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6 Incredible No-Bake Desserts

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Check out the Tasty One-Stop Shop for cookbooks, aprons, hats, and more at TastyShop.com: http://bit.ly/2mEBY0e Here is what you'll need! FULL POST: Check us out on Facebook! - facebook.com/buzzfeedtasty Credits: https://www.buzzfeed.com/bfmp/videos/22350 MUSIC Licensed via Audio Network

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Text Comments (2215)
Sumin Park (4 hours ago)
Karuppu Samy (10 hours ago)
I like the last recipe
MissGalaxyFox _ (19 hours ago)
Seriously, Just call ‘chocolate sandwich cookies’ or whatever the hell you guys call it Oreos.
Meet Niki (23 hours ago)
Might make the peanut butter cups
Imtiyaz Vai (1 day ago)
wow this is very incredible i want without chocalate and cream cake
세라박Sera (1 day ago)
I already tried that Graham cake every christmas me and my sister do it
אלרם שקלים (1 day ago)
If you want to know how to bake delicious and healthy desserts, please visit http://www.guiltfreedesserts.net/
Ddullie Dduddongie (1 day ago)
TY SM, Tasty! ❤️
FuHk YoUr G nOtE (1 day ago)
That shortcake actually looked really good
Comedy Penguin (2 days ago)
Audun sonflå (3 days ago)
Why do you use graham crackers in almost everyting?
Ali Wag (5 days ago)
I hatte peanut butter stop this 😙😂
União com o céu (5 days ago)
I'm hungry
KAUSIK DE (6 days ago)
Everyday I am seeing your video
Sam Jeon (6 days ago)
That strawberry ice box cake reminds me of mango float we filipinos love it 😄
Forbidden Blader (7 days ago)
5:11 I bet is gonna be delish
Rajesh Mishra (7 days ago)
Salyn Wilson (7 days ago)
I have always hated peanut butter so I replace it with chocolate no peanut butter sandwiches I eat Nutella peanut butter cups?hell no!i eat chocolate bars if I ever make these guess what??hell no peanut butter ima eat chocolate 😍😍😍 🤣🤣
Shoaib Akmal (8 days ago)
joydeep Das (9 days ago)
#Tasty The food we eat is always tasty And the recipes are there have shown Are also tasty too If you like this so give it a like So I would make more things of this #Tasty
Nintendo Amy (11 days ago)
No bake but too much work
aww you do it wht a child
Fatma Mohssen (12 days ago)
i will try the penut butter cups
Bee Ivy (13 days ago)
The second one made me rly sad cuz I love cheesecake and Oreos but I’m a vegetarian and I can’t eat gelatine
didi xoxo (1 day ago)
Bee Ivy if it made u sad then dont be vegetarian
Shamrockxs kpop (14 days ago)
Can you still make the Oreo with out geltion
I am Raptor (14 days ago)
When is tasty going to call it Oreos
ItsYehGirl SailorMoon (14 days ago)
Gimme the chez cake nows! .p. Its an emergency, just gimme it (Ima eat it, it ain't an emergency me lied)
Joo Hyun (14 days ago)
Stop destroying delicious food by peanut butter!
Jescel Baluyot (14 days ago)
Yummy delicious great
Marlon Sanchez (14 days ago)
Mucha diabetes en un solo video :v
V and G (15 days ago)
I'm crying i don't have ingredeons😭
Ng Guan Seek (15 days ago)
V and G nice grammer...
Mark Belgen (16 days ago)
What size cake mold is used for the "Cookies & Cream Cheesecake"?
JustAnother EdgyTeen (17 days ago)
Pretty much half of these are cheesecake and peanut butter, which are two things I can't have :V
Suli Morce (17 days ago)
2:50 fav recipe
Adam Lescallette (17 days ago)
No bake my ass
Cali Lovett (17 days ago)
These recipes are absolutely shameless. I like them.
XxIlikecookies ;3 (17 days ago)
The Oreo one is legit delicious I tried it !
Fernanda Barbosa (17 days ago)
2018 anyone ?
slimeolous (17 days ago)
I remember when tasty had 3 million..
Aran Wyn (18 days ago)
Its nearly 4am and i wanna make a peanut butter and chocolate cheesecake now....
Claudia Fernández (18 days ago)
Mmm yes
Anjali Khatri (19 days ago)
Very helpful
stella-victoria Fuith (19 days ago)
How this kid is making a mess is frustrating me
James James (20 days ago)
Sorry, I am lack toes in tall errant
ABalloonheads TD (20 days ago)
Nigga just say Oreo
Kendra's Vlogs (20 days ago)
I made the homemade Pb cups and they came out wonderful! (First tasty recipe to work) lol
Mark Belgen (21 days ago)
For the Carmel Tarts, it doesn't say what is being sprinkled on it. Is it salt, rock sugar, what?
Kendra's Vlogs (20 days ago)
