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Aloo Puri Recipe - Crispy Yet Soft Masala Potato Poori - CookingShooking

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In this video, we will make Masala Aloo Poori, this is a very easy yet different breakfast & tiffin recipe. This Potato & Spice flavored Puri is a quick, crispy and goes well with almost all home style sabzis! Ingredients: Wheat Flour - 2 cups Potato - 2 boiled and mashed Suji - 2 tbsp Green Chili - 1 Coriander Leaves - 1 tbsp Jeera - 1 tsp Sesame Seeds - 1 tsp Salt - as per taste Red Chili Powder Turmeric Powder - ¼ tsp Ajwain - ½ tsp Website: http://www.cookingshooking.com | http://www.cookingshooking.in Fb: http://www.fb.com/cookingshooking Blog: http://www.cooknshook.blogspot.com
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Text Comments (433)
Bhupinder Kaur (6 hours ago)
plz koi veg soya Chaap gravy ki recipe share kijiye
Raana Ajmal (1 day ago)
Urdu maion batayan English log kum samjtay hy ap English man hy Kiya
Suman Shinu (1 day ago)
Payal Gupta (6 days ago)
This is going to be hit with my guests... Thanks dear :)
amir rana (7 days ago)
Tell the method .How to make soft pori ???
meenakshi sri (8 days ago)
You teach and do nicely. Keep it up.
renuka tharya (8 days ago)
Innovative and well explained This recipe is a hit with the children
Sahil Balapure (9 days ago)
I will try it
radha goswami (13 days ago)
Mai aapki fan ho gai hu...I really like u and ur recipe
Rama Krishnan (14 days ago)
Best with pickle. I tried it today
Anushasudi Anushasudi (14 days ago)
wow it's yummy .u have some magic in ur hand
Mrs Khan (16 days ago)
md. monir khan (17 days ago)
Can I use chilli flakes instead red chilli powder.? Can I skip ajwain and sesame?
priyanka maurya (21 days ago)
Mill gayi
Shreya Singh (22 days ago)
sir kya recipe di hai ,hamne try Kiya very good taste👌
Ushai Parmar (23 days ago)
Usha Kachi (23 days ago)
Hello sir Kya chole banate se usme agar magaj beej ke pest add kar sakte yes ya no
Anjali Joshi (23 days ago)
Looks yummy!
Guddi Sharma (25 days ago)
You made something very different from the normal Puri and it's really innovative and an awesome creation for a tasty and different presentation when you want a change in your kitchen preparations....a great change .... loved it ...👍👍💐🎂👏👏❄️🌹🌹
rama devi (26 days ago)
Hi. Happy cooking again. Feel like to start cooking. Thanq with blessings. Ml
susanta kumar swain (28 days ago)
Sir PL. make KHAMAN like shopkeepers. We've tried many but we failed to make. Thanks
sindhu Saanvi (29 days ago)
Wow hmm yammmmm
Megha Giri (1 month ago)
Good 😋
Wajiha Khan (1 month ago)
Yamen I need the recipe of nutella bread
Asmita Matekar (1 month ago)
Very nice recipe like very much your recipes
sumaiya antara (1 month ago)
mix with luke warm water or normal water?
CookingShooking (1 month ago)
Santhamma Sadasivan (1 month ago)
I am watching you for the past three years.i first saw your red velvet cake.bhai tu to Kamaal hai.mera ashirwad hai.chalto raho, khoob khanna aur sikhana.
CookingShooking (1 month ago)
Thank you :)
Dolli Thakur (1 month ago)
aaniya sagar (1 month ago)
gve me ur no. chef....i wanna learn more abt ur recipes
Asma Jokhio (1 month ago)
Yummmmy I like it n definitely try it
sridhar chindam (1 month ago)
Really good..will try
Zohra Charania (1 month ago)
Woooow loooks soooo yuuumy and delicious. I love puries od different varieties. Thanks beta. Will be my next menu.
CookingShooking (1 month ago)
Really glad that you like Zohra Aunty :)
Visham Sohatee (1 month ago)
very well said..taste is wat matters most..perfect yaman..
Vijayalakshmi Vittal (1 month ago)
Shobha K (1 month ago)
easy and tasty
Arif Karim (1 month ago)
i mean remaining oil.
Arif Karim (1 month ago)
can we use oil after frying poori?
CookingShooking (1 month ago)
Vaishali Shreya (1 month ago)
I'm going to cook.
