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Racing Simulator

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Home-made racing cockpit with working gauges, home-made H-shifter, fully working radio and Logitech G25. I will only answer questions in English or German.

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Text Comments (1622)
Anshar Haamith (8 days ago)
X-Zetros 157 (17 days ago)
How much do you ask for it i wannna buy that thing
MrChouckz (1 month ago)
give try to off the shelf affordable DOF Reality motion simulator rig
Fedayil Lerikli (1 month ago)
Noha Noha (2 months ago)
Le prix??
Antonio Sousa (2 months ago)
Como ligaste u conta rotações?
Gianina Moisa (2 months ago)
Gamepad 31 (3 months ago)
I'd like to see that in action with you playing 2005's NFS most wanted that would be the shit though .
PolskiMeme (6 months ago)
Volkswagen Passat B4 interior
kaluh xd (7 months ago)
Phenomenal Douchebag (7 months ago)
cjalis (7 months ago)
Kokpit on golf 3
Tofaşcı reis (7 months ago)
Seroga Undisputed (7 months ago)
Das Tacho ist kompatibel mit den games die du spielst? Wie hast du das geschafft? Welche Games spielst du?
Emag (8 months ago)
That looks like an old Volkswagen Polo cockpit to me. How much did that thing cost you lol :P
AWATIN (9 months ago)
0:03 what the music?
Pascal Schulze (20 days ago)
is from David Guetta Feat. Akon With Sexy Bitch
落ち込んだNakadu (9 months ago)
damn ;-;
محمد Mohamed (10 months ago)
مش الله تبارك لله
Andrex (10 months ago)
Wow 😱😱😱😱😲😲😲😲😫
cual es su precio y en donde lo encuentro??? hay mas modelos?? porfavor responderme lo mas antes posible
ごまゆず (10 months ago)
Talat Tekin (11 months ago)
ooooooovvv yyeeeeeeaaaaa... very very veryyyyy good
Massimiliano Cardinali (11 months ago)
COOL |,,|_ do you have air conditioning too?
King Hadu (11 months ago)
looks retarded
BMX MTB (11 months ago)
Golf 3
Mike Apple (11 months ago)
I think you forgot how slow the Mk3s are...
اجكد سعره رحمة الله والديكم
اجكد سعره
اجكد سعره
Bombopaw Gamer (1 year ago)
Golf 3
Super Stars (1 year ago)
Very good
Ac3_FtW (1 year ago)
i like the shifter.its pretty good.can you make tutorial how to do shifter like this?
Josh Engle (1 year ago)
where to buy this
Thanos Mihalakidis (1 year ago)
that music xD nfs mw ....
Maksymilian Kamiński (1 year ago)
>golf 3 >racing :)
nenad milosevic (1 year ago)
kann mir jemand sagen wie das lied heißt soooo schnell wie möglich????!!!!!!
Aalim Siddqui (1 year ago)
Normen (1 year ago)
game name?
FëRîëL FëRÎëL (1 year ago)
شحال دير
FëRîëL FëRÎëL (1 year ago)
FëRîëL FëRÎëL (1 year ago)
Paweł (1 year ago)
where is the middle mirror?!
zamke svakorazne (1 year ago)
euro kolko
정균홍 (1 year ago)
이걸로 사주세요 정균홍인데요
Ilija Mitrovic (1 year ago)
Dobar volan
Ilija Mitrovic (1 year ago)
Dobar volan
Favi Mihai (1 year ago)
o vinzi ???cât îți dau pe el
James Thomson (1 year ago)
How do you get the dials to work in sync?
MR.Gamerboy2005 (1 year ago)
How did you make the speedometer and the other one
Andrew Horton (1 year ago)
you can use a arduino but youll need to code is yourself or go on xsim.de or go to sym projects and you can by the hardware download the software and hook up to a dash, youll find wiring diagrams online for what ever car dash you want, note that you cant use a modean day dash if its got a canbus system in it unless you get a canbus shield but then its alot of work and programming
Tiễu Nam Lý (1 year ago)
cài này giá bao nhiêu
ثزضا الحزين (1 year ago)
nikaGvianidzeTV (1 year ago)
1 video 2446 sub WTF
BroBread14 (1 year ago)
WHAAt? this is the best setup ever! a real car
AlexAnder (1 year ago)
Giovanni Russo (1 year ago)
ciao sono giovanni mi puoi agliutare io o messo un tachimetro di auto sul mio simulatore mi puoi dire come fare a far funzionare .qulacuno mi a detto che ci viole la scheda Arduino mega e vero agliutami gtazie