Mark Belgen pretty sure sea salt don’t quote me on it tho😂
Isha Kissoonah (22 days ago)
*actually I won't waste my strawberries for a cake*
Shivani Mourya (22 days ago)
wow I love it😍😘😋
Sneha Sneha (22 days ago)
Wow yaar
pedrojarteagar (22 days ago)
Altenative Name For Peanut Butter Cups: House Made Resees
ANTonio (22 days ago)
Ew! That’s disgusting! she didn’t cook it
TheClumsyJedi (22 days ago)
Who else just wants to dive through the screen, mouth open? #Sohungry
Kennyan B (22 days ago)
July 2018?
Xxlolz_ popxX (22 days ago)
Tide pod cheesecake please
Ann Harrison (24 days ago)
Low Carb for Diabetics - 4 ingredients, no cooking. sugar - free digestive biscuits, small tub cottage cheese, pack of Dream Topping. Crumble biscuits in bag, bind with one small egg,, mix dream topping, then add cottage cheese, mix and put in refridgerator until set. Eat when ready after a couple of hours.
Ranjitha Narasimhan (24 days ago)
Can I have some no bake , no freeze, no egg, no sugar, no fat, no cream, low calorie, tasty but healthy dessert??????😋😊
Benjamin Allen (25 days ago)
They call it whipped cream and then says whipped topping?
Anuksha Ganesan (26 days ago)
I don't think I want to ever eat anything again.
iTzMoZ YT (26 days ago)
The oreo is the best one
shahad yasmin (27 days ago)
And I love it ❤️
shahad yasmin (27 days ago)
I downloaded your app
Iam_Sweet Cupcake (27 days ago)
I am so addicted to OREO
Dina Ahmad (27 days ago)
I did the first one and it was delicious
Cheikh Diop (27 days ago)
Hi tasty... U doing a wonderful job... Is there a substitutes for gelatines for the no bake deserts.. Thanks
Eloho Efemuai (28 days ago)
Kim_ 2476 (28 days ago)
Taste like heaven
hopepyrope (30 days ago)
Rip to people allergic to peanuts
Ananya Ganguly (30 days ago)
Awesome recipes.i love tasty
d d (30 days ago)
Come over my house
Angel Soto (30 days ago)
CRAZY PINEAPPLE! (30 days ago)
0:26 you could of just said Oreos!:/
calissa bailey (30 days ago)
love it
latavia thomas (30 days ago)
They call it a chocolate peanut butter cheesecake. I just call it a Reeses cheesecake.
It should be called 6 incredible no bake desserts that people with nut allergies can't have.
Anushree Kulkarni (1 month ago)
Yum 👅
Fiha Rani (1 month ago)
Watching this in the gym because I came on YouTube to search up a workout and this was the first thing in my homepage. The devil's trying to tempt me, why did I click
Captain Corkles (1 month ago)
" whipped topping "
Jimin HasJams (1 month ago)
I'm getting hungry already and I'm still not playing the video.
NÃNINHA SAITAMA :3 (1 month ago)
Brooke Mosher (1 month ago)
I hate you
Your average Human (1 month ago)
SarahLovesYTB Roblox (1 month ago)
No Baking Just Waiting For Soooo Long!!! :D
Gacha Kly (1 month ago)
No wonder why there channel name is called TASTY.
multi colouredbunny (1 month ago)
Plz do a video that has no peanut butter
Thank you my sister loved the peanut butter cups
were qert (1 month ago)
get some desert , mix it up, there it is, your own desert
TV Controller (1 month ago)
So this is the comment section in this video in a nutshell: OMFG II LOVE THE LITTLE HANDS OMGSSGSSGS LOL XDDDDDD
Savage Sports (1 month ago)
Wouldn't it just be easier to bake because all of these require at least 2 hours of refrigeration?
Ruth Plays (1 month ago)
They are so white they said cookies and cream cheesecake when it’s just Oreo cheesecake
Lizzy E. (1 month ago)
Can I eat your channel? It looks Tasty.
Anime Girl (1 month ago)
I want to make all these thing but im too lazy to get out of bed and make them
Eliza Ashley (1 month ago)
Any for people allergic to peanuts?😂😂
TSB Tickla (1 month ago)
Unsalted butter?
Zara (1 month ago)
2:02 lol was that a child
randomgirlG (1 month ago)
yummy! Good ideas!
push eyala (1 month ago)
Thanks a lot please can you tell me what the name of cheese ice cream in french.
Theo Hughes-Wilson (1 month ago)
Is powered sugar icing sugar or just sugar? Also, I'm English and we don't have Graham crackers, is there a British equivalent does anyone know? Thanks
The Shy Guy Studio (1 month ago)
The recipe to 1:36 is frigging Reese's Cups.
Justin Leski (1 month ago)
“No bake” then how do i melt the chocolate???

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