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Chilli Cheese Toast Recipe - 5 Min Snack Recipe - CookingShooking

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In this video, we will be making Chilli Cheese Toast, which is a very quick and easy snack recipe, which tastes fantastic. A perfect recipe to impress! Ingredients: Sandwich Bread - 6 Butter - 4 tbsp Red Chili - 2-3 Salt - 1 tsp Cheese - 200g (grated, processed) Garlic - 2-3 cloves or 1 tsp powder Red Chili Flakes - 1 tsp Coriander Leaves and Red Chili Flakes - to garnish Website: http://www.cookingshooking.com | http://www.cookingshooking.in Fb: http://www.fb.com/cookingshooking Blog: http://www.cooknshook.blogspot.com
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Text Comments (439)
noor's nritya (33 minutes ago)
I love ur recipes
Fathima (1 day ago)
I tried it now at 11 it was delicious and yummy 😋
Food Stop (3 days ago)
Looking yummy.. i will try for sure 🙂
Wahid Khan (3 days ago)
Nice sir
Naradshing Dhurve (5 days ago)
So tasty and easy to make
Himaja Gunupudi (7 days ago)
Really superb,, everyone loved it,, thanks for this video,, its simply to make,, nd tastyyyy ,, thnqqqq
Nikita S (8 days ago)
Love your videos. Keep up the good work, chef!
Afiya Bano (8 days ago)
If we want to cook it in microwave then what temperature we have to keep
Aliyah (10 days ago)
Thankyou for this video! Helpful & informative
Sherry Rodricks (10 days ago)
I have tried this before... But how to make it crispy???
Balram Patel (10 days ago)
Please do remake of cheese balls, i did saw your old video of cheese ball, was not satisfactory.
Reflections of My Life (11 days ago)
Kindly tell the temp and time to make in microwave convection mode ? Plssss
Shruti sharma (12 days ago)
Maha Sharaf (12 days ago)
what will gordon ramsey have to say about this ....... AMAZING!!!
Adarsh Kumar (12 days ago)
Can i know which company cheese u have used in this recipe
Kheya Das (13 days ago)
Play the video in 1.5x
Priyanka Sharma (14 days ago)
Kabhi kuch healthy ni btata tu bhai.
Prerna Dhiman (14 days ago)
It looks so yummy 😋
Alka Arora (16 days ago)
very nice recipe
Zulfihar Zulfi (17 days ago)
I like ur videos very much
Nisha Haridwari (17 days ago)
me oven me kuch bhi bnati hu to nhi bnta thik se....oven me convection mode h pls btaye ki pre heat kese kre ar baking method pls pls reply🙇
ASWATHI P (18 days ago)
Nice recipe .. Good presentation..kudos
Aaromal Rbr jr. (19 days ago)
At temperature should we bake them sir!?
shrutkirti Shelar (19 days ago)
looks delicious
Monika Mohan (20 days ago)
my mouth started watering😋
Purval Radadiya (22 days ago)
Yaman hame pannir tikaa pizaa bana kare dikhao in hindi
Purval Radadiya (22 days ago)
Hi yaman
jurjenlanting (22 days ago)
Show bobs
Snehal Ahiwale (23 days ago)
Hey chef I tried ur pav bhaji and cheese chilli toast recipe both were supppperbbbb. I have a unique request for you, can you please show zucchini red bell pepper suppa recipe. I have tasted this soup and it's seriously yummy but I don't know the recipe can u help... ☺
TEJAS PARMAR (23 days ago)
Nice keep making such videos
Samira Irfan (23 days ago)
ìt may better called cheese toast
Venkatesan Rangarajan (23 days ago)
I am big fan of yours pls make new recipes your are awesome bro
Adhish Sonthalia (24 days ago)
Great recipe! guys you can also checkout my youtube channel " Guilty Cravings" for some amazing, easy and innovative recipes!
Syeyadda Zainab (24 days ago)
Omg how does he have 1 million subscribers
sagar patil (26 days ago)
Nice one Yaman. Can we use Garlic powder instead?
Maryam Salva (26 days ago)
Can I add cheddar cheese?
Guddi Sharma (26 days ago)
Loved the recipe dear..👍👌💐🎂👏
sanjay sagar (28 days ago)
sanjay sagar (28 days ago)
I am so sorry
MANNAT ARORA (1 month ago)
So tasty
Obed Tewes (1 month ago)
Cooking shooking indeed ;)
style teach 333 (1 month ago)
Kartik Bhagat (1 month ago)
Yummy and easy
Ayushman jain (1 month ago)
Cheezzeee! 😋
Jyothirmayi pechetti (1 month ago)
Tat was supper easy and yummy! Thanks for the recipe!
jothsna josh (1 month ago)
How to put cheese slice it's available with me
CHEFS NOOK (1 month ago)
Ur recipes are the best
CHEFS NOOK (1 month ago)
CHEFS NOOK (1 month ago)
Yaman can u share the recipe for melting cheese grill sandwich
CookingShooking (1 month ago)
sure will do it soon
Hritik Awtade (1 month ago)
3:15 this clearly says nothing is best in the world
saroj kumar (1 month ago)
Tanvi S V (1 month ago)
the taste has to be consist so spread evenly, who likes to eat big chunks of garlic, the cheese is spread all over his kitchen table, the worst certified chef I have seen
Chinnu Prasad (1 month ago)
Very yummy hmmmmmm👌👌👌👌
Vidya Patel (1 month ago)
Aap ki taarif kitna karun ?? You are like my grandaughters age. So blessing you and wishing you all the best for your sincerity.. Hamesha keep smiling like this😊 you have a long way to go !!
