yes. I made it and he was really surprised how good it was. The only bad thing about it is that I would be the one to wash the dishes.... I used Hersheys' Spread instead of Nutella because they had no stalk. So this is not clickbait. Tomorrow I'm going to make the pancake with the chocolate inside. 😁
Panda_xPx xD (7 days ago)
I feel like some of the one with the chocolate, they used Nutella
Nadia Zamri (7 days ago)
Meghann Anderson (7 days ago)
0:41 Don't try the egg one!!! I cooked it for 5 minutes and it was still watery!!! Very dissapointed :(
Hullo I'm Samuel. (7 days ago)
Roses are red Violets are blue You stole a recipe from buzzfeed And this is proof of copyright too.
GoochieGoesGalactic (7 days ago)
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WWE FANWAR (8 days ago)
Some from the previous video
WWE FANWAR (8 days ago)
Latest technology
WWE FANWAR (8 days ago)
WWE FANWAR (8 days ago)
Guava juice
WWE FANWAR (8 days ago)
Marian Flint (8 days ago)
really great. easy recipes with lots of imagination. thanks.
The gods of gaming (8 days ago)
n00b (8 days ago)
Cheese, the pinnacle of "Delicious Quick Foods" -literally every buzzfeed food stuff-
RT Gaming6000 (9 days ago)
I failed the pancake one miserably...
Manjula Kodesur (9 days ago)
It is aswom. This channel is super. I like it 😎😎
renren raytana (10 days ago)
Atleast name a ingredients!!
Foxes are awesome (10 days ago)
I REALLY wish they would tell us what the ingredients are and how much to add😡😡😡
akshay shirbhate (10 days ago)
At least tell us which ingredients u r using
ralukshik (10 days ago)
Lol maybe on minute speeding up to show us on video not actually when you do it yourself 😂
Susan Grunbaum (10 days ago)
Very frustrating that I cannot see the products which are added in the recipes . I'm not good at guessing!
Empresslockness (10 days ago)
Some of them pastries need to be baked longer. That dough is not cooked all the way.
Jayneshia Worrell (10 days ago)
Y don't u tell what the stuff is
LanaMations 2 (10 days ago)
In the pancake part how does he/she make it a perfect circle..
Pac (10 days ago)
Title: One minute recipes Video: 5-minute crafts Steps: wait 20 minutes etc. Yeah..
Grace Nicholson (10 days ago)
Are these recipes using filo pastry or puff pastry?
Hamad Alsayed (10 days ago)
1:53 I really like how it turned out with the spiral.
Hikimal Adilfi (10 days ago)
6:00 sate!
Trung Hoàng (10 days ago)
sharpsnipe (11 days ago)
What is so good about these vids no offense
Phoebe Holt (11 days ago)
1 minute recipes... no offence but uh, this is 5 minute crafts? not 1 minute crafts??
SamTHK GamerVn (11 days ago)
They said 1 recpice mean you can eat these in 1 min
Irene Hong (11 days ago)
PastelPanda Plays (11 days ago)
All of them take more then a minute
Gold &Mint (11 days ago)
Y'all need to give measurements and ingredients so the recipe comes out right,you can't just eyeball it all the time and expect it to come out amazing
YouWantMyPancake (12 days ago)
Bright Side
Muhammad Mubashir (12 days ago)
hmmmm yummy mouth watering
- (12 days ago)
I'm French, and I'm completely horrified by this… are these recipes American? Ewwww 😯
Kawaii kanato Kun (12 days ago)
The first recipe I want to use it to prank my friends 😂😂😂
Reshmi Nimje (12 days ago)
Wow..!! Great You didn't even mention what ingredients are added in recipes..
baki saijyothi (12 days ago)
pls specify ingrediants what u add there
foreverthea ii (12 days ago)
It doesn't help if you don't specify the ingredients. Or if you don't indicate whether to use SUGAR or SALT!
John Christopher See (13 days ago)
"The Healthiest Breakfast" Me: Dude it's just an apple, yogurt, and a peach -_-
nycSmokes (13 days ago)
this is not a truth. none of these are 1 minute. it takes 10 minutes to preheat an oven. It takes more than a minute to mix any of these ingredients. Some of them actually say bake for 20 minutes. Who picked this false advertising title???
Farah Tanzika (13 days ago)
I want to eat them

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