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How to make butter slime with only two ingredients body wash and flour hd

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Full video https://youtu.be/-2-0K928K_c Thanks for watching
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Brooke Minshull (11 months ago)
Awesome this worka so well and I used a different wash!!
Satisfying Squishies (11 months ago)
I am so glad it works well for you 🤗
Artistkelx (6 months ago)
Is there a way to make it slightly more stretchy?? If so, a list of products that would do so?
Jennifer Gomez (6 months ago)
the first one is not a slime😾😾😾
Littleblue graal (7 months ago)
The most saddest part is that I don't have flour
Littleblue graal (7 months ago)
Okay imma find
Satisfying Squishies (7 months ago)
Littleblue graal I think it may work with the powder that has the same texture of flour😉
Littleblue graal (7 months ago)
Any powder? Okay , thank you for replying 😊
Satisfying Squishies (7 months ago)
Littleblue graal you can use cornstarch if you have or you can use any powder like that. It may work
:3 Potato :3 (8 months ago)
Satisfying Squishies (8 months ago)
박미선 😉
Bree Bree (8 months ago)
Omg! Finally something that actually works! U have new subscriber
Satisfying Squishies (8 months ago)
Bree Bree I am so glad that it works and thanks for subscribing
Carys YT (9 months ago)
can we put lotion to make it strechy and can we use cornstarch? plz reply i really want to make this
mimi gaming vids (12 days ago)
Carys YT yeah
Satisfying Squishies (9 months ago)
_YT_ _GAMES_ no worries 😉
Carys YT (9 months ago)
Satisfying Squishies oh ok thanks! ❤
Satisfying Squishies (9 months ago)
_YT_ _GAMES_ i am not sure 🤔 but I think it can work but do not add a lot it might ruin your slime. Maybe you can make small piece first
Shadow kitty (9 months ago)
it rely works!!!
Shadow kitty (9 months ago)
Satisfying Squishies (9 months ago)
shãdøw wølf gïrl 🤗
Bleach (9 months ago)
It worked! The first time it failed. I guess I used too much body wash but I didn't wanna give up cause most of the comments said it worked. So I tried again.. And IT WORKED!! Thank you so much for sharing this recipe with me and the viewers
Satisfying Squishies (9 months ago)
Bleach I am glad that you didn't give up and you kept trying. No worries 😉.I really love to share things that I know which someone can use
It's Keira (10 months ago)
I saw your comment and i came to watch it. I also liked it and i subscribed can u subscribe to my channel i have none lol i just started it a week ago
Nadeem Masih (10 months ago)
God bless you
Satisfying Squishies (10 months ago)
Rachel Maseeh thanks
Nadeem Masih (10 months ago)
Love you love you thank you
Satisfying Squishies (10 months ago)
Rachel Maseeh welcome 💕
Nadeem Masih (10 months ago)
Love you so much I made first time it actually works! $$!!
Satisfying Squishies (10 months ago)
Rachel Maseeh I am so glad 😁 that it worked for you
Endless Chambers (10 months ago)
SUBSCRIBE TO MY NEW YOUTUBE CHANNEL user name: Lucas Miller you will not see it at the top wen you search it but if you scroll down for like 15 seconds you will get to it Ps: if you want to save your self some trouble jest search Lucas Miller Slime and it will be at the top My profile picture is a bunch of thinking putty
Monica Armenta (10 months ago)
So it's a little like butter slime right?
Monica Armenta (10 months ago)
Satisfying Squishies ok thank you for telling me 😊 😊😊
Satisfying Squishies (10 months ago)
Monica Armenta if you want it to be sticky slime you can add less of flour
Satisfying Squishies (10 months ago)
Monica Armenta if you add a lot of flour once it would be like a clay so make sure to put slowly
Satisfying Squishies (10 months ago)
Monica Armenta yes kind of
Monica Armenta (10 months ago)
I saw your comment and I came
Satisfying Squishies (10 months ago)
Monica Armenta thanks
Hey_itz_meh ROBLOX (10 months ago)
Uh i do it now but.... It gets solid and be bubbly Its not slime its a clay!!!!
Satisfying Squishies (10 months ago)
Hey_itz_meh ROBLOX maybe you have added lots of flour or maybe you dumped all your flour once
Destiny Payton (10 months ago)
it works
Destiny Kyyitan (8 months ago)
Destiny Payton my mame is Destiny
Satisfying Squishies (10 months ago)
Destiny Payton enjoy playing with it 😜🤗
Merlyn And Kaley (11 months ago)
hey can you please help me know how make a thumbnail with a phone I need thumbnails for my videos and I really help to know how
Satisfying Squishies (11 months ago)
Merlyn Vlogs sure . Such a good idea 💡 I would probably do that for my next videos
Victor (11 months ago)
Its plasteline, not slime, lol
Aqua sama (11 months ago)
you cant stretch
Blaizrader (7 months ago)
MSP Abygail2015 add in cooking oil and it stretches sooo much
Missed Malibu (8 months ago)
MSP Abygail2015 Add lotion maybe
Satisfying Squishies (11 months ago)
MSP Abygail2015 yes it's not so stretchy. the slime without glue or face mask is not is stretchy (the glue is the one of the most important part of slime so)I would say this is a good slime you will know when you make it
Porscha G (11 months ago)
great vid!

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