CookingShooking (1 month ago)
Thank you Dadi :)
RageYT 440 (1 month ago)
U have great nd easy to make recipes
Nidhi. Shastri (1 month ago)
Loved the message at the end, "nothing is perfect in the world", and you're recipes as usual are awesome!! Happy cooking and happy eating😋
Nitesh Vallabh (1 month ago)
So much red chilli dude ....U will shoot flames..Out of your ass the next day ....Your Ass will become a flame thrower...
Aayushii Chawla (1 month ago)
I will surely try this recipe
Aayushii Chawla (1 month ago)
It looks so awesome...my mouth melted.
juhi agrawal (1 month ago)
Hey ! Its nice...can i use onion instead of garlic in this recipie?
juhi agrawal (1 month ago)
CookingShooking thank u
CookingShooking (1 month ago)
Pammi Grewal (1 month ago)
Sandeep jaan (1 month ago)
NYC and easy
Diva Bunny (1 month ago)
can u show how to do a perfect coffee
CookingShooking (1 month ago)
Declan Bridges (1 month ago)
Devansh Gupta (1 month ago)
Bhai can we add oregano in it?
Devansh Gupta (1 month ago)
CookingShooking you are too good.Keep going👍👍👌
CookingShooking (1 month ago)
Renuka Amagoni (1 month ago)
Disclaimer: never watch this when on diet because it is soooo yummy 🤤
simran jaiswal (1 month ago)
Which oven is best for baking ? Any suggestions
Cinderella Sowmya (1 month ago)
niranjanee kumaran (1 month ago)
Your recipes are quite easy and tasty too.. I'm very much happy cooking yours... thank you so much..!!!
Swati Raulo (1 month ago)
Can we use microwave??
CookingShooking (1 month ago)
yes.. Convection mode.. same time and temp
Pratishtha OJHA (1 month ago)
IT was very tasty. Thank you for this video.
Seth Yohan (1 month ago)
Mozzarella cheese ?
NAMDEV GADADE (1 month ago)
I made it at home. really it was sooooo tasty
Maanika Sharma (1 month ago)
That's just a cheese on bread
Nurul Miah (1 month ago)
Made this just now, without garlic better, i put onions very nice, thank you
Saloni Gattani (1 month ago)
If i want to cook in a micorwave how should i cook? I mean the temp, mode
Saloni Gattani (12 days ago)
CookingShooking thank you
Reflections of My Life (12 days ago)
I preheated the microwave in convection mode for 10 mins and then uses grill mode high rack for 2 mins .. the bread was soggy .. I know I haven't followed correct procedure pls reply.
Reflections of My Life (12 days ago)
CookingShooking do we need to preheat microwave ? Kindly reply . I made it today but they weren't cripsy .. want to try them again .. kindly help ..
CookingShooking (1 month ago)
convection mode.. highest temp.. least time say 5mins
surabhi gupta (1 month ago)
Gained weight just watching this 😅
MQ jaya (1 month ago)
mine was not tasty
Amit N (1 month ago)
Hmm delicious 👍
waheguru gg (1 month ago)
Parmeet kaur (1 month ago)
I am going to try it just now... Looking amazing in the video...
ReehatKitchen (1 month ago)
Love this recipe
Shosho Azim (1 month ago)
Serena (1 month ago)
Did you add butter to both sides of bread?
CookingShooking (1 month ago)
Bro, your recipe are so good.... simple tasty and yummmy....
Luna Viper (1 month ago)
What the fuck did you just call me in the beginning?
Neelam Chhayani (1 month ago)
Delicious 😋
Neha (1 month ago)
that's why I bake my Bread cheese first and then I put it on PAN for 1 minutes and it taste perfect :D... thanks for sharing :)
Jaideep Singh (1 month ago)
I tried . nice and easy. Thanks for sharing
Madhuri Rodrigues (1 month ago)
Can we use chilli flakes
manisha kshirsagar (1 month ago)
I just love cheese and so tasty
dhruv benegal (1 month ago)
Hey Yaman, very nice English man. Go to school okay?? Igcse not for you bye bye
Shivani Das (1 month ago)
Very easy I will gonna try can we use cheese slice
Arun Rathore (1 month ago)
Rupa Banik (1 month ago)
Osm recipe.....
Sahil Aleena (1 month ago)
Nothing special . Waste of time in cooking such ..
Neeraj Chandel (2 months ago)
Sir I have griller can I use it for this
CookingShooking (2 months ago)
Varsha Bano Official (2 months ago)
Can we add pizza topping over it ???
CookingShooking (2 months ago)
yes definitely
poornima venkatappa (2 months ago)
Super yummy and very easy 👍
Savi4Wonderland (2 months ago)
This was so easy to make, alway like your videos thank you
Creativity at Its best (2 months ago)
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