Mohd Naseer Uddin (1 month ago)
Soooo tasty
Meena Meena (1 month ago)
I love your recipes 👌👌👌👌
Serena (1 month ago)
I tried it. It was just awesome.......💞💞💞💞💖😍🙋
SHANITHA BUSHAIR (2 months ago)
maida or atta which is tasty
Nikita Saha (2 months ago)
Plz teach us how to make rumaali roti at home....
Ibraheem Asghar (2 months ago)
U r too good man
Pooja Jaiswal (2 months ago)
Bahot badhiya Par sabji ki recipi BHI to bstao
CookingShooking (2 months ago)
sure ji woh bhi batayenge
Virpal Kaur (2 months ago)
momin iqra (2 months ago)
I had made.. it turn very tasty thanks
Sarayu Vuppala (2 months ago)
Nice... I like all ur recipes
Saskia Nele (2 months ago)
I really enjoy your videos. Sadly I need to not only go gluten-free but also low carb. 😱😢☹️ Are there low carb alternatives to these delicious recipes which use wheat flour? Probably not... but it does not hurt to ask, because if any one can achieve this, it is you. If it is achievable that is. 😊 Love your videos!!!!
Saskia Nele (2 months ago)
CookingShooking you are inspiring my family to cook. In fact we simply enjoy watching you. It is quite calming and almost therapeutic. Thank you so much!!!
CookingShooking (2 months ago)
I m working on low carb recipes..
Saskia Nele (2 months ago)
I must avoid gluten. I wonder whether it will come out well with gluten-free flour. Can you recommend a gluten-free alternative to semolina?
Saskia Nele (2 months ago)
CookingShooking gram flour... so instead of the semolina I use gram flour here. As well as gluten-free all purpose flour. Will try this. Thanks! 🙏🏼
CookingShooking (2 months ago)
Besan is an alternative to semolina.. however it cannot be substituted in every recipe which calls for semolina
Arvin Sodhi (2 months ago)
Toshi Singh (2 months ago)
Where is your hindi videos? I just love your all recipes and I wanna share it with my mom, but she wants hindi videos, pls let me know if you have hindi videos as well, thanks
CookingShooking (2 months ago)
I have a separate channel for hindi.. which i started a year ago.. its CookingShooking Hindi
Nikita Saha (2 months ago)
I tried it today and it was really good...
asim Baig (2 months ago)
Going to try tomorrow for brkfst.....I'm fan of ur cooking ....
Abida Khan (2 months ago)
Nhunay chef you are so talented your English is awesome and how you describe your recipes so good your mom must be proud of you betta
CookingShooking (2 months ago)
Thank you ji :)
Mahekta Amchal (2 months ago)
Wao yummy👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍
Jeffrey Tabor (2 months ago)
Yaman ji: I have learned so much about Indian cooking from watching you! Thank you so much for the treasure trove of recipes you've shared with us, and for your delightful, endearing personality. I just wanted to ask if you've ever heard of a potato ricer. It's a really useful gadget that would produce a similar result to your grating the potatoes, but take less time and effort. Just a suggestion to help save some time!
atul pandey (2 months ago)
Dear brother, I like your recipes too much. They are very tasty and on top of that they are easy to cook. Bro I was wondering if you could make shaadi waale aaloo matar ki sabji.. please please
K Sha (2 months ago)
This is the first aloo puri I found. I always want to order in restaurant but they only have plain puri with yogurt which I don’t like. Thank you for this video. Very authentic, informative, clear instructions and made very well that produce high quality result.
chegu srilekha (2 months ago)
i have tried it and its very tasty
aash Malik (2 months ago)
hindi me bhejiye
Jyoti Bansal (2 months ago)
Hey i tried out these yummy poori today only in the breakfast. And the recipe came out so well. Thankyou so much. ☺️
Al-Amin Nur Raiyan (2 months ago)
Is sesemi seeds are optional
Saba Alam (2 months ago)
Thanks for giving such a nice recipe! Will try it soon.
amruta mirajkar (2 months ago)
Easy n tasty recipe. Thanks for sharing. Loved it to the core!!
syeda sana sultana (2 months ago)
Yummy 😛😛😛
itzak menahem (2 months ago)
syeda sana sultana
Sagar Siddhapura (2 months ago)
Please make video for Manchurian
CookingShooking (2 months ago)
I have a couple of videos for it Here is the latest Gobi one : https://goo.gl/pWNkFo This one made a while ago.. veg one : https://goo.gl/dvC9Qx
Sindhu Muri (2 months ago)
Can u plz suggest curry for this
CookingShooking (2 months ago)
You can just relish it with some raw mango pickle aur garlic chutney.. Or even some aloo matar
Uma Menon (2 months ago)
Wow! My Sunday lunch is sorted now..thank u so much!