garage GTR (1 year ago)
TED (1 year ago)
A furat bordu la masina, si mai ziceti ca Romanii sunt tigani. :)) They stolen car dashboard and all say romainian guys is gypsies... :))
Aaron Hegan (1 year ago)
Yanis BAH (1 year ago)
TED da,ai dreptate
GeorgeLovellGaming (1 year ago)
TheGame1 (1 year ago)
song name 02:32
Impossible191 (1 year ago)
Das ist einfach nur spielzeug
xFireRedxx (1 year ago)
weil du auch was von simracing verstehst
xFireRedxx (1 year ago)
du bist auch spielzeug
tomek szymikowski (1 year ago)
jak podóoczyc licznik do koputera
Maddex Rider Cz (1 year ago)
Have you got plan how to build speedometer with Raspberry? thanx
xXLean -GamerXx (1 year ago)
Birkan Alptekin (1 year ago)
first music name please ?
MRBLOXY (1 year ago)
akon- sexy bitch
Moritz (1 year ago)
wie steuerst du Drehzahlmesser und Tacho? und wie sind sie mit dem Rechner verbunden
Lightfox (1 year ago)
Er steuert es mit einem Arduino und einem CAN-BUS schield
Asha Sahu (2 years ago)
VICENTE S (2 years ago)
tengo un golf mk3 GTI y eso que te has echo es una pasada .mataría por uno igual
Abiddar 83 (2 years ago)
i wonder where can i get one of those ? 😮
Giovanni Russo (2 years ago)
come si fa a far funzionare un tachimetro di auto sul simulatore ris grazie agliutami
Beberski TV (2 years ago)
LIZETTE GREEFF (2 years ago)
N juuyhhjk
Brian Birt (2 years ago)
what vehical is the dashboard come from?
Ondřej Sedlák (1 year ago)
I've got the same dashboard in Seat Ibiza 1.4 1997... But some VW has the same dashboard..
Pontus Häggström (2 years ago)
2nd song name?
Rodri Segura (2 years ago)
How i can connect all the electronic things in pc or console?
VenturasProductions (2 years ago)
How do I set up so it works on PC..
Over Drive (2 years ago)
Rock Chevelle (2 years ago)
Hey BRO you show me as was that did operate the speedometer? You appreciate if you send me a plane or something :)
theswegone (2 years ago)
the original gauages were removed , and thats just a tablet with a app that works with g27
пише се чъби бъни
P A L O M I T A (2 years ago)
how to connect gauges in lfs ? thanks :v
Efe Oyunda (2 years ago)
ne amk
Leon HD (2 years ago)
Logitech g25 kullanmıs adam ya
Sezer Çelik (2 years ago)
+Leon HD Zamana baksana... 6 senelik video.
Matt Penton (2 years ago)
what did you use to get the cluster working?
tony pianist (2 years ago)
from where you buy this ?
James Taylor (11 months ago)
Home made
FerrariLamborghini24 (2 years ago)
v8turbopower how did you do that cuz I want to set one up just like yours but with a new body still like an m3?
Ciaran Corrigan (2 years ago)
Riding With James (2 years ago)
jeez how much did that cost
SwedishGuyGaming (2 years ago)
--cLAsic-- (2 years ago)
Wow 54 seconds.
Eymen Atıcı (1 year ago)
biraz daha tanıtaydı güzel olacaktı
EmranGamerHD (2 years ago)
+SessizOyuncu180. Ne 56 si lan :D
SessizOyuncu180 (2 years ago)
EmranGamerHD (2 years ago)
Ana Carolina (2 years ago)
Diepenth Diepe (2 years ago)
how did you make it
M3GTR (2 years ago)
NFSMW music!
M3GTR (2 years ago)
Tao of the Machine - BT
alfettaracer (2 years ago)
Ganz toll, keine Ahnung wie Sie dass geschaft haben. Ich habe etwas ahnliches gemacht aber ganz anders.
ENDUUURO RIDER (2 years ago)
roboty dużo ale się opłaca
haha fake
Ben Ali (2 years ago)
really niga?
Kellan23 Fernandes (2 years ago)
Zoação sem Limites (2 years ago)
Só acho que eles tinham que arranjar uma tv melhor
Zueira J.A (2 years ago)
الدوسري 502 502 (2 years ago)
Kein Plan (2 years ago)
Ist das für den PC? Wo findet man sowas? Kann man sowas einfach selberbauen?
Maykıraft Delisi (2 years ago)
021 abod (2 years ago)
كيف مافهمتك
BZBE (2 years ago)
wie heißt das lied???

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