Gaurav Tiwari (2 months ago)
Chutiya das kuch nin veg bhi bana bhosdi ke ye bakchodi band kar samjha
Praveen S (2 months ago)
All your videos are crisp, to the point and above all, you explain the logic behind each step.Really enjoying! Could u also pls share the aloo Mattar recipe shown in the video?! It looks tempting, just like the pooris ;)
CookingShooking (2 months ago)
Sure Praveen ji, will make the video on aloo matar soon
khushbu agarwal (2 months ago)
Very nice n different Please upload recipe for egless cupcakes in oven
CookingShooking (2 months ago)
Chhaya Panchal (2 months ago)
Wow...so yummy they look
dhirja singh (2 months ago)
Yummmmmmmm 😘
Rajalakshmi S (2 months ago)
I'm a new subscriber. Tried out your nankhatai(i usually use only maida) & it was excellent.Made aloo puri yesterday night- v different from normal puris & liked it.Fried the left over puris this morning & it became an excellent crispy snack.Very happy trying out recipes from somebody as old as my son.Planning to try out other recipes too. All the best to u.God bless !!!
SALONI KESARWANI (2 months ago)
For best recipes I look no further than cookingshooking! Thank you Yaman
Uzumaki Kyuubi (2 months ago)
Cam you kindly make a video on how to make the amazing veg pickle. I often have the dish whenever I visit India. 😊
Radhika Bhatara (2 months ago)
Thank u. So much
Vines of Kj (2 months ago)
very tasty recipe hai meri mom ne banayi maza aa gyi
Sana Khan (2 months ago)
i like the way you explain every step... great work mashaAllah
Nagratan Dayal (3 months ago)
Samjh to sab aa gaya but jo maja hindi ka h, wo h
Nagratan Dayal (3 months ago)
Yaman plz isko hindi wale channel pe upload karo
Vidya Rathore (3 months ago)
I loveeeeeee your channel man! It's so lovely to watch your recipes.
B Hema (3 months ago)
I made dis yesterday awesome taste from nw i wil prepare alu puri only,,thank u yaman
CookingShooking (3 months ago)
Wow.. really glad that you liked it :)
aisha sayeed (3 months ago)
Please share medu vada and idli recipe
CookingShooking (3 months ago)
sure sister.. will do soon
Dream11 Guruji (3 months ago)
Please Make Veg Handi Hindi Me Banye Toh Jayda Acha Rahega aapka pehle ek video tha delete kar diya kya Abhi nahi aa raha hai
Dream11 Guruji (3 months ago)
Toh Plz Naya Banaona
CookingShooking (3 months ago)
Koshish karunga.. Kaunsa video, maine koi bhi delete nahi kiya hain
neelam malhotra kitchen (3 months ago)
Too good
anita Singla (3 months ago)
hi yaman this recipe is good please tell kaju bites recipes also please
anita Singla (2 months ago)
CookingShooking these are not biscuits these are a type of sweet
CookingShooking (3 months ago)
sure :) kaju bite biscuit you mean?
Sunita Sinha (3 months ago)
Awesome recipe
S Cube's Channel (3 months ago)
Wow! Very nice my children very like it.thank you so much brother.
Gaurang Agarwal (3 months ago)
It looks tasty
Rashmita Gauda (3 months ago)
ok yaman..i just asked becoz u didn't posted any new recipe..fr the special day...
CookingShooking (3 months ago)
Lol! I was just occupied with other experiments Sister
jyoti pundir (3 months ago)
Pls make some videos on vegetable soups which will be healthy and tasty and easy to make😀😀
CookingShooking (3 months ago)
asim Baig (3 months ago)
I'm addicted to ur recipes. ...every day 1 I'm trying one new
sonali singal (3 months ago)
Hello from the USA
CookingShooking (3 months ago)
Sonu Agarwalgjegh (3 months ago)
Sir plz eggless pound cake receipe btao na
CookingShooking (3 months ago)
sure bro try karunga
Shriya's Creative zone (3 months ago)
Tasty ..... Really tasty 👌
Laxmi Prasanna (3 months ago)
Hai could you please make badam milk this week
CookingShooking (3 months ago)
Will try :